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5 WA I~ T "'~(~I"t._ .. , CU~LE'C;£ • L I 13 l:f PlI~ y\ . • 1 IT. FIIR 111 RED CROIS' MOREA BRITII • IEIEFII APRIL 18· APR!) 1941 VOL xm, No. 14 SWARTHMORE, P A., APRIL 4., 1941 '2.50 PER YEAR OLDEST· BORO RESIDENT DIES Alice Steps Into Club Wonderland MRS. ROOSEVELT HERE APRIL 10 COLLEGE PRESENTS FIRST LADY 'S.HELLZAPOPPIN' WOWS AUDIENCE Mr8. Joseph Fell Seal, Who Came Audiences Warm to Gretchen Wife of President Spea~ at Here in 1878, Died Monday Van De Boe'8 Skillful Presen. College Under Sponsor8hip Brain Child of Mrs •. R. Chester Spencer Directed by Mrs. in Her 90th Year tation of Beloved Lewis of Student Union R. G. E. Ullman Earn8 ApprovUal. ~f ?a~k.ed OU8e Mrs. Joseph Fell Seal passed away early Monday morning, March 31, at her home, 11 Amherst avenue. after several months' illness. Born Albertine Stanfield on Sep.t~mber 2'1 1851 in Rising Sun, Philadelphia she ca~e here with her husband and their two chi'tdren in. 1878 and oCcupied the old Richard Ogden house at Swarthmore avenue and Cedar lane. After that they resided in several places in Swarthmore 'and their other four children were born here. Mr. Seal died in 1924. For the past ten years Mrs. Seal has lived at the Amherst avenue address. A member of Trinity Church, Swarth­more she was active in the Woman's As­sOciation and Guild for many yeaxs. Carroll Character For children and grown-ups alike the color, gayety and charm of the two per­formances last Saturday of "Alice in Wonderland" will linger in recurrent memories. The Junior Plays Committee of the Players Club of Swarthmore is to be congratulated Ullon a beautifully staged, sensitively interpreted, well-timed production. Lewis Carroll's immortal story has the ageless appeal of imaginative non­sense, and its lines deepen with the joy of recognition. Dramatizations of its ad­ventures must stand an unusually· rigor­ous test. The Alice Gerstenberg adapta­tion which the Committee selected for Saturday's. presentation is very close to the original tale and very charming. Swarthmoreans are eagerly anticipat- . ing seeing and hearing Eleanor Roose- :, velt when she comes to Swarthmore CoJlege next Thursday, April 10, under the auspices of the Swarthmore Stu-. dent Union. "S-hellzapoppin," the 1941 Frolic of the Swarthmore Woman's el"l>, de­lighted a capacity audience on April Fool's Day. As a member of the "Home . Guard" reminded the audience in the After having supper in· the college· , I prologue "it's all of it nutty and none dining room witp a group of gu'esU in-, vite~ by the executive committee of the' Student Union and including Presi­dent' John Nason, members of the Stu­dent Union executive committee, Dean' Frances Blanshard and Dean Everett L. Hunt, officers and faculty sponsors of the Student Union, Mrs. Roosevelt is scheduled to speak at 8 :15 P. M. in Clothier MemoriaL Her topic as yet has not been an­nounced but an hour's question period wilt follow the lecture. All questions must be written, and there will be an opportunity at the lecture for mem­bers of the audience to submit their questions to Mrs. Roosevelt directly. ; of it true." . . • I The outstanding impersonations in a cast of many "celebrities" were those of Mrs. Lloyd E. Kauffman as "Wh~~11 Willkie" and Mrs. W. F. G. Swann s Popeye whose asides to the audierlce always brought gates of laughter. . \ C,.edl& Philadelphia BulleUn Eieanor Roosevelt whose talk next Thursday eveninl in Clothier Memorial is widely antieipated throughout this section. LOCAL ART ON sAtE AT BRmSH BRIDGE BENEFIT The other famous guests assembled by the club president, portrayed by Mrs. E. C. Prescott, and greeted by the impressive burgess, Mrs. Roland G. E. Ullman, were Mrs. Rosfeel played by Mrs. Lovett Frescoln; Maniba's daugh­ter, Mrs .. T. Harry Brown; The Duke and duch*ess of Nausea, Mrs. Samuel Ayres and Mrs. William F. Boyte; and the ambiguous Charlie, Mrs. J. Warren Paxson. . The committee in charge of the card The welcoming committee was com- Surviving are a son Joseph S. Seal of Cornell avenue, two daughters Mrs. E. T. Cresson, Jr. with ",hom she imide her home and Mrs. J. D. Lodge of Mountain Lakes, N. J .• ami four granddattghters Virginia Seal of Amherst avenue. Mrs. Paul Startzman of Drexel Hill, and Lydia ¥ay and Peggy Lodge of Moun­tain bikes. Services were conducted at the home Wcdnes(lay afternoon at 2 o'clock by the Rev. J. Jarden Guenther rector of Trin­ity Church. Interment was at Eastlawn cemetery. Swarthmore .. Adding immeasurably to the produc­tion's beaUty were the scenes designed by Barbara Dolman Spencer and exe­cuted with care by the hard working Junior Stage Crew, and the costumes by Mrs. L. J. Koch, Mrs. Paul Gem­mill Mrs. O. M. Hook, Mrs. D. Mal­col~ Hodge, and Mrs. N. O. Krase. Under the skillful direction of Gret­chen Van De DOe who in spite of the constant threat of the prevailing measles worked steadily with afternoon rehearsals a cast of twenty four children gave a America's First Lady is an active sponsor of the International Student Service and was the principal speaker at its New Brunswick conference three months ago when Peter kuh, SWarth­more College sophom*ore met her and asked her to s!)eak here. . h' h posed oJ Mrs. A. R. O. Redgra:veana party. for J3ritish War. Relief, .w IC Mrs. Elliott Richardson. Those' indis­is to be held at the Woma,,'s .club at 2 P. M. Wednesday, April 16, has ar- pensable droopy reporters were norie . . ....•. , ... Nordoff-Bickford Recital Sunday Winner of Pulitzer Award in Composition and Former New York Philharmonic Soloi8t in Joint Appearance finished performance. . Uttle Helen Reed was delightful in the title role. She was a i happy choice for the part even though it is said that months ago when she heard that the play was scheduled she remarked to her ·ri1othe~"Of cour'se y' couldn't play Alice because I have such a small voice but perhaps I could be the dormouse I" Samuel Evans,. Jr. contributed a beau­tiful performance as Lewis Carroll so Paul Nordoff gifted young composer- realistically that a six year old Paid him pianist and Ruth Bickford soprano both the sincere tribute of asking one pf the . of ~11.<:>~ !~jlr:~~ ·we~k "~n the. ~h~~~-. cO~,~!~tet;. If )le .;~Va~~~~>.;reaJ1y,:-~~~ deoli>hia Forum program at the Academy Uncle. ~s ~T1ef app~rantes ~~de~ .!1l,u,ch of Music will give a joint concert on . to the tenderness and beauty ot the pro­April 6 in the Woman's Club of Media. duction. Tickets may be secured in a<\vance The White and the Red Queens Mary through Franldin' Brewer, telephone Ann Hook and Nena Whitaker were Media to-W.· . particularly successful and lovely. The The concert which will sta~t at 8: 1 5 lighting effects on. the crowned heads P. ,1M. \vill include the following pro- in the garden of flowers as they in­gram numbers Iiv :Mr. Nordoff: Phan- strltcted Alice was most efjective. tasien, Opus 116 hy Brahms (Capric- The olherWondedandcharacterswere cio, D minor; ·Intermezzo, A minor: played with deft skill and ',humor by the Capriccio, G minor; Intermezzo, E ma- young cast which gave consistent proof jor; Intermezzo, E minor; Intermezzo, of its careful training throughout. Pat E major; Capriccio, D minor) ; Varia- Evans as the duch*ess contributed an out­tions on a Bavarian Dance Theme by standing interpretation. The Gryphon Nordoff; . The Camptown Races and Oh I and the Mock Turtle played in nice Susanna-Foster:Nordoff; Waltzes from contrClst hy June Ullman ai1d Billy "The Masterpiece" Nordo({'s latest work Moore were very popular with the audi­an opera in one act commission~d by the ence whiCh enjoyed the "Soup of the Academy of Vocal Arts and received Evening" song tremendously. Charles with' great success when presented at Keenen as . the White~abbit gave a hap­the Town Hall in Philadelphia two py impersonation of that beloved char-months ago. acter. Miss Bickford's wide-ranged and ex- Helen Reed substituting for meaSles-quisitely clear voice will be heard in the stricken Jennet Adrian as the ecceritric. following songs: Bach's "My Heart Ever beheading Queen of Hearts, enriched Faithful": Mozart's "Ach, ich. fuhl's- the role with her experienced skill:Rich­from "Die Zauberflote": "Shepherd I ard Adrian played the King of Hearts Thy Demeanor vary" by Brown; Schu- with a mature poise which was most mann's "ner Nussbaum"; Songs by Nor- effective. Paul Williams as the Knave doff; John Dryden's "Tell Me Thyrsis", of Hearts was an appealing prisoner. "Time, I Dare Thee to Discover", and The travding tea party scene was "Can Life be a Blessing"; "White Noc- amusing as played by George Froebel, turne" by CO.nrad ~!ke~; "Sere~ad:." by Gayle Hodge and Dick Hook as the Kathleen Millay; Willow River by March Hare the Dormouse, and the Marjorie Allen Seiffert; "There Shall Mad Hatter, Barbara Krase as the Chesh­Be More Joy" hy Ford Madox Ford; ire Cat, Barbara Ann Crossen as Frog "I Thought Me Lost" by Walter Prude; Footman Peggy Keenen as the Cater-and Siegfried Sass~on's "Everyone pillar B;inton Medford who as Humpty S .. . ang. Dumpty actually did fall apart, gave Mr. and Mrs. George T. Ashton of their familiar roles romance and vi­Wallingford; Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. tality. Harrison and Mr. and :Mrs. Alfred H. Joan Faulkner. Mary Alice West, and Porter of Moylan: and ~Irs. Arthur Janet Crosby as the cards added a lovely Hoyt Scott of Rose Valley will be among touch of fantasy to the Wonderland the recital's patron•"• a•n d patronesses. scenes. • • •• MRS. DAVISSON BEADS' EVENING SECTION Mrs. George E. Davisson was elected president of the Everting Section of. the Swarthmore Woman's Club and ·Mrs. Edith Simoson was re-elected record­ing ·secretary at the annual election Tuesday. Each will serve ·a. term of ·two years. . Two detegate~,Mrs. Jan1e$ F. Bogar­dus and' Mrs. DaVisson; ;'vere chosen to represent the group a! the State Conven­Hotl · tCj'he: hcJd'ln~PhUadelphia in· May ·and the National Convention the follow­ing week in Atlantic City, N. J. Miss Helen Smith of the College gave . a mosteiljoyable talk on bulbous spring flowers. Miss Smith who is connected with the Sc'ott Arboretum illustrated her talk with colored slides,' which gave the audience a view of some of the lovely flowers to be found on the college cam­pus in the s~ason which is 'low begin-ning. .. As an.added attraction Miss Smith had a miniature display of some of the early flowers to be found in bloom at the pres­ent time. A cordial invitation was issued by Miss Smith to the residents • of Swarthmore to go to the campus and en­joy the flowers which will he blooming from now until l~t.e. .fa.l l. MOVIES AID W ALN FUND If you wish to help the Nora Wain fund for the aid of British children you are ask~d to buy your movie tickets be­fore April 12 from Michael's. the Bou­quet Shop. or niemlJers of the Swarth­more branch of the Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity. The ticl<('ts wilt be good for any show at· the Media Theatre Sunday, April 13 to Friday, April 18, inclusive. Shows are listed on the backs of the tickets. . Helen Jackson, a graduate of Rolllhs College. Winter Park, Fla., where she received the Tiedtke Art Award in her senior year is chairman of the 'poster contest committee in connection with the movie benefit. Mrs. Jack De Groot is co-chairman. Judges assisting the. com­mittee are Mrs. Charles D. Mitchell, Mrs. Richard Brandt, and Mrs. Carl deMoll. Needlework Good Hour Johnny Rassweiler and Billy McHenry as Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee brought down the house with their poet­ical duet. The two little bewigged JUrors Polly Told and Katherine Trepp added a comical touch to the court scene. You are invited to sew for the Needle­work Guild at the home of Mrs. Benja­min W. Collins, 412 North Chester road on Thursday, April to at 1 :30 P. M. The national organization of Kappa has sent Nora WaIn $17,000 for this aid. With this sum she was able to buy blank­ets. pots and pans, clothing, and. f~ to supplement relief of larger orgaOlzatlOns. Most of the money was spent in South Hampton, arid the remainder in Lond~n. .' . other than the club president, Mrs. ranged with three local women artIsts Rolarid L. Eaton and Mrs. Willi~m F. Mrs. Edgar Adams, Mrs. Louis Em-· . ... 1 mons and Mrs .. Stanley MacMillan to Hanny. Mrs. J. Paut Brown as. ,.,Itt e have three of. their paintings on ex- Lulu' caused a riot. . . hibition and sale at this time. There The beauteous school girls who also will also be a display of some of the formed the mail\_ part· of h the .shor-'~s knitted garments which have been were Mrs. JohnE. MiChae~;-Mrs:Ray-mond Perkhts, Mrs. Birney K. Morse, made by Swarthmore women for ship- Mrs. James P. Daugherty, Jr., Mrs. H. ment over-seas. Lindley Pee" Mrs. C. Russell Philips, Cakes, cookies, and table prizes have. Mrs •. Howard G •. Hopson, and Mrs. been donated by a local tea-room and Charies' Israel. . by others interested in the success of The handsome . Home Guards who the affair. caused such a stir in their' unifbt;rfts Anyone wishing to arrange for a table were Mrs. William A. DeCaindry, Mrs. or for a ticket may call on~ of the coin- b C S . I'nitiee' members: Mrs. William Brown, A. V. Bosshardt, Mrs. Ro ert . pen-eer, Mrs. A. V. B. Orr, Mrs. 4ea Mrs:' LudlC)w Clayden or Mrs. '?layne Warner,Mrs. ~~,(}.Dower,.Mro}.-Peter- Randall of Riverview road; Mrs. Theo. Told Mrs. 10hn M. Pearson and Mrs. Saulnier of North Princeton avenue, Dwight Cooley. . Mrs. H. B. Lincoln of the Swarthmore Flowers were given to Mrs. Robert Apartments, or Mrs. Percival Armitage C. Spencer, author, Mrs. Roland G. E . of Harvard avenue. Ullman director, and Mrs. Harry C. Barnes' accompanist, in acknowledge­ment for long hours of tedious w?rk necessary for the sllccessful production ••• Feted on Ninetieth Birthday Mrs.' Phebe M. Lukens, widow of of the Frolic of 1941. . David L. Lukens, was ninety years old The refreshments were served be­on Sunday, March 30. In honor of her tween acts by a committee dressed. in birthday a family party was held in the keeping with the theme o! the after~ afternoon, from four to six' at her noon an air raid shetter IJ1 the year home 306 North Chester road. Among forty:two. Mrs. William Allen Raiman her immediate family. present at the and Mrs. John F. Spencer assisted back party were her three daughters: Mrs. stage with properties and sound effects. lIarry L. Miller of Thayer road, Miss' Electlonll Tuesday Alice M. L1Jk~l1s. who r.esides with her The election of all o~cers of the tfroHi~fl at,i~ ~~~:;J~tJ~r1~!iE .. ~ric;e of drUb and four dire~tors Will take place ii.foylan. Eight gran(Jchildren, 2 great next Tuesday, Apr~l 8. Mr~. J. B~rnard gra~dchildrern, .and .. sev~ral nieces and Walton, chairman of elections .. ynll an­itepliews also helped Mrs. Lukens cele- nounce the successful candldates?-s brate her birthday. soon after the close of the polls _at Mrs. Lukens, who came to Swarth- 5 o'clock as possible. . more in the fall of 1898 and has lived Mrs. Rae Biester, County Chairman in the same house at 306 North Chester of Citizenship, will be the speaker of road since then, is in good health, very I the stated meeting. Mrs. Alexander active, and a member of Friends Meet- Ewing, Legislation Chairman has charge ing. 10£ the prog~r:-...a_m_'''''''.'I.>+".''' ''' __ • • • j Dancing Class Chaperons Spiller Beads H. &. S. I This week's chaperons for the eighth The newly elected officers of the grade dancing class which me~ltls bSa~~r- Swarthmore Home and School Assoct.a - rl ay evcm. n g at 7 ·.3 0 PI . MD. WI d e Minrrs. tion are: Dr. Robert Spiller, president; I ami Mrs. Jan~ef Tax~, t /nServais: Dr. Paul Gemmill, first vice-president;' J. Howard ~mlt 1, a~ rs. f' 'the tenth Mrs. Walter Reynolds, second vice- Those ,,:ctmg as c 1apcr~ns a~~ Dr and president; H. O. Davidson, treasurer; grade which meet~ at 9.00 . Mrs. C. MacDonald Swan. recording Mrs. George B. SI~~e!. secretary; and Mrs. Frances Slaugh, Li8ted at Purdue corresponding secretary. • •• Dr. and Mrs. William T. Ellis after three months in Florida are returning north by sea and will be in their Walnut lane home next Monday, April 7 • Dwight R. Cooley of Columhia avenue, senior in mechanical engineering at Pur­due University, has been placed on the "Distinguished Student" list for scholas­tic achievements during the past semester. THE WEEK'S CALENDAR FRIDAY. APRIL 4 8:15 P. M. _ "Mr. Plm Passes By ................. ···•• .Htgh School Auditorium Nora Wain has written four articles for the Saturday Evening Post but these have never been received in this country. She has opened her home outside of London for a week-end refuge for the PALM SUNDAY. APRIL 6 11:00 A. M. _ Morning Worship ......••.••...•.... ··•·····•••·· . Local Churches MONDAY. APBri. 7 Jlolp 'IIluk 6ttbm tired business and government officials + who are in need ·of rest. The committee iii charge of this dis- WimNBBDAY trict is: Mrs. T. A. Bradshaw and Mrs. 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 p.M.-Red Crolla Sewlng ................... ·Woman·a Club TUESDAY, APRIL 8 "'. .- . 10:00 A.X. to 0:00;2:00 to 5:00 P.M.-ElectiOn Da., .......... Wom&n·~ Club 8:00 P. Y. - "The Meaning of the eroea" ................ · .. MetbodSst Church Palmer L. Skoglll~d, co..chairm~n, Mrs. 'J,'iioBsDAY A. F. Jackson, JM-.blicity, and MISS Jack- 8:00 P. Y. - Sacrament of the Lord'. Supper ............... UethocUat Church son and Mrs. deG~ posters. 8:11 P .... -JUnlors' Supper. Stated 1IeetIn8 ................... Wom&na Club . .. :wBDNB8DAV, APRIL 9. i. ': . _ -,-. I • , 10:00 A. II. to .. 4:00 P. iI..= Red era. sewing ........ ~byterlan I"ar18Il ~use 8:00 P.M.-Ho1¥ COmmunion and Kedltatlon ...........P reebJ1erit,D Church ••• . . 10:00 A.1l. to 4:00 P. II. aect CroIa SUrIlCal ~f ~ Jac1i:BbD St8.. ~ 8:00 P. Y. - Holy Communion .......... · .................. • .. • TrInity Church Mrs. Eleanor Scofield Fawcett and. a GOOD PRlDAY group of five of her piano s~~~t!. ~II 12:00 NOOIl-COmmunit¥ Service ............. .; ................. TrInlty Church attend the Children's SymfQfi.lettil con- L._ _8:_10 _P.Y_._-O_'an_ta_ta _"T_he_ Se_ftD_. L_as_t W_or_ds_ .._..._..._..._.P _ree_bJ_ter_lm~ Cb-ur-ch- - cert presente~ tomorrow in Ptti ta de Ip hI'a . '. , . ... . THURSDAY. APRIL 10 . i:30 P. it. - Needlework 9uUd IIO\J!' ..................... ,!12 NOrUlib~B aM - '-'-11:15 P. Y:.-ma. IIOO8ev81t SPeiD .......................... 010 iodll

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, . ~ ,I j j . i j SWoll~ 1 HMI,UE. L I FJ I~ ~ I~ y r. (H. L r c" r lilT f BRITISH FOR THE THE SWAlttHMOREAN" BENEFIT RED CROSS APRIL 16 VOL. XIII, No. 14 SWARTHMOUE, I-A., APIUL 4, 1941 '2.50 PER YEAR OLDEST BORO RESIDENT DIES Alice Steps 111to I MRS. ROOSEVELT Club Wonderland HERE APRIL 10 Mrs. J. OSCI)b Fcll Scal, Who Camc \1 Audicnccs Warm to Grctchen l Wifc of '-rcsidcnt SI)cuki~g at Ht·re in 1878, Dicd Monday Van Dc Boc's Skillful Prcscn- i College Under S"0I~sor81111) in Her 90tl1 Year ,Iation of Beloved Lewis! of Student UllIon ! Carroll Charactcr '. . . \Irs. .Iosl·Jlh Fdl St'al l'aSSl'l1 away \ ~\\'arthmorcalls an.' cagerly alltlclpat-l", trh.' '~ loJ\(la.v lIIorning, ~Iardl .31. at hl'r I•' o r r I11' l(l\ 'l'1I all( I gn)WII-UpS a II'k ' c IIl l' illg seeillg alld hearing Ekan, or Rousc-h" lIll' II :\lIIhl'rst a\,elluc. aftcr st'\,emII I I I I 'tl t \'l,1t whclI Shl' cOllies to ~warthlllore llIolltils' illllc,s. If'o or. ).:a)'e IY all<" l'tlanlll 01 r ... '" \\\I·~) I't'~'- C(llll'~l' lIext Thursday, April 10. ltlHkr lIorll :\Ihl'rll.l le ~.tall'hl' ltl " I I (lrmanrcs ast "a lire a,' 01 .. ICl' III, • I S I ~ Oil Septelll ler \\. I I I" '11 I' . . I· the allSpices of tIC ,wartllllOre ,:>tu- ,~' •. ) . .tliH l'r aIH \\,1 IIIgt'" III rn'lIrrelll .. -'7 .Jloh. 1 I'II .1~ISI IIg- SUII. I IlIladdpllla sh. e I 1IIt'11I"\'I.C S. '1'1 IC I II 111. o r I'l a\'". C' "III II II. tt l'l' I <kilt. L 111I0 11. . . I ,II . (""til' lwn' WIth Ill'r hllshaml and thl'lr f I I}I '('1 I I' S' tl .: Alter .. 1\·lng' suppcr III t Ie co cg.: • • _ • II t Il' avers II I II • war IIIlore IS .. . f' two chillln'lI III 1~/8 all(1 occupIed the I . I t I I'f II "mills.: rooll1 WIth a group 0 guests 1Il- , ,to IC COII~ralu a t'C uJlon a Il'antl U v . .' ,£ tl ' "Id Ric1n, nl O,/ !:dl'n hOIl"l' at Swarthmore sl;I!'t'c I.;e'ns l,l.1 \·e I ,. . I t I II' '1 \"Itl'd b\" the cxecutlve COlllllllttce 0 IC III l'qlre el. \\'t' -tIIllCI, 'T" • I d' I" . arclllle and (t'dar lalle. After that the,Y . "1 .:. . Studellt ulll',lIl alld IIII' U IIIg rcSI- n'''l.dl'c.l . 'I prO( IIctlon. I t· , I N I f tl c ~tu . III sl'n'ral 1,Iaces. 11\ :-;wart tllIorc I ,CWI.S C arro II" s IlIImor Ia I ,.. t on' Il as ( ell '0. II I 1 asoll, J.I lem )ers 0. I D'" - 'lIId thcir other four dllhlrcll were horn 1'1 I I' . .' dellt UnlOll exccutlvc COlllllllttn', can ilt'n: ~Ir Seal died in 1924, For the tIC agc esl·s. aPI~a 01 Ima).:lI!a l tIH I ' 1l~1Il- Frallces Blanshard and Dean Everctt . . - S('llse all< Its lIle,; I c('pcn WIt I t Ie JOV - . Inst ten wars ~I r" Seal Ims lived at the . f ' " .. ' D' t" t" . . i L. lIullt, officers and faculty sponsors \;nherst . an';\lIe ;l!i!l~ess. 0 ITl·ogllltllJlI. ralllla Iza IOI~S ;)11 It~ al - of the Studcnt U nioll, ~[r5. Roosevelt COLLEGE PRESENTS FIRST LADY T .;:. .. I'S·HELLZAPOPPIN' WOWS AUDIENCE i Brain Child of Mrs. R. Chcslcr I Spcncer Direelcd by l\lrs. I R. G. E. Ullman Earns 1 Altprtn'ul of Packed House "S-hellzapoppill," thc II)·H Frolic 0f ! t he Swarthmore \ ,,"oman' s Cluh, dc­ilighted a capacity audil'lICC Oil April I · Fool's Day. :\s a lIlel1lhl'r (l.f th .. ':lIomc Cuard" rl'IIlIlHled thc audlellcl' m thc !! prologul' "it's all of it nutty alld nonc of it trllc." ! The outstanding impersonations in a '\' cast of mally "cclehrities" wen' those of ~Irs. Lloyd E. Kauffman as "\Vhcnwill \Villkic'" and Mr~. \V. F. G. Swann"s I ('opeye whosc asidcs to thc audience \ always brought ga1l's of laughter. . '\ 1\1~'l\1i'l'" of Trinitv Chlln·h. Swarth- venturcs l"I~lllst s\·tl;~J1( G;!11 utllu,sua y 11'lgor- is scheduled to speak at 8 :15 P. :M. in . . . - ,OilS te,;t. Ie: ICC ers en lerg al apta- CI I' 'I . I ilion' .s Ill' \\""IS ,ac.ll\ 't' III the \Voman s As-t.u m w II'll " II tII e C' onllm•t t l'l' Sl' Il TtC( I fo r 1ot lI1er .\' l 'lllona. I b .. ;odation ami (,t11ld for lIlanv. -\"l'ar~. S ·ttunI 'lY' s prC5en Ia t"H ln IS \'l'n' l" IO St' t - er tOpIC as yet las not ccn an- 0 ••• I Survi\"in" arc '1 ,;on josl'ph S. Seal of I 'I' .' .. I I I I - .' lIoullcell but an hour s qucstlon pcno( (\;rnell a\~llue ~\\'() da\l~hlers ~'rs. E. Ill'\ 'I)JI·~~lIm. ta e an( I 'I'cr)t' ctllarlllllll-!"1 will follow thc lecture, All qucstions T Cn'ssoll I r • \\'l. Ih whom she madl' her .i, I (III" Illlnl<'aSUra' v 0 Ie pro( uc- I . d I '11 b' . . . .. . " lIOn s hc<>a u'" were t II e- scenes (Ies'lg nl" I must Ie .w ntten, I an 1 t Icre Wf I c an hOIlll' '111<1 ~'r,; I \) I oll"e 01 ~I()tllltalll I' I'D I S I opportulllty at tIC ecture or lllcm- . Thc othl'r famous gucsts asscmbled . I,,· thc cluh president, portrayed by ('Ttflit /'/Ii/",ld[Jl.ifl Ilullet~" I ~[rs. E. C. Prescott, and greeted h)' thc Eleanor noos~~'el! whos~ lalk n«:xt \ imprcssive burgess, 11 rs. Roland G. E. Thursday C\'cnmg m Clolhler Memorl~1 Ullman, wer!! ~\Irs. Rosfcel played by is widely "nticillllh,,1 throughout Ihls 1\ ~I rs. Llwett Frescoln; Mamba's daugh .. !."cclion. tcr, ~[rs. T. Harry Brown: The Duke and duch*ess of N ausea. ~I rs. Samucl • •• . . • . . .,.... h\" ~ar >ara () Illan • IX'lIcer alii exe- . b' I' I. .' Ihs. .•:1\. j .. <lml fUlIr ..... ratul<lau!. -:hlers l".u te( I W.I t II rare I" . tl Ie II an I k' hers of the audlencc to su mIt t IClr \\'01' 'lIlg. I. d' I Virginia Se'll of \mltcr,;1 avenue ~Irs. . S C· I I questIons to :\£rs. Roose\'e. Irect y. I'aul Sta;'lz'man ;,i Dr~x~1 Hili. and jUI1l~llr • tlage Kr~\\:I' a~(1 .1 leI)' l"(I,st(t!I~leS America's First Lady is an active h\' .\ rs. ,. j. (lC I, .\ rs. .IU .t111- f tl It· t' I Student LOCAL ART ON SALE AT BRITISH BRIDGE BENEFIT A "res and Mrs. William F. Boyle; alld tI;e ambiguous Charlie, ~£rs. J. Warrcn Paxson. The committee in chargc of the car d Thc wclcoming committee was com- Lydia ~Iay and Peggy 1.odgc of ~Io\ln- -. . ):\1 l'look ~'rs J) ~'al- spoll~or 0 IC n erna. 10~ta . I k" 111111. :\1 rs. ( . . . .:. . :" Sen'lce and was thc prlllclpal spcakcr tam .~ tS. cohn Hodgl'. alld ~'rs. :-..:. O. Krase. . ,. B . k " ,tl ' Sen'll'e,; werc ron,lucled at the home U I I k'llf I I' . r G at Its .... cw ~runswlc' conlerencc Irec •. " II( er tIC S 'I U (IredlOn 0 ret- I I P I( 1 S th Wl'(hll',;,h,' 'lftertllHIIl 'It 2 0 dock h\' the . I n I' . f I mOllt IS ago w lcn eter u I, war - . 1 posed of :\[rs. A. R. O. Rcdgrave and party for British War Relief, wlllc 1 ~I rs. Elliott Richardson. Those indis­is to be held at the \Vom. an6's ' CI lub at pensablc droopy reporters were none Rev J' J'·;nien Guelltl;er rector uf :rrin- rhell \'all )e '(f'C IW 10 1II. ISPlte () tIle morc College sophom*ore mct hcr and 2 P. ~1. \Vcdnesday, Ap ... 1 1 . las ar- othcr than the cluh president, Mrs. ranged with three local women artists Roland L. Eatoll and 1\£ rs. \ViIliam F. l\£rs. Edgar Adams, Mrs. Louis Em- Hanny, Mrs. J. Paul Brown as Little mons and Mrs. Stanley :\[ ac Millan to . . , . c.mstant threat 0 t Ie prc\"aJ mg mcas es k I I k 1 it-v Chu:rch Interment was at I',astlawn w.o.rk e( I stea< 1I'1 v W.I t II a f ternoun reI I carsa Is as ·C( Icr to spca Icrc. l'ellll'tery, Swarthmore. a l'a:;t of l\\';nty iour childrell ~a\"e a ••• ti nished pcriormalll·l'. I.ittle l-!elen Reed was dclightful in thc title role. Shc was a happy choice for •• 1 MRS. DAVISSON HEADS Nordoff·Bickford EVENING SECTION Recital Sunday Ihc part even thongh it is saill that ~I rs. Gcorge E. Da\'isson was elected lIIonths ago whcn she hcard that the play llresidellt of thr Evening Scction of the • • • was scheduled she rcmark(>11 to her Swarthmore \\'om:ln's Cluh and ~lrs. Winner of Puhtzer Award In molhcr "Oi course I l"ouldn't play :\Iice Edith ~il1l,)son was re-c1ectl'(l rerord­Composition and Former New I herause T have sudl a small \'ukc hut ing selTetal'Y at thc anllual election York Pl1ilharmonic Soloist perhaps I could he the dormouse!" Tm'sday. Eadl will sen'c a term of two in Joint Appearance Sanlllel E\'ans, j r. l'ontrilmh'd a heau- vears. tiful performance as Lewis Carroll so - Two dcle~ate'. :\Irs. Jamcs F. Bogar- Paul Nordoff gi fteel young l'omposer- rcalistically that a six year old paid him dus and l\lrs. D:I\'issoll. were chosen to pianist alld Ruth nickfonl soprano hoth I thc sincere trihulL' of asking (JIIC of the reprcsent the ~roup at Ihl' State COI1\'el1- A wl~'~1\1 appcar th;~ \nork ,.,11 tIlt' Phih, , ~~lmnilte: if. hI' wasn't rr:ally-\ lire'!; I ~;;jil to Lt· I:d:1 il. Ph:!;;:!.dphia in ~b ... (It'lpllla Forum pro).:ram at tilt' :\cademy I L IIde. HIs bnef appcaranccs added tlllll'h alHl the National COllventlOn the folio\\"­" f ~I \lSi~' will R!