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COLD WAR3! Rules for Modern Warfare 1960-1990 Fully revised 4th Edition of COLD WAR3!infact, so revised and shiny and new it's a completley NEW book! Includes rules for combined arms using artillery, armour, mechanised, aircraft and support troops (such as engineers and medical personnel). Rules for the electronic battlefield, nuclear, biological & chemical...[click here for more]
Rooksdown Games $12.80 $9.71

The BAR Primer is an enjoyable, user-friendly source for those who want to learn the Battles from the Age of Reason (BAR) game system or those who want to improve their knowledge of the system. Included in the BAR Primer are illustrated, easy-to-read explanations and examples of all of the most important BAR rules. There is a section on BAR tactics and a programmed instruction Learning Modules section...[click here for more]
Clash of Arms Games $18.00

NATO kept the Warsaw Pact behind the Berlin Wall until its dissolution - but what if it hadn't? The Bear Marches West contains 12 wargame scenarios set during a fictional Warsaw Pact invasion of West Germany in the 1980s. All the scenarios are based on battles depicted in well-known novels, and are designed to be used with whatever rules the players wish. Each scenario includes the battle's...[click here for more]
Shilka Publishing $2.99

FULDA GAP! 11ACR 12Pz & 8GD And the Fulda Gap 1984 The 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment with it's brand new M2a1 and M3a1 Bradley Infantry Fighting vehicles and M1a1 Abrams tanks punches well above it's weight with it's organic mortars (M-125 81mm on M113 tracks) artillery i nthe form of M110 8" and M109a1 155mm as well as air support in the form of the AH-64Apache,OH-58Kiowa...[click here for more]
Rooksdown Games $10.23 $7.68

Up until now, ACW games have either taken a regimental approach for a more tactical game or a brigade-level view for a more grand tactical game – and gamers have plenty of both regimental or brigade level ACW rule sets to choose from. However, both approaches have drawbacks. The pure regimental approach – such as in Johnny Reb – can make it difficult to fight a very large battle, while the brigade...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $11.21 $8.41

This file contains various Middle East & Noth African tiles to decorate the floors, rooves and balconies of your Iraqi/Middle East houses for the Gulf Wars of 1991-2010. Also included are various architectural details to detail ceilings, or construct screens or whatever. Typical road sgns found in Iraq are also included, from Highay to coalition signage including hazzard signs, road signs and town...[click here for more]
Rooksdown Games $5.00 $3.75

England and France set upon the New World with a fury, building settlements whenever they could hack a clearing out of the wilderness. Expansion brought them into contact with the natives, with whom they established trade and commerce. The New World was vast but not nearly big enough for the ambitions of these powers and conflict was inevitable. In Europe they call it the Seven Years’ War,...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $34.95 $14.95

Ronin is a set of skirmish wargame rules set in late 16th century feudal Japan. Players build small warbands of models and battle each other as well as non-player factions in duels and skirmishes. Ronin is historically accurate, but also pays tribute to the films of Akira Kurosawa such as Seven Samurai and Yojimbo. Despite the enduring popularity of this period, there are very few widely...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $17.95 $11.21

This file contains various Middle East , European and gebericUN, news afe vies, satellite news services, Red Cross/Red Crescent/Israeli Red Star of David flags alongside various middle east political flags such as Hamas & Hezbollah and UN peacekeeping flags such as the geberic white and the HQ blue alongside UK, US, Feench & Italian national flags. Also included are Soviet, Free French and...[click here for more]
Rooksdown Games $5.00 $3.75

Dux Bellorum is an Arthurian-era Dark Age wargame, set in the period from the mid-4th century AD to the end of the 8th century AD: a time when new kingdoms were being forged in the British Isles and a time when battle was commonplace. These rules use individual stands as the basic playing pieces; this means that individual casualties are not removed from units and the number of miniatures you own...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $17.95 $11.21