\'l' a, jO~lt cOI!cert ?11 I to tl~l' tenderness alld heauty of the pro- ing week in A tlantk City. ~. j. .·\pnl (, III thc \\ olllan s Cluh 01 ~Il'(ha. dUl't1on. ~Iiss HelclI ~mith of the College ga\'c Tickds lIIay hl' secured ill ad\'ant'l· The \\'hitl' and the I~ed Qucens ~Iary a most enjoyahll' talk 011 Il\Ilholls spring through FI'allklin Bn'wer, telcphone :\1111 Huok alld Nella \\'hitaker were flowers. ~Iiss Smith \\"I~" is cOllnected ;"fedia 10-\\'.. llarticularly successful and lovely. The with the Scott Arhoretum illnstrated her The l'tllll'crt which will start at 8 :15 liRhting effects on the e...,wlld hcads talk with colorcd :;Iides, which ga\'c the P. ~1. will illc1mIt· the iollowing pro- in the garden of flOWl'rs as they in- audicllce a vicw of SOIl1C of the lo\'ely ~ratll IIllluhl'rs 11\' ~I r. Nordoff: Phan- stml'ted Alirc was mo~t effective. fll)wers '" he fOlln:1 on the college ralll­tasien, Opus 116 lIy Brahm~ (Capric- The othcr\Vondcrland charactcrs wcrc pus in the s as:lIl whirh is now hegin­do, D minor: Interlllezzo. :\ milwr: plaYl'd with ddt skill and humor hy the ning'. Capriccio, G minor: Intermezzu. E ma- YOllng ('ast which ga\'c consistent proof .'\s an added attraction \1 iss Smith had jor; Intermezzo. F. minor: Intermezzo, oi its cardul training throughout. Pat a milliature display of some oi the early E major: Caprircio. n minor): Varia- I E\'ans as thc duch*ess t'ontrihuted an out- flowers to be ioullll in bloom at the IIres­tions on a Ba\'arian Dallce Thcme hy slallding intcrprl'lation. The Gryphon ent time. A rordial im'itatinn was isslled Nordoff: Thl' Camptown Races an(1 Oh! alltl the ~IOl"k Turtle played in nice hy ~liss Smith to thc residents of Susanna-Fosll'r-Nonloff: \Va!t7.l·s from C(lntl'a~t hy jUl\l' l'lIl11all anti Billy Swarthmore to go to the l'all1\1115 and ell­" The ~Iash'rpiecc" Nonloff's latest work ~'nore wen' "cry \lopular with the audi- joy thc flowers which will he hlooming' all opera in one art commissioned hy the cncc which enjoyed thc "Soup oi the irolll no\\' unlil late fall. :\cadcmy of Voral Arts all</ receivcd Evcning" song In·llIcndously. Charles • •• with great stlcn'ss when presented at "('cllen as the White Rahhit ga\'e a hap- MOVIES AID W ALN FUND the Town l'lall III Philaddphia two py illlpersonation oi that hdo\"l'd char-months ago. ader. ~I iss Bickford's wi(!l--rangl'd a III I ex - Helen Recd substituting for measles- ~tuisite~y dear "oil'e \\:i1I"llt' Iward in, the stricken jelllll't Adrian as the l'ccelltric. 1~)I~()\\:III~ songs: B:lch s ~I y "·lca~·t I':,"er bcheading Quccn of Hcarts, enriched ~'~Ithlu~, ; ..~ I(:zart ~. ".\~·,I. . : I~·.h, I,uhl,~-~ I the roll' ~dth her cxperil'n.l~ed sk~IL Rich­~~ om nlc Zalll'~I.!1otc. Shl pl,llIII, anI :\dl'lan played the Klllg 01 I·learts I hy ! )t'IIll'aIlO~ "ary I;~' l}ro\\lI: Sl'~JI1- wilh a mature poise whit-h was Illost lIlann s "Der ;\U",halllll : S"II~~ hy :\nr- l'ITt'ctive. Paul \\'illiams as till' Knave doff; John Drydell'''; "Tdl ~Il' Th)Tsis", of llearts was an appl'alin~ prisoncr. "Tilllc. I Darl' Thee to DisclI\'er", an<1 The tra"din" tea part\" scene was "Can Liil' he a Blessing"; "\\'hitt' ;\Ol'- amusin" as \I1;~·t.c1 II\' Ct';,rgc Froehcl. IIIrnl''' hy Conra,1 .\ikl'n: "Serenade" hy Gade Ilodgc :~lId I iick Hook as thc l-':athh'l'lI ~I illay: "\Villo\\" Rin'r" hy ~I:~r('h Ila;·l'. thc I )OJ'lIlOUSl', an<\ thl' ~Iarjorit' :\Ikn Sl'iffcrl: "TIll'rl' Shall, ~iad Ilattcr Barhara I-':rase as the Chesh­Bt' ~Iorc Joy" lIy Ford ~Iadox For<l:: ire Cat B:;rhara .\nll l'rns";t'n :IS Frog "I Thought ~Ic I.o~t" hy ~\"alt.~ ... , Prlllle: I Footma;I, I\'ggy KeclIl'n as the Cater-alii I Sil'gil'il'd SaSS"IlI, 1'.\"t'I·YUlll'. pillar. Brinton ~lediorc! who as HUlllpty Sallg." . i Ill1ll1pty artually did fall apart. ga\'e ~I ... and ~I rs, Gt'orgl' T. :\shton Ilt: thcir familiar roles romance and vi­\ Vallingilll'll: \Ir. and ~Ir~. Earl (;.: talit\ .. Iiarrisull allc! ;"Ir. all,1 ~Irs. :\!ircd H.' 1(;all Faulknt'r, ~Iary Alicc \Vest. ami POI'h'r of ~ll)ylall: allll ~I rs. :\rthur ja~lt't Croshy as thl' canis addcd a ).l\·dy Hoyt Srott of Ro~l' \'allt'y will hc allltlng touch oi iantasy to thl' \Yonder/and the !'t'cita!'" patron" amI patnlllt'sses. scelles. ..... . I I Needlework Guild Hour johnny J<assweilcr and BII y ~k lenry as Twt'ellle-DulII and TWl'edle-!Jec You arc in\·itl'c! to sew ior the Ncedle- hrought dOWI1 the house with their pol:\­work Gttihl at Ihe hOlllc oi ~Irs. Bcnja- ira I ;Iud. The h,·o little hewigged jurors min \Y. Clll1in~. -t12 North Chestcr road Polly Told alHl I-':athcrine TrepJl added lin TI mrs( Ia y. : \ lin'1 10 a t 1 :.'lI I P . _'\I . I a "~om,i" al touch 10 thc court Sl'l'm'. If you wish to Ill'lp tIll' \"ora \\" aln fund for the aid of British children YOIl are askcd to hm' \'Imr 111m' it' tirkel'; he­fon' :\Ilril 12 f~o;1I ~lil'hal'I',;. Ihe Bou­quet Shop. or IIll'ml)ers of the Swarth­more hrandl oi the I-':appa l,al'l':I Gamllla iraternity. Thl' tirkets will he g<lo(1 ior allY show at till' ~Icdia Theatre SlIlIclay. .'\ pril 13 10 Friday, Xpril IK, inclusive. Shows an' listed on tlte harks of thc tickcts. Helcn jal'kson, a graduate oi Rollill"; Colle!-(t'. \Vintcr Park, Fla.. \\·here ~ht' reeL'in':1 tilt' Til'dlke .\rt .\ward in 11t'1' senior \"l'ar is l'hairll1an oj thc pelster conlt'sl '('ommittl'l' ill l'oll1lt'rti,"1 with the mo\'ie 1)l'lldit. ~I rs. la('k Ik (~root is co-dlairmall. judAc~ ~Issisting the COIII­llIittt'l' are ~I rs. Charlcs I). \1 itdll'lI. ~I rs. Richard Brandt. :11111 \1 rs. Carl dl')'loll. Thc natiollal organization 01 I-':appa has sellt Nora \Valn $17.0()t) illr this ai,1. \Vith this SIIIII sh·· was ahlc to huy hlank­l'ts. pots allll pans, clothing, a 1111 fued to supplclllent relief oi larger organizations. ~fost oi the Illoncv was spt'nt ill South Ilal11ptoll, and the ;elllaindcr !n LOlld~n. Nora \\'aln has writtcn IOllr artIcles ior thc Saturda\' Eveninj! Post hilt thcse have never heel~ rcreivcd in this country. She has opl'ned Iwr h"lI1t' "ubi,l.. oi London for a week-en:1 rl'illge for tIlt' .,olp Betk 6trbi[t~ tired husillt'ss a 11< I government ol1icials ~ who are in need oi rest. T The committee in charge of this dis- WEDNESDAY trict is: ~Irs. T. A. Bradshaw and ~Irs. 8:00 P.M.-"The Meaning of the Cross ..................... Methodlst Church Palmer I.. Skoglunit, CO-dlairlllen, ~Irs. THURSDAY A. F. Jackson, puhlicity. and :\{iss jack- 8:00 P.M.-Sacrament of the Lord's supper ............... Methodlst Church son and :\Irs. deGroot, posters. 8:00 P. M. - Holy COmmunion ancl Meditation ........... Presbyterian Church ••• 8:00 P. M. - Holy COmmunion ............... ·.················ Trinity Church Mrs. Eleanor Scofield Fawcett and a GOOD FRIDAY group of ti\'c of her piano stu~el1ts will Lulu caused a riot. have three of their paintings 011 ex- The bcauteous school girls who also hihition and sale at this timc. Thcre will also be a display of some of thl formed the main part of till' .-IlOruS b were Mrs. johll E. Michael, ~'rs. Ray-knitted garments which have een mOlld Pcrkins, l\lrs. Birncy K. :\Iorsc, made hy Swarthmore womcn for ship- ~I rs. J amcs P. Daugherty, Jr., ~I rs. H. ment over-seas. I PI T Cakes, cookies, and table prizcs have' ~'lindll')I'1 Peel'l ~£Grs. HC, ~ulssealll(1 I~ 1,'rlSs' I 1 I .\ rs . owan . OPSOI, - ., .. been hy .a oca tea-room all( I CI la"r1 e s I sracI. h\' others mterested 111 the succcss of '1'1 . I I "-1 G 1· ·110 1 - ff' IC lall< SUIne r ollie .uan s \\ tIC a air. I .. tl' 'f AII\"()\Ie wishing to arrallgl' fur a table cause(!1 SlIc\I\,.a ll . stir \\Il0 CICI~ ulrn~ ~~Irnss . . f I wcre ,\ rs. . I lanl 1. e alll( \,.H . or. for a tlcklet ma~,call ~~~I? t I~ COIll- A. V. 'Bo'sshardt, Mrs. I{ohcrt C: Spcn­~ lIttec mem ICrc\ II rs. . I ~~am \{r0wn: Cl'r 1\1 r~. A. V. E. Orr, Mrs. Lca drs. Lurll(\\\·. ,a~<cn or I rS',~Yllr: \\';;nll"r, ~lls. H. C. nower. ~'r.;, Petc:­Rantl~ 1I of I~lven'lcw r';lad; Mrs. I heo. Told ~I rs. john ~1. Pearson and Mrs. Saulmer of North Pnnceton avenue. . ' C I Mrs. H. B. Lincolll of the Swarthmore ))\,,:llght 00 cy.. t 'I, I'ollcrt . I \. I- owers werl' gl\'l'Il 0 "rs. \. Apartmcnts, or ~'rs. Pcrclva .. rnlltage I C S . tl '[ Roland C E f H I . . pl'lIccr, au lor, .\ rs. • '.,. o an'an avenue. "ll I' t I ,rrs I·larrv C Lo nlan, (Ircc or, an( .H. , • • ••• Fcted on Ninetieth Birthday Barnes, accompanist, in acknowledge­lllcnt for long hours of tcdious work ncccssar\' ior the succcs~ful production ~'rs. Phehe ~1. Lukens, widow oi of thc lirolic of 19·H. Da\'id L. Lukens, was ninety years old TIll' rdreshnll'nts were scrved be- 011 Sunday, ~Iarch 30. In honor of her h\'l'en acts h\' a committee dressed in hirthday a family party was held in thc kecping '",ith' tIll' tht'me of the after­afternoon, from four to six at hcr noull an air raid sheltcr in the year 1101l1l' 306 North Chcstcr road. Among fort\'~two. ~I rs. \Villiam Allen Raiman her imlllediatc family, prcscnt at the and -Mrs. John F. Spcnccr assisted back part\' werc her thrcc daughters: ~Irs. stagc with propcrties and ~ound effccts. Har~\' J.. ),1 iller of Thaycr road, Miss Elcctions Tucsday Alicl: ~r. Lukcns, who residcs with hcr Thl' election oi all onicers of thc inothcr, and .Mrs. Charlcs E. Pricc of c1uh and four directors will takc place ::\[oylan. Eight grandchildren. 2 great lIext Tucsdav, April 8. ::\, rs. J. Bernard grandchildrcn, and sevcral nieccs and \VaJtOli, chairman oi l,ketions. will an­Ilephe\\" s also helpcd l\frs. Lukens Cl,ll'- nounce thl' successful .candidates as hrate her birthday. soon 'liter thc closl' 01 the polls at ~I rs. l.ukcns, who came to Swarth- 15 o'clock as possibk. . ilion' ill thc fall of 1898 and has li"cd I ~I rs. Hal' Hiester. County Chamnan in thc samc house at 306 Xorth Chester i oi Citizl'nship. "'!11 Ill' the speaker of road sillce thcn, is ill good hcalth. \'ery i t hc S ta tl'd nll'ct III g. ~I rs. Alexander actin', and a II1clllher of Fril'nds ~[cl't-: Ewillg, I.c~islati()n Chairman has charge ing. ! nf thl' pro~ralll. <~ ____.~ 'M.'------- Silillcr Heads H. &. S. Dandng Class Cha)lCr0J18 Thi, \H'ek's chaperons ior the eighth The ncwly elected ol l'I l'l'rS of thc; "1','1,/," (I',llll'ill<"- cla,.;s which lI1el'ls Satllr- Swarthlllore HOIlll' alld School :\ssoria- J:IV c.'vcning at 7 :30 \'. \1. will he \11'. " lion arc: D.-. Rohert Spiller. llrcsiclellt: 111'(1 _~Irs. lalllcs Taylor. Ilr. anll ;"1I.·s. I)... Paul Cl'lIllll ill , tirst vin:-prcsident: I. Ilo\\'ard "smilh, awl :\1 r,.;. I.. J. Sl'rva.,;. . 'l'llo~l' aClin.!! a,. chaperons ior Ihc t('nth ~I rs. \\"altt'r Rl·ynohls. sl'concI \'ice-, 0> I presidellt: H. 0, I )a\'idson, Ircasurer:, ""1 '.'1,/ .. whirh IlIt't'''' at I) :()() art' I)r. an( ~I rs, C. ~lacI>()nahl Swan, rel'ording i ~I rs. (~l'orgl' B. Sickel. ••• sccrt'lary: and ~I rs. Frann', Slaugh,: Listed at Purdue cOITt'spolHling selTl'tary. • • • I )wil!ht R. Coolcy oi C,)IUlI1hia aWllue, 1>1'. and ~I rs, \VilIialll T. Ellis aftl'l" ,",ellior' in llIerhani.-al l'lIg ineering l at Pnlr- thrl't' months 1.1 1 1•" 1 on.( I a are rcturnl. llg'I (I m'e I'II , . c:' r S. · It•\·• II'' I.~' I),";cn,. Illa• rn 011 I Ie north h\' ~('a alii I W'11I lIl ' I. II t IIl''l r \\". a In ut,I "I)I'S · t·I I Iglll' :s'1 1l'll S' tlule• llt hs' t lor sdlolas- Ia nc IIO·l IIl' nl'xt .'\I 0111 Ia y. : \p'1n 7. .' \I"t ae' II'I ~' \·('llll'llt"· (Itlrlll,H. , the Ilast selllestcr. I THE WEEK'S CALENDAR FRIDAY. APRIL 4 8 :15 P. M. _ "Mr. Plm Pnsses By" ..................... High School Auditorium PALM SUNDAY, APRIL 6 11:00 A. M. _ Morning Worship ........ , .. , ..... ········· - ...... Local Churches MONDAY. APRIL 7 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M. - Red Cross Sewing .................... Woman's Club TUESDAY, APRIL 8 10:00 A.M. to 12:00; 2:00 to 5:00 P.M.-Election Day .......... Woman·;; Club 6;15 P. M. - Juniors' Supper, Stated Meeting ............. ······ Woman s Club WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M' - Red Cross Sewing ...... , . Presbyterian Parish House 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M. - Red Cross Surgical ~~'f & Jackson Sts., Medta THURSDAY, APRIL 10 12:00 Noon - Community Service .............. · .. · .. ,,· .. ·· ....T rinity Church atlell(1 tIle Childrcn's S"mfo\1lctta COll- 1'30 PM-Needlework Guild HOUT ................... 412 North Chester Road 8:00 P. M. - Cantata "The Seven Last Words" ............ Presbyterian Church ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ eert prcsentcdtomorrowin Philadelphia, "11 ;15 P: M: - Mrs. Roosevelt Speaks .... , .... , ....... ,.··· -... Clothler Memorial

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.,':'1 I APRIL 4, 1961 ~.t '~~'' :,;-~~~:~,:7:,,'' ~,::-'~.~ ·:~c:. .;,:- :-,; ._"":'~: ~J~, !-:-E~.~R~-"~-S-:.·:-(_~.,"~·N ....;..·_A"':'-·'-'I=_;,S~.·~ '" ,'' ",' ..:."::.'~;':..'' _' :J.·u· ~. _. ~"~'4 ~fM~r~.': K~eU:Y~·I~~t!at.·lten~~.f'f,,~QI,~. '~:'~~~~~:i;~ f.i~A~f~t.~r~tb~e Iif.:~:{~·r=,b;~-= " .. far: la!td;'M~s. 'joseph. H. Perkl.J of MrS.-Robert K. Enders'of EI"; a~~n~e .• . '.' -" and Mn; CampbeU wilt " ane' "'d as the-,r . 5t d •. • ed Mr. 'and Mrs. Charles Sizer '01' Cin- reside in SW#tbmore. . . "H;­C1tt~ Mr. Edward Rawson of ·of were the overseers, . while Mr. Price, of Rose Vally, 'read. the , na gue s unng entertam at a tea Wednesday afternoon I I • certificate. the past week-end, Mrs. J. Will Per- in honor of· her mother Dr. S. Gertrude cinnati, Ohio have announeed the en· kins of~lkton, .. Mrj., Mrs. W. L. Sim- Crandell, M. D. of Wooster, O. gagement of their daughter Miss Mildred a,ons and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Helping to serve at the tea were the Sizer and John Haney 'McWilliams son J?hn A. Hartenstine of Principio Fur- Theis sisters, English relugee. here for 01 Mrs. John Hershberger McWilliams 1IICO, M.r and M r s• M . W• H artenstlD. e t he d utation 01 the war. Jacqueline and 01 South Chester road and the late Mr. of Havre de Grace, Md., Mr. Marion Marguerite arrived from Wooster with McWilliams. Lee Patterson of Aiken, Mrs. R. K. Dr. Crandell and Francois visited from Miss Sizer who is a graduate of the Levering of Newcastle, Del., Mr. and PhiJ~deJphia where she is Jiving. Jeanne Cincinnati Conservatory of Music was !drs. J. L. Makinson and Mr. P. R. Mak- :rhe .. has been living with the Enders well-known in Delaware County when mson of Wib"ington, Del_ Evelyn Wal- In Swarthm A fil h . she was director of music at the Elwyn I -r ore. t sIster Cecile is bal ce of New York City, Mr. R. H. Heb- a I5 0 I"I v10g 1. 0 S wart h more but 'w as una,b le School. She is now connected with the , e of Newport News, Va., and Mr. to attend the party since she is quaran- Department of Music of the School Sys- Mrs. David L. Sloan, and Mr. William tined with measles. tern of Covington, Ky. Duncan of Narberth, Pa. Another out-of-town visitor among Mr. McWilliams was graduated from Mrs. Howard S. Turner of Cornell the forty guests was Mrs. Paul McClan- Swarthmore High School with the class avenue witb ber tbree-year-old da'lIlIllter! ahan and her inlant daughter from New of '32 and four years later from Temple S,usan left Saturday for Melrose, ass. York City. University. He is now engaged in the wh h '11 .• h real estate office of the Sun Oil Company f ere S d At GVISIwt er parents Pro- Miss Ruth Abbott of Park avenue will in Philadelphia. No date has been selected essor an. rs. . . Swett. On April Ic:>ve t~ay to d~ve to Miami Beach, Fla. for the wedding. S she will be matron of honor in the With fflends. MISS Abbott will return to wedding party of her sister Hilda to Mr. her duties in the local school system at Ir--------r-------. Wallace Creelman also of Melrose. Mr. the dose of spring vacation. Turner win journey to MelroSe today to be an usher at the marriage tomorrow. Mrs. Colin C. Brown and son Bruce Miss Nettie,Alexander retunled Thurs-I Tue,;dayat .their Cornell avenu~ hom~ day night of last week to her home on I mght after having spent a Weddings N h Ch three-week vacation in Florida. Mr. staoyr t in Ste. sPteert errosabdu ragf, teFrl aa. three weeks B rown wh oah d accompanied them IL_ _______L ______. J returned home last week. I . Constance Heg daughter of Mr. and Campbell-James Mrs. Ernest C. Heg of North Chester Mrs. T. W. Crossen and daughter r?~d is o~e of sixteen students who par- Barbara Ann of Harvard avenue The wedding of Miss)anet Margaret ticlpated In a demonstration of first aid lea~e tomorrow to motor to OI,el,IirI,IJames daughter of Mr~'and Mrs. Wal~ activities presented Saturday evening, Ohl,o where they will visit Cros- ter S. James of Yale avenue and Mr. March 29. by the department of physi' sens mother Mrs'JlVilliam A. H"usne,rlWiUiam Curtiss Campbell son of Mrs. eNa.1 yed.ucation of Elmira College, Elmira, and take ber with them to Berea and Leslie G. Campbell of Haverlord ave- Ma:nmouth. Cave in Kentucky. The nue was solemnized last Saturday Cros~ens wIll return in time for the re- morning at the Swarthmore Presby- Mrs. Frank G. Keenen and Peggy and op~llIng of schoQl after the Easter va- terian Church with Rev. David Braun Ch~rles will .Ieave this week-end to spend cation. pastor presiding. esnptn~n g vacat~on with Mrs. Keenen's par- If . f h Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Largent in Mrs. Jame~ Hornaday of Di("kitison ,USIC or t e ceremony was pro- ~prmgfield, O. and Dr. Keenan's par- avenue,. and her children B~tsy, JUrimy vided by Benjamin C. Kneedler at the enls Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Keenan of an~ Ahee I~ave SUl)day to spend' the console of the organ. ~ewark; o. c '~ , sprmg vacatIon week with Mrs. liorna~ Miss James was attired in a navy Creuman-PerldlU A charming wedding took place at the Swarthmore Friends Meeting House on Saturday March 29 at 12 noon when Miss Virginia France Perkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Perkins 01 Sw.a!1hmore, became the wife of Mr. ~hlhp George Cressman, son of Mr. and Mr •. Howard B. Cressman of Swarth­more. The bride wore an afternoon dress of blue sheer crepe, with a blue turban to match, and a corsage of yellow and blue flowers. After the ceremony a reception was held in Whittier House, adjoining the Meeting House. . . The young people will be at home after April 6 to 16, President avenue, Rutledge, -Pa.- -.............. -- Birth A son, Joseph, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Irving Steinberg of Stanehurst in the Lying-In Hospital, Philadelpbia on Tuesday, April 2. The baby is a grand­son 01 Mrs. Joseph Peckennan 01 Dart­mouth avenue. SPRING HAS ARRIVED Heavier driving weather is hard on tires. Better trade those old tires for new ones. Today's tires are better than ever. TIRESVf re$tone TUBES Save You Money-Serve you longer Buy Now-Drive in Today We Want Your Old Tires RUSSELL'S rj,e$tOft' SERVICE DARTMOUTH & LAFAYETI'E AVES •• Phooe 440 day's .mother, Mrs. George Tucker i~ blue and red wool street dress and wore :, lfrs. George M. Allen entertained Washmgton, D. C. ' orchids. Her only attendant 'rhere .. · Yilling, Mr. G. Baker ThomI>- Mitchell of Wallingford ~~ii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;;~~~~~~~~~~ ~n 0(. th~. sc;hool laculty; Mrs. F. W., ,v,Me:n tr,se' Jack B. Thompson of H"rv,uil wore a navy blue and white silk frock ~ i,\,hunng, retiring president of the Home I' ~1I accompany Mrs. and white orchids. DUNHILL • PRINCE MATCHABELLI • CHANEL. ~nd School Association; Dr. R: E. to Washington to visit her mece, Mrs. ""'A';;------------ ~ke J3 . l~r,.De>t!.yeat'.presidentof.the' . , Charle. Toby. r f3 . . ouquel lj.o".; ,.~pd t1)e grade, chairmen and the --"'-' --..: REAL FLOWER gj§ p!o~m ~h~"mcn at her 110me on River- Engagemen.· PICTURES ... VIew road last Monday. ." . '" :Rlitli. Sel'Va~s;::·.Shirley Na~6n, B ~Irkr and Mrs. John W. Gocher 01 ~ c:I Rowan, N~itcy.':~oot: Beverley Doe, Car- roo me, Del,aware County, Pa., an''': Queen Anne'. lace, riolet8, • QI. Brown. MarJqrie' MacMiIJan, Eugene nounce the engagement of their daughter larkspur and a hoat of other = Lap~ Bob Lon II Mary.of The Swarlhmore 10 Mr. Ol,'ver lovely fiow .. s against black 0 J.a ckr ~..W',· Magiwsheal,l FSrcahnmk idMt,c CHowenarny A. T alt of Phihidelphia. or pasteI b ackgroundo- ~ ~~ulm~r ... and Bob Windell ente~~i~ne~d~I;~Mf~:i:,~,~~;~cG.~OC: ,her is employed in beautifully framed ••• ~. gro~p."p,f.,*,ssmates at a dance . . S,!llege r,ibrary. Mr. Tait Ther're _qulol,e1,. Woman's -elub last Saturday evening reSIdent of Swarthmore and ' ,dllls"",11 '." T~e cJU? house was gayly' decorated member of the Swarthmore I: With sprmg' flowers ,and" bright-colored ,M~eting of the Religious Society paper decorations. Fnends. alice barber Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Russell and daught~ Joan will sail from New York o!! Tu.e~day for Charleston. N. C. They will. VISit, ~h~ gardens of the Charleston sbechon _ f?T a' week and then, return by The \vedding will take place in early summer. GIF.TS oat ag~ln. ' ,The \V. Henry Untons of Benjamin \~ est ~venue will entertain the Double S1X bndge club tomorrow evening. Mrs. A. B. Chapin of Harvard avenue entertained with a luncheon' and misce1. la~eous shower on March 27 in honor of MISS Betty Lou Mitchell of University place whose engagement to Ensign CI de ~arless Parmelee, U. S. N. has been ~. nounced. Guests were members of M Chapin's bridge club. 1"8. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Brogan of Guern­sey and Thayer roads announce the en­gagement of their daughter Carolyn to Mr. James Arthur Kelly Son of Mr and .Mrs. James Kelly of Delmar, Del: MISS Brogan is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University where she was a ?1cmber of Kappa Alpha Theta soror- Ity. . .Mr .. and Mrs. \Vayne H. Rarxlall of RIverView road will entertain their bridge cI~b tomorrow evening for dinner and NOW PLAYING bridge. Those to be present will be M "Ch and Mrs. Joseph Bates Mr a d M r. eers for Mias Biahop" Th h'l S· ,. n rs. wIth cop Ie aulmer, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Martha Scott-William Gargan H. Chaffee. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M Mary Anderson A£cCurdy, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard T' Also Randall. • "GREECE FIGHTS BACK" Mrs. Frederick J. Bogardus andl~::::::~:;;:::::::::~ daughter Betty Joyce have left for Cut-II ler, Ind. ~\'herc they, will, stay with Mrs, B?gardus uncle whjle Mr. Bogardus is With the army. . Rosemain Creighto~,I, arriyed_ home from Wheaton College, ~orton, Mass.-Iast Fri­day to silelld her -spring vacatio h' I end 1\ '1 8 '~f.'" II W IC 1 S • PrJ ~IHl ::her 'parents Mr. and !~rs. H. J eqna1lt Crcightoll of EI . . ... T I·,,'" m ave n~le. ues(,ay ~nd \Vedllcsday of" this \;.e~~ she spent ,In ,At!antic :City, ,N. J. l!JSItJng her ~ormer roommate qt West­tow. n SchOOl, ,Anne Jones -who I' -, , ,_ '=I . ,s now' 'a' ~.tuuent at Swarthmore -College. MANOR TBURSDAY -FRmAY -SATlIBDAY Mel.".,. Ro...und DOUGLAS • RUSSElL "THIS THING .' .. " " CALLEDL(i~E'" .' MEDIA LAST 2 DAYSI FRIDAY - SATURDAY The Greatest Picture Ever Madel _ Full ~ehgth - Unchanged ".GONE WIm .·THE . WIND" NOTHING Bur THE PRICE CUT , At 1:31'- P. M. and 8 P. M. Each Da7 (Doors Open at 1 and 1:15) Matinees: Adults 40c - ChUdreD. 2Sc Evening 55c to All (AU Prices Include Defense Tax) IMPORT~! Our ~ Saturday Kiddie Show Will' Start at 11,30 A. M. Feature PI.hue "RWER'S END" '.'2 c~'z-z Serials Z ",!d FIne _ Wodd Niws . All ChUa.- 1" OLD BANK. BUDDING STARTS FRIDAY JAMES STEWART DEDY LAMARR In "Come Live With Me" STARTS TUESDAY ROBERT YOUNG LARAINE DAY . h, "TIlE TRIAL OF M,~RY DUGAN" STARTS SATURDAY CHARLES BOYER MARGARET SULLAVAN In "BACK STREET" STARTS THURSDAY "THE WNEWOLF. KEEPS A DATW'" . with Warren William . SATURDAY'.: "1IOSS or 1IUJ.i'i'0N ~. BBOWIf , .. .~ : ... , :.;.- • BEAUTY SALON Pompadoured for the ElUter Parade? IS c:&_ .... c.u Ihrru'IJam.e "76 • ROVA·E • CHEN YU • BENEFITS OF WATER STORAGE Some natural waters, after being subjected to prolonged storage, are piped directly to the consumer without further treahnent. SPRINGFIELD WATER receives all of the benefits of storage. In addition .it is filtered and chlorinated, thus producing the finest water possible. PHILADELPHIA SUBURBAN WATER. CO. , ,- , ~. , :- , • til :0 c::: en :>l. IT.! en .;. .. ~. '~~:a!,· APBfI,O" 4;'-IMl' . -" < •• •• THE SWAR,' HMOREAM Club' Annw Drew Crowd Due is recovering itkely,·&t" 1 :;;~~~=I~ . daugbter of Yr. and ware County Hospital after UI Mr.. Howard KIrk of· SoIItb _Cheater an appendeetomy Tburoday road returned bome. fro'l' BI'1!I, M,:wr PUBLISHED' EVERY . Y AT SWARTHMOaE, PA. THE SWARTHMOBEAl'I, INc., PUBLISHER PHONE SWARTHMORE 900 PETER E. TOLD, Editor . MAuORlE TOLD, Auoriiau Edilor Ro8.UJB l'IIuoL Reallnlereet of Members Shown DurIn8 Dbeuulon; "S-hellza· . poppin" Well Received last week., College last Thursday for her, spnng vacation. roB" CERTIFIED ·t;.\UNDRY Enhnd u Secoad a.. MatI"". Juaary 24, 1929, at the POOl 01&08 at Swuthmoro, Pa. under the At:! of March a. 1879. FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 194.1 Presbyterian Church Notee Trinity Pariah Notes An exceptionally large number of members attended the annual business meeting 01 the Players Club on Wed­rI,~ ::!:~:. evening, participated in the dis-' and enjoyed the entertainment which followed. Ann Argyle daugbter of Mr. anel Mrs. William R. Argyle of Nortb Cbes. ter road left Tuesday for WeUe.ley College to bring her sister bom" for her spring vacation. Miss Grace Green of Walnut Hill School, Natick, Mass., arrived :Thurs .. day, March Zl, for a two, weeks' visii with her ,i,ter Mrs. H. J. Lumsden of Kenyon avenue. , " . SERVICE CALL MEDIA <114 ., 'Or SaopOuP' ·Driver ,~. ,', .' MEDIA'LAuNDR't Serv/n.Soom1hmoni S ........ /an1. On Sunday, April 6, at 10 :45 A. M. On Palm Sunday an augmented choir there will be the Palm Sunday Worsbip will sing the Eyre Mass in E Rat. The with special music by the choir and lnt!;'oi.t wilJ be "The Palms" b¥ Faure guest instrumentalists. The sermon will and the Offertory Anthem will be "The be "The Test of Triumph." King~s Welcome" by Whi~ehead. The On Thursday, April 10,' at 8· P. M. organ'. numbers by: Fredetick A: Knapp: the Holy Thursday Communion with organtst and chOIrmaster, will include the meditation "Death and a Star" will "Prelude and Fugue in F major" by be held.' Bach and "The Processional March" by On Friday, April 11, at.8 Po, M. the Calkin. Good Friday Cantata "The Seven Last On Sunday afternoon, at 2 :30 o'clock Words", by Dubois will be sung by the there will be a meeting in the Church choir and soloists under the direction for aU who are interested in joining of Benjamin L. Kneedler. the confirmation classes; On Sunday, April 13, at 9 A. M. there . There will be no serv~ces and meet­will be the Youtb Worship for Easter mgs on Monday and Wednesday 01 with special music by the junior choirs week. On M aundy Thursday eve­and guest instrumentalists. The Com- ning there _win be a celebration of the municant's Class witt be received into Holy Communion at 8 o'clock. Churcb membership_ The sermon will On . Good Friday there will be tbe be "God's Cathedrals." usual Community Service beginning at Sunday, April 13, at 10 :45 A. M. tbe noo". The Rev. David Braun and the Easter Worship with Easter music by ~~v. Roy Norton Keiser, D.D., wilt as­the adult choir and guest instrumental- Slst the rector, the Rev. J. Jarden ists will be given4 The sermon will be Guenther. "One Small Candle." The annual congregational meeting The installation of modern sound wilt be held on Monday ,evening in amplification equipment in the 1 ~;~:~;;:;~week at 8 o'clock. The terms of and the kindergarten I' L. Cleaves, Samuel D. Clyde the church will make it for Guenther H. Froebel and J. Burri~ who 'attend on Palm Sunday and Easter West as vestrymen expire. They are Sunday to hear the entire services and eligible for re-election. join in the worship. There will be no meetings of the The Men's Bible Class will meet Young Peoples' Fellowship on Palm 'briefly Palm Sunday morning. Roland Sunday nor Easter Day. Eaton will lead the dass. The final Friday evening service will Tbe ~igh School Fellowship will not be held toni!!ht. meet on Palm Sunday or ~as.ter Sun- The Guild~Auxi1iary has given 'new day evenings. for the Chureh School choir. "The Church Hour Nursery win be were made by members of the ~eld on Palm Sunday and Easter Sun- directed by a commit .. day morninJ, as usual. Children from tee consisting of Mrs. William: H. West, the ages of 2 to 7 may be entered. The Mrs. Thomas A. Hays, ·Mrs'. Walter Nursery will be held in the basem*n I C. Giles and Mrs. W. E. Hetzel, Jr . rooms of the Parish House. ' I The Committee on Missions and Be- Methodist Chnrch Notee nevolence witt meet Sunday The Official Board will hold its first April 6. at 4 o'dock in the meeting of the new Conference year on study. Friday evening at 8 o'clock. The executive board of the Woman's The preparatory membership claSs The meeting opened with the reading of the minutes of last year's meeting. Reports of the various committees were presented through -three general chair~' men: James H. Hornaday, in charge of business and finance; D. Malcolm Hodge, in charge of produCtions; and J. 'Vil­Ham Simmons, in charge of stage man­agement and building maintenance. Highlights of these reports were an­nounccmen. ts ~,h~t the club is holding its own finl;lnCiaUy, that more members than ever before",have taken active part this yearT;ln' fact'" all or those who appeared at (att.'tryouts' 'were invited to take parts -and fewer non-members than ever thus were' asked to fill in. ... -------------- The Man Who Come. To Dinner . .' or drop. in for lunch' .. .... , the SnuJ L1"le SUBURBAN CAFE anti co*ckt/Jill.AJun~. Millin (~ncounre. P.R,R. Suhurban Station la lure of an enjoyable me!'ll. ~llhou, burry-Itmld pleallanl !lul"nll,ntllnlll' _tlDd at re&nln;lbl. prict!8;, Luncheons-from IOe Dinners -from .~Sc Codttull Houn_J:OO 10 ~:OQ P.M. -Pers-onal S-up-er-vll-lllJn- -o-f -.h-ll-'t-)' -R.- T-u-l-ly- .' "1900' . . , :r' _ ~ An amusing and informative account of the work of the Junior Plays Commit- I r,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;' tee was presented by the chairman, Mrs. ri C. W. McDowell. . The nominating, committee, composed 01 Sewell Hodge, Mrs. ~. O. Lange, and Burris West, chainnan, presented the following slate of nominees: For president, John Dolman, Jr.; vice­president. James H. Hornaday; treasu­rer. Robert C. Disque; assistant treasu­rer. James E.'- Davis; secretary, Mrs. Louis J. Koch; assistant 'secretary, George' \Varren: governors (for two years) Andrew F. Jackson. Roland G. E. Ullman, and D. Ma1eolm Hodge; governor (for one year) Philip Whit-ney. . In addition to these, three persons were nominated from the floor: J. Burriss West and Clarence G. Myers each for 2 year terms as governors. Samuel Evans was nominated for secretary, but he withdrew immediately. ·Ballots wilt be mailed to members shonly. and the voting will take place dUi,'ing the run of the April production. Another important act of the meeting was the adoption of an amendment to the article on "Guests" in the club's By-Laws. providing that "no person shall be honored with a complimentary guest card oftener than once in a season." This excited considerable discussion ,but passed by mor.e'{ the necessary-;,two-thirds vote. ' ". . . It's Clean-up Time ••• • LAWN RAKES Bamboo and Sted" • Pruning Shears • FERTIUZER Grass ~d SUPLEE'S. HARDWARE 11 S. Chester Rd. Sw_ lOS EASTER IS FW.W ..., .."ER TIME c:&oo.., B)'IIIhoUc UU .... beautiful ....,.m. "plan,", or a ... 1orful ._..e..o.1 of'i_heat 8ow. .... ~. for Eattereuoemblee. . I.ooH.I Prieea • MAROT FLOWER SHOP 315 Dickinson Avenne Telephone Orden Now to Sw.554 Member P1o~"T ' sr;aph'Del1ftl1 PLAUDITS TO THE EASTER BUNNY WBOBBINGS A WALmAM AND ELGIN WATCHI Time Pieces Priced as Low as $19.75 • Wll..TSHIJtE BROTHERS 100 Eo STATE ST_~lIIEDlA 'Phone Me4ia m. Association wilt meet Friday morning, meets on Sunday morning at 9 :30 . April 4. at -10 o'clock 'in the Parish Church' School convenes 'at' 9:45"'with House. classes for children and adults of all The Woman's Association, will meet ages. -At Morning Worship at 11 the We4nesdaYJ April' 9. in the Parish pa·stor, Dr. Roy N. Keiser will preach House of the Church with sewing at on the subject "Tlie Three Coronations." 10 A. hL; worship service in charge of The Epworth League meets at 7 F. M. Mrs. J. A. Perry at 12, Noon; business Sunday. At the adjournment of the business meeting refreshments were served by the I~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~ Hospitality Committee, after which· the EASY PAYMENT PLAN ARRANGED II' DERIBBD meeting at 12:30 P. M.t and luncheon Special services will be held in the at 1:00 P. M. A panel Question Period church on Wednesday and Thursday eve­on Social Education and Action in the nings at 8 o'clock. On Wednesday eve­local church will be conducted by Dr. ning Dr. Keiser will preach on "The Cameron P. Hall, Dr. Monroe G. Ever- Meaning of the Cross." On Thursday ett of Philadelphia, Mrs. Leonard C. evening the ,Sacrament of the LQrd's Ashton, and the Rev. David Braun, Supper will be observed. pastor. • I I Th~ annual meetings of the Church Has Role in Rocheeter Play and Corporation will be held Wednes-day evening, April 16, at 8 o'clock. A Susan W"lters. daughter of Mr. and congregational dinner will be served Mrs. C. F. WolteiS.-:lr:... of Cedar Jane at 6 :30. Tickets may be secured for has been chosen for a -'r-ple in "You the dinner, at the church. Can't Take It With You/' the spring production of the dramatic society at • • the University of Rqchester. Christian Science Church Miss Wolters, who'-will play the part of the ballet-inclined Essie, will be in a particularlY"fitl)geiiiaf rote, since she is. an outstanding member of the Uni­versity Dan~··Cltib. She plays an im~ portant p-a:rt 'in the Dance Club recital which wilt be presented tonight . "Unreality!' is the subject of the Les­son- Sermon jn all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday. April 6. The Gold­en Text is: "Charge them that are rich in this \\'orld, thnt they he not high­minded. nor trust in uncertain riches. but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy" (I. Timothy 6 :17). • I I Measles Hold Their Own The list of new measeles cases quar­antined since last week ~s as follows: Johnnie Fischer, :Milton Hobbs. Carol SWARTHMORg PRESIlYTERIAN CHURCH Van Alen, George Willburn, Elizabeth Rev. David Braun. Minister I Rumble, Joan Prange~ Charlotte Meade, CHURCH SERVICES 9:45 A.l1.-Church School and ~len',; Dible Charles Russell Daniel Clay Robert Class ., 10:00 .-\.ll.-Wom~n's Dible Class. Ashton, Richard Setlow, Kenneth An- 11:00 .-\.~f.-.~Iornin&' Worshp. Se;!JlOn theme: .derson, Joanna Denison. Eva ,Worst, ME~~~~~~;r ~~I~;~~ Robert Gemmill. John Piper. William Ro)' N. Keiser. D.D .• Minister Kerr. Terry Kerr, Roger Russell. 9:45 A.M.-ChufCh School. I • • II :00 A.ll.-Morning Wors1lip. Sermon theme Swarthmore Bridge Club Results "The Three Coronations." e 7:00 P.M.-Epworth League,,' ---:=-==== THE BELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF W'RIBND8 SUNDAY 9 :46 A. M. -Pint DQ' School. 9:45 A.M.-Morning Forum. Dalla8 baker, sPeaker. Subject: coIUltructinl' our World." ·11:00 A.M.-J(eet.lDc for Wonhlp In )(ee\11lI' HoUle. WEDNESDAY 0:30 A. II. to 8:30 P. M.-BewiDC' and qunu~ In WhUtler BO\188. Box lunebeou. AU are cordially invited. TRI Rev. J. jard.:n AddTeSS. The Swarthmore Bridge Cluh an~ nounces its monthly winners for March as E. Linnard. first; and A. F. Robin­son. second. This wcek's winners at the regular Wednesday evening play in the Legion Room, Borough Halt are: Mrs. Samuel \Visdom. Jr. and S. F. Butler ty:' ing B. Morrison and S. Wisdom, Jr. for first place; and H. Tomlinson and L. l.uckie tying ~(r. and ~Irs. M. Griest for the next pl:;;:._ .......... __ I I • Crnm Creek Winners 9:45 Crum Creek Bridge Club winners 1s1:0:0 OO=~~~~i~~~~~ Monday night at the Strath Haven tnn -iCiiiimiii for the evening; North and South­~ :I;' Richard Cornell and Palmer SI,08:lul,d, first; Mrs. Sewell Hodge and Mrs. ip Kniskern, second; H. J. Glenn M. third; East members were entertained by a repeat performance of the Woman's Club's Frolic-"S-heUzapoppin." The audience responded with· much laughter and' ap­plause to the clever satire, a nonsensical musical commentary on politics (foreign and domestic) and :society '(national and local)· which' the' al1-- fenlinille cast enact­ed with great gusto. That the mixed- au­dience appreciated the humor and en-joyed itself so thoroughly was a tribute to, all who were concerned in the pro­duction. ---........ -_. NEWS NOTES COOLEY LII.I.EY Salutes Fresh new stock in a spring garden setting­Easter gifts to please the most fastidious I •• Satisfy yonr color urge in bright, mad jewelry from a collection starting at $1.00 • Charbert and Mary Dunhill bring new fragranees to the fore-White Hyacinth or Lilac (perfume or loUet w.-ler) will add _abe perfeet touch. to Easter doth .... TRY TDEi\I- THEY'RE SPRING .1TSEU'1 • Rel,,!er ,ro~r "~'~'i"e. 'and_Friend. Wi,h Eoa,er Card. ." Charming sentiment' we aU love to receive eSpecially in -'hi~ _ 8ealO~ ~f ~jc:.-l~g~. • Edgmont Ave. at Welsh St .• CHESTER Miss Ruth Kurtzhalz left the Univer­sity Hospital, -Pbiladelphia on Tuesday to spend a week visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kurtzhalz of Park avenue before 'leaving on April 7 for' a year's volunteer--nursing service with the United ·States Army at Fort I ~~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ Belvoir below Alexandria, Va. Ii Mrs. T. A. Bradshaw of the Stone House at Yale and Harvard avenue en­tertained committee 'members of the approaching Kappa Kappa G;1mma movie benefit" -for British Relief at tea at her home on Wednesday afternoon. Miss Florence Hoadley of Walnut lane left Saturday, March 2f) by train for Cambridge to visit her brother, Henry. She planed home Sunday after­noon, March 30. Ann Myers daughter of Mr. and :Mrs. Clarence G. ~,~,trs of Dickinson ave- A nice array Easter Candies Gifts and Greetings You'D enjoy Spring driving more if you know your ear is ready for it! And you'll know your ear is ready if you ,have the neceesnry work done by Rnmsey's. Our work is guaranteed .... and economically priced.: ~~ , RUMSEY C"'~rllJlee. ,!~r,;j. ,'.~j"",:

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, ~ i I I 1941 A. P. ~malley Hannum & Waite Ingleneuk Tea Room Dew Drop Inn Michael's College Pharmacy Swarthmore National Bank & Trust Company Martel Brothers H. B. Green Charles Russell •• •• , " THE SWARTHMOREAK EASTER Strath Haven Inn Edward Noyes E. M. Buchner Alice Barber Joseph Ciliberto N. Walter Suplee B. J. Hoy Clifford M. Rumsey Victor D. Shirer Music Box •• •• APRIL 4, 1941 1.941 Bouquet Beauty Salon Harris & Co. Joseph Celia Co-Op Store Peter E. Told Mason-Builders Supply Co. A. Wayne Mosteller Alice M. Baird A. Gottlieb Hollyhock Shop Members of the Swarthmore Business Association Extend An Easter reeting to You and INVITE All Swarthmore Children, 12 years of age and under, to participate in The Annual Children's Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 12, at 10 A.M. • .: .... =: .. This Association also Sponsors the following actI•v I• ti•e s: The July Fourth Games and Entertainment The Hallowe'en Parade The Christmas Lighting of the Business Section s APRIL 1941 our occasional grati- Propam at Inn YEARLY-MEETING, / . PROCEEDINGS Two From 'l1lb Seetl.on Attended Se88iona lUI DeleplN Among the persons present at the Phil­adelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends in Session at Fifteenth and Race streets from this vidnity were Mrs. William A. Clarke al'\d ]. Bernard Walton, who were appoint('d representatives. LE'n'ER8TO'TBE EDITOR Among its auxiliary interests are th, Jeanes Hospital, locaied at Fox' Chase; devoted especial1y to the treatment o~ .,. Tn op1Dia. UPi ' below :lit iJlaM; cancer and the Friends Fellowship Coun- 01 the lDdJ:ridual wrlt.en. AlII." .. to 'l'IIe C·,I wh,' ch enrolls a membership of .peo. SwarthmorHD mUll be JIa'DId. f~ m~ be ued If the ldeDllt.T 0 - pte who are in sympathy with Friends fa known 1.0 the YiGr. .... will be but Want to retain their membership in pUblJahed onl7 at the dbCftt,lou of the Editor • their own denomi~tions. IL==:... __________ ..J The Meeting approved a rccomtnenda· tion that the two Yearly Meetings of Philadeillhia adjourn to meet in joint session next September if Arch Street Yearly Meeting concurs in this action. This marks a new milestone of progress in the direction of the healing of wounds resulting from the separation into two groups more than a century ago. Clothier Hull. Mr. and Mrs. David Wadleigh have taken an apartment in the Farley Apart­ments on Park avenue. Mrs. Wadleigh's Elizabeth W. Cornell, gifted and chamling dramatic artist, will give a pr0.­gram of monologues and play cuttings at the Strath Haven lmi, Sunday, April 6, 1941 at 8:15,' Guests amI' friends of the Inn are cordially invited. maiden home was in Clannont, Ca1.I _______________ _ After her marriage in December at In Memory The Yearlv Meeting went into high gear on Wednesday, March 26; when representatives from most of the sixty constituent Meetings scattered oyer eastern Pennsylvania. western New Jer­~ ey. Delaware and M~ryland assembled in a meeting of Ministry and Counsel. A portion of the sessions were de· \'oted to worship and the reception of spiritual messages. On~ statement made in the meeting may be of interest to our neighbors who are not Friends: liThe vear·s experience tends to convince us that a Friends'. Meeting can attract peo­ple now, as in the seventeenth century, if it is willing t.o let people know that its doors are open, its neighbors sincere­ly welcome, and will put forth the effort to insure them something of value when they come." . President Thomas E. Jones, of Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee, now in direct control of Quaker civilian work camps, addressed the meeting on the foundations of religious loyalties. He referred to work camps already in opera­tion in Maryland, New York and Cali­fornia, the purpose of which is a work of national importance under civilian di· reetion for our young men ~ho are con­scientiously oppose4, to war:. Sunday was a period of great activity. Large meetings for worship assembled in the old Meeting House at Race street and an overflow meeting at 160 North Fifteenth street. The children from nur· sery through high school. ~ere divi~ed into five groups and rehgtous services suited to their understanding were car· ried out. In the afternoon, Rufus M. Jones. Professor Emeritus of Haverford College delivered a lecture at Fourth and Arch Streets on liThe Vital Cell." At Fifteenth and Race streets a pleasant interlude in a week of consideration of serious problems was a musical service with William A. Schmidt, of the Phila­delphia Orchestra, violincellist; the A Capella Choir of Olney High School added their contribution. Among the guests present were Irene Pickard, Gcneva, Switzerland, John W. Copithorne, of Toronto, Canada, Sam­uel French I zard and Della York Izard, of Elmira, New York. At the close of each afternoon session tea was served according to the English custom. • 1' Diana Brewster, daughter of Mr. Mrs. Frank V. Brewster 01 avenue· and Boyd Stauffer, son of and Mrs. J. Keeler Stauffer 01 Dartmouth avenue, are on the honor at the State Teachers -College, West Chester. Miss Brewster is a member of the freshman class and is enrolled i~ the music curriculum. Mr. Stauffer· is a member of the senior class and is en­rolled in the health education curricu~ lum. He is a member of the Soccer and Basketball teamS, an officer of the Day Student Council, and has just pleted a semester of student teaching. • I • In the passing of Elizabeth Clifford, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. she and her husband Swarthmore has lost one of jts rare and lived two months in pjttsburgh. valuable personalities. Her dkp interest Mrs. Charles G. Spieker of Emmaus in every phase of life brought her in COIl- is in the midst of a several week's visit tact with groups, old and young, and she to her brother·in-Iaw and sister Mr. was tireless in· her service to th.em. and Mrs. William C. Starr of Dart ... Appreciative of the finest th1l1gs, her mouth avenue. mind was occupied with the beauty ,of Mrs. Herbert Schroeder and chil­the poetry she loved enough to '?" dally dren Joan and Robert of Brooklyn, memorizing it until the last. ThiS qual- N. Y. will arrive this week-end tQ spend ity made her a cherished member of the two months with Mrs. Schroeder"s fa· "Poet's Circle." • ther and mother Mr. and Mrs. William Those of us who started with her m C. Starr of Dartmouth avenue white the "Fortnightly" over twenty years ago, Mr. Schroeder is studying in Rochester and others who have joined the group as preparatory to taking a new position. the years went by realize how. much her The Women's Economic Discussion quiet persistence in encouragmg us to group met for dinner at the Ingleneuk accept responsibility has developed our on Monday evening. Mrs. W. A. Clark powers, and also our interest in the best of Wallingford was chairman for the current literature. She gave the many evening, and President John Nason of hours required in guiding that group, for the college the main speaker. He dis~ no personal advancement of her ?WD, but cussed college problems. always with, the thought of havJng each A supper meeting of parents of member active and benefited. Her fol- Rose Valley School was held at lowers will surely "carryon" in mem- school Wednesday evening. The purpose ory of their leader. . •• of the p1eeting was to discuss the extco· Unique and charmmg hospItality will sion of the school to 7 and 8 grades. always be remembered in the small groups Mr. and :Mrs. Alden Q. Davis, fonner. assembled at her. home for tea or bri~ge Iy of Swarthmore, entertained at their or the reading of some unusual arttcle home in Springfield at a birthday..dinner in a current magazine. party in honor of Mr. Davis' mother, The hobbies of her various friends were Mrs. H. Davis of Collingswood, N. J. her interests too, as we found when she on Sunday night • frequently slipped us clippings she had 0::==============;;; saved. . Always we will f~el her deeply rehg­ious nature, aDd I sball ever be pateIul to her for suggested readings, particu­larly the one she made a few dal's ago­Dr. Carrel's UPrayer is Power." These are the memories we treasure of Elizabetl\ Clifford. N~LLIE MCCRACKEN (MRS. GI\ORG£ L.) • I • Prai • .,. Fire Company Fellow Citizens: ,~ y.Dua I had turned from Park avenue into ,JS 1I&"r Dartmouth and as I was making the "SAY IT ""m 'LOWBRS" U tum in front of Borough Hall, I c.on- Head Into Sprlq with -dllall-' templated the possibility and !'tt~r Im- p.yeat. hat :Jou can liD at: probability 01 the fire bell nnglRg at MAE STOKES. Media that particular moment. It is exactly what .1:1. B. STAB 8T.-'Fh0De lIIe4Ia =- did happen within the next few seconds. MATCBING ACCB880RIB8 There .... so ...... , iJlo terating places to.., 00 tbe Peoosyh,aoia aaUroad. Let ,Ollr ticket agent help. ,011 plan your holida, trip. He'll teU you- You ride in comfort. JlaiOl" modera ICCOmmod.doas ••• &ir-coDclidoaed trains I You ride tirnaU sua afde tJ• ,011 di«e caafckb'. coo. Sessions in the days foHowing were well attended with many guests present. While the meetings followed a fixed agenda. the deep concern and anxiety over distressing world conditions tended to find expression no matter what sub· ject was before the meeting. Friends have always felt concern. evidenced in the past by their attitude toward slavery. war and intemperance. To these earlier areas of action has .1;Jeen added the per· plexing field of economic tension. One thought expressed w~s that enforcec;l idleness is really more detrimental than the enforced slavery of earlier days. The ·meeting was vigorous in urging its mem­bership to use their influence in every possible way against political ,cor~ption. Another subject frequently commg to the fore was the interest for increased and bf'tter education in our public schools, in our ten Friends' school~, at Pendle Hill School for Religious and Social Study, and in the area of adult educa· tion. Reports from the field showed a net increase in membershh during the year of 19.2 p"rsons. This reverses the trend of previous years when losses have been inore common than gain!>. Achieves Union College. Honor James E. Smith, II, son of Dr. and Mrs. J. Howard Smith of Par.k avenue is among the Union Coliege students who attained high scholastic standing for the first semester of the present academic year and was honored by in­clusion in the Dean's List. Smith is a member of the class of 1944 at the Schenectady college where he is majoring in the Division of Social Studies and is a candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree. He pre· pared to enter Union at the Swarthmore High Scho.vo::.I._ ..... --- Immediately the quiet scene changed. In Lovely ~lon _ can't: Bun ennog itnimese wtheer ed ooourts, waenrde mfluenng roapne n,f rothme I: ~~~. ~~:c:.~ .p e~H:oderJ'~~~~~~~~~~~::=::::.:::::::::::::~ every direction. I took my stand on ~he opposite corner to observe somethtng which I had often heard described but - .. The increasing work of the American Friends ServiCe Committee that is a een­tcr of special interest, and the problems which it is called upon to solve are COIl­stantly increasing. The Yearly Meeting embraces sixty First·day Schools (Sun­day Schools) in which attention is foc­used upon religious education. Special attention is also given to an organization for the young people of the Society. Further reports covered the operations of George School. locate1 at Newtown. Penna., one of the best-k'lown secondary schools in the country; the report of Friends Illfcll(qruccr. the paper. which keeps Friends informed about theIr OWI1 and other religious movements; the Cor· poration Trustees of the Y carty Meet­ing who hold sllecialized trusts of approx­imately fivc million dollars. Friends Boarding Homes located in eight differ­ent places werc also an interest of the Yearly Meeting. Mrs. Sargent Walter of North Ches­ter road entertained in honor of Mrs. H. W. deForest at a dinner on Tuesday evening. Mrs. deForest, who has been visiting her son and,. Afr. and Mrs. George W. deForest 01 University place is leaving today for her home in Buffalo. which I had never seen with my own eyes . in Swarthmore. As I watched I gave thanks for the efficient organization of our borough and chiefly for the loyalty of cur citizens who were so quickly.on their errand of mercy not even lmowmg what might await them. I send this little description to the Swarthmoreau to remind us once more of what would happen if you and I should sound the alarm at any hour of the day or night. Fellow citizens. these men who serve r-""--'---"'-"-"-"-"-"-"---l ! 1 I I ~ l BUY GIFrS ON EASY CREDIT! Diamonm - Watcheo GUABANTBIID WA.TCH BBPAllWfG I 1 1 I : I 1 I! fi I f --.... -----------"' CHOCOLATE CREAM 2~£ EGGS ... Boy! There'll he lois of satisfaction evident after the Easter Bunny leaves B. J. Hoy candy at your house ••• for children and grown-ups alike. B. J. Hoy candy is delicious • • • rich, good and healthful .•• be sure to order plenty now for a joyous Easter Day. And note the thrifty prices. 0 • B. J. Hoy candy is hetter, hut it COSt8 no more! CHOCOLATES - Butter creams, caramels, DOqats, Irnt. and nut centers. 20c Pound~ •••• ~ •••••• ~.·· Baskets, Gra.s. BUllllle, Greetiq Cards IUlIIt Gift WrapplD,p. • EGG8-chocolate marshmal­low Easter errs for the IOc kiddies .......•.......•. CHOCOLATE bunnleg.....solld m.Uk or dark chocolate. De­lIclous. lOe to 25c FroDl ••••••••• B •. J. HOY 5 & lOc STORE Park Avenne, Swarthmore" House Cleaning Proctor & Gamble Fine SOAP Products SALE! IVORY FLAKES 2Pkgs39c IVORY SNOW - 2 Pkgs 39c IVORY SOAP - 3 1gebara25c IVORY SOAP CHIPSO P&GSOAP - - 5 med bars 24c 2Pkga 35c Bars 19c - - - 6 DUZ OXYDOL CAMAYSOAP - - - - - CRISCO Ib 17c , 2 Pkgs 35c Package 17c 3 Bars 16c 3 1bcan45c L'S COMPLlTE FOODMAurr ~ °alaatpn A._lIe-Boate _-8 __ '"