Two armies are about to clash. Thor, surrounded by crackling lighting, leads the assault of a horde of viking berserkers. Preparing to receive this charge stands a wall of grim-faced, determined Spartan hoplites, commanded by Ares. In the stormy sky above, a Valkyrie breaks through a flock of Harpies. Gods lead men by their powers, while at the same time men give power to the gods by their faith in...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $17.95 $11.21

With this skirmish game, players can recreate scenes from Hong Kong action cinema such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hard Boiled, or Enter the Dragon, or from such western movies as Kill Bill or Big Trouble in Little China. A Fistful of Kung Fu is set in a modern world walking a precarious line between the technological advances of next-generation technology and the tradition and mysticism of...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $17.95 $11.21

The 21 interwar years have become disproportionately popular in the wargaming world in recent years. The many and diverse conflicts that raged during these tumultuous times of political, social and religious upheaval, are often comparatively minor in the grand scheme of world military history, yet have fired the imaginations of wargamers looking for something a little different. From the Chinese Civil...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $17.95 $11.21

Take the fight to the enemy with this new theatre book for Bolt Action. From the D-Day landings to the final battle for Berlin, this volume gives players everything they need to focus their gaming on these final campaigns in the European Theatre of Operations. Scenarios and special rules offer something for all Bolt Action players, regardless of the armies they collect. ...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $24.00

Computer EastFront is a faithful simulation of the EastFront (1st edtion) boardgame enjoyed by thousands of wargamers all around the world. It is designed to be played solitare or two-player via LAN, modem, or electronic mail. There is no computer opponent (AI). Computer EastFront tracks headquarters, movement, terrain, production and all other elements of the boardgame so you can concentrate on...[click here for more]
Columbia Games Inc. $9.99

On the Seven Seas is a set of wargames rules covering the high adventure and low morals of the world of the pirate. The rules cover licensed privateers such as da Gama and Drake, ruthless pirates of the Spanish Main, Blackbeard, the Barbary corsairs, the wako of the Far East, not to mention the anti-pirate squadrons, Spanish garrisons and native warriors from around the world that found themselves...[click here for more]
Osprey Publishing $17.95 $11.21

Note that this is the same compendium that was previously published by Shilka Publishing. It began in Sarajevo in 1914, in a cascade of treaty obligations following an assassination. It ended in the mirrored halls of Versailles in 1918, in a treaty that would lead directly to an even more catastrophic war. The Great War--World War I--slaughtered millions, left a continent in ruins, and caused many...[click here for more]
Society of 20th Century Wargamers $3.99

Crucible of Force uses the Award Winning Fields of Fire game engine to bring our fast paced, yet accurate play style to the Second World War. These rules cover European Theater combat from the beginning of the war to the Summer of 1943. Also included are play charts and other play aids to make your gaming experinece more enjoyable. The rules cover all aspects of game play, from movement and shooting...[click here for more]
Proving Ground Games $19.00

Have an eReader? Want to play a game against your friends? Then start your collection of Authorials the Collectable Ebook Game with The Alphaviev Gazetteer vol. I! You are a fan of the Alphatiev fantasy books and have adventured in the ten kingdoms for years. When the third-party game source book came out, you snatched it up immediately. Instantly, the empire of Alphatiev leaped off the page...[click here for more]
AnSR Games $1.99

This special bundle product contains the following titles. A Damn Close-Run Thing: A Brief History of the Falklands War Regular price: $1.79 Bundle price: $1.33 Format: PDF In 1982, the average Briton didn't know the Falkland Islands existed, let alone their status as a disputed British territory just off the coast of Argentina. That changed when the Argentinians...[click here for more]
Shilka Publishing $21.49 $15.99

This special bundle product contains the following titles. Operation Nimrod: The Iranian Embassy Siege Regular price: $4.50 Bundle price: $2.93 Format: PDF Drawing on extensive research, Operation Nimrod dispels the myths and reveals the truth of those six long days, and the dramatic rescue that thrust the SAS into the public eye. On 29th April 1980, British...[click here for more]
Shilka Publishing $8.24 $5.36

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