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SOMERWiI.E DAY .' " ,PlANS LAID Dean, man.hanl to he19U Spea\er of College Literary , SOdety. on Aprll12 .. Th~-' aea~' of women at Swarthmore COlleiJe Fra;lces Blanshard of Ogden • E OF ,' ~,''~ 'ONE TOlli,"o'C '~H''''.' ;,N.n.' A T'URE'' terMtarisn_e dA . tFh_e' JabCi.wIaeoenk loyl Paallr kd aavye nsueew einn-gI ". . ;~~n~1ew:it:he --'tE'.d ta n"d ~Mro. Wi1 ItIhamis meeting of the !CaPPO; Kappa Gamma on F.-Hanny of' YII\e ·aventie. Yi.. Bel< Tu.esday_ The group which sew. for the i. a teacber at the' Friendll Seminary The Robin bu been a good publicity American Friends Service Committee has in ,New York City. agent-at least we habitually give this ~n making layettes lor the mount· Mr.; Franklin'S. Gillespie of South bird credit lor being the mOlt authen- a,oeers_ Chester road. wiU return this week. tic of all harbingers of Spring, Jim Bassett of North Chester road end from a ten-clay trip to North Mi. someone must have taught us that son of Dr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Bas- ami ;Beach, FIL, fa',lily belief. The Oaws in luch folklore sett is remaining indefinitely in Los __ ::: ___ -:"-:---:--_-;:-:;: ___ - are as follows: Angeles, Cal. where he is working. He , ANrONlCA 8< CAInIu 1_ The p'obin is a permanent winter drove west with his mother when she . FAIIIIUND resident iii the Philadelphia re~~;;;~1 made a trip to Calilornia two months .' q.;., .... 01 p_ Therefore there can be no such ago. . Cb1lHt'lXUtww of MUio as a "first" Robin in' Sprin_the Mr .. and Mrs. R. G. E. Ullman accom- 2M PARK AVENDB nue will make the. address at the CQllege's 70th annwd, telebration 'or' Somerville Day on: Saturday,: April 12. This is, the day' ,vilien alumlla. f,om all cla,sses re­turn to the co1lege for a" meeting of the­Somerville Literilry Society of which every woman student is a member. COnducting th~ir b1Jsiiless in. the morn­ing the alumnae :\\'iIt have luncheon in Hie. college dining I'?Orn and then, hear ~ital by the 'co/lege glee' club under THE WOMAN'S CLUB ciuB ANNUAL MEETING NEXT TUESDAY have been present in small numbers all panied by their daughter June are teav- 'Phone 77fJ..J Winter. I have seen fifty at a tim~ on ing tomorrow morning for a trip through I.eIaoDi ID pllUlO. riol1D. 'ADd. the coldest January days along the the Carolinas and Tenn. harm_ Delaware River near Essington, only a few miles from Swarthmore_ Here they 'Mr_ and Mrs. Earl p, Yerkes of apparently subsist on frozen berries Princeton avenue will entertain a group produced by various kinds of marsh of twelve guests at dinner this evening. bushes. Occasionally a few of these Mrs. Harry Liebeck returned to her Robins wander away from the winter- home on. Park avenue Tuesday after ing flock, and then they may be seen spending over two months in Florida. in Swarthmore-at any time during the Mr. Liebeck is following with their cabin I,d;rect,ion of Drew Young who grad- The Junior Club will hold its stated . d from the {'ollege in 1937. On the annual meeting' and a covered dish sup­. ,gram \vill be HWagon 'Vhec1s," """'1 per in the Woman's Club House on Park .ntbary,u. "Dh Bone- "jesu" by avenue at 6:l5 P. M. '(uesday, April 8. tnDa; "Jonah" b)· Waring; "Dedication" Election of officers wilt be held that day. by Franz;, "Hospodi Pomiloilt , .by Lvos- Ballots should be placed in the ballot kY,; Gershwin's "I Gpt. Plenty of Noth- box at the Club House which will be ink,'; "Deep in My Heart" .by Rom- open from 10 A. M. until the meeting. berg; and a group of Swarthmore 50ngs~ Betty Ellen Broadbelt, Mrs. C. N. Cal- " The Modern Dance Club under the lard, Alice Marriott and Anne Wood dIrection of Alice Gates of the physical will be hostesses of the eveniflg. Reser­ed'dcation 4J!partment wilt give a pro- \'ations should be made with the hospi­~ including IIPrecarious TriHes," tality chairman Antonica Fairbanks, tel­'[$~; > in 'Coiltrasts," a suit of court ephone Swarthmore 778-J. ~esi .and probably a few numbers Movie Benefit Changed frOfu.,"the Alice "in·. Wonderland and the A~.,'A~:·Milne suites. . Members of the Evening Section are /.In' the afternoon also the Lucretia asked to note ~hange in date of the M· ott and' th'e Martha E. Tyson follow- Movie Benefit to be held at Media The­atre this month. The new dates chosen ~hip5 will b~ awarded. Anna Driver, are April 20 to 25 inclusive. All mem­~ d Joati~ Hi,lI; h<?th '41, are in charge bers of the clt~b are asked to see Mrs. of. the day's activities. . 'ck i.i.Cene Smith, '42, the new chairman o( James F. Bogardus and obtain thetr ti - t'tie Somcn'ilIe Alumnae Committee,.will ets. As this will be the last drive for be introduced at the same time .. ~: .. Anne the club year it is hoped all members will Jones. and Helen Spencer, both "'42, and make a special effort to make this event Eleanor Durkee, '43, wlll alsO assist in' a big success. the program. At Ridley P .... k Club' • 1 • COUNCIL POSTPONES , STRATH HAVEN PROJECT . Mrs. Roland L. Eaton president of the Swarthmore Woman's Club was a guest at a luncheon and meeting of the Ridley Park Woman's Club last 'Borough Council at its meeting Wcd~ Monday. In addition to presi4ents and nesday evening' deCided t.o postpone im~ program chairmen from other clubs pt:'ovements on Strath Haven avenue bea Mrs. Alfred A. Crooks, nominee for tween Chester road and Strath Haveq state president. was also a guest. avenue after most of the property ow': MolioD Picture Quia ners along this section of the street pro~ On Thursday, April 10, at 10:30 A. M. tested the improvement. ' the motion piCture . appreciation class The budget for the year was apprcoved;.I will have a ten minute quiz on currerit The purchase of the Yale avenue prop- films and a talk on uMovie Manners!' erty belonging to the School District was discussed al1d it was the opinion of Tea tor Garden pJ'OJeet toast of ,the members that the matter Mrs. Joseph H. Perkins wilt open should be put on the ballot.thi.fall her home at 530, Cedar lane .to all club the voters to decide. members from 3 to 5 o·cloek Wednes- • day afternoon, April 16, for a garden Addresses Students section tree planting project tea. There Mrs. Rae Biester of Drexel Hill .. d­dressed the students of the Secretarial School last Friday. Her was: "What the Whole World Expects of the Private Secretary Today." • 1 • Charles P. Swann son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F.G. Swann of Ogden ave­nue is spending his spring vacation from Harvard University with his parents. BUY TICKETS AT MICHAEL'S OR BOUQ1lBT SALON BEFORE APRIL 12 MEDIA. TllBATRE PROGIl&MS APRIL 13 TO 18 • Benefit Nora WaIn Fund for Britbh Refugee Chlldr .... • TICKETS 35e SHOW PROGRAMS ON TICKET BACKS MARKS TUB BEGINNDIG OF LOVELY Daye with a LOVELY Gift of Jewelry for the LOVELY Lady in your life! • Neeklaee. - Bracelet. -Bi,... SUHrIDlITe - Compacta I'reelou a.... Semi.I'redo&u &0_ • Wiltshire"Bro8~ , will be a musical and dramatic program and a silver offering will be taken. Model al Co. Show Mrs. L. L. Hedgepeth and Mrs. James F. Bogardus were models at a fashion show given hy the Ridley Park Wom­an's Club evening section for all the eve­ning sections of this district on Thursday, March 27. Aclive Chairmen Mrs. C. MacDonald Swan had a sale of articles for British Relief at the club­house on Tuesday, March 25. Mrs. L. Murray Viele read HOllse Bill 420. The bill was endorsed by the club. • I SCHOOL NEWS Attend Foreign Policy Association On March 29 students from the American History and Problems of Democracy classes of the High School a,ttended the final Student Forum of the Foreign Policy Association in Philadelphia. Opening remarks of the For~m were made by Mr. Elliot, a member of the research department of the Foreign Policy Association, who summarized the present international situation and the questions which the students would discuss. Among the questions were: L Should America assume leadership of the world? 2. To what limits should America go to aid Great Britain? J. What part should America have in making a peace treaty.after the war? 4. Should Great Britain share her colonies with other European nations to satisfy their economic needs? The students were organized in groups of approximately ten persons under a student leader, and the discus­sion lasted for an hour and a half. At the end of this time each leader gave summary of the conclusions reached his group during the discussion. This followed by a five minute rebuttal betwj,e" tables_ winter. cruiser uThe Josephine, III." 2. When Robins really begin to ap­pear on our lawns in force. they are Fourteen members of the junior class still silent- But in the meantime at least of Swarthmore High School held a party four common species of bird~ have in the Woman's Club House last Satur­come into lull song-the Cardinal, Song day night. Members of the group were Sparrow, Tuft.ed Titmouse, and Mourn- Ruth Servais, Beverly Doe, Marjorie ir;:g Dove. Thus the singing of Rol,ins, MacMillan, Shirley Nason, Carol Brown; when first heard, is a most tardy pro.. Doris Rowand, Nancy Hoot, Robert nouncement of Spring. Longwell, Eugene Lappe, Edwin Win- 3. Among true migrants-even if we dell, Marshall Schmidt, Henry Saulnier, count the first "regu1ar'" appearance of Jack Ward, and Frank McCowan. Robins-Fox Sparrows are the earliest Silvia Swann daughter of Mr. and of all appearing in late February_ Rob- Mrs. W. F. G_ Swann of Ogden ave-ins arrive fully a week later. nUe arrived home from Wellesley Col- C. BROOKit WORTH lege yesterday to spend spring vacation • 1 I NEWS NOTES with her parents. She brought with her a . classmate Mary Mudge of Swantsrott, Mass. who whi visit with the Swanns until next week. BRIDGE PARTY BBNBI'IT BBlTlSII WAB 8m IBP WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16 a P. Mo. WOMAN'S CLUB HOUSE Tkkel. SOc From lIIBS. PBBCivAL ~CDI Or 1l1li8 • .&. L; Ci.AYDRN I " Mr. and Mrs. W. F_ G.Swann and daughter Silvia are leaving Thursday for Rochester, N. Y. where they will at­tend the wedding of their eldest son Wil­liam to Miss Carolyn Zwick of Roches­ter. Charles Swann will travel from Cam­bridge, Mass. to be with the family for the wedding. Ruth Detlefsen of 215 Lafayette avenue will entertain members of the class of '38 at a, dessert-bridge on Saturday, Ap­ril S. Ruth returned from Wheaton Col~ ll"ge. Norton, Mass. last week. ...... _- ''7.-- ........ - --.. Mr, and Mrs. Walter Rodman Shoe­maker or Riverview road have their little granddaughter Margaret FlacclIs of \Vesttown as their guest for eight days. Margaret's parents Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Flaccus and Mrs. Flaccus' sis­ter Miss Margaret Shoemaker· of River­view road left Saturday {or Tamworth, N. H. where they are enjoying a house party and skiing at tqe summer home of Mr. and Mrs . .fJaccus, Sr. at Tam­worth, N. H. They will return home this Sunday. Mrs. A. R. O. Redgrave of Vassar avenue entertained with a surprise din­ner party in honor of her hushand's birthday on Tuesday evening. RUGS and CARPETS NATIONALLY KNOWN MAKES and ALL TYPES OF ORIENTALS BeUer Yalua-Penonal Senlce • HARRYW.LANG Swarthmore 552-R Ridley Park 3238 1111111111111111111111 LET US INTRODUCE YOU to the sale way of avoid­ing loss. We'll gladly make a survey of your insur­ance needs, check your present protection and give you a complete report together with our recom­mendations. PETER E. TOLD Insurance 417 Dartmouth Aft. Swarthmon 1833 A TREAT ---- - -=--- - Your Favorite YOU WON'T FORGET Bonnet Redraped JANE DAVIES Le _ eire) .... d BaI_ PIlle SPRINGFIELD, PA. Phone Sw. IMl RECITAL RUTH PAUL BICKFORD • NORDOFF Sopi-ano , Pianld 8.15 P. M. SUNDAY, APRIL 6 MEDIA. WOMAN'S CLUB 123 S. ,Jackson st., Me4Ia Admiuion ".'0 Fresh Boneless slL\D Sp.,..,.,d Daily Completelv Air.condtdQned SPRING PLANl'ING Please can lor Eltbaale • WM. J. STEPHANI, Jr. 'Phone Chester Belshts ISsa YES, we bankers are regular people, just like you and your neighbors_ We like [Q help oth~rs whenever we can, just like you do. We take a s:ncere pride in our work and endeavor w be careful. considerate and thorough in everything we do. We try w inject a h :lman touch inw all of our relarionships_ • • • Won't you make it a point to become better acquainted with us? • Swarthmore National Bank t • , • . , .,:'; '-•. ' ,", 'I' ., 100 E. STAft STIlEET. MEDIA 'l'IIoD.;' 1II<idi8 1139' David.. .....N elson was the chairman of the Swarthmore group; John Scho­binger 'I~d one of the discussion groups. ()ther s~"dents frolD. Our high school who : attended 'the.' Forum . were Ann Gorman. Amy Jane Davidson, Lois Gray, Ester Schrader. Margaret Me... ~.:. CoII,- Mllrshall- 'Schmidt,' and- William .-. Spiller_ ,and, Trust, COQlpany.',· 'Menifoiii;., p.......,Dc~~.c.ifaillll~"\. '.;, ' •• , '., :.~ 1:-':;':': t .... :~.' ... :'1:; :~.; r::. '.. . .. ~.' -NEWS NOTES ".- - . ." 1r.,~tillofRidleyPark; Mn_ ~~ttI' ~RI:; ! I 01 Phjlaolelphia; 'and~r •• 'Don '''',..~''' ' v';'.it-';;'~' ~~g~~~~~~~~ 1d aDugr• h. taenrd SMyrlov_ia D ..p eBn. tH .yaensdt eardnady thaenidr today as the peab 01 Mrl, Hand's mother, Mrs. Warren M. Foote 01 Og· den avenue. Dr. Hand is an associate prolessor 01 biochemistry at Cornell CrDlsett 01 Media.' Arthur Meryweather who has &een 1;'~-Oii;;';iOiq• named corresponding secretary of. ~e 11i!",i~~ Mask and Zany dramatic organization Ii of the State Teachers College, Ea~t Stroudsburg, will arrive ho,!,e o~ April I ~~~~~ :=~',.":" FOB SALE fOR SALE - Ten.piece dlniDr room set, book cuet-. deak. etc. Telephone Swarthmore looaW. WAHl.., WANTED - Day', work or part tittle. Thor. oughly exPerienced aDd cODSCieatio.... Excel. lent references. Teresa PCrDlle" Box liS. Mar­CUI Hook, Pa. WANTED - Articles which mipt· be conskl. ered uaeleu IUch IS discarded rurtaim. bed. spreadll, materiala of any Idlld, old paint brushr. and eaDS of paint, hall burned candles and per­relUltal plants to be used for deeorative P.l!r­pu5eS in conDection wilh .... istl:alf some banlu. 10 improve their holDt! lurroundlDP. These ar­lide: s could not be RCUred unlen throucb the cooperation of thOR ,..he posseq more. Call s .... ·arthmore 453. \VANTED - Experienced typiat. Reply by typewritten letter "ivml' price by hour or pare, name and telephDne .Dumber. Box D, The S .... arthmorean. WANTED Cage with' tread·mill for "Wbite rats. Telephone Swarthmore 2.0121. WANTED - Womaa. COIDIIWter wllba ""1 fundshed _tlpartaleut Dear .tation. MUltt be QUiet. Box W. The Swarthmoreu. WORK WANTED - Expert Iypmlr, form let­ten, ~ifications. legal work aDd manu­script. Qtuck service. Delivery. Telephone Swarth. ~re 2424. PERSONAL PERSONAL-We'll bUJ' IPriDr ho~ dllC&l'ds; furnlehlan. c1o'~. et.o. J&meI. 141 Wee' Thfrd Street.. telephone Chester 2·2673. LOST LOST - Wednesday aftcl'tlooo Dl:ar' .atorCll; school book "Practice Problema No. 35" Telephone Swarthmore 100W. APARTMENT FOR RENT 8l1: n>OIII8. 2nd floor, ... _ porm. _ range, Pl'BBe. P oadon MI.,. 1. Adult& William 8. Bittle, owner. e' WM..S, B~ Hotaq "~.M P=I ..... NEWBOrn R. VARIAN CEO. G a: 00. II. B Ell Alteratio_RepaIn Paintiq 310 Yale A,.e. !lwuthmon liz!) MRS, A. j, QUINBY &: SON J081lPB 11- Cl1llNllY FUNERAL DIRECl'ORS 8III.L PHon. RAMQ TO" .... BLGIN W'&'rCBa EDWIN B. KELLEY, Jr. e ,_y ODl'_ JetHler _ 2S But 7t1a St. Ch_ (~IIIOW_~) De'a.-S7M A. Wayne Mosteller Electrical Contractor Telephone SWll1'tJiuiore 2295 -....-----_. --- - Victor and Bluebird RECORDS ZPIIe _o_p_le S's _T ire Store 8_ MedIa .. __ .o p-en- E-ve-r)" -En-III-DIr - COAL and co*kE FUEL OIL VAN AI.EN BROS. Phone Sw. 10412 Op,onutlri" DR_ M. BLOOMFIELD Complete Ey" Ser.i ... 612 WELSH STREET C.u Cheoter 8014 YE Village Window Cleaner A. HAUGER Be sure your umbrella Is In good repalr. Washers &: Cleaners Senieed ,:CHESTER LIGHT SUPPLY CO. SOl Edgmont Avenue w. J. THOMAS Fonnel'ly of Swarthmore CoUe,e Carpenter & Cabinet Maker us MORTON AVENUB, RUTLEDGE 'Phone SWU1!t.. 2188 University. Jim Jackson of Park avenue will ar­rive April 9 from State College to spend a week's Easter vacation with his par­ents Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Jackson. 5 to remain over Easter with hiS par- I j ents the Rev. and Mrs_ T_ A. Mery­weather of Haverford place. Improvemento ....... t ot two otory brick bouse. 15 :I[ 38 feet; pofCb. front: one ItorJ' frame addttlon, 12 :I[ 3 feet: one story frame Janet Harris and Marjorie Tom1in~ addition, 18 x e teet. son returned Irom Middlebuq Coneg~, Bold .. _ ))I_~ or 000rIe A_ Gade­Middlebury, VI- after spendIng thea mann and JOIlIIIe O. Qe_enn, spring vacations with t~eir par~n~ Mr. WK. TAYLOR. JR., Attorn.,.. and Mrs_ H. R_ Harr.. of D,c~~n avenue and Mr. and Mrs. W1 ham Tomlinson of South Chester road. 4-4-31: WIIoLIAlI W. McKIM, SherI1r_ David Ulrich Ullman and Arthur Thorpe sophom*ores in engineering at Swarthmore College are spending their spring vacation taking pictures qf. indus­trial plants in North and South Caro­lina and Virginia. Jim Dryden arrived at the Dartmouth avenue home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M_ Dryden last Saturday night accompanied by three members of the Springfield College crew with whom he had traveled to Rollins College, Win­ter Park, Fla. during his ten-day spring vacation. Edmund John Radasch, Jr. of Massachusetts was the overnight guest of the Drydens while Stanley S. Bush also from Massachusetts, and Robert Parsons of Rochester, N. Y. were the house guests of Jim's brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Piersol, Jr. of Lafayette avenue. Sarah and Catheri~e Fussell of Vas- -E-S-T-A-T-E-o-'-M-A-'-·-R-O-T-H-W-E-L-I-. -T-A-Y-LO-R-,-d-'- ~~iJ~~~~~~~~ sar avenue returned to Colby Coll.ege, ceued. Letters testamenlar)" on the' above eao ~~;~~ A I Z tale have been granted 10 the undersigned. who Waterville, Me. W!dnesday,. pn , request all persODS having' claims or demands I di~,. "'cnU;;"'co;!D after a ten day sprmg vacatton spent against the t:state of the decedent to make ~ known the same, anet all penon! Indebted to with their parents. the decedent to make pa)1nent, "ilhout delay, Eleanor Smith daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herschel G. Smith formerly of Swarthmore returned to Bouve College al ter spending her hol!days w}th her parents at their home 10 Wallingford. Alice Craemer daughter of Mr_ and Mrs. William Craemer of Harvard a· .. e .. nue Rew home from Mt. Holyo~e Col­lege two weeks ago to spend sprmg va­cation with her parents. She returned to school on last Monday. 10 JOHN STANLEY TAYLOR. GODFREY NUTTALL TAYWR. WILUAM DOWNHAM TAYLOR. Or their altome,'. WALTER H. ROBINSON, Esq .• 26J7 FidelitY·Philadelphia TTU5t B1dg-.• Philadelphia. Pa. 4· .. ·6t NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Avidia Durkin hu filed his petition in Ihe Court of Common Pleu (or Delaware County all of March Term. 1941, No. 295. askinr that his name be changed to Avidis Guise Dulkerian. The Court has fixed Ma), 26th. 1941 at 10 o'dock il. m. as the time for hearing on said petition. at which time any penon having' lawful objection I~~'~~.,l:~_ to such chanre may appear and be heard. J 1m expects to be home again lor HOWAlm KIRK. a brief stay at Easter_ Peggy Van Duser of Bowling 4'4-lt just completed her vacation fro!" Har- ~;.!!,-------------Ire ..... ,. Junior College spent WIth ber AUomey for Petitioner. \e~~A$~~''~!, Jimmy Paxson son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren Paxson of Vassar avenue returned to George School on Tuesday April I, after spending. his s~ring vaca­tion with his parents. Jimmy IS a sopho­more at George School-parents Mr. and Mrs. George Van ~~j~~~~~~~~;~~~]~~~~ Duser~ Harriet Wickham 01 North Chester I P!~'.t,~·t~!r road lelt Saturday morning, March 8,1 ;~~~ for Lehigh University, Bethlehem, pa-,I! Dorothy Lueders daughter of Mr. where she attended the Military Ball and Mrs. Thomas H. Lueders of She returned Sunday_ Princeton avenue has been visiting her Alan McCorkle,. son of Mr. and Mrs. parents during her spring. vacation from Guy A. McCorkle o£ the Russell Sage College_ . I Apa,,~'~nt~ has returned to the Rec- Edith Kniskern of Riverview avenue School. Pomfrit, Conn. after and Shirley Shaw of Chester road have lI''p ,ri.'g vacation. reiurned io Sweet Briar College, Vir- Mr_ and Mrs. Earl Anderton 01 Me­ginia after spending their spring vaca- dia will visit Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ev· tions with their families. erett Pierce of York recently_ Both 'llJilliam R. Bates son of Mr. and I c<>up.les are former residents of Swarth- Mrs. Joseph S. Bates of Haverford ave- more. • I • nue has returned home from Blair Coal Academy for hi. spring vacation. No Let.up in W Dr on 3-21·3t 1'8Ierves tbe ri .. ht to reject ELLIOTT RIOIlABDSON. Boronab 8ecret8l'1' Violators ~~~:~:~[~~~~~~~~~~V~~ Mrs. Weston E. Fuller spent last week-end in Frederick, Md. as the guest of her In three instances recently, a ~ay or I !~~~~;~; . brother-in-law and sister Colonel and two in J'ail proved more harrowlDg to Mrs. Georg~ R. Hicks. coal truckers than dodg-mg Se aI . ers 0 I winh iacchc omrdaa:vn cbe e woithh- Mrs .. A. ·M. Allison of ..vassar avenue 'Weights, and M,ea~res. o~ t!te "o'IP;~e~:n;'li~~~~n'~;:'::::~'I;':;:='b~al'\:~ road-with the result that they p , ecveelenbinragt,e dM ahrcehr 3b1i rwthidtha yh eorn i mMmeodnidaatye I:~i~:~tg finaens d froegr a,'vnieodl atthioenirs froefe dotmhe. ~<~;j~~~::::"~~~; hundred dollars The SUCcellatU) I~~~f~~~,: lUI required by the family. This fact came to tight this week Mrs. D. F. Evans, her mother Mrs when the CommiSS.i oners 0 I 0 el aware reserve. the right ,to reject ELLIOTT RICHARDSON. Borotlirh Settelary Fred J. Weaver, and her daughter Mrs. County summarized activities of ~he Albert L. Hartsig, Jr. left yesterday for Weights and Measures Bureau durmg Mrs. Weaver's home in Scranton, Pa. the holiday season. . I~:=:::'-_-:===;:-;=;:-;;;;;:;;-___ Before returning to their homes at The heaviest penalty .was ~hat lID- Sealed·blda~~~~T~:edag;.8lho Borough Youlgrave Farm. South Chester road, posed UPOll Henry R. PlcareJh a Sha- of Swarthmore io CouoeU Chamber. BorOUgh Mrs. Evans and Mrs .. Hartsig will also mokin, Pa. truck~r wh~ pleaded. gu~~y ,'!f:~~' :~~.hToc:eBu~: ~:~ b~~4\O:~ visit relatives in Pittston, Pa. to not having weight shps covertng IS I cruebed ~k lD ..... ranliDl" from 2~" to 1I0.aa. and to failing to return to a scale scr;~n:e to be In aC(!Orducs with Ernest Lange son of Mr. and Mrs. to reweigh as directed by Sealers who I specification!!. a cow at which mQ' be ob- • e Taketh, "BUN'-out 0'.' Running Your Home. Of course you like to answer the teiephone promptly when it rinls. You don't wanl .to keep people waiting or mbs impor. ta'nt ·tallY;··· .. · .... " .", With .exleD&ion telephones up· stairs and in your kitchen. you can answer quickly Bnd easily from any pari ~f ~.o~ bome. Extension telephones lave tjme and steps, give you extra protection and convenience. Call our BusinesB Office today lind let us tell you how liule an extension telephone costs. E. O. Lange of Baltimore pike will re- halted h,'m in Mcrwood. Picarelli first taiDed. without dlarn. (rOUl the uoelse n''''',ed . . th 110 Couoell Chamber. Park Avenue, warh · turn home next week for his spring va- elected to serve a lad sentence ra er I more. Pa. A csrU1led check for one hundred cation from Franklin and Marshall than pay the fine but the next day dollar. must. aceomP&D7 eacbh bid. Tbe s_uo- • . I cestul bidder must tu.rn1eh ond a.e requ College. his $50 fine and the costs m tIe case by 'he Borough Code. . TlE.BELl HUPRDME CaMPIlY were forthcoming. The Borough reserves the right to reJect Mrs. Florence Shaffer returned to- Andrew A. Jelinskie of Trevorton any or all bids. ELLIOTT RICHARDSON. IF PEN.SYLVAN .. vdiasyit itnog hheer r hdoamueg hinte rS uMllirvsa. nL, yIlned .W etrmupclkoeyre do fa sD aa ndvriilvlee,r Pbya. Mh.kikeew l~she alweans ;3·2~1~·3~1 ~~~~~~~B~O~'~OU~g~h~Se~""~t"'~Y~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sit of Elm aven'Ue. sentenced to jail on charges of short Mr John H. McWiiliams of South weight, failing to ieweig~ and. failing Chest.e r road spent severaI d ays thOI S to emo-ve a customer a weIght 5_hp. Onde week in Bath, Me. on business. His day in custody proved suffiCient an mother Mrs. John McWilliams will he too raised the money to cover. fine visit her other son Mr. Harry Mc- and costs. Jelinskie had been picked Williams at Skytop this week-end. up in Darby. Mrs. W. R. McHenry of Parrish road had as her guests before the Woman's Club Frolic last Tuesday: Payment of a $2S fine and costs won 1 release for Herman Lutz of staUCh-I burg, Pa. after he had been c?tnmitted to jail on charges of carrymg false weight slips, diminishing his . load an.d lacking slips for individual bIOS of hiS truck. Lutz who was a driver for L. B. Haas Reading trucker had been halt~d by Weights and Measures agents III Sharon Hill. Kenneth Henninger another Shamo- J. E. LIMEBURNER CO. Dispensing Opticians Experts in the Making and Fitting of Spe"taeles and Eye Glasses 1923 Chestnut Street 6913 Market Street • Philadelphia Upper Darby, Pa. JOSEPH E. HAIN}':S Chairman 01 'he Board oj Director. Mrs. John E. Michael, Mrs. Harold Ogram, Mrs. W. E. Hetzel, Mrs. Oliver G. Swan, Mrs. George M. AUen, Mrs. C. F. RassweiJer, Mrs. Clarence C. Franck, Mrs. Heston D. ~fcCray. and Mrs. Duane R. Terry of Swarthmore; Mrs. Gordon E. Groff, Mrs. Charles H. Brown, Mrs. Fred J. LeMaristre, Mrs. Earl Deppich, and Mrs. Bassett Fer-owned by William S. Levine o£ that kin resident and driver of a truck !~================================~ town, paid $2S fine and costs on short I weight charges. Henninger's load was; Piela ... Framhq - StadODer" Boob - Kodak SappUeo G~ ,Cude -Hobby Craft SIMMONDS 714 Weblt !It.- Ch_ 'I'boDa CII I I 1-118 ! . .,: . ROGER RUSSET,I. 0/ Ffile PlaoIogNIpha ,.~l6.,JJA.VEIIJ!OJU) PlACE CAlL SW ARTBllOIIB 10TH 164~ pounds short of the alleged three' tOllS he was supposed to be hauling when stopped hy Sealers. SHERIFF SALES of HEAt: .ESTA~ Sheriff's omce. Court' House. Media. Penna. Saturday. 'April 26, 1941 , 9 :30 A. M. Eastern Standard Time CondItions: $250.00 cash or certified check a.t time of sale (unless otherwise stated In advertisem*nt) balance In .ten days. other' conditions on day of sale. Pieri Facias No. 198 March .Term •. 194.1 .JOBN IPBNCBB, INC. PRINTERS .. PHOTO-LITHOGRAPHERS BOOKBINDERS , . .:. 8th STREET NEAR ~R0m.. CHES~i}JA, > ' .... '. ".j' , ,. • .1 .' '. ~

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8 THE' SWARTBMOREAN Recreation Group Wishes Suggestions Company B lWIe Seorw INDIVIDUAL, SQUAD AND PLATOO,N SCORES AS OF APRIL I, IMI ....... folhwa. Meeting April 14 to Conelder Summer Program In Ught of Citizens' Requesl8 Pr-. SIttIq I. Private R. L. Summerville ........... 98 93 2. Sergeant Jesse R. Penn .............. 95 93 ToIIII 191 188 186 185 180 176 175 174 173 171 171 171 P-ntle 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 3. Corporal George Hunter ............. 96 90 Swarthmoreans are urged to help plan an eXCCI)tional summer recreational program for Swarthmore. Summer needs for family groups should he expressed in ·lOrder that 3n adequate program may JiC pliutned by the Swarthmore Re<:rea­tion Association, which will hold its regular (illarterly meeting on Monday, April 14. at 7 :30 P. M. 4. Sergeant Walter H. Baird ........... 93 92 S. Private Philip Penleton .............. 94 86 6. Private R. Allen Price ............... 98 78 7. Corporal Earl W. Davis .............. 94 81 8. Private Jack Blackman .............. 83 91 9. Private Robert T. Bair. Jr ............ 88 85 10. Private Robert Bird ................. as 86 10. Private 1st Class W. C. CampbelL .•• 91 80 10. Private George B. Wellburn ......... 89- 82 Kneeling OlfbaDcI Total 141 140 137 123 116 Po .. ihle 200 200 200 200 200 The summer vacation recreation prow gram should meet the needs of all age levels. Having passed the experimental stage with outstanding success, the pro­gram is due for expansion during the coming season. The committee calls at­tention to the fact that summer vacations for children have outworn their original intent, to allow youth to assist on the farm. Youth in Swarthmore can have as constructh'e snmmer experiences as those fortunate enough to be sent to summer camps. The committee believes that well de­veloped young people are apt to know something or musical instruments danc­ing, dramatics, and language. It believes that summer is ideal as the time to in­crease a young person's life equipment. A . c1!ild may need handicraft, physica1 act,ivity, art, cookery. or music to develop a well· rounded personality at a certain 'age. The aim of the Association is to meet the recreational needs in this com­munity, as voiced by its citizens. It eag­~ r1y welcomes~suggestions to Mrs. Birney K. Morse, tr~surer, Mrs. J. V. S. Bish­{ lp, chairman, Mrs. Thomas H. Lueders vice-chairman. Mrs. J. Burris' West: Mrs. Andrew' Simpson, l'.Irs. Theodore W. Crossen, 'Dr. Frederick W. Luehring, Frank R. Morey, Mrs. Howard Turner, Mrs. Howard McCone. Howard Kirk, or Dr. John H. Pitman. Members of the Recreation Commit­tee :·.~~~nded the Spring Conference of the Recreation Division of the Delaware County Welfare Council on Monday eve­ning at t~e' Twentieth Century Club in Lansdowne. Exhibits of our Swarthmore summer projects .were displayed. En­wood AUen, sllecialist on facilities of ttie Nat!~nal ~ecreation Association. spoke on PJanmng Equipment and Facilities to meet Program Needs." The young mother's group in Swarth­more 'Sees an opportunity to improve lo­cal facilities for the care of the nursery school age child in OUr community in the summer program. This group under the chairmanship of Mrs. Howa~d Turner, has. earned money to buy nursery school eqUipment for the .co, m ing summer. Palm Sunday Musie I. Corporal George Hullter ............. 86 S5 2. Private Philip Penleton .............. 77 63 3. Sergeant Walter H. Baird ........... 78 S9 4. Private J. Seth ...................... 64 59 S. Private Robert Bird ............... ". 80 36 SQUAD AVERAGES, ALL POSITIONS Shot. Fired 2nd Platoon 3rd Squad ....................... 1478 Aye ..... e 116.15 103.35 102.55 1002 PO.liblor: 200 200 200 200 1st Platoon 1st Squad........................ 807 2nd Platoon 1st Squad ....................... I1S3 1st Platoon 3rd Squad ........................ 1575 1st Platoon 2nd Squad ...................... .. below 100 2nd Platoon 2nd Squad ...................... . below 100 PLATOON AVERAGES Shot. Fired 1st Platoon .................................. 3491 Averaae 126.815 114.4 Pouible 200 2nd Platoon ................................. 3688 200 Don Lange Finishing Air TrB·ID•i ng Donald Lange son of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Lange of Baltimore pike has re­cently been transfered from Gunter Field. Montgomery, Ala. to Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Ala. Previous to the time he spent at Gunter Field, Don­ald was stationed at Tuscaloosa, Ala. Donald who is a Hying cadet has undergone much elementary training and will now start more intensive work in army flying and ground school train­ing. When he has completed his present ten-week course at Maxwell Field Don­a1d will receive his aeronautical rating of "Pilot" and will be appointed Second Lieutenant in the Air Corps Reserve. I I I Places in State Contest ~fr. and Mrs. Carl CIt-aves of Cornell ayenue. Mrs. William T. Johnson will enter­tain her bridge club this afternoon at her home on Ogden avenue. Mrs. Earl P. Yerkes entertained twelve guests at luncheon Wednesday noon at her home on Princeton avenue. Jack Corse son of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Corse of Yale avenue has been awarded his freshman numerals for bas­ketball at Swarthmore College. James Smith son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Smith of Park avenue is a mem. ber of the Union College Mountebanks Theatre which has just completed "The Inspector General" in its own campus theatre. During the spring vacation the play wiII be taken on a 600 mile tour which will cover six New York cities. MURRAY'S Hart Schaffner 1'1 Mar" Clo,h.s 621 Edgmont Ave. Chester 1899 It will be the first ii~ that such an ex­tensive tour will have been made by any college theatre. • Bill Black spent last week-end with' h,s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Black of Park avenue. Bill is a student at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. Mrs. Joseph H. Perkins of Cedar lane' has been confined to her home for the past week because of illness. ' Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Smalley of Yale a.v~~ue spent Sunday in Baltimore. Md. VISltlllg their son and daughter-jn-. law Mr. and }.trs. Everett Smalley and, I their grahddaughter M"s. C~riij Porter arid' Mr. Port.r. ..... .. . . .. . . Mr. GeOrge Alston will spend this week-end with his par~nts Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Alston of Westdale avenue. Mr. Alston is a teacher at the Luscombe School of Ae~onautics in Trenton. N. J. Janet Harris and Marjorie Tomlinson returned from Middlebury College. Mid­iIIebury. Vt. last Saturday. March 22 to sl>end their spring vacations with .. their parents Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Harris qj Dickinson avenue and Mr. and Mrs: Wil. lard Tomlinson of South Chester road. BETTER THINGS FOR LESS/ . };dgmont Avenue-Se,;,enth and Welsh Streets EASTER COATS SPECIALLY PRICED Sizes lor Women, Misses andluniors Plaids - Twills and Tweeds! Styles are refreshing with full s~~!~:::~ and prim boy coats - fitted and Mousey shirtwaist eflects - shirred set in belts and sash fronts -Military Covert and Navy Blue inject the martial air the season i. so full of. • EASTER SUITS 1298 to 3298 Pastel Plaids - Coverts - Glen Plaids - Fleece - Twills and Shet· lands. . SPEARE'S SECOND FLOOR A beautifu1 program of music for 1941 Palm Sunday has been prepared by Ben­jamin L. Kneedler organist and director of music and his excellent choir at the Presbyterian Church. Virginia Craemer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam Craemer. and a mem­ber of the senior class of Swarthmore High School received honorable men­tion in a state wide contest sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolu­tion for the selection of HGood Citizen­ship Pilgrims:' The girl representing each school was chosen for excellence in dependability, service. leadership and patriotism. An .;!xamination in American history and current problems was given to the person on the basis of test results. Since Virginia was on~ of the four girls selected in the entire State of Pennsyl­vania. she wit) be honored by the Dela­ware County chapter of the D. A. R. I I I Addre88es Writers FORTY. SECOND ANNUAL REPORT Choir selections to be sung are "Jeru­salem" by Henry Parker, "Ride On Ride On" by John Prindle Scott, uTh~ Palms" by Faure. The assisting artists are Rex Jones. violoncellist, well known to Swarthmor­eans and Norman Graham, ,,'HI-known Philadelphia violinist. ; A fifteen minute instrumenlal prelude \vill be played at 10:45 A. M. The choir will sing "Seven last ,\Vords" by Dubois at 8 P. M. on G~d ,Friday. Soloists will be Edward Nyborg. tenor, George P. Warren, baritone. and .Mary Dolores To11ill. soprano. I •• Legion Bridge Withiu a Month Th: American Legion Auxiliary is 1)lan~l11g an unusual party for Friday evemng. May 2. when the High School gym will be made ready for a bridge. benefit. Several door prizes wilt be be­stowed accordillg to the playing card appearing on one side of the admission ticket. Refreshments wilt be sold through­out the evening. Card clubs are urged to attend the ennt and play in their units. Those who desire to progress may do so. • The committee in charge of the event IS composed of Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George Fenno Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bassett. Dr. and Mrs. George Sickel, Mrs. Alexander Ewing Mrs. L. L. Hedgepeth. Mrs. Oscar / GIJcrcest. George Corse and Ferris Mit­chelL At the Auxiliary meeting last week Red Cross sewing began at to :30 A. M. and lasted until 6 P .~1. when 28 infanl garments had been finished. • I • Fortnightly Meets Monday The Fortnightly will meet at 2 :30 next Monday afternoon, April 7, at the home . of Mrs. James B.acon Douglas. North Chester road and Swarthmore a venue Neville Schute's book "An Old Captiv: ity" will be revieWed by Mrs. Arthur E. Dassett. Florence Brewster Wilkinsson author of "Lissen Sadie." spoke Tuesday morn­ing to the Writer's Club of Delaware County. Her topi: was "How to Pro­cure Material for Writing." I I • NEWS NOTES Rev. and Mrs. George L. Van Alen Mr. Oakley Van Alen," Mrs. Frederick, Bell. and Neil Bell spent last week-end visiting Rev. Van Alen's family in Montgomery, Pa. Professor and Mrs. Harry Loberg or Cornell University with their sons Paul and Harry were the guests of Mr. and ~Irs. R. G. E. Ullman of Harvard ave­nue yesterday and today c:: their way to Ithaca, N. Y. from Williamsburg, Va. Charlotte Griffin. Clara Jean Alston Helen Ludwig, Eunice Eaton Carol ~ood\Vin. and Charles Brogan ~dl1 ar­nv~ home tomorrow for their spring va­catton from Bucknell Unh·ersity. Ella Mae Beagle presid:-nt of th~ Day Student Council at West Chester State Teach~rs College for the coming year, is attendmg the annual sllring conference of the Eastern States Association of Pro­fessional Schools for Teachers in New York City as a delegate from her organi­zation. Ella Mae is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Beagle of P,rinceton ave­nue. :Mr. R. J. Littlefield of Swarthmore ~vel1ue spent last Friday and Saturday 111 New York city on business. Jean Alston will return home from Bu~knell. tomorrow to spend spring va­cation With her parents Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Alston of Westdale avenue. l[ary Christina Sterickcr will arrive tomorrow to spend spring vacation with her parents Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam Ster­icker of Riverview road. "M. C." is a student at the University of Delaware. Billy Anne Mitchell of 630 University place returned from Connecticut College New London. Con~. on Thursday. Aprii 3 to spend her -spnng vacation with her mother. Mrs. W. W. Mitchell. . ~~cholas. Turkevich of Dartmouth is VISiting MISS Betty Cleaves, daughter of OF THE SWARTHMORE BIDLDING ASSOCIATION ASSETS First Mortgages ." ... , .. , ...... ,,8430,300.00 Stock Loans ., ....... ,.,., ..... ,. 5,700.00 Real Estate . , , .. , .. , . , ... , ..... ,. 23,900.00 Dues Delinquent , .... , ..... ,"'" 3,061.00 Interest and Fines Delinquent. . , ... , 3,1l3.20 Interest Accrued .,., ... , .. ,.,.... 2,180.00 Cash ... ,.,.,.,., ........ ,.,.... 21,467.35 $489,721.55 LIABIUTIES Advance Payments: Dues ...... ,.,., .. ,.".,.,",.$ Interest ""....""" .. ,,",,. Total Liahilities ". ", .. , ....... , ,$ CAPITAL, Etc. 356.65 83.70 440.35 Installment Stock - Dues . , . , , , .. , ,8358,572.00 Profits Apportioned . , , . , , . . . . . . . . . 82,258.13 Profits Unapportioned .... ,.,. 7,451.07 Reserve """""""""""'" 41,000.00 $489,721.55 STOCK ACCOUNT WITH VALUATIONS, APRIL 7, 1941 DATE NUMBER WITHDRAWAL OF Issm: SERIES DuES PAID GAIN VALUE VALUE SHARES PER SHARE PER SHARE PER SHARE VALUE PER SHARE PER SERIES Oct., 1929 62 40 $138.00 $53.84 '191.84 $190.34 , ApI., 1930 63 200 7,673.60 132.00 49.28 181.28 178.54 36,256.00 OeL, 1930 64 62 126.00 44.92 17D.92 167.18 10,597.04 ApI., 1931 65 58 120.00 40.76 160.76 156.23 9,324.08 Oc •• , 1931 66 156 114.00 36.80 150.80 145.69 23,524.80 ApI., 1932 67 157 108.00 33.04 141.04 135.53 22,143.28 OeL, 1932 68 182 102.00 29.49 131.49 125.76 23,931.18 ApI., 1933 69 375 96.00 26.14 122.14 Il6.33 , 45,802.50 OcL, 1933 70 275 90.00 22.99 112.99 107.24 i 31,072.25 ApI., 19M 71 264 84.00 20.04 104.04 98.47 27,466.56 Oct., 1934 72 183 78.00 17.30 95.30 90.01 17,439.90 Apl., 1935 73 439 72.00 14.75 86.75 81.83 , Oct., 1935 74 442 66.00 12.41 38,083.25 78.41 73.93 34,657.22 ApI., 1936 75 168 60.00 10.27 70.27 66.27 11,805.36 Oct., 1936 76 415 54.00 8.34 62.34 58.87 25.871.10 Apt. 1937 77 393 48.00 6.60 54.60 51.67 21,457.80 Dc •. , 1937 78 347 42.00 5.07 47.07 44.68 16.333.29 Apt, 1938 79 279 36.00 3.74 39.74 37.87 11.os7.46 Oc •• , 1938 80 258 30.00 2.61 32.61 31.23 8,413.l18 ApI., 1939 81 347 24.00 1.68 25.68 24.75 8,910.96 Oct., 1939 82 3n 18.00 .96 18.96 18.40 7,U7.92 Apl.,l940 83 129 12.00 .44 12.44 12.17 1,604.76 Oct., 1940 84 -37 6.00 .12 6.12 6.04 226.44 S583 S440,830.13 NORMAN S. PASSMORE, SeaellJry SWAI~THMbl~E L I.HI A'R-'Y' ·t ,·T s W '" H T Kt0.4ll1~ E COLLEGE.. ,. ..... : i. \. • ,-. APR 1 1 1941; ElSTER Ell ,"f .' 'i ,T BRITISH HU.I lOMORROW THE SWARTHMOR BEIEFII WEIIESDIY VOL xm, No. 15 SWARTBMORE, PA., APRIL 11, 1941 12.50 PER YIWl WH. V. FISI:OER PASSES AWAY Young_fer_ to Seek EBg- "MR. ANTONIO" TO in 1941 AID BRITAIN 31-year Retlid~t of Borough Former AuloeaJi OfIieial, Bad Been m Some Time WiII~m V. Fischer died early Thurs­day morning, April iO, at his home at Yale and. Dickinson avenue. where he had been ill several month •• Born' in July 1870 in Brooklyn, N. Y. he brought his family to Swarthmore in 1910 and had remained here ever since. His' wife Anna Moore Fischer passed away in 1936. A member of the Swarthmore Pres­byterian Church, and a Mason Mr. Fischer retired in 1928 from the Auto­car Company, Ardmore. Surviving are a son and daughter Charles E. Fischer of the same address, and Mrs. Coates Coleman of Lans­downe; a sister Mrs. Edward Tim! of Englewood. N. J. and five grandchildren Jean Suzanne. Charles William, and John Burton Fischer, and Coates Cole­man, 3rd and Peter Coleman. Funeral services will be heJd at the house at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Saturday. The Rev. David Braun pas­tor of the Presbyterian Church will officiate. Any friends who wi,h to at­tend are welcome. There will be no viewing. Interment will f01low in Ar­lington cemetery, Lansdowne. I •• Work 01 American Friends Service Presented at Supper Meeting A Meeting Supper sponsored by the Swarthmore Monthly Meeting for the American Friends -Service Committee gathered Sunday evening April 6 in the main dining room of. the College. Among the 260 present were members of the Swarthmore Meeting, friends of the American Friend~ Se:rvice Work in "-Swartbfu6re' and vicinitY. 'and rilinisters' of the community. President and Mrs. John Nason, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Cad­bury. Mr. and Mrs. James Vail. Clar­en; e ~ickett,. ,and Mr. and Mrs. Ri~hard Miller headed the list of distinguished guests. Dr. Cadbury. Hollis Professor of Re­ligion at Harvard. who very recently re­turned from a mission, to England de­scribed conditions in Britain as he found tbem. particularly among the Friends. James Vail, Director of the Foreign S,cction of the American Friends Service Committee, and Clarence Pickett, Exec­utive Secretary. spoke brieRy and Rich­ard Miller. Clerk of the Yea;ly Meeting Committee for Ministry and Counsel was introduced. ' . The budget of the American Friends Service last year totaled $1.164.473. and was expended with such careful economy that a very swall portion was required for overhead and almost all of it went to the actual purposes for which it was intended. I I RED CROSS SEWING MEETS EASTER MONDAY I • Legion Auxiliary Moves Meeting Up Cooperating with the British Relief Benefit Bridge Party to be held in the ?ftemoon of next Wednesday the Amer­Ican Legion Auxiliary whic:h usually holds its monthly meeting at that time has moved its meeting up to I I A. M. There will be a business session and box luncheon. Hostesses will serve dessert. A meeting of the committee planning the Legion card party on May 2 will be held tonight. Bunny Day Event ~ . Joint Sponsonhip by Thimble Group and Players Club of May Prodnction Seeks to Raise Fund for Rolling Kitchen If Saturday's child is a wise child he will be placing all his eggs in one bas­ket tomorrow morning, and just as fast as he can. When he can find no more little packages of jelly eggs he will take time out to examine what he has picked u~to see if any of the little wax paper packages contain folded slips of paper entitling him to collect a large choco­late prize egg at The Swarthm')rean office. There will be ISO prize eggs. This is the general annual procedure at 10 A. M. the day before Easter in the Borough of Swarthmore. when the local Business Association sponsors an Egg Hunt for local youngsters. This will be the tenth such event it has arranged. Eager boys and girls under 13 years of age assemble early at Borough Hall Plaza to await the announcement of the hunt sites. Children seven years old and under witt enjoy their hunt in a separate place from the eight through twelve-year­olds. For five nights, from May 27th to May 31st inclusive, the Thimble Group and the Players Club will present a benefit play with the purpose of estab­lishing a fund to purchase a Rolling Kitchen for Britain. Dr. Andrew Francis Jackson has generously agreed to put on "Mr. An­tonio," with an all-Swarthmore cast of favorite players. The pJay is one that has an unrivaled appeal and a real treat is in store for everyone. It is hoped that the prospect of an evening's plea­sure coupled with a desire to aid the cause. will fill the Club House to ca­pacity at each of the five performances. The need for moblle units, which will carry food and serve it hot to the suf­fering people in the war .. ravaged areas of England cannot be stressed too strongly. Swarthmore can help by sup­plying one such unit Everyone who at­tends the play is contributing to it. Tickets are now available from Mrs. Thomas M. Jackson, 238 Park avenue. I • LIBRARY BOARD IN LATE MEETING Postponed Session Hears Com­parative Reports of Librariau for Three-Month Period SERVICES 0000 PRIDAY 12:00 Noon to 3:00 P. M. - Community ServIces •••••••...•.•••• Trlnlty Church 8;00 P.M.-Cantata "The Seven Last Words .............. Presbytertan Church EASTER EVE 4:00 P. M. - Holy Baptism .••.•••.•••••.••••.•••.•.••••.••.•••. TrInity Churcb. BASTBR SUNDAY 8:00 A. M. _ Choral Communlon_ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• TrInity Church 9:00 A. Y. - Youth Worship for Easter ..•....•••.••.•••••• Presbyterlan Church 9:45 A. Jrl. - Baster Church School ••••.••••••••••••••••••••• Metbodlat Church 10:45 A.M.-"One Bmall candle ........................... Presbyterian Church 11:00 ~ M. - "l9hat Easter Means ............................ Metbodlat Church 11:00 A.M.-Easter Worablp ••••••.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Trln1tr Church 4:00 P. Jrl. - ChurCh School Easter Service ••.•.•••.•••••••••••• TrInIty Ohurch Those who come equipped with a bas· The postponed m~ing of the Board II!=======================::;::========:!! ket or paper bag will not risk losing the of Directors of the Swarthmore Public package of eggs as fast as they gather Library AssociatiC'n was held on Mon ... them. day. April 7. with the following mem- Contest rules are as follows: bers present: Alice Barber, Mrs. J. Pass- Legion Card Party to Fete Twenty-first 1. Any child living in Swarthmorean more Cheyney, Mrs. Peter E. Told, Birthday territory or visiting in Swarthmore is Guenther H. Froebcl, John F. Spencer, welcome to hunt and is eligible for a Rev. J. Jarden Guenther, Walter C. prize: 'Crouch, and S. S. -Rutherfon!' A ~fit!inG'- celebration of the founding 2. Very small children must be aC- Interest was aroused by the librarian's of the Swarthmore Legion Auxiliary companied by an adult. report which showed circulation during of the Post 427 will take place on Afay 3. No prizes,will be issued to children the first three months of the year to be 2. at 8 P. M. in the High School gym­over the age 1imit. In order· to secure as follows: January-2865; February- nasium, in the form of a card party equitable'distribution of prizes 'only 'one 2503; March-2422. as a charity benefit. The Legion and prize will be awarded to one child. Any For the same three months of 1940 the child finding more than one slip can circulation was: january-2586; Febru- auxiliary will be hosts and hostesses­throw it back into the hunt field or give ary-2549; March-2628. Commander Herbert Bassett and Mrs. it to a friend. Each slip is numbered A total of 71 new readers, 62 adults Alexander Ewing sponsoring the oc­and will be checked off as it is ex- and 9 children, was reported. For the casion. changed and the hunt will continue un- same period last year there were 68 The auxiliary has come of age, for til all slips are accounted for. adults and 13 children. twenty-one years ago this month the The following local business people I I • charter was received. A lawn fete and are cooperating in this year's Egg Hunt: Award PriHs in card party were held that year at the Charles Russell, Howard B. Green. A. home of Mrs. E. A. Stockton. the pres- Gottlieb. Clifford Rumsey, A. P. Smal- Movie Benefit ent residence of Dr. and Mrs. George ley. Joseph Ciliberto. A. Wayne Mos- Poster Contest Cross at the juncture of Princeton and teller, Joseph Celia. B. J. Hoy. Adolph. Harvard avenues. The sum of $370 was Railway Express, N .,\\T. Suplee, .Bou- raised. quet Salon, Media Drug Store,'s. The judges of the poster contest spon- In 1922 the post and auxiliary had so George Mitro. Marsh's Utility Shop. sored by the Kappa Kappa Gamma Alum- established themselves that the Players J a ke •s Ta·lI o r Sh opt.c".~uw ard L . No~ve,s nae Association in connection with its Club gave its proceeds of a play to S wa rthm ore N a tl· ona I B ank • Martel current movie benefit for relief of Brit- this organization. The next year the B rot he rs. AII•c e Ba rber• A . M1 • Bal'rd, I'sl, Ch,·ldren have announced Marilyn auxiliary, under Mrs. George W. Mrs. N . Peckerman , Sweet Shop, Man·e MacEI. wee as first prize winner, Fran­Casey's guidance. held meetings in Donnely, Paulson and Sons, Dr. F. A. ces:tJ~nkins and Karin Koehler second Borough Hall. It gave a Christmas box Patman, Dr. R. C. Ammerman. Madison witl~~eir joint poster; an4 Renee Furey to Mt. Alto, and remembered League Brothers. Tot-ta Shop, Lilly Ann Mil- first Jionorable mention. Othcr honorable Island Hospital substantially. tinery, Dew Drop Inn, Co-op. Music mentions 'include Grace Brewster, Mary .. In 1924. Mrs. 'E. M. Meyers led the B M I;iPn Builders Harris & Com Marshall, Heather Champion, Alice ox, DOl,. CI ... B ch • G - Baughn. RO'~II·e Wherry and Marje auxiliary, which resorted to cake and pany, range C!ln~rs. u ner s, own --. rummage sales for charity. Following Shop Hol[y'hock Sho'p Travel Bureau The posters were J·udged for the~r • .' Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Thomas Downs as American, Store, Michael's, Co-ed Beauty originality and for the story they car- president was responsible for' raising Salon. Petc'r' 'E. Told, The Swarth· ned. money for' a motion picture machine morean, The Ingleneuk, and Strath Receipts from tickets sold here before for. Gray's Ferry Hospital, as wen as Haven Inn. tomorrow night for performance.s at)i.te _.,....,"":' ............. _ Media Theatre April 13 to 18 mclu,lve helping to furnish a room in the Kate l'enth Grade Mothers' Meellng will swell the sum of $1700 already sent Barrett Home in Washington. to England by the national organization Under Mrs. Joseph S. Malin's le~d- The tenth grade will hold the last of Kappa Kappa Gamma under its Nora ership in 1927. Gray's Ferry Hospital mothers' meeting of the year in the Wain Fund. . was visited four times that year, the school cafeteria, at three o'clock, Mon- Mrs. H. Merle Mulloy and Mrs. How- auxiliary supplying four Christmas bas"" day, April 21. The subject is "Career ard W. Newnam who are in charge of kets and entertainment, at which time~ Opportunities for High School Gradu- tickets thank those who have helped and Mrs. Roy W. Delaplaine and Mrs. Ro­ates." Speakers will stress careers for urge those who are planning to attend land G. E. mlman gave their services. boys and girls not planning to attend the movies next week to buy their tickets Succeeding presidents have been, college. here before April 12. Mrs. George· P. Warren, in whose ad- r-- ================~~===============~ $m3i8n.9is0t rfaotri orne h$a2b5i lwitaatsi ogni.v ea nm teod awl eilnf atrhee; sixth grade to 'Flora Ryan. and $407 THE WEEK'S CALENDAR cleared for future general charity work. Mrs. Herbert Bassett guided the group SATURDAY. APRIL 12 through an even broader campaign in Somerv1Ile Day •..•••.....••..••.•.••..••...•....•...•.•.... Swarthmore College giving medals to Swarthmore and Mor- 10:00 A.M.-ANNUAL EG-G HDNT ••.•••.•••••••••..•••.••• Bol'Olhus,.h ~I~ ton schools, welfare, rehabilitation. ex- 7:00 and 9:00 P. M. - )40v1n8 Pictures ...................... Clo er 0 MONDAY. APRIL 14 tra party to the boys at Gray's Ferry 10:110 A. K. to 4:110 P. M. _ Bed Cmos Sewing .................... Woman'. Club Hospital. The sum of $186.50 was TUESDAY, APRIL 15 raised that year and Mrs. Charles 2:30 P.M. - Afternoon of Book Reviews ........................ Woman'E 91ub Dravo wrote and read' a history on the WBDNBBDAY, APlUL 16 Baltimore Pike Arch and the monu- 10:110 A. M. to 4:00 P. K. - Bed Cmos SewIDg ........ Presbyterlan ParIsh Bouse ment nt Swarthmore Borough Hall. 10:110 A. M. to 4:00 P. M. - Bed crooa Swwtcal _ B Media The public is asked to help this ac- Prout ck Jacbon t., Hall ••• f th 11:00 A.II.-LeR1on AlUII1ar1 .................................... Borough Cl b tive orgalllzatlOD to raise money or e 2:00 P.II.-BriUsh BeUef Brlcfae BeneAt ....................... WOIJlU· • .:u Red Cross and other charitable needs 7:45 P.II. - COullcIl 81ta .................................... •••• .Borough by attending the card party to be held tHURSDAY. APRIL 17 in celebration of the anniversary on L-__2_:0_0 _P ._.._.. _- _P_rle_D_.d_l¥_ c_tr_cl_e_ .._.._.._.._.._.._.._._.._.._.._.._.._.._ 1_08_ B_. _Pr_tn_ce_ta_IJ_ A_v_e_nu_e _ -JIMay~ NEAR TRAGEDY IN BACHMAN HOME Eight-year-old Alan Miracnlously ·Alive This Week After-­Accidental Wound Alan Bachman. age 8 had a fighting chance to live and both physician and parents were hopeful in view of his ex­ceptional condition as this paper's dead­line approached. Fireman Ellis Rumsey donated blood for a transfusion on Mon­day. Alan was shot through the head with a 39 calibre revolver at 10 o'clock Sun­day night by his brother Stanley. 16, in the 'bedroom the two boys shared in the apartment home over their parents' mar­ket at 514 Yale avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bachman were attending a movie and the boys wefe dressed for retiring and listening to the radio in their room when according to Stanley, he heard a noise downstairs in the store. The store had been robbed five or six years ago and in spite of the fact that his father had found him with the gun several weeks earlier, taken it from him and cautioned him never to touch it again. Stanley was worried and felt he should get it. However, he said he decided not to go downstairs but instead returned to his room and locked the door front the inside." When time passed and nothing happened the boy began to play with the gun. He said Alan told him to put the gun away as he was -afraid it might go' off. Alan sat on the right side of his twin bed white .. St~n,ley- sat .on the oPPQ­site side of the. bed facing J~~m ,~.r:tg,,!~: moved the slleUs from the. revolver. Ap­parentiy he did not know there were si~ shells •. or else he (ailed to count an~ se(! he hai. o~.Iy_ r"i."~';edfivF, J:Ie !,.ull¢d .the trigger once, w,lth. only ;:to resultant clIck, but th~ second time it went off. The soft lead bullet entered Alan's head';ust above the lert' eye, passed through the brain narrowly missing vital centers and is­sued from the side back of the head lea"ing an aperture about two inches in diameter. A hole of like size was found in the wall of the room by Patrolman Henry A.' Piersol, Jr. but the bullet it­self had apparently dropped down he­tween the partitions. Stanley further related that he put the gun on his hureau and called Dr. George B. Heckman. Alan did not become entirely uncon~ scious for Dr. Heckman found him in a state of semi-consciousness and he has lapsed into a like condition at times since. although he was left with control of all movements except a partial paral .. ysis of one side of the face, and was able to talk with his parents and ask for favorite foods at the hospital. The doctor immediately notified the Taylor Memorial Hospital. Ridley Park and the police; (CO.rlfll¥ftl 0. 1.'G/l.e llltl"')

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 8 THE SW ARTHMOREAN APRIL 4. 1941 Recreation Group Company H Rifle Scores It Will hl the first tllllC that such all ex. Ihelr ~randdaughlcr Mrs Cyrus Porter lellslH lour \\111 1M\(' hcell made In all) .lIId ~Ir Porter Wishes Suggestions INDIVIDUAL, SQUAD AND PLATOON SCORES AS OF APRIL I, 1941 collegc Ih( ltn.' - llr George AI~toli \\111 spend tillS Bill Black Spcllt 1.lst \\ t:ck-cnd \\lth \\ II k cnd With IllS p Irents "I r .l1ul At r~ Po .. ible IllS pan.:llts hlr and Mrs Charles'" G I. Alston of \\estd.llt' .I\enuc Mr 200 I B1.lck of Park avenuc Bill IS .1 student Aistoll IS .1 tt',ldler .It thc I.uscoml," are at follows: Meeting April 14 to Consider I I Pm>!. H I, SUlIllllerv,lk. Summer Pro!,(ram in Light I 2 Serge"u! Jesse R Penn of Cilizens' Requesls I 3 Corpor.tI George Iluutcr ..J S( rgl .lIIt \Valter H Baird S\\.l1thmUlt III.. m.: 11IJ.!~d to hdp S Prl\.lt4.! PIli lip P(ull.'ton plan .111 lXlll'tlillll1 -.\111111111 rtll(;Jlumlll () prJ\ Itt I~ AIIl'1I Pnn pro}! I 1111 It)1 S\\ IltlUlUllt .... \1111111(1 IIltd .. 7 C'or,Ior,11 Earl \V Da\ls lor f.llluh J,:ll1Up" .. h011111 'll (:'\pH ..... ttl X Pnv.ltc J uk Bl.ICklll ill 111 ol!itl Ihlt 111 Ifltqlllh 11I ..... rllll rnn 9 Prl\.111.' Robert'!' Bur,)r It "lllIIlte! II, 111\ S\\ II !lUIIOIl I'HIl I 110 I'rn.lh: Uohcrt Bml t"11 \ .... , .. Iltl'lI \\hlli. \\111 h"l,1 It ... jf) PTa It..: 1st Class \\ C CoulI))hc!1 It,.!11111 qllllhll, IIl!ltlllg '11 \hllldl\ 10 I'TI\ Ite Gcorg-c B \Vlllhurn Prone 98 95 96 93 9~ 98 94 83 88 85 91 89 Sitting 93 93 90 92 sr. 78 81 91 85 86 80 82 Total 191 188 186 185 180 176 175 17~ 173 171 171 17I 200 1 1 "1'" CI ' .1 rllllty 0 lege, Hartford Conl1 SdlOol of At'lOlIaUt1(S 111 1 rt'lltoll N J 20U I ' 200 llrs Josqlla II Perkms of C« I.Ull J IIlct 1l,lrflS and ::\l.ll"jonc 'romlll1sull 200 11('(11 (unfilled 10 11..." r I, '" f"r III H l' l I Ittuflted from 11Hldlebury College, Mid 200 "I:-.t \\l'd, Illl t11:o;e of IIlllc s s dldHln. Vt S.lturda), ~(.Irch 22 tn 200 Mr .Hul \lls \lfnd I' SIII.llIll of slllllli th(,lr sl'llII~ \.I(.III(n1s \\Ith thclr 200 I \ lit .l\tIlUl Sl)l'nt ~t1ncl" 111 B.llhmorl' IIMlcllts :\Ir .lIul :\Ir, II I~ Ilarrts 01 20U I \111 \1'1I111~ Ihllr ~Oll .mel d.Hl~htt'f lit I J)l(kIlISOIl .1\('111It' .lIul MI IIltl ~frs \VII 200 111\\ \Ir tTl. I ~Ir ... 1'\1.:1(11 SIIl.lllc\ .lIltl) 1.lld IOllllll1sl1\ of South Chester road ZOO 200 I! I! I! I! I! 1111111 I! I!I! I I! III III III I!I I! III I! I \plli l-t It i III I' \1 lilt Sllllllll\ 1 \ Il III 11 Il't I \ 't! ,n I'll' t!rllll should IlI(tl l11t !Iud ... 01 III It!t IlHI .. 111\11I,.! !" ..... ll lht' lXPUIIIlll1td ... 1 I.!l \\!th 011 hi lIulIl1,., ... tllt l ..... thl' pr' J.!I 1111 I, dtll f" (xi' I1hll II dUring- tIll l' 1111 I.,! st 1""011 I ht t IIIl1lltllt C ,11 .. II tllllIC II I. Illl III I 111 It 11111111l'r \ It II •• n ... Kneeling Offhand 55 Total 141 140 137 12.1 II6 Poulble 200 200 ZOO 200 200 (t,rpt)rtl GC(lrgl' Illllltlr 86 BETTER THINGS FOR LESS! .2 prJ\ Itt Plllhp P(,f111. tOil 77 6.J 1 SI. rgl.'3nt \\'altcr lJ Baird 78 S9 -t J'rl\.llc) Seth 6-1 59 :; Prl\.ltc i<ohert Bmi 80 36 SQUAD AVERAGES, ALL POSITIONS fOl 11111111111 lInl tl1t,I"lllllllI .11 .... 11111 ) I 1'1 I 3 I d II _Il( a 001t f{ Sqll •• Shots Fired H7S 807 II53 157S Average II615 1033S 10255 1002 100 100 POSSible 200 200 200 200 J:<.;(Jgmont Avenue - Seventh and Welsh Streets mtcnt to 1 III I flllth to .1 .... 1 .. 1 "11 Ilu I I 1'1 I 1 • I \ I s a Don st Sqll.u j 11111 Itli I 11\ S\\ LlllulllIl t l 1I1 It.1H I'" I' I 1'1 I I I ~IH a UOII st ~tJu.u ("oll .. lrmll\t ... \11111111 I I:X:JllIHllll" .1 ... lit til t PI t 3 J S I fOllullltl lill ul!h 10 I'l "lilt 10 <;11I111ltt I I \ PI <\ 0011 2 "I S(llM(1 camps I s ,I 0011 III qU,l< II 1 It (Oll1ll1llhl l'lIHH<; \\111 III 2nd PlltOOIi 2nd SIIU,HI \c1o]lul \1)11II~ Jlloplt .lIt It)t 10 kll II I PLATOON AVERAGES <;ulIlt'lhlllg" 01 IIItl~IC.11 1I1 ... lnIll1('ut<; t! l1iC Ill!,:" (h Itnlta... 111(1 1111 ... lIlge It hd11' l"11 "I Pl.ltoon th It "Ulllllll r Is !fle.ll :1<; Ihe tIIl1C 10 111- 21111 Platoon trlaSt I \Ollng plr .. OIlS IIfc lCll11lHl1lT1t - -- \ dliid 111.1\ TIl'td h !mhcr.lft "h"1l 11 I Don Lange Finishing Iltl\ll\. Irt (.ull.t:f\ fir 1l1U .. 1t 1(1 <i(\II"]1 Air Training I I\cll rUllIuiul pcr .. olllhh It '(t:1tllll lJ.:t fhc alln 01 Iht' \~"IlU ItlOIl h tn IIltt t the ret:rl.' 111011" Ill.'l.'d" 111 tin ... 10111 IlHlIIlt\ .I!> \OIn<1 11\ th UtlZt:lls It ll~ crl, \\l'I(OIl1lS su,...:ge ... tllllh to \Ir' Blrnt' K :Morsc treasurer, llrs J V S Ihsh OJ) I h 1II11111l ~I r<; '1 hOIll ... II I.lleder" \Htlhllrlllill ~II" J Bl1In~ \\I.'st lfr" \Iulrt\l !-'IIIIIN111 ~Irs II,to(lore \\7 (ros ... t.'11 Dr I reciefl( k \\ luehnll!-\: Frank I~ \Ioff.'\ lfrs IIo\\.Ild I mntr ~Irs fI"".lId ~1lC'011t 1I00\lrd I"rk or Or 1.1111 fI I'ltnMIl ~1t:ll1h(,ls of the RC(ft ItlOn COl1l1l11t h,c .llteJl(llIl the Sprlllg COlllncll(c t)f tht' Ut'lll !lIon 1}1\ISlOll of the l)l'l.l\\ Irt' (olln1\ \\ df.ln COUII(lI lin ~I( lid l\ elt' IlIlI/-! It Ihe 1\\4.:lltll'lh Ceutlln Cluh 111 I .lI1sdn\\ 111. I xllll)lts ot our Sn Irlhlllon: Sl1ll1JllCr ,)ruJtlh "cre (lispla)t'd 111 "flod \lIlIl .. "ttl dlst on f.l(1l1l1es 01 the N.ltlllll.l1 l~l(n.ltHIIl ASSOCiatIon spoke 011 Plannlllg I qlllpmcJlt and 1.1(llulls tu meet Program Need" Donald J .l1Ige SOil of l\[r and ).(r~ I' 0 l.ange of Baltimore pike has rl' (UltIy been transfcrcd from Gunter FilM, ~rolltgomery, to Maxwell J H.:ld, Montgomery, Ala PreVIOUS to till tUlle he Spcllt ~lt Gunter Field, Don­l'd" as stdtioncu at Tusc.lloosa, Ata Donald \\ 110 IS a flymg cadct ha~ 1I1ldcIgoIIC much elcmentary trainlllg lilt! \\111 110\\ start more mtcllsive \\ork III .Irlll\ fl).lIlg and ground school train- 1IIg' \\ hell he has complcted hiS present tI.'ll \Htk course at Maxnel1 Field Don- • 11<1 \\ III reee1\ e hiS aeronautical ratlllg of Pilot' and \\ III he appomted Sccond I.ll.'utCIl.Hlt 111 the Air Corps Rescrve • Place. in State Contest \1Ig'1I111 lr.lclIIC'r, d.ll1ght(f 01 ~II .1Ilt! ~II" \\ 11JI.lIll Craelllt'r .111<1 a 111t:1I1- h< r 01 tilt "1.'11Ior (1.IS~ uf ~\\<lrthlll(lrc I11gh Sd1llli lCtt:I\ul hOIlOllhlt: 1111..'11 (lIIIl III I st ttl' \\ 1(1 .. • (onte .. t ""poII:-.ond b) IIll I hnghlus ot the \lllcr1l.:.1Il Hn 0111 IIUII 101 Ihl "llutum or Coml CUIZI.:1l ShIll PII~rllu~ I hl girl n 1)1 t "l1l1111,1.{ t llh sthOll1 \\ b ,h("ln lor (xldltl1('l' 111 !lcP'lIHllhlhl\ Sl'I\I(l It ulcrslltl) .11ul belO\\ bclo\\ Shob Fired 3m 3688 Average 126815 II4.J Pouible 200 200 IIlri :\11'" ClII CIt'.I\I" ot Curnell .I\tlllil \11:-. \\ IIh.ulI I JOlllNUI \1111 cnter 11111 her 11Iul,.!c tlllh tll1" .!fternoull .n ht'f l'01I1t.: 011 Og(ll II .I\l IlUt' lfrs I III P '\l'lklS llltt'rlalllt'(I I\\d\t; gilt .. '" .It Iumhcoll \Vt:llncsda\ 11(1011 at ht.'r hOllll Oil I'nnCltoll .Iventl( J.I(k Corsc son ot ~fr and :\Ir"i Gt'orgt' r Cors( of \ .!It a\CI1Uc h h hcclI a\\.tnlltl 11", Irc.:shman IIll1l1l'l,tls for kt.,thall It SU.!Tthmore Cnllt'g(' J lIlIlS SlIllth ~Oll 01 :\1r and :\Ir~ r 1[0\\ Iftl Sl1l1th uf Park .lH'nlll b.1 1llt:1ll htr • I tht CIlIOIl Collegc ~11l1l11tehUlks J hl.url.' \\ 1m II lidS Just complete!1 I hI..' IIIS)llltol Gt'lltr tl' III It... 0\\11 lllllJ>US tht'ltrl I )UrllI,L! thc sl.nng \.1( llillll thl' "I.n "Ill Ill. t.lkt'll UI1 .1 (,nO lillie tour "llIcll "III lU\('r SIX Nt'\\ York (lUes MURRAY'S' Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes 621 Edgmont Ave. Chester EASTER COATS SPECIALLY PRICED Sizes for Women, Misses and Juniors Plaods - T\\ills <1IId Tweeds! 51} les are refreshlllg wilh rull <1IId prim bo} coats - filled rp,>fero m,d blouse} ,hirlwmsl efIeels­shIrred set in belts and sash fronts -Military COlert and Nav} Blue IIlJect the martial ail the season is so full of. • EASTER SUITS 1298 to 3298 Paslel Plaod, - COl crts - Glen Pla,ds - Fleece - Twills and Shel lands. SPEARE'S SECOND Fl.OOR Tht.: \!llmg mothtl s l'roUp 111 S".trlh more sus 111 01)portIl11lt\ to I1llpro\C 10 (al fat Ihhes for the c.lre of till' nunu\ school .1"':-1 duM III our (Ol1lllllllllt) III Ihl.' Sllllllm I program ThiS grollp limit.: r the lh.1I111l1lls111J) of ~frs Ilel\\.II,1 I nrnl.'r ha" (: Irllld IIWIH'\ t., 1"1\ nurstn school eqllll)JIIIllt 1111 till lOllllllg 5t1111111tr • 1 I Palm Sunday Music I'IIr1oll.,1II \11 I X.11II1I1111011 111 Alllllll.lTI I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ lu"tun .mll tl111t'llt pwhiOlh \IdS g-I\ell 11 11111" 1111" II I II II II II Itl thc pt r"'OIl 011 tilt: It 1"1" 01 test resllIt~ SIIICC \ Ir,,{lllli \\.h 011' of tIll. lour glr(.., slhll('d 111 thl l'lltlll Stltl.' 01 1)t:ll11s,\1 ,am.1 "ht: \\111 hI.' h 11](!ld h\ the IJd I \\ are Clll11lt \ (1I.lptt.: I 1)1 till I) \ R \ hc.llItlllll progl \111 ot 1J11bll for P.llm SUnll\ II I~ ht't'll 1'1qlllcd h) Bt'll J !tUIIl I l"lltel1('r org U\1:-.t .11\(1 Ihrl'llur (If Il1U"'lc lIIeI Ills l'xldh:nt chOir It thc Presh\terl.lll (hunll ChOir, ttl hi sling ar(' Jl.'rn .:alem h). IIl111 \ P Irk!" Rulc On RI(lc On" h\ J uhn Prlll(lIc StOtt lilt: P,tllIl" III I .1l1rc 1 he as"'slstlllg al tl~b .1I c 'Wlo11U!lllst \\1'11 kll0\\n hI ~ illS .11ld XOl1l1m Gr.Ihul1 1)llIlul(:lpln.1 \!Ohm:>.t l{t·x JOllC ... S,\ lrtlllllor \\ (II knc 1\\ n I I • Addresses Writers Florenc( Brc\\slcr \VJlk11lsson author ot LI:-':'>CII SHill "pokc 1 1Iesd l\ I11ll1l1 1Ilg- to Ihl' \\ ntl.'l .. Club of Dela\\are Count' lIer tOl11l "as '110\\ to Pro (lIIl ~Iatefl." for \Vntlllg • I I NEWS NOTES A fiftet'11 IIllnllte I11Strullllllt" I)rclmlt' R< \ and ~1 rs George L Y.IIl AlII' ,,111 be pla)ed .It JO -IS \ ~I ).[r Oakll v V.1ll \ICII, Mrs Fredenck The dllnr \\111 sIng St.:\t:l1 11,1 Blil and ~lll Bell spent lasl \\eek end \Vords" hy DuhO! .... It ~ P :\[ on GUII(I \ 1~lllllg lh.'\ Van \ll11 ~ fam") 111 1 ruiay SolOists \1111111 I d\\ Ird ~\hOlg \lonlgomen Pa tl I\or Gt.:or~( I' \\ .111 (11 h 1I1hllu IIU\ Prolt ""01 lilt! \11, 1I111\ I "btl ~ of I :\Ilf\ !)e.\OIt .... 1.,11111 SII".UlII I L',IIIt:ll llll'tlsih \\ull IlulI ... (, ...... 1'1111 I' IIld IllIn \tlll Ihl ~lIlshtlj ::\11 tile I LCD'ion B . I W"t' " l\rI I \11 .. U l, I Lllmall 01 1111\ lIet l\t I e ru ge I un a ont 1 111111.' H .. ltrcll\ lIul Iucln 011 tlHll \\ 1\ to III \ I \ I Ithlt I \ '\ 110111 \\J1l!ullsllll1g \ I I.' ml'III.11l t'glOn UXII.II\ I .... lIi1l11l!ng ill 11Ilu .... uai put\ t.~r I rllll\ I (hoi lit (ollllm (11rl hill \).,hll l\lIl1l1g- :\11\ 2 \\h('11 thl' IIqh Sdllol ltdI'll i l1(hllg illlllll I tllIlI Lalol 1-!'1lI \\111 ht: mule Huh tOI lluulgt (.OCHh\l1l lilt! Chl1ll" IlJo!.!.l1l \\111 II hllllht Se\11 t1 (bll.1 Ilrln:>. \\111 hI lit 111\t: IHunt tClllltHI 1\\ !elr lhllr .. pnng 'I "'1,,\\ ell H~Oldlllg- 10 tht: pla\m,.:( llld t ItJOl1tll'l1l BUlkllt:lll!ll1\u"lt\ I IIJpt Ifll1g III om ... HIl III thc adllll "IOn I 11.1 :\1 at: III tgll )tTl "'HI lit 01 thl D.n tllktt Ht:lllsllll1ellh \\111 hc sold tllrtl1lAh '-;tldt.llt l"lllllli It \\1'" Lltl"tel Statl I ollt thl.' (\llllng Illtht:t" tulll"'!'t III tlll uIIIllIl~ \til lSI Ctnl (Iuh ... III 111~ul to Itttn(1 Ihl. IIh':ll(lmg tht. 1I11111t1 ~prl11s Ulillt.:ll'llt:t.: I l\llIt mel pin IIllh!.:" u111h '(hosI.: \\ho llthl' L.tsllill Stlhs \S .. oIJallonof Pro t!t:"'lre tIl pll'~It' ... , 1111, do S(' I h""ltlllal Sl}\(UI)' It)! leuhtr .. 111 Nt.:\\ The (elnlllllttn III lhtr~l' ~It tilt I."t:nt '\ "Ik llt\ t' I dtltg It I Inl1n hCI tlrga11l-j 1S CtlllJpI"td nl ~Ir II HI ~II'" J I'Jul1 ZIt!Oll J'lI,1 :"I<lt: 1<' tIll daught(,r of lfr Bro\\11 :"11 lilt! \Ir:-. Gt'org-l l'elll1o lIIeI :\fr~ J \ Ih:.l"-!,II.' \If P.rlllu·ton a\l' ! Mr III I ::\Irs StUlrt Bro\\1l ~Ir ;uul Illll: ).(rs IiHhert Blssllt Dr and :\Irs I :\1, R J Imid dl of S\\.1111IiHt)lC George Slckel, ~(rs ~lcxander Ewmg, ;l\I.'I1t1l' s])Cllt I. .... t I rull\ and ~atllrda\ ).r rs I I Ilcdg-e)lcth ~I r" Oscar J I III Xl'\\ \ ur1~ ll1\ Ull htb11ll'~" I ('ll1rtt.:~t (~cclrg-(' LOI:>.t md I trrh ~111 J \1 II I hell can ~toll \\ 1 rt'ltu n hOIllt' t!tlm \ I BuckneU tOl11orro\\ to spend spring va- I , t !ht' \":-;:111 If\ lIlu.'llItg ]a .... ! \\l'f'k cation \\Ith her parents Mr and Mrs I IH'(I Cro~ .. st\llIh! llt1!!Il 1110 lo \ ~I C. I \).,tOI1 of \Vestdal 11\11 Ilslu\ ul1tll (I I' \1 \\ htll 2s IIlI lilt (' a' l nue ,..:-anmnl ... h Itl htlll 11I1I:,>hlel :\Iln LlllI,tlllI Stt'n~ktl \\111 arn,l' ! IOlllurro\\ (0 sJlulII sllrlllg ,!OIl \\tlh I II • 1 'I 1 '1lr Illrt'llb .\ r anti ~Irs \Vtlham Stcr Fortnightly Meet. Monday Icklf ol HI\Cl\lt'\\ road M C IS a I studcnt .It tht' Unl\erslh ul Delman I Btl" \1111l ~Ittchell ut 630 t.:nl\cr~lt) I pla(l' returned Irom Connectl(ut Collcge II Nt'\\ London Conll on 1 hursda) ~Jlnl J to spend her spnng- \alatllJll \\uh lu.:r moth('r, ),,1 rs \\ \\ ~htchell 1899 1941 FORTY . SECOND ANNUAL REPORT OF THE SWARTHMORE BUILDING ASSOCIATION F'II 51 1\101 tgages Slotk Loans Re .. l Eslale Dues Dellllqueni Jnlclcst ~lIHI FilU~" I nlcresl Act: I Lwd C.,sh DATE OF ISSUE Oct., 1929 Api, 1930 Ocl •• 1930 Api, 1931 Oct, 1931 ApI, 1932 Del., 1932 Api, 1933 Oct I 1933 Api, 1934 Oct., 1934 ApI., 1935 Oct., 1935 ApI., 1936 Oct .• 1936 ApI. 1937 Ocl. 1937 ~"I., 1938 Oct, 1938 ApI, 1939 Oct. 1939 ApI. 1940 Oct, 1940 SF.Rn s 62 63 M 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 ASSETS DellllqucIII $430,30000 5,700.00 23,90000 306100 3,11320 2,18000 21,46735 $189,72155 LIABILITIES 1\<h .lIltC Pa) mCllts: Dues I utel est lul.t1 Lmlnhllf· ... CAPITAL, Illst.l1lmclll Stock - Ducs Profits APPOIIIOlwd Plofits UnappolllOlled H(~sci \ t' Et('. STOCK ACCOUNT WITH VALliATIONS, APRIL 7, 1941 NU:l.I1IER Sn \RES 10 200 62 58 156 157 182 375 275 2M 183 139 442 168 415 393 347 279 258 347 377 129 37 558.~ -,------- ---~- ----- DUES 1'\11) PER Sit :\IIE $138 (1D 13200 12600 12000 11400 10800 10200 9600 9000 84.00 7800 7200 6600 6000 5400 1800 1200 3600 3000 2400 1800 1200 600 G\IN p,,1t SII \HE 553 R4 4928 44.92 10 76 3680 3304 29.49 2614 22.99 2004 1730 1475 1241 10.27 834 660 507 a74 2.61 168 .96 .44 12 V:\I HE PER Su \'~E $19184 1812R 17092 160.76 15080 14104 13149 12214 11299 10404 9530 8675 7841 7027 6234 5460 17.07 .W74 3261 25.68 18.96 1244 612 \VITJIIlI(A\' \1 V\I UI:: PER SIIARE $19034 17854 1671R 15623 11569 1305 53 12576 11633 10724 9847 9001 8183 7393 66 27 58 87 5167 4468 37.87 31.23 2475 1840 1217 604 s s 356.65 83.70 44035 S3SH,57200 n2.258.13 7,15107 11.00000 $489,72155 ------- \ \lUl, PUI St:nns $ 7.67360 36,25600 10,597.04 9,32408 23,52480 22,143.28 23,931.18 45,80250 31.07225 27,466 56 17.43990 38,08325 34,65722 11,80536 2.1,871 10 21.4->780 16.33329 11,08746 8.41338 8,91096 7,147.92 1,604.76 226.4\ $440.830.13 I he l'ortllIghtl} \\ III 1llt't.:1 at 1 30 ncxt ~fonda\ aftl'nIoon \pnl 7. at thc home 01 ~Irs James Bacon Douglas North Chc~tcr ro,ut and S\\arthmore a\ellue ~c\llIe SdHlle's hook • \n Old Call11\ It)" will hc rnlc\\ed h) ~Irs \rthur L Bassett N,chola, I urke",h "f DartllluUIh " NORMAN S. PASSMORE, Sect'elary \lstllOg ~"s~ Bt:th:'s, daughtcr of f 11::=====================================================dl EASTER EGG SW.\U1HMIIIH_ L 1111~ .. I~'Y ~W..II~ 1 HMtIIH_ (lll.lrr.( BRITISH . < HUNT TOMORROW THE SWARTHMOREAN BENEFIT WEDNESDAY VOL. XIII, No. 15 SWARTHMORE, PA., APRIL II, 1941 '2.50 PER YEAR WM. V. FISCHER PASSES AWAY 31·year Resident of Borough Former Autoear Official, Had Been III Some Time W,lham V F,scher d'ed early Thurs­day mornmg, AprIl 10, at hiS home at Yale and Dickinson avenues where he had been ill scveral months. Born 111 J ul\- 1870 In Brooklyn, N. Y he hrought IllS fanllty to Swarthmore III t910 and had remamed here ever since HIS \ufe Anna l\foorc Fischer passed ana} 111 1936 Youngsters to Seek Eggs in 1941 Bunny Day Event A member of the Swarthmore Pres-h yterlan Church, and a Mason M r If S Ihtn1,l\'S cllIl(i IS a wise tlnl,l h( Fischer retlrcd 111 1928 from the Auto. \\ III hI.' placlIIg all IllS eggs III OI1l 1m ... car Compall\ -\rdmore kct tOllIorro\\ Il\tJrlllllg aud Just IS f.lst SurvI\ IlIg are a son and daughter .IS he (an \Vlten he (.111 find 110 more Char1es I: Fischer of Ihc same address, IIttlc Ilackages of ,eth eggs he \\111 take and 1\f rs Coates Coleman of Lan5 tunc out to t!xam111C \\hat he ha" picked do\\ne, a sister Mrs Edward Titus of Ulr--to see 11 all) {If thc httle \\ax pallcr Engle\\ ood :\l J and fi\ c grandchildren pack 1ges (Ol1talll foldl.'d sitps ot pall('r Tean Suzanne, Charl('~ \Vtlham. and Tohn Burton Fischer, and Coates Cole- entItlmg hll11 to wllcct a large lhuco man, 3rd alld Peter Coleman I.lte 1'f1ZC egg at The S"arthlll'lrean Funeral services \~11I he held at the office There \\111 be 150 pnze ('gg .. house at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, ThiS IS the .lI1l1nal I'ro(c<iure Saturda\ The Rev. Da\id Braun pas- .It 10 A ~f th(' da\ before Ea~ter 111 tor of thc Presbyterian Church wdl the Borough of S\\arthmorc \\hen the officliate AllYl fnendsTlwho wislhl to at- local llU511leSS ASSOCIation SIJOIlS0r~ all tcn( are we comc Icre \VI be no , r I I "II II \Ie\\mg Interment \\111 follow 111 Ar I gg HUllt or ora \Oltngsters 115 \\1 "MR. ANTONIO" TO AID BRITAIN Joint Spousorship by Thimble Group and Players Club of May Production Seeks to Raise FUUlI for Rolling Kitehen For fi\c IIIghts, from 1\la) 27th to ~(a\ 31st Illctusnc, thc Th11nblc Group and the Players Cluh Will prc~ent a henefit play with thc purposc of estab hslllng a fund to purchasc a Rol1mg I Kitchen for Bntalll Dr Andre\\ Francis ].lCkSOIl has ge Iteroush ilgTl ed tn put 011 "M r An tonio," \\ tth all all-Swarthmore C.lst of fa\ontc player~ The play IS onc that has an 1I11f1valed appeal and a real treat I~ III store for everyone It IS hop( d that the prospect of an ev<:nmg's plca­sllre coupled \\ Ilh a deSire to 31£1 the C.IUSC, \';111 fill the Club House to ca­pacity at each of the five performances The necd for mobile Ul1ltS, which Will carry food and serve it hot to the suf· fcrmg people in the war-ravaged areas of England cannot be stressed too strongh· Swarthmore can hclp by sup­plvlllg one such unit Everyone who at­tends thc pll\ IS C()lltnhl1tlllg' to 1t Tickets are now avatJable from Mrs Thomas M Jackson, 238 Park avenue ••• hngton cemetcry, Lansdowne I he thc tenth such c\e"t It has arr mged • I • EaAer holS and guls under 13 \Cars LIBRARY BOARD IN LATE MEE'I1NG I of .Igc ass('mhlc early at Borough Hall Work 0/ American Friends Plaz., 10 >"a,! the announcement of Ihe Service Presented at hunl <II" Clnl"ren se,en ) cars ot.! md S M • I UlHlcl \\ III CI1JO) their hunt III a separ<lte upper eetlng place from thc eight through h'\:ehe 'ear IIlds Postponed Session Hears Com­parative Report. of Librarian for Three-l\lonth Periml SERVICES GOOD FRIDAY 1200 Noon to 300 P M - Communtty Services 8 00 P M - Cantata The Se, en Last Words' EASTER EVE 4 00 P M - Hol3' Baptism EASTER SUNDAY 800 A M - Choral Communion. 9 00 A !\or - Youth Worship for Easter • 9 45 A M - Easter Church School 10 45 A M - "One Small Candle". 11 00 A M - "What Easter Means" 11 00 A M - Easter Worship 4 00 P M - Church School Easter Service Trinity Church Presb~ terian Church Trinity Church Trinity Church Presbyterian Church Methodist Church Presbyterian Church Methodist Church Trinity Church Trinity Church \ ::\feetlllg Suppcr sponsored h\ the S':\arthmore )'lol1thll ~f('d1t1g for the \mell(.tl1 Frl(,llds Sen It l' COtlUllltl(c gathl red SlIml.1\ C\f.'llIl1g \llrtl 0 111 thl m.lI11 .tilling room or thc Cot1q~e Thosc \\ ho (,0111l' eqUipped \\ Ith a bas ket or papcr hag ,\111 not nsk losmg the }l.Ickage of cggs as fast as thcy gather Ih(,111 I he postponed meet1l1g of the Board II!===================================:::::! uf Directors of thc S\\ artlnl10rc Puhhc Llhran \ssoual1on \\ao;; held 011 ~fOll­da, \prli 7 "I'h the fo1\O\\ mg Illem hcn; 1)1 ('''t11t <\hce Barber ~Irs J 1\I~s more Chn11e\ ~rrs Peter I Told GlIl'nther 11 Frochd John I Spl'nC('f Rt.:\ J Janlt'n Gucnther \Valter C Croud and ~ ~.; I~lltltcfl .. I<' \1I1ong the 260 »n sent \\ ('re mcmht I s I II the S\\,lrthmore )'Iet.:tlllg fnemls of the \meflcan Fflcntis Sen Ice \-Vork III S\\ .lnhl11tlre .1Ilt! 'IC11l11\ and Illllllste r<; of the lOl1nnUIlIt\ Pre.: <;1(1(,l1t .md ~I rs 101111 Nason Dr anti ~Irs Hlnry C.HI hUrl, ).fr and ~Irs James Vatl CI.ll llH e Pit kett w(1 ~I r ami ~r rs Rlch.lnl ).fdlcr ht'.uled the hst oj (listinglllshed ~lIests Dr C.ulhun lIolhs Pmle;.sor of Rt h,l.{l011 at Han.lrd \\ho \t'n re('ent" n turnul from a 11I1S~lOn to h.nglaml lil ",cflncd londltlOns III Bntam as hc found them l>arlluti.lrh among the Fnends Jatnt's VatI i>lredor of the Foreign Sed lOll ot the ~l1leflc:1I1 Fflends Scn ICC ConlllJlttl'l' and Clarencc PIckett, hxet ulne Secrelar). spokc brieR}. and H.lch .lnl ).ltllcr Cluk of the Y ('arl) lfeetl11g COIlUllIttee tor ).f II1I~tr) and COllllsel \\ as mtroc:lll((1 The hudget of tht' \1lIt'flt:an Friends Scr\lCC last \car lotaled $1 164,473. and \\ as expcnded \\ tth SII( II careful cconOll1\ that a \en small )mrtlUl1 \\as n'qlllrecl for O\erhe,ul a11(1 alnHl<;t all of It \Hllt 10 Ihe actual ptlrposc~ lor \\Inch It \\as IIllendt'd • I I RED CROSS SEWING MEETS EASTER MONDAY The Red Cross sen mg group, under the chairmanship of )'frs Addison S \Vlckham, wlil mcet Easter Monda\ from ten to four 111 the \Voman's Club Although the group has been concel1- trat1l1g c1l1cfh 011 girls' skirts, turnll1g out approxlIllatel). one hundred, Illam other articles have becn completed b) mcmhcrs 01 Red Cross SC\\ mg, inc1ud­Ing mcn':>. bathrohcs, trousers, 0\ er ails, and all sorts of hables' garments Pcrhaps due to the fact that spr ng IS \\ell on the \\a), attendance of the ned ClOSS group has slack~d off con. sulerahly Rut dcsplte lal\ sprmg da} s 111 Amenca, thc British lIced tlungs Just ~s dcsperateh as heforc And In \Iew of the IIlcrea~lI1g gra\ 11\ of the sltua­tlOl1, all mC1l1hcrs of the sewlllg grollp arc urged to att(,nd Red Cross mect mgs regularl) I I • Legion Auxiliar) l\Im e. Meeting VI' Conte:-.t rulcs are as follo\\ 50 \11\ cllll<l 11\l11g 111 S\\artIUllorcan ternt(Jf\ nr \ ISltmg in S" arthmore IS \\clcome to hunt and IS Chglhlc for a prize 2 Vcn small cluldrcn 111ust ht.: ac t IImpamcd hI' an adult 3 No prizes \\ III be Issucd to dlll(inn o\cr the age Inmt In order to ~CCllre ullIItahlc dl~tnhuhon of pnze~ only ol1e pnze \\111 hc a\\arded to one c1l1ld. Am cluld filldlllA' more than one slip can thnm It hack I11to thl' hunt field or £1\ c It to a fncnd I ac h slip lS numbercd and \\ III he chec ked off as It IS ex chang('d and thc hunt \\ III ('ontmllc lIll ttl all shps are accounted for Thc follmdng 1000ai Imsltlcs:-. pcople arc coo)leratlllg III tillS \Car's Egg Hunt Charle!> Russell Ho\\anl B Grecn, A Gottlleh Chfford Rult1;.e, \ P Smal­Ic\ Joseph Clllhcrto, \ \Va)ne ~Ios­teller Joseph Ccloa B J Ho). \dolph. Ralh"3) l'.xprcss N \V Suplee Rou­quet Salon, ),1 edta Drug Storc, Slnrcr's, Georgl' lfltro, ~farsh's Utlhh: Shop, Jakc's 1 <ulor ShOll, Ed\\ard I. No)cs, S\\arthmorc National Bank, ~[artel Brothers, '-lIcc Barbcr, A. ~I Baird, ~[rs N Peckcrman. S\\cct Sho)), ~lane Donne!} , Paulson and Sons, Dr F A. Patman, Dr R C Ammcrman, ~ladlson Hrothus. Tot ta Shop~ I Illy -\111l ),(11 Imen. Dcw Drol) Inn Co-op 'Muslc Box, ~fasol1 Bulldcrs Harns & COI11- IMm, Orangc Cleaner~, Buchner's GO\\11 Shop Holbhock ShOll, Tra,c1 Bureau \11)( man Store ).ftchaet's Cn cd Bcaut) ~aloll, Peter 1 Told The S\\arth· lIlorcan The lngleneuk ami Strath Ha\ t:ll In11 -~ .... --- Tenth Grade Mothers' l\Ieeting Intcrest \\.IS alou<;ed In the hhranall ~ re(lorl "lllch ~Iul\\ cd (IrclJiatloll (Inflng th, first thne months of th(" to he .IS follo\\.... J .Illllan -2865 I t hruar}-- 250J ~larch-2-t22 I'or thc samc thrce 1110nths 01 1940 the C1f(ulatton lIas Janu<ln-25~6 Fchru .lr)-2549 ~tarch-2628 \ total of 71 nc\\ readl'r", 62 adults .mel 9 dllldrt'll, \\as rt'llorled For the samc I)(,flod last )car tlltre \\t.:re (is adults and 13 c1nldrcn • I • Award Prizes in Movie Benefit Poster Contest The Jlldgl's of the poster (Ontc~t spon sored by the Kappa Kappa Gal1\ma \hun­nae ~s ... octatton 111 conneciu 11 \\ Ith ItS current mOl IC hCl1cfit for relit f of Bnt Ish CllIldrt'n haH annOllllll(1 ~(anhn ).1atl.l\\ce as first prize \\IIIIUI Fran· ces Jenkms and h.ann Ko<.hh:r second \\1th thCH' )Oll1t poster and Rl.'llo,;l' Fure) first honorahlc IIlcnlton Othl'r honorahl(' mentIons 11lchHIe Grace Bre\\" ~fary 1\1 arshall til ather ChamJl101l \hcc Baughn Rosa'he \\'hcrrv 311(\ ~larJe Black Th(' po<;lers \\CI e JlUIg('d I Ir th(,lr ongmahh and for the ston Iht \ car­rted RccClpb from htkeb ... old lart hl'lorc t0111orrO\\ 1l1ght for llCrforl1lallll ... at the ::\ltdla lheatrc \)1111 13 to IH lIldUsl\e \\111 s\\ell the sum of $1700 alrt lIiI ~ent to I ngland 1)\ Ihe IMtlOlIal OIl.! l11lZattoll Thl' tcnth gradc \\ dl hold thc 01 Kappa Kappa Gamma lIndl r It .. ~ora 1110lhll s' 111eetmg of thc Har 111 the \\ .lln FUlld ~111l1(11 latetena at thrcl' oclock ~1on ~tr" II ~Il'rk ).Iullll\ .111<1 )11'" II.", d.l' \pn121 1111. suhJect 1:-. ·Calet.:r ard \V Nl\\ll<I111 "hn all IIIlhllge ~)t OpIMlrtumhes for Il1gh Sdlool Gradu tickets thank those \\ ho ha\\ hdpld .md atcs ' Speakers ,,111 ... trcs", t:areers for urgc Ihost' II ho .irC 1llanlllll!-:" 10 .tHUHI It!)\, and glrb not 1)lanl1l1lg to 'l.ttt'lHll tht.: nun It ~ lit xt \\t'ck 1011l1\ lhllr til kt1s (nIl(:ge hert.: heforl' \prtl 12 THE WEEK'S CALENDAR Legion Cllrd Party to Fete Twenty-first Birthday INEAR TRAGEDY IN BACHMAN HOME I Eight-year-oM Alan l\liraculousIy r\ I ~ .... deb:- IIC 11 cf tht.! r )1.Uld 'lg' I Alhe TbiH Week After of the S\\ .Irthmor(' LegIOn \uxlhar) Acddenlal Wound 01 the Post 427 \\ III take placc 011 ~f a) 2, <It 8 P :M III the High School g) III \1 \1l B II hl11an .lg:( ~ h.ul .1 fightlllg nasmlll, In tht' form of a c.ln! partl I It 1Il( '- 10 11\ t' l1ul 110th pin ... Ioan and as a chanl\ hcnl'flt lhe l.cglon and I},tTlnh \\t.:rc hoptlul 111 \1(\\ of IllS ex auxlhar\ \\ III be ho!.ls ami hostcsse:'>- ttlll!lItl" < IIl\(l1t1(111 .1' tll1~ JlIJll'r'!\ dcad Commandcr Hubcrt B.lssett and )'lrs !tne 11ll'ro 1(l1e(1 FII tl11.lU I Ills Rl.lI11~e)· ~lcxal1dcr E\\ IIlg sponsoring the oc- (Ion.ltt" hlowl tur .1 tral1sllls1011 on ~fon CaS1(lll (Ia\ \Ian \\ I'" ... hol throug-h Ihe head \\lth lhe auxlhar) has cUllIe of age, for <l N lahll1~ fl\(,htr .It 10 o'c101k Sun hHlIh ·olle years ago tillS month the «la, IlIghl h\ IllS hrothtr SI.l1lle\ 16 111 chartcr \\as recclved A la\\1l fete and the hulroolll the h,o hm .. "l1ared in the c,lrd party \,ere held th.1t )ear at the .tpartlllll1t home o\er tht:lr IMTents mar home of ),[rs E A Stockton, the pres- ht at 514 Yale a\e1HIl ent resldcnce of Dr and )'frs Georg:~ ~fr and ~Ir:-. \rthllr \\ere Cros~ at thc Juncture of Prmceton and att('ndmg' a 1110\1(" and thl hn' s \\ erc Harvard ,lvenues The sum of $370 \\ as (Ir('ssed for ntlnng: and Ihtt:1l11lg- to the ralscd radiO III tlu Ir room \\ 11111 .l('(ordmg to In 1922 the post and auxlhar). had sn Stank" h(" hcar(1 a 1100sl' <lO\\l1stal£s 111 cstabllshed themselves that thc Pia) ers I thc store Thc "tore h,ul hce1l rohhed fi\c Club gale ItS proceeds of a pIa) to lor SIX \('ars ago and III :-.llIte of tht.! tact thiS OrgalllzatlOll Thc next )ear thl that IllS tatller had found hUll \\lth tIlt: auxlltar). under Mrs. Georgc \V gUll "eltral \\('ek~ earhcr taken It fro7 Ca:o;c) s gUIdance, held mcettngs til hl111 and .,cautlOncd hUll 11('\ er to touc 1 Borough Hall It gave a Christmas hox It 19am St.l11lc, "a!'; \\orned and felt he to lIt Alto, and remembcrcd Lcague should g-d It lIo\\e\cr 11l' s3ul hI.: dccl(led Island Hospital suhstalltlall) nol to p;o do\\ n<;talrs hut 1I"'lcad retuf11ccl In 1924 Mrs ... ~[ Meyers Icd thc 10 Ins rflOIl\ .l1Id lo(kcd Ihe door from Ihe auxi IJ ar) • '\, I IIC I1 rcsor tCI( t0 cak e •a 'l(1 InSide \Vllul I tIIl1eI (l.'l",sl'd aI nd noIt hmthg rummagc sa Ie s ro r c 1I artI) F.. 0 II 0'\\ II1 9 hap)lt'l1('d th(' )0\ ll'gan 10 p a) Wit I I e 'I 'I 'I TI D as gUll He saul \Ian told hllH to put 11C ~\ rs .1.\) ers, ~,rs 101l1as o\vns I f I I II 0 I f gun alIa, a ... It \las a raJ( I illig I g presulcnt \\ as rcspOIlslh e or r.lIsmg c.r I" I I I I I' I I 011 \ an ~at fill t 1(' rig 1 :'>U I.' 0 ,1 ~ mone). for a motion pIc-lure mac 1t1l(' I f G 'F H tIlt as 1\\ 111 hul \\ 1uft' Stanln .... 11 on t 1(~ oppo I o~ ra) s f errYI O~PI a aStl \\e K t "lIt' ~H1r 01 the hul f.lung 111m ami re- 1(' pll1g Hto UTllIS WI a rlo0l111 111 Ie a c 1lI00ed the .. hd).., from the rnolHr \p Rarrctt ome 111 as ling 011 I , par('nth he did nol kilO" t lere \,cr(' SIX Under Mrs Joscph 5 ).,( ahn s Icad "Ildls 01 llsC Itt fallt'd to connt and <;t.:e crslup 10 1927, Grav's Ferry Hospital III h.nlon" fln1O\ecl tHe He Jll111ul the \\as "slteo four tlllles that ), th( tng).!tr onCi \\lth onl, a rl''''lIltant dick al1xlhan supphlllg four Chnst!l1aS bas- hut tht: "tt ,n(1 t1t111 It ,,('111 off The soft kets and enterlalllment at "Inch tll1HS I( Itl hllJltl IlItlied \lal1's htul Jt"'t ahme )'frs Ro) \V Delal'Ia111c and ~Ir~ tht Itlt l'l pa" ... t(1 Illnlllgh till 111alll land G 1 Ullman gavc thclr ~el"\ IC('S l!.Ino\\" nl1 ... :-.1I1g \ Ital (llllers ami I'" Sllcceed1l1g: preSidents ha\c heen .. mrl IfI.m tilt: :>.ul( huk 111 tht h(,l.d \fr~ Gtorge P \\arrcll 1Il "hOSl ad Ilnlllg; an I\lllturl Ihout t,,1) mdH':s III 1111111stratlOll $25 "as gl\el1 to "clfart.: (h.t1l1tter \ hole 01 hkt: "IZt.: "as 101ll1d $3890 tor nhahlhtatlOu a medal 111 the 111 tht \\01.11 III thl.' Illom 11\ Patrolman Sixth gradc to Flora Ihan and $407 Ihll" \ Pltl .... 1 lr hilI thl hulkl It cicarul for futnre gcnera1 charth \\urk "til hll 11'Ptllllth (hopplil tIO\,,, h(' ~Jrs Herhlrt nass("lt gUld(o til( grollli (,\(lll tilt Ill1tllll1ll'" SATURDAY APRIL 12 through all (\til hrOHkr t.:1I11palgn til '-'1111ll\ IlIlllltl Illlltd tilt! hI pllt thl Somervillo Day Swarthmore Colit'RC' gl\lIIg mula!s to S\\arthlllnrl a1ld ~lnr I g1l1l n Ill" hUltau lIUltlllnl 1)1 (,t,nge I~:::g :n:t 900~N:AL ~~vYn~~ures B~r~~I~r H:r'::~~~~ tnn schools \\Chare, rchalllht.llion ex B 11t.:1 kill 111 MONDAY. APRIL 14 tra partv to thc hoI'S at Gray's Ferry \1m (1111 Hot h('('ome enllreh unlon ConjJcr.ltmg \\lth the Brlttsh Rthd I 1000 A M. to 4 00 PM-Red Cross Sewing Woman's Club Hospital The St1lll of $lR650 \\as slln\ls for Dr l-1c(kIlMll tOllll<l 111m III a II ('lI('hl Bn<i}::-( Parh to he held 111 the TUESDAY, APRIL 15 raised that J' ('ar and ~hs Charle ... slate 01 s<:1111 1.00hCI0l1SIlC~~ and he has a f IUllnon ot lI(xt \\ edlll.'sda\ the \lIla I 2 30 P M -/>.ftemoon of Book Reviews Womans Club Dra\o \Hote and read a l11storv on the lallsl" mtn a hk( comhtltlll at tnncs Ican LegIOn \u:'<lhar, \\hlch usual" WEDN~~D AY. APRIL 16 RaltmlOre Plkc .\reh and thc mHo nuII ,,111(1 a1l11ou~o h hc ua ... 1<'11 \\lth control I1 0 I< Is Us TlIonthh mcctmg at that tmll.' 1000 A M to 4 00 PM-Red Cr068 Sewing , Presbyterian Parish House 111(111 at Swarthmorc Borough a 01 all mLHcl11111ts ("xccpt a Imrttal paral- Il as 1110\('<1 Ib 1I1eett1lfT \Ill ttl II \ ~f 1000 A M to 4 00 PM-Red Cross Surgical DresFsirnognst & JacksOn at Me d l a The puhhc IS asked to htlll thl!,; aIc \"'1" of on(' 'Ide ot tl1l' tacc and lIas ahle TII cre II III he a bUSlIIl~" ~ SCsslOn and hox I11.00 A .M -Le.glon .Au-ll iary Borough CHall lubt1\C: o-r('l'a l111.atlOn to ralSc money for t dle 10 talk "lIh Ins parcnt-- al1(1 ask for I1 I11cheoll Hostesse~ \\111 s('f\e d(,ssert 270405 PP MM -BCrottulDschl l RSeiUte f Bridge Benefit WBoorrnoaungSh Hall Rld Cros!\ and othcr charitableb neI e IsI la,onle ttlods at the ho ... rntal fhe doctor A 1l1l·ltlllg of thc - b\ att("n<img the card parh to e Ie ( nnnW{hatlh notlficd the Ta,lor ~Iemonal (OIllUlIttce plannmg I THURSDAY APRIL 17 II le I .eglon card parh on :\Ia\ 2 \\ III hc I 200 P 1\1 - Frtendly Circle 109 S PrInceton A,enue 111 cclehratlon of the annn (fsar) nn IfnSll1tal RullcoJl Park anti Ihc \)ohce; I I • l __ .::::::..:.:.=_.:..:.==:....== _______________________ -'I~{a'\: 2 (rontmfl~d 011 Pao~ ElohtJ Ie d tOl1lght ~

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.'~ APRIL . • . PERSONALS , . . was .olemniz~d. 'at Media. Sunday while Mrs. Moltz will stay with Christ' Church, her da.",~~r J.Dr. P4rt.Q(,neld week. 'Mr';~rd'AsbtOn of. Elm avenue After the wedjJing. a reception was New ... Hneof'Cann. . '.' '.'; .... '. 'au ~::;....w P1cire-' aedtli;':Baker .~. ,. ~... /1. 8-,...~... f" rom . Swarthmo, r.e . •". .'"..'". 1._ .e._. in Mrs. E. O.Lang~ and sons Robert and Ernest, Jr. 01 Langwood; Baltimore pike are motoring to Montgomery, Ala. to visit Bob Lange, a flying cadet the air corps who is stationed at the advanced training school at Maxwell Field, Ala:· ·They wiD be accompanied by Mi •• Jannette Disque of Charlottes­ville, Va. Mr. and Mr •. ; R!'y W. Delaplaine ani! son Ricliard" of ;~riie.ll aven~' left Satu~day t<i, motiyt .t!". ,;.S. t •. PetOtib... urg, Fla. Robert. Dellip18lnl\' ,a. stutltll!t at Wofford COIl~ .. SI':itt~nburit..:t.S. C. will join his pa"'!i~ for his sprin'g va­catioQ.: T.h.e_. Del3pJa~nes wi~l>re~~m home In ten days. .~ - , ·r.~· . ... . .• " • ""'l..n 1 .Mrs.A. G,. M.cVID>.'!flcie of Front Roya~ Va. arrived Aprl! 4 to visit Mrs. McVay's parents Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Hills of'Elm averiue through the Easter holiday: Mr. and Mrs. Hills. will celebrate tlieir 40th wedding' anniversary tonight wtth a theater and dinner party in the city. Mrs. McVay will be hostess to a re­union of the girls who graduated from Swarthmore High School in '32· on Easter Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. James of Yale avenue entertained. ~unday after­nOOn with a tea in honor of their SOD­in ... law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Wil­liam C. Campbell who were married March 29. Out-of-town visitors among the 125 or so guests were: Mr. and Mrs. William Dlias, Mrs. CampbeJl's aunt and uoclep and their daughter Ruth' from Scranton, Pa.; Miss Dorothy Reydel of Westfield,N. J.; Mrs. Pryse Thomas· of. _Elmhurst,. Pa.; and Mr. and' Mrs. Charles Wood,' uncle and aunt of Mr. Campbell, of Westfield, N. J. and formerlyo! Swarthmore. Mr. and Mrs~ WiHiam Freegard of Swarthmore avenue and Mr. Fteegard's sister Miss ~uth Freegard left ye-ster­day on a 'trip to Washington, n: C. and Williamburg, Va. Upon their ·retum·.Miss Freegard win visit with her brother and sister:'·in-Iaw for a week before leaving for her home in East Lansing, Mich. . Th,e _.. M .iss~s J?:lJa and Marian Tappin will arrive today from East Orange, N. J: to spend the Easter week-end with Dr. and Mrs. Horace ]d. Hopkins of Swarth­more Crest. . Elizabeth and Jane Nixdorf were to Mary Corse, Polly Told, McCowan, and Janie Evans on After luncheon the group dyed eggs and played games. When left for home each Jittle girl bad a gay Easter basket filled with a dozen brightly colored eggs. Mrs. Frederick Griest and three- week old "daughter Marian. of Ambler are spending a short . time with Mrs. Griestts parents Mr. and Mrs. N. Walter Suplee 6f 'Yale avenue. . Mr. and Mrs. T. R. SiHnek of Pali· sade Park, N. J. spent last week-end with and Mr.: .liervey Sdmmacher of flaver-I ~:':::. by the brid.~s parents at their ford avenue spent Wednesday of last II Mrs. Barden'. only attendant week in New York attending the national Miss Emily Campion of Lapidea Y . W . C . A . meeti. ngs. HB illds, anbd thh e best man Mr. Kenneth ar en rot er of the groom. Nancy Lou Alger formerly of Swarth- Mrs. Barden i, a graduate of Swarth-more is arriving today·· to spend the HO week.end .with Jessie aod Harriet Gilbert more Igh Sehool in the class of '33, • 1.11. Holyoke CoDege, and Northwest-of Park avenue. Nancy Lou now lives in ern University where she received her Bridget9/l., N,. J .. . .' :. . .M S . degre e. • Mrs.·.]. bas: reiunled; Mr. Barden is an 'assistant professor her home .m OhiO. after at Nor~hwes~ern' University' and is visiting. her-.:;o·n completing wOl;'k on his doctor's de- Mr. and Mrs: Grant she' recently a,ccon1panied on. their r~­moval from' . Swarthmore . to. pall,." I , BirtIu! 1928"nd from Dr~"el I~lute.a year laiet in' Library Science. After a year's. employliJent .at B'1n ·Mawr· College Li­brary she became cataloguer at the Yale Divinity School libraries which she served for nine years. '- .D·r. and ·.l{r, .. Roy .W. Harkness 'of Rutledge annOunce the birth of a daugh­ter on April-~ aHhe Presbyterian Hospi­tal in _ Phladtlphia;.Tht· baby who has not ,,,et· been."",med·.weig~· 5Y.· pounds at birth. Both. mother .arid· daughter are doing ~!cely., Mrs. Sirinek's parents Mr. and Mrs. , I , The first grandchild' of Mr. and Mrs. TIIe.~ CIon ,. _ .... :I'i - }ohn .. I!, Ludy!ig, Jf; 'of Walnut lane. E~ro~18 . .•.. Henry J. Hanzlik of Cornell avenue was c.n 440 ·Mi;~··iieiiyn:~ta.ot 'North Ches-' . c', ter road left .T.~ ...' ' a~ifo.1. Williamsburg, Mrs. J. 'll~rvey Wh!t~an o'·T1j'~· l«>rn to Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. H~nz- ftM er •• fo·,,·. "'1 I .. lik, Jr. of Cornell avenue on Monday .,.. night, April 7, at the Fitzgerald Mercy . RUSSELL'S SERVICE Hospital. The baby who bas been Mary Arthur weighed 6 pounds 20 ounces DarImoath .... "".7- A_ Va. where ~he.,wj\l ;;jlit'J<iends at the Sw..rthmore bas 'ailiu,>unce(f'!he eut.r&,ec College of ,WilIlatn allit·¥lary.. ment of her danght!,r Miss Margaret . . . . . . ,o. . Whiteman to Mi. Paul Heston Mr. and 'Mr~;' j. -C. Modeler and Mr. I U1lau Snyder of. Swarthmore. ·avenlle. Ben Sanfoql of KnoxVille, ·Tenn. were announcement was made. at a lunch­the week-erid gUests of Conimander and eon at Rolling Green Country Club on !~~u~loyd H'arrison "Of Stnith·,,' Saturday. at birth. "We ~" IIIlI _ w ....... ftft_~- Mrs. Philip Sell;;:;-formerly of 320 N'liiF;;~~~~~=::~;;'1 Mr. Snyder is the nephew of Mrs. Virginia Hay. daughter :of . Mr. and Margaret C. Free.dley and the son of Mrs. Edward Hay of Ogden avenue en- the late Mrs. Gladys Cunningham Hall tertained Saturday at luncheon in honor Snyder. His grandfather Mr. William of her eleventh .b~rthd~y. -Her guests"were H. Hall was associated with Swarth­the girls of the College .avenue sixth more College for many years having been grade. . , '.. Superintendent from 1887 to 1900. Mrs. Viola G. Peterson of The Chester road is the proud grandmother of Garrett Houston Baker born Febru­ary 26t 1941 in New Haven Hospital, ·Mr. and Mrs. James Hanna of Vas­sar avenue are spending this week-end at their cottage at Ocean City, N. J. Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Murray of Prince­ton avenue visited· in New York City Swarthmore announces the engagement . d J:' m·l· 01 her daughter Miss Gwladys M. Peter- an re· rzers son to, Mr. Jack B. Dienna son 'of Mr. last week-end. Mrs. George A. Hoadley of Walnut Ja'ne had as her guests last week-end Arthur G. Hoadley. of Chicago, Ill. President of the midwestern division of the Atlantic and Pacifi~ Company, and and Mrs. Daniel F. Dienna of Jenkin- N WALTER SUPLEE town, Pa. Miss Peterson is a graduatel~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'~~~~~~~~~ of Friends' Central 'School, Overbrook, SWARTHMORE 105 and is a member -of . the J one graduating class of. Hood College, Frederick, Md. IHDUDlDDDIIDIDIllHlnlDDUHUlHlntUlUnmllllDDlwnnnllllhilldlBDlDmall,llmtUHUfiilddHlBl1IIlIllllDIRUlDDDlIIIIUBDIIIIII Mr. a graduate of the Penn-son and daughter-m-!aw Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hoadley and baby Stephen. The latter visited from the Agricultural Experimental Station, College Maryland. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fitts and three daughters spent last week-end in At­lantic City. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. William E. Shmidheiser and children of Moylan. Dr. and Mrs. Max Hootman of Wash­ing~ on. Pa. arrived Wednesday on their way home from Fla. to spend a few days with their son-in-law· and daughter Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tone of Wallingford Hills. . sylvania State College and is a member Its a thrt'll to ~t'nd 01 the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. The J ' wedding will takei;cein the fall. PERCALE SHEETS To Wed April 19 The wedding of Miss Josephine Koth- at the pri~ 0/ Muslin stein daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 72 X 108 Hemmed-$I·.30 90 X 108 Hem. med...-· $1.70 Kothstein of Ottsville, Pa. and Mr. Robert C. Ziegler son of Mrs. Mabel 45 X 38 Cases--35c Holtz of Lancaster, Pa. will be per· SUMMER CO F formed on Saturday afternoon, April MORTS 19, in Aldan, Pa. !til Covered with dainty rosebud batiste $2 95 .Miss Kothstein is secretary to Dr. 3: filled with snow .. wbite colton. . . . . . • The Original ill :: ;;;. : ; :Miss Frances Burlingame dean of EI· mira College, Elmira. N. Y. and .Miss l-fary Scott of Chile, S. A. arrived Tues· day morning to,· be the guests of Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Horner of Henry A. Piper of Yale avenue until Baltimore, .Md. will spend the Easter yesterday. On Tuesday evening the Phila .. week-end with their son-in-law and delphia chapter of Elmira alumnae ·enter. <!~ughter Mr. and Mrs. C. Irwin Gal' tained with a dinner at the Penn Alh- breath of _Benjamin West avenue, letic Club in honor of Miss Burlingame Gordon' W.·· Douglas of North Ches­who was a member of the Swarthmore ter road is spending his Easter vaca­College fa~ulty before going to El!Dira. tion visiting his brother Captain Rob-fredrick A. Patman and Dr. Richard C. == Ammenrian and resides at Dickinson ave­nue. After a week's wedding trip she will == resume her office duties he·re. ._;;;.~_ , , I Barden-Slavera ;; On last Saturday afternoon the mar­riage of fMiss Elizabeth Oat Stavers daughter 'bf Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Stavers of Moylan and Mr. Albert A. Barden, Jr. 5011 of Mr. and Mrs. Al­bert" · A., Barden of Providence, R. I. H. T. PATrERSON'S LINEN SHOP 1318 WALNUT STREET ". PEN, 0694 PBlLADELPBIA B ... 1908 tlllllRllllllnllllllllllllllllllllnll\lCllUloUe II. McCurdi /a CIlarpJnlllWllOlOnHlIummUllllU ~ I ="" Miss M~ry- .Pusey and .Miss· Alice ert H. Douglas at Fort Devens; Mass. Ayres of North Chester road are spend- . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moltz of Wil­ing a week on St. Simons Island off the harI)sport, Pa. will arrive tomorrow to coast of Georgia before going to spend visit their son-in-law: apd da~ghter Mr. a week or two in Charleston, S. C. view· and Mrs. Ralph Ashton Nixdorf of Yale ing the gQrden:s~·.f:·' ': ..... ~.:. ...... ~!~nue. Mr. Moltz wilt return home On Mrs. 'Carl,'ae Moll' of" Pa'rk avenue ~~~. ;;' ~~-~~~;~j~'~' F] entertail)"~.')h.~ Art Club on Friday af-ternoon :;t\'Pril.- 4. when the study of con-temporarr. an:jsts was continued. Betty :1C~~( of Harvard' avenue and Anne Wtjiy.'.of Walnut lane left Wed· nesday, ~p.ri~'-.9 by train for .. Miami, Fla. where tt(ey ~\.Iil1 spend their ~pi;l,1g vacl­tion. They .. ;, stay with Mi"ss' Krase's· grandfat,!ieci.':Mr. I. H. Kart>er . their ted<~*~~ .. vjsit. -,. ~ . '- , ... Nancl',K,ing'slaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis W.· King of College avenue. left Tucson,'· Ariz; c·Wednesday for Mexico' City when: she wilL-:witness the Easter fiesta;:~arl~y.and two friends ·are making the trip -dur:iiig- their spring ·vacation from the Univ~rsity of Arizona. " . M'ANOR .. ~ PRlDAY-SATURbAY Co~tbulOUS Saturda:;r l::M-ll:H . ..fnn ~rlfe SH$llD~ • BRENT '~Honeymoo:it for Three~' SUNDAY - MONDAY - TVESDAY Continuous &UDdQ'-2-11:30 P.M. Cary /(atharine. GRANT • . HEPBURN' JAMES STEWART In HI.:Aeadem,. Award' .R.ole· "The Philadelphia ,.,. Story'" '.' ", . I I I '-In o"Seff"tlce _~f· -Qo9d. FrIda, WI thea~. ~~ be~·,closed- ubtU 3 P .. II. .. -. ' .. . 8T&RT8 TODAY . Two Acad.elDJ· Awarcl WlImers GINGBR BOGBBS JAMBS STI!W .... T '. . bl . .. "J'IYACIOUS LADY" Added Att,.ctloD. -llareh of 'l'Ime uAU8T~1A. AT W.&B.~ MED'fA LAST 2 DAYSr F'IUIIAY - SATURnAY Jame., Sl~art Katharine Hepb~f7 Grant "TUB PHIL.4DBLPIiu STORY" .... _ starts at 2:_':1_:10 PInt RuD. World He ... ~ " BoUl' 8h~w Satun\a.J' Afternoon at 1:31 "SKY BANDITS" . 2-Cartoons-z And 1st and 2nd Chapters of Renfew Sertal "i\IYSTBRIOUS DR. SATAN" All ChUdren lOe EASTER SUNDAY ONLy Gene AutQ lD. ''lUD1f-n ON A RAINBOW" MOHDAY-TtlESDAY AIm SlIIeridan - Georp Brent , . CbUlIe _,I .. "HONEYMOON roR THREE" Now for Easter &be Nora "ala !Cop1 •• O ......... STARTS FRIDA), ' .. "ANDY HARDY'S PRIVATE SECRETARY" . with MICKEY ROONEY LEWIS STONE STI\RTSSI\TURDI\Y BARBAlU STANWY'CK HENRY FONDA /a "THE LADY. EVE" STARTS THURSDA), RALPH BElLAMl'·--. MARGARET UNDS.\Y· /a "EUery Queen, Master Detective" :FRIDAY "BEHIND THE NEWS": wItIa LLOYD NOLAN SATVliDAY "THE PINTO KID" Wllb P .... '.ES .,.~ / .. '. ., .. BY -DONALDSON OF MEDIA WbO brm,s to your veQ doorstep the BEST MODERATELY Pru~ED CLOTHES . . . . MADE IN AMERICA TODAY .. Falht01lJJltOOked simUltaneoUSly with FIfth Avellue Shops· Afternoon' Gown. ,,~ C"Jir'llleCardell - ali Hen in J! o~. ami H~per''' Dell."t/,,' I".nioro ",. A.lray'. illu .. rIo ... dulpero '. '. Morni", Prod.. b~ lane Eftn.·· Coat. ami Sult.·bT''''' lamed Ho...., .. ol S .. an.d ........ And JnaIU' othen . .4 COLLBCTlOlV EJ!ERY IlVTBLLlGBlVT WOMAN SHOULD SEBt Si~ 9 10. 42 -PRICES $13.95 10 ,29:95 .203 WEST STATE S'J'REET OPEN EVENINGS TELEPHONE MEDIA 2153 '. BRIDGE SALAD LUNCHEON • Last y~ar's innovation proved so popular we are. repeatmg a season of these delightful SSc lunch .. eons beginning next Wednesday, April 16. Come alone ?r bring any number of guests and afterward enJoY. cards, if you like; amid the hos­pitality and lovely surroundings of, the .Inn. , . • ~TRA.TH·HA VEN INN ...... ~VARD AVENUE c···,·.·· ',' 'tii:BPJtONl! SWARTHMORB .... "fi ' .. ; .... .' .· BRl'l1SB W, O~. . AWAlT KITS' .. To date therespOriae to the second appeal for Red Cross kits for· the women 01 England has been nil A number of month. ago Swarthmoreans prepared 76 kit. "ontai1ting .personal items needed by those who have lost their homes and' equipment suddenly. Recently anothe~ appeal for 20,000 .... ch kits was issued, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter's share of which 'ihey.ll~irs~i)he :~JfVi~~ daughter Shirley retnrnOd' on Tuesday to Colby -Junior College, New LoiIDOR, N. H. . '. JIVll' .... _. IIOW _ "·mtANtoNlo" PLAYERS·Q.UB May 27 to 31 1'1.";0 for Row... kiteben forilntaln TlCUTln E W I Mrs. Hervey Schumacher· of Haver­ford avenue recently returned from ·a three weeks' trip to California during which she visited. her brother and sister­in · law Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Alrich in Los Angeles. At Ba .... " 2 .. TGUt" or hOlD Mro; T. II. JadrJOD; 1131· ...... A ........ OF TIlE WOMAN'S CLUB will amount 'to 3,000.' ... Swarthmore has' always responded heartily to the requests of those in stress that it is believed the excitement of spring vacation and Ejlster is ac­countable for the lack of response EI~;'D RenIta' in this last appeal which appeared in The result" of the bien'nlal elections The Swarthmorean of March 28. Yet held April 8 in the·clubhouse are pres- what more appropriate time than ident" ¥rs. J. Paul Br:own; first vice- Easter is there to invest $1 to equip presidenl;' Mrs. S~ . Murray . Viele; sec- a kit for an English neighbor? ond vi~e presi~ent, Mrs. ·Edward C. It is only because headquarters can Prescott; recordipg secretary, Mrs. T buy in. quantity that the various ar­K. B'rown; corresponding se,,,etary,1 tieles supplied in the kits can be ag- Mrs. F. Norton LandOn ~ trea}urer, gregated for that sum per kit. George"· A." ''HOadley; directors, Mrs. Contributions of cash should be sent Arthur W.· Binns, Mrs. .Rofimd L. now to Mrs. Edward M. Bassett. 315 Eaton, Mrs. Peter E.' Told, and Mrs. Chester' road, who will forward Birney K. Morse; Board of admissions, the money to Philadelphia headquarters M rs. W . F . H anny, M rs. B e nJ'a m m. W . for conversion into kits to be credited Collins, Mr~. William ·Earl Kistler, and Swarthmore branch assistance. Mrs. Joseph S. Seal. ' I , Tea Reaervation. Needed IDusb-ated AI8skan Lecture Mrs. Joseph H. Perkins will give a teil at her home from 3 to 5 at 530 The Delaware County Garden Club Cedar lane April 16. for the benefit will close its lecture series with an ad­of the Garden Sections Rutgers ave- venturelogue by Cornelius Vanderbreg­nue planting project. Because the gao, Jr. next Thursday eveni!1g, A~ril 17, space is limited it will be necessary to at 8 P. M. ·Mr. Vanderbreggan wtll pre­caB Mrs. Perkins or Mrs. Ross Mar- sent southeastern Alaska, a breath-tak-riott for a reservation. ing trip through' a tropical northland Final Co. Federation M~t where beautiful flowers grow near age­old glaciers, berries· thrive on the slopes The third and last meeting of the of snow-capped mountains) and modern Delaware County Federation of Wo- cities dot the wilderness, men's Clubs will be qn . Thur.sday, Th..tecture will be illustrated with nat- 24, at the Haveriord Township Hi,ghl School. The Oakmont-South Ardmore ural color slides. Donations of cash for American seeds Llanerch and Manoa Woman"s clubs for British soil will be received at this will be the hostesses. Luncheon will be served in the cafeteria. For reserva- meeting to purchase American vegetables tions call Mrs. Roland L. Eaton, before for England-.- -.,.,.,--- April 20. NEWS NOTES Doable doors open wide at The S .. ·arth' I morean office the -day before· Ea.ter let In aD the holden of.' prize winnl"ll alipa, eaBer to aeeure th~ir reward. of lar .. e ehocoJate Easter ea ••• Tommy Marshall son of Mr. and ~rs. John Marshall of Lincoln avenue is trav­eling with the Princeton University Glee Club through Florida and southern cities during his spring vacation. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ward and their daughter Shirley of Strath Haven avenue return~ Sunday from Miami, LAWN RAKES Bamboo flexible leelh for raldq dead leaves, mowed ....... aDd A Truly Appropriate EBster Gift STERUNG SILVER CROSS AND CHAIN $1 <_ Set with _uUtaJ MaJadt4j) 8e1Uq _wb_ ulU&h as.... _ WILTSHIRE BROTHERS 100 E. STATE STREET, MEDIA 'PROMB IDDU mt· FOR SMART MILLINERY Visit The' BONNIE HAT SHOP at 50 South 69th St. • Garden. Go on Dioplay eleandu. la...... PAr' F Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Tyson, Jr.. rices e rom have returned from their wedding trip N' w· a\j··'T· 'E'R"S"UP' LE'E The GardeQ ;·Sectioll .is sponsoring· a display oi' Sw'arthmbre Gardens for the month of May. Anyone who would lit-e to show her gar~en is asked to call Mrs. J. Warren Paxson. and are now living at Jackson and Balti- • ftL $1.95 to $10 moBree foarvee nhueers 'm ina rMriaegdeia .M rs. Tyson was 11~==:S:W=AR=':r:H:M:O=B:E=I:0:5===~l!~~~~~=~~~~~~::~~~~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~ Miss Constance N. Shannon of Ansonia, Brldee Date Ciaaolled Conn. The wedding took place on March Members of the Evening Section please note the change in date for the next rotation bridge party. Due to the movie benefit to be held . April. 20 to 25, Media, the briCIge·· party ·""·iil·, ;·be ' .. April 15th, at the home of Mn. George B. Thorn, Blackthorn Road, Walling­ford. PJease notify AI rs·. Thorn if you plan. to attend. . Fetes Mrs. Hiester Mrs. Alexander Ewing of Dartmouth avenue entertained a group of 12 guests for luncheon at the Ingleneuk on Tues­day. The guest-of-honor was Mrs. Rae Biester who spoke before the Woman's Club that afternoon. •••• NEWS NOTES Nancy Henry, ~{argie Sheppard, Theo Hulme, Barbara Nason, Libby Garrett, Libby Rutan, Pete Miller, Ford Wig­gins, Harry Brown, Dick Brown, Bob Toole, Jim Bowditch, and Milton Fus­se. 1t entertained about 130 guests at a dance at the Woman's Club on Wed­nesday evening. The Philadelphia alumnae chapter of Alpha Phi, a national sorority, ·held its monthly reunion card luncbeon on Wed­nesday of this- week at the In~~~:~~~~ Mrs. Edwin A. Yarnall of The attended, represented her chapter at ton UI1:iversity. :. . l-frs·. Charles ·N. Hale wl~o· h~s been ~pending the last month· in ·~.ami, Fla. IS. expected to return next week to her home at The Swarthmore!. Mrs; H~le will be accomp~nied _ by her fal~~r .~~d mpther ·Mr. and Mrs; Ernest Pt'~ot ot \Vilmington, Del. MURRAY'S- ..• . ~ ., , . .... , .. ~"rt S. cliaf/nl:rl!. l M. ,m. e C. lo,h •• . 621 Edgmon~ Ave. . ..: . . Chester EVENING SBcnON PHILANTHROPIC FUND MOVIE BENEfIT MEDIA THEATRE APRIL 20 TO 25 Sun...,. Apdl ze-uBoI'der Le&tolI." ani "Ornm'.1' 01lt Loud" 21. II-"PhUalielpllta' Stor7" Z3-'-"LIWe Mea" 24, ~"I'Ile vtramJaa" Ticket. sSe ........ .w __ n_ ..... I in Ansonia with Mrs. Tyson's father * S WA R·T HMO R.E the Rev. T, J. Shannon conducting the ceremony. She had her two sisters as matrons':'of-:-honor; -and Mr. Joseph Jolm-I son·of New Haven, ·Conn. was best .A small bridat" dinner was given ~y Rev. , 4 , S and Mrs. Shannon after the wedding. " .,.. P . • .. " Mr. Tyson is 'the son of Mr. and Mrs. ••• . O.,..,.O'~ . Warren A. Tyson of Harvard avenue. . la .. Dr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Luehring 1£0 .... ' and son Davidson of North Chester road I.... left We<lnesday morning to motor to • -.. . New London, Conn. where they will Drl •• 1 • visit Mrs. Luehring' •• ister Miss Marie . .., H. Davidson secretary tei the president of Connecticut College for Women, un­til after Easter . -.-.---------- The Man Who Cornu To Dlnn ... Q' dro". in lor lunrh ott Ih. Snu. Lit'" SUBURBAN CAFE. tJtItJ co*cktail , ""II~f' Mllin Cnncu .. rft. P R R SU'l1 rban Statioo ta .U1'e of an enjoyable meal, wfthoul hurr, _amid r ... nt aurroundlnlllil . _and 1111 reaJlQnabl. pJ'kPfo Luncllooru-Jrom .,0, DinnerJ -from HSc Coe.,all HOllr,_J:OQ '0 0:00 P.M Penon._ Supervlliol1 O •. UIU1')' R. Tulb Geastrr • WOULD YOU AT EASTERTIME THE WVES AND FRIENDSHIPS OF YOUR UFE? sfi!1:.~~ : ) foitit . ,_ MESSMIR ST . . .' is toughest-stOP . . laces where drtVlng . at its best. W. '11 take you to the Ppl 'd DN1Jing shoWS up COMJ! ON! '::eDtetS .... that's where UI.. . k out of 1II0toting. 'You streets, traffi.c . pi '" Dri1JB takes the wor • stOppinf and s_t-hoW UIU' ing stal'tlog, 'ft' Let us shoW youwn for bours ..• stOPP b tbe clutcb or gea,s ,. . cllIigo through to 'U n,WeI' ba1JB to tOUC • h l'ght noW tn a . and yOU " d 'vtng- ere r . ing agatn. tOl11orrpw.s. ~~ S itflre engtDes .•• . ~e'd \ike iu~o;'i~?:g wit!' Ch~er ::~t\:::a..!er yOU want when Chrysler .•. ~ transmission wb.tch g ro )ler on a plane!. . and Vaca~at1'ke·the variable-p.tch p pe.. . Pluid DN1JB freed frolll yOU want It, h . .--; tho feel of tbis new drtve: .• is at its very wotSL We . and' get e here the gotng Come I.n '. on the byWays ~ lse like it! ',! earsllifung .• ;. "·"Iutely· ~- .\..... ." . ~ . • . g . IIIt'se-there s a.,..,. . p. r. o.' ·fO R 5AfETY·.' . .' ... . C:utch with nUIII Dn"e\ ..... y'brvs , in.ludes D Sofety . . . . ., . '" wilt If ,. . n a shlp. ,0U • . _',' nil ch is like a hfeboa.t 0 lad to have tt -rhe .SafetY ~'tdom. but you'rle 'b;:~~:"at9, for park- >'.' J1S" It .. er"{ oed" t. A very .. a ua . close quarters or . ~ vQUD 1 • yourcarJft " . .. - ~}ten, for nlakteuverlng . . . . lI.g . • • I es' dangeroUS pac • BE MODERN. FLU,D DIl,VE W.TH , .. Tran.mission an d VacamatrC HANNUM & WAITE , cm.~ S.Chester Rd. & Yale Ave. Phone Swarthmore' 1250 , .. -';

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE I PERSONALS Mrs. E. O. Lange and sons Robert and Ernest, Jr. of LanKwood Baltimore pike arc motoring to Montg~mery, Ala. to visit Bob Lange, a flying cadet ill the air corps who is stationed Ht thl' advanced training school at ~[axwcll Field, Ala. They will be accompanied by Miss janncttc Disque of Charlottes­vi1lc, Va. Mr. and lI.lrs. Roy \V. Delaplaine and son Richard of -CorneJl avenue left Saturday to motQr to St. Petersburg, Fla. Robert Delaplaine a student at \\'offord College. Spartanburg~ S. C. will join his parents for his spring va­cation. The Delaplaincs will return home in tc~ days. :' , lfrs. A. G. McVay and sou Jackie of Front Royal. Va. arrived April 4 to visit :\[rs. McVay's J)arcnts Mr. and Mr~. D. A. Hills of Elm 3\'CllUC through thc Easter holiday. ~fr. and }"fr~. Hills will ce1cbrate their 40th wedding anniversary tonight with a theater and dinner party in the city. Mrs. McVav will be hostess to a n'­union of the girls who graduated from Swarthmore High School in '32 on Easter Monday night. ~h, and ~I r~. \Valter S. Jame~ of Yale avellue entertaincd Sunday aill'r­noon \\'ith a h'~1 in honor of their ~on­in- Ia\\' and daugh1l'r :\Ir. ami ~Irs, \Vil­liam C, Caml)hell who Wl're married ~lan.:h 29, Out-nf-tow11 \'isitors among the 125 or so gucsts \nre: :\1 r. and 11 rs. \Villialll Dlias, ~I r5, Camphell's aunt and nudc, anti their (lal1ghtl'r Ruth fmm Scranton, Pa.; )'Iiss Dorothy Reydcl of \Vestfield, N. j.: ::\,1 rs. Prysc Thomas of Elmhurst, Pa.; ~illd ~rr. and ~Irs. Charles \Vo()(l, uncle and 'lIlIlt of )'Ir. Camphell, of \Vcstfit.'ld, ~. J. and formerly of SW41rthmore. ::\Ir. anel :\Irs. 'Villial11 Freeganl of Swarthmore annul' and ),[r. Freeganl's si~tt'r )'Iiss Ruth Freegan! left yesh.'r­day on a trip to \Vashington, D, C. and \Villiamhurg, Va. UII(ln their return ).(iss Freeganl will \'isit with her brother and !"istt'r-in-lilw for a wel'k hefore leaving for Ill'r home in Ea~t Lansing, :\1 ieh. The ~fisses Ella and Marian Tappin will arrive today from East Orange, N. J. to spend the Easter \,·('f.'k-cnd with Dr. and :\Irs. Horacl' U. HOI.kins of Swarth­more Crest. lliss Fram'l's Burlingallll' (lean of El­mira Ct)lIl'gl'. Elmira. N. Y. ilnd Miss ~"Iry Scott of Chilt-. S. :\. arrived Tut's­day morning to hl' thl' gnests of l[ rs. Henry :\. Pipl'r of Yale m'l'IHIt:' until Yl'skrday. On Tucsday cnning thl' Phila­delphia chapter of Elmira alumnae l'llter­taiIH..' d with a dinner at the Penn Ath­Ictic Cluh in honor of )'lis-s Ruriing'l1llC' who was a Illelllht'l" of the Swarthmon' Collcge fandt)' hcforl' guing to Elmira. ),tiss ~lary PURl'Y and ).(iss Alicc :\yn.'s oi North Cill'stcr road are spcnd­ing a \\T('k on St. Simons T sland off the coa::.t of Gl'orgia hefore going to sl.end a Wct·k or two in Charleston, S. C. \'iew­ing tht., gardens. ~f rs. Carl de MoB oi Park a\'cnue entertained the Art Cluh 011 Frida\' af­ternoon April 4, when !hc study of'l'on­le1111) nrary artists was con tin lied. Elizabeth and Jane Nixdurf were hostesses to Mary Corse, Polly Told, ~fildred McCowan. and janic Evans 011 Tuesday. After lundll'OIl the group tlyt..>d Eilstt.'r ('ggs and 1}layed games. \Vhen she- Idt fur home each little girl had a ~:Iy East<:r hasket filled with a dozen hrighlly colored eggs. :\1 rs. Frcuerkk Griest and three- week old daughter )'larian of Ambler are sl'l'lIl1ing a short time with :\lrs. Griest's l)artlllS Mr. and ~frs. N. \Vaht.'r Suplee of Yalc a\·cIlUl'. )'Ir. and 1\[r5. T. R. Sit'inek of Pali­sade Park, N. J. spent last wee-k-emi with :\Ir:;. Sirinek's parents :\lr. and )'Irs. John ~. I.udwig, Jr. of \Valnut lane. ~1 iss Betty Douglas of North Ches­tl'r road left Tuesday for Williamsburg, \·a. where she will visit friends at the Collt.'ge of. William and Mary. .llr .• lIHI Mrs. J. ,C. l\londer and Mr. Ul'l1 Sanford of Knuxville, Tenn. were the wel'k-end guests of Commander and ~lrs. 1.10)'d Harrison of Strath Haven avenul'. Virginia I-Ia:r daughter of Mr. and ~Irs. Edward Hay of Ogden a\'enue en­tl'rtained Saturday at luncheon in honor of hl'r ell-nllth birthday. Her guests were the girls of till.! College avenue sixth grade. .\Ir. and ~trs. James Hanna of Vas­sar a\,('flUl' are spending this week-end at their cottage at Ocean City. N. J. Dr. and ~Irs. F. H. ).1urra\· of Prince­tOil an'lIue visited in Ncw· York City last \\"et.'k-end. ~I rs. George A. Hoadley of \\Talnut lalll' had as her guests last week-cnd Arthur G. Hoadley of Chicago. lit. Prl'sidcllt of the midwestern division of thl' Atlantic and Pacific Company, and her son and daughter-in-Jaw Mr. and llrs. Alfred Hoadley and baby Stephen. The latter visitcd from the Agricultural EXJll'rilill'n!al Station, College Park, :M aryland. 1lr. and Mrs. Frank Fitts and three daughtt'rs spent last wcek-end in At­lantic City. They were accompanied b\" At r. and ~I rs. \Villiam E. Shlllidhcise'r and children of Moylan. Dr. :md ),Ir~. ),Iax Houtman of \Vash­ingttlll, Pa, alTi\"cII \\'edlll':-;dav on their way hOIlll' i rom Fla, to spl'nd ~ iew days with thl·ir son-in-law and daughter ::\lr. and ),1 r~. Gl'nrgl' I.. Tone of \\'allill"iord Hi)l~. ~ :\lr. and )'Irs. Chark's Horner of Baltimore. :\lcl. will .!Opt.'lId the Easter \\'(;'('k-L'IHI with t1wir SOil-in-law and daughter ~[r. and Mrs. C. Irwin Gal­hreath of Benjamin \Vl'St a\·enlll'. Gordon \V, Douglas of ;>\orth Ches­tn road is spending his Ea~tl'r vaca­tion \'isiting his hrother Captain Roh­crt U. Douglas at Fort Devells, Mass. Mr. and ::\Irs. Harold :\Ioltz of \Vil­Iiams port, Pa. will arrin tomorrow to \'isit their son-ill-law and daughter Mr. and :Mrs. R<llph Ashtoll Nixdorf of Yale a\'cnue. ~rr. ).[oltz will return home On • I I I Betty Kt:a:;e of Har\'ard avenue ami Anile 'Vray of \\'alnut tanc lei! \Ved­Ill'sday. April.9 hy train f~)r ).Ii.ami, Fla. 1 \~'hcre they \\"111 spend thclr :;prmg val'a-I tum. They will slay with )"Iiss Krase's tf I 'I I' In observance of Good Friday thIs gram at Icr, ,\ r. I. II. \.af\>er during theatre will be closed until 3 P. M. their ten days' \·i!iit. ' • Xanry King daughtl'r of )'Ir. and )'lr5. ST,\RTS TODAY Louis ,V. King of College avenue left Two Academy Award Winners TUl'son, Ariz. \Vt.'dnesday for ).Icxico I GINGER ROGERS City where :ihc will witness the Easter JAMES S.nT EWART fie.sta. )lancy ami two friends arc making "J71J7ACIOUS LAD¥" the trip during thcir sl)ring \'acation from I till' L'nivcrsity of :\rizona. Added Attraction - March or Time "AUSTRALIA AT WAR"' ~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ I~~~~ MANOR MEDIA FRIDAY-SATURDAY Continuous Saturday 1:30-11:30 Ann George SHERIDAN • BRENT "Honeymoon for Three" SUNDAY -l\IONDAY _ TUESDAY Continuous Sunday 2-11 :30 P.l\I. (;"ry K"tl",ri,,,, GRANT • HEPBURN JAMES STEW ART In lJis 'Academy Award' Role "The Philadelphia Story" LAST 2 DAYS! FRIDAY - SATURDA. Y JOines Siewart Kalharine lIellhurn-Cary Grant "THE PHILADELPHIA STORY" Feature Starts at 2:45-7:15-9:20 First Run World News Big 4 Hour Show Saturday Afternoon at 1 :30 "SKY BANDITS" Z-Cartoons-2 ,\nd 1st and 2nd Challters of Renrew Serial "MYSTERIOUS DR. SATAN" All Children lOe E,tSTEK SUND,\\' ONLY Gene Autry in "RIDIN' ON A RAINBOW" MONn", Y - TUESDA V Ann Sheridan - Georg£ Brent Charlie Ruggles "IIONEYMOON FOR THREE" Buy Your Tickets Now for Easter Week and Help the Nora Wain Fund ()f Kappa Kappa Gamma for BRITISH REFUGEE CHILDREN TBB SW ARTBIIORBAN APRIL 11, 1941 ,-----------------------------~.~- Sunday while Mrs. Moltz will stay with was solemnized at Christ Church. her daughter for part of next week. Media. New Haven, Conn. His mother Florence Sellers Baker graduated from Swarthmore College in 1928 and from Drexel Institute a year later in Librar}" Science. After a year's employment at Bryn Mawr College Li­brary she became cataloguer at the Yale Divinity School libraries which she sen'ed for nine years. Mrs. Leonard Ashton of Elm a venue and Mrs. Hervey Schumacher of Ha\"(~r· ford aVl'l1ue spent Wedncsda)' of last wl'ck ill New York attending th·! national Y. \\'. C. A. 11It..'t'tings, Nancy Lou Alger formcrly of Swarth­mure is arriving today to spend the week-end with Jcssie and Harriet Gilbert of Park a\'Clluc. Nallcy LOll now lives ill Jlridgcton, N. ]. Mrs. J, L. Benjamin has returned to her home in Cleveland. Ohio after \'isiting her son and daughter-in~law :\orr. and Mrs, Grant E, Benjamin whom she recent1y accompanicd on their rc­moval from Swarthmore to Dallas, Texas. • I " Engagemenls :\1 rs. J. I-Ian'ey \Vhiteman or The Swarthmore has alllloUlu~ed the engage· 1Ill'lIt of hcr daughter ~fiss Margaret Graham 'Vhitl'llIan to ~Ir. Paul Heston .tHan Snyller of Swarthmore aVCIlU.l'. The a1l1toUIlC('llIel1t was madc at a lunch· CU!1 at Holling GrL'cn COllntry Club on Saturday. ::\1 r. Sny<il'r is the m..' phew of Mrs. Margaret C. Freedlc), and the son of the late :\1 rs. Cladys Cunningham Hall Snydt·r. J-li~ grandfatlll'r ~(r. \Villiam H. Hall was ;Is~odatcd with Swarth­mure Colkgc fl)r many ycars having hecl! SUJll'rintl'mlcnt from 1887 to 1900. After the wedding a reception was given by the bride's parents at their home, Mrs. Barden's only attendant was Miss Emily Campion of Lal,idea I-lills, and the best man Mr. Kenneth Darden brother of the groom. Mrs. Barden is a graduate of Swarth­more High School in the class of '33, M t. H~lyoke College, and Northwest· ern Umversity where she reccived her M.S. degree. Mr. BardclI is an assistant professor at Northwestern University and is cornl)leting work on his doctor's de­gree. • I • Births The first grandchild of :\h. and ~lrs . Henry J. Hanzlik of Cornell a\'enue was '~rn to Mr. and :\1 rs. Henry j. Hanz. h~, Jr. of. Cornell a\'enuc on ~Ionday IIIght,. April 7, at the Fitzgerald ~fercy HoslJltal. Thc bahy who has bcell namcd ),Iary Arthur weighed 6 ()ounds 20 ounces at birth. Mrs. Philip Sdl~forll1crly of 320 N. Chc.ster road is the proud grandmother of Garrett Houston Bakcr horn Febru­ary 26, 1941 in New Haven HoslJital, Dr. and Mrs. Roy \\'. Harkness of H,utlcdge announce thc birth of a daugh­ter 011 April 8 at the Presbyterian Hospi­tal in Phiadelphia, The baby who has not yet blocn named Weighl-rl 50 pounds at birth. Both mother and daughter are doing nicely. Do You KDow The Sare Cure tow ~ Auto TNa.*' Call 440 TIres 'Fi .. estone - RUSSELL'S SERVICE Dartmouth and Laf.,.elle A ••• "We DOD'&. seu can- We Sentce u.-" ~frs. Viola G. Petcrson of Thl' Swartl,morl' alllll)UT1l'CS tile engagemel)t of her danghtl'r :\(i5s Gwladys M, Peter-, SOil to )'Ir. Jack B. Dic11na son of ~lr. I and )'Ir~. Daniel F. Dictula of Jenkin- I and Fertilizers N. WALTER SUPLEE town, Pa. :\Ii!-'s Pl'tcr.soll is a graduate READ of Fricnds' Ccntral School, Overbrook, SWARTHMORE 105 and i.s a memhl'r of the June graduating l:::~=~~~~~~~~~~~~:::~~::::::::::::::::::=========~ class of Hood College, Frederick. 1!d'l 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Mr. lJiellna is a graduate of the Pl'ltll· _ syh'ania ~'a'e College and is a memher § It's a thr-ill to I'-ind of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, The ~ "... J I- '''l'lding \\ill ,akc ... !~ce in the fall. i PERCALE SHEETS To Wed April 19 § The wl'dding of ~I iss josephine Kolh- i i s!l.'in d:~l1ghll'r of ).I.r. <lnd ::\-irs. J uSt'llh I ~ J\.othstem of OttSVille, Pa. itll(1 )'lr. ~ I{ohl'rt C. ZieJ:der son of ),1 rs. :\lahc11 ~ Holtz (If I.ancaster, Pa. will hc per- § formed 011 Saturday afteTlloon, April ~ t9, in :\Id;tll, Pa. ~ ),[jss I,olhstcill is sl'cretary to Dr. ~ Frellrit-k :\. Patman .11111 Dr. Richard C. ~ Ammcrm.m and resides at Dickinson avc. ~ nlle. A her a w('ck's wedding trill she will ~ [('sume her IIITIl'C duties here. I ~=_­• I • Barden - Stavers . ~ at the price of Muslin 72, 108 Helllllled-$1.30 90 x J08 Hemmed-II. 70 45 x 38 C3ses-35c SUMMER COMFORTS Covere~ with dainty rosebnd batiste $2.95 filled With snow·white cotton ..... . The Original H. T. PATTERSON'S LINEN SHOP 1318 WALNUT STREET PEN, 0694 PHILADELPHIA E... 1908 011 tast Sa '''rday a fternoon the mar. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIJIIIIIIIIC_totte M. McCurdy In C_g. IJIIJIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII riage of )'Iiss Elizaheth Oat Stavers t- .... ________ ._ •_ ________. __. ___• ___,. daughtl'r of ::\1 r. and ::\1 rs. Howard B.II ' Stavers of Moylan and ).fr. Albert A. I 1 Bardcn, Jr. son o( )Olr. and ·Mrs. AI· I ~ hl'rt A. Barden of Providence. R, I.! 1 STARTS FRIDAY "ANDY HARDY'S PRIVATE SECRETARY" with ~UCKEY ROONEY LEWIS STONE STARTS SATURDAY BARBARA STANWYCK HENRY FONDA in "THE LADY EVE" STARTS TIIURSDAY RALPH BEllAMY MARGARET UNDSAY in "Ellery Qu .... n, Jlaster Dclf)('ljVI~" .'RIDAY "BEIIIND TilE NEWS" with LLOYD NOLAN SATURDAY "TilE I'INTO KID" with CHARLES STARRETT ! I : I I I I I I I ! I I I II i/ I ! I , BY DONALDSON OF MEDIA /1 BEST Mo~ii~;'i~; ve;;i~i~e CLOTHES I MADE IN AMERICA TODAY I II Fashions booked simultaneously with FlUh Avenue ShOps 11 A/lerlJOOII COlon" by Clair McCardell - as lIeen ;11 "'ogue ami Harper'. f)eligh!/ul J",.iors by Arkay'. Ulu.'riou8 designer. l Morning Frock. by }ane Evan. 1 1 Coal. ami Suit. by the /tuned Ho".e 0/ Swan.downe I And many oth... 11 A COLLECTION EVERY INTELLIGENT WOIlIAN SHOULD SEE! i I Sizes 9 10 42 - PRICES $13.95 10 $29,95 I 1 203 WEST STATE STREET i L~~:'~~~.~~.~~ ____ :~E:~~~~~~::J 1- BRIDGE SALAD LUNCHEON • Last year's innovation proved so popular we are repeating a sea"lIl of these delightful SSc lunch· \'ons heginning n('xt W"dncsday, April ]6. Come alone or hring any number of guests and afterward enjoy '~ards, if you like, amid the hos· pitality and lovely "urroundings of the Inn. • STRATH HAVEN INN HARVARD AVENUE TELEPHONE SWARTHl\IORE 680 ArmL II, 1941 • E w s OF TIlE WOMAN'S CLUB Eleclion ReBulls BRITISH WOMEN AWAlT KITS To date thc reSllonse to the second appeal for Red Cross kits for the women or England has been nit. A number of months ago Swarthmoreans prepared 76 kits containing personal items needed hy those who ha\'e lost their homes and equipment suddenly. Rcccntly another appeal for 20,000 such kits was issued. the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter's share of which will amount to 3,000, Swarthmore has always responded so heartily to the requests of those in stress that it is believed the excitement of spring vacation and Easter is ac­countable for the lack of response in this last appeal which apl)eared in The Swarthmorean of March 28. Yet what more appropriate time than Easter is thcre to invest $1 to equip a kit for an English neighbor? It is only hecausc headquarters can huy in quantity that the various ar· tieles supp1ied in the kits can be ag­grcgated for that sum per kit. Contrihutions of cash should he sent JIO"W to ~(rs. Edward ~1. Bas~l'tt .. 115 North Chcster road, who will forward NOW TO COLLECT Double doors open ""ide "t The Swarlh. morean office the day before Easter to let in all the huldertt of prize winning ttlillttt eoger 10 !!Iccure their rewards of large chocolate Easler eggs. Fla. where they Imd spent the pm;t week. Their daughtt.'r Shir1l'\, rdufI1l'd· on Tuesday to Colby jlllli~r Coll('gt." New 1.0ndo11, N. H. Mrs. Ilen'cy Sdlllt11acher of Ha\'l'r­fonl a\'enue- rel'ently returncd {rom a thrf!e wceks' trill to California lturing whkh she \"isilt.'d her brotlH'r :md si:;lcr­in- law Mr. and )'Irs. Samul'i D. Alrkh II) I.os Angeles. BUY TICKETS NOW FOB "MR. ANTONIO" PLAYERS CLUB May 27 10 31 "rocuds for Rolling Kitchen Cor Britain TICKErS ,1 At Buchner's Toggery or From I\lrs. T. M. Jackson, 238 Park Avenue A Truly Appropriate Easter Gift STERUNG SILVER CROSS AND CHAIN $1 (Cross Set with Beautiful MarcaSite) Selling Elsewhere as High as $2.50 WILTSHIRE BROTHERS 100 E. STATE STREET. MEDIA 'PHONE I\ttOIA 2239 FOR The results of the biennial elections hdd April 8 in the clubhouse arc pres­iltent. ~trs. j. Paul Brown; first vice­presidcnt, AI rs. S. M array Viele; sec- 1l11d vice president, Mrs. Edward C. Prescott: recording secretary. Mrs. T. K. Brown; corresponding secretary, ~Irs. F. Norton Landon: treasurer, Mrs. Georgc A. Hoadley: directors, Mrs. Arthur \V. Binns, lIn;. Roland L. Raton, ~I rs. Peter E. Told, and Mrs. Birfley K. ~I orse; Board of admissions. "Irs. \V. F. Hanny, ~rrs. Benjamin \V. Collins, h'lrs. \Vil1iam Earl Kistler, and :\1 rs. J oSl'I)h S. Seal. the money to Philadelphia headquarters ----------------­SMART Tea Reservations Needed ~hs. Joseph H. Perkins wil1 give :1 tl'a at her homc from 3 to 5 at 530 Cedar lane April 16. for thc benefit of the Garden Sections Rutgers ave­nue planting project. Because the space is limited it will he necessary to call Mrs. Perkins or ~I rs. Ross M ar­riott for a reseT\'atioll. Final Co. Federation Meet for conversion into kits to be crc<iitl'cI to Swarthmore branch assistance. • I , Illnstrated Alaskan Lecture The Delaware County Garden Cluh will dose its lecture s('rics with an ad­\, cllturl'logue hy Cornelius Vamkrhreg­gall. Jr. next Thurst!ay e\'ening, April 17. at 8 P. M. )'Ir. Vandl'rhreggan will pr .... - Sl'nt southeastern Alaska, a hll'ath-tak­ing trip through a tropical northland where heautiful flowl'rs grow near age-­old glaciers, herries thri\'e on the slolKS of sllow-capped mountains. and 1110dern l'ities dl)t the wilderness. The lecture will he illustrated with nat­ural color slides. The third and last mecting of the­Delaware Countv Federation of \Vo­mcn's Clubs will 'hc on Thursday, April 2-1, at the Haverford Township High School. The Oakmont-South Ardmore Donations oi l'ash for :\mcrk'"an Sl'l'£!S Llanerch and ~(anoa \V0111al1"5 dubs ior British soil will be recei\'cd at this will be thc host<.>sses. Luncheon will I I · If, . F mel·ting to Jll1rch~se American \Tgl,t<~hks )e 5('[\'('( II) t 11.' Cil c: ('na. or reseT\'a- f J" I I tions call ::\1 rs. H.oland J.. Eaton, hdOT(' I or '.ng: an<- . --......,. . .. ~-- April 20. NEWS NOTES Tommy :\larshall son of ),1 r. find :\,1 rs. John ).farshall of L.illl"oln a\,enuc is tnw­eling with the Princeton Uni\"Crsity Glee Cluh through Flurida and southern cities <ltlring his spring \'itcation. :\1r. and :\Irs. \VilIiit1l1 H. \Vanl and their daughter Shirley of Stratll Haven a\"enue returlled Sunday front :\1 iami, LAWN RAKES Bamboo flexible teeth Cor raking dead lea\'cs, mowed graslt and MILLINERY Visit The BONNIE HAT SHOP at 50 South 69th St. • Gardens Go on Display The Gankn Section is sponsoring a! ~Ir. and :\(r5. \Varrl'n A. Tyson. Jr. • Prices Are From clispta~' of Swarthmore Gardens for the ha\'e returned from their w{'(lding trill N WALTER SUPLEE deaning lawns. lIlonth of ~Ii,,'. AI1\'one who would like and are now th'ing a' Jackson and Balli· • $1.95 to $10 to .. ho\\, her- ganien is askcd to call more a\'cnucs in ~Iedia. 1~===S:W=A:R:TH=:M=O:R::E=I:0:5====~~================================~ ~rrs. J. \Varrell Paxson. Before her marriage :\fn •. Ty:;on was B'd D Cb d 'I ~liss Constant'l' N. Shannon of Ansonia. rl ~e ~te. auge. Conn. The wedding took place on ~Iarch :\h'mhcrs ot the ~'.\'('lJlllg Sccholl 1l1ea~l' I I in Ansonia with ~Irs. Tyson's fathl'r nute . till" :'!lange tn. elate for tl~c l1e~~ I the Rt·\'. T. J. Shannon c()ndt1~tillg the Ttltat~on Illidge part~. D~le ~() the 11!0\ Ie ,l·ereIllOIl\'. Shc had her two SIS(('rS as hem'!tt to he ~Idd .\)lnl _0 to 2:;), at! matrons=of-holtor, aml )'1r. joseph 101m­)' ll·(~13. "tht' hrulg-p part)' will hl' held I son of New Ha\'en, Conn. was hest· man. 1;)lr~:"1 bth, 'IJt tIll' home IIf :\Irs. :~l'(!rgl'l :\ ~Itlall hridal dinner was gi\'en by Rev. ." 10m, II"r~thorn Road. \\~lhng-1 and ~frs. Shannon after the wedding. lurd. PI cast..' notify ~Irs. Thom If YOII, )'Ir. Tyson is the !iOn of ).tr. and ~lr~. I'I:m to attend . I, \\" arrell A. 1 , YSOI1 uf Han'anI avcnue. Feles illrs. Diester I Dr. anel ~Irs. Frederick \V. Luehring :\1 f:>' Alexander Ewing of Dartmouth and son David!illll of Korth Chester road ;.I\·('ntle entertaincd a group of 12 guests left \Vednesday morning 10 motor to lor luncheon at the Illgtencuk on Tucs- ~c\\' l.()ndoll, COlin. where they will day. The guest-of-honor was ).(rs. Rae visit ~lrs. Luehring's sister :\liss·).[arie ~il'ster who .spokc beforc the \Voman's H. Da\'id50lt st'crl'tary to thc presidl'nt Cluh that afternoon. oi Connccticut Collegc inr \VolUl'n, t111# • I • til after Easter. NEWS NOTES I-:-;;;;;:::-;;;;::;:-:;:-:-;;;;;:;:-::;::;-;;;;:----;;;;:;:;;;::~:;;;;:;:~:;:;~;::;:-:;:-;;::-­The "fan Who Comes To Oinnl'r X.l11CY Hcnry. ~Iargie Sheppard. TIll'o Hulme, Barhara ~ason, Libh\' Garrett, Lihhy Rutan, Pete ),1 iller, F'onl \\Fig­gillS. Harry Brown. nick Brown, Hoh Toole, Jim Bowdih.:h, and :\Iilton Fl1~­sell l'ntl'rtained ahout 130 guests ilt a I)" drops in (ur lundJ .. , the Snug I.illlp SUBURBAN CAFE. dance at the \Voman's Club on \\"'11- ana f.'ockruil """'~I-n(' sday c\·enillg. I\'aln (:nm:o,.r"., .., R R ~ .. h· rban StaHun The Philadc1phi;:l alumnae chapter of tsaurt' of an t'nJ"yahle meal, wJthoUI .\11)ha Phi, a national sorority, held its hUrTy_otO\ld r ..·. 1uant lIurroundinlll' _8ntl .t' rCafiEOnahh' " .. Ie .... monthly reunion card luudu:-on on \\'ed- '-uncI L>fJus-frorn ·0, lIl'sday 111' this week at thl' Ingieneuk. Di,,,,,'rs -from ~jc ~I n;. Edwin :\. \".o·11all I)f The Harvard (;ockwil Ilours-.J:QO 10 11:00 p.1't.1 attended. fl'l)reSl'I1IL'd hl'r chapter at Hos- Persunal Supervlsiun u1 Harry R. ·fully lon) 'IUr~n. i\·cl"sih·. i=~-~~-~-~~-~~~~~~~~~-~~~~~~~~~ Charl-cs X. Ha1c who has Iwen If ~"l'l1(hng the last 1I10nth in ~lialt1i, Fla.: is l'XIll'cted to r('lnn) lIl'xl week to her [' hOllte at The ~warthmol"e. ~Irs. lIale will he al'l'lImpanied hv Ill'r fathl.·r and i mother ),11'. :tIHI ).[rs. i~t'1l,·~t PrBCtol' of [. ,,'limington, Dcl. ., "i'. .'1 • , MURRAY'SI Hart SchaRner & Marx Clothes 621 Edgmont Ave. Chester EVENING SECTION PHIL,\NTHROPJC FUND MOVIE BENEFIT I\IEDIA THEATRE APRIL 20 TO 25 Sunday, April 20-"Border Legion" and "Dreaming Out Loud" 21, 22-"Philadelphta story" !3-"Llttle Men" 24, 25-"'The Virginian" Tickets 35c cteustrr ."! . WOUl.D YOU RESURRECT AT EASTERTI~IE TilE LOVES AND FRIENDSHIPS OF YOUR UFE? sVfi?:)r. fotuenj ./w... MESSMER cm.~ li& \1nSII ST. • "GIl'£l\IIOUSlS From All Eveninl Section Members 1-========'1 .' . toughest-StoP laces where driVing IS at its best. , We'll take yOU ~o the p Fillid Driv;I1g shoWS up . COME ON. enters-that s where out of motoring. You streets. traffic C h Fluid Drive take~ the stopping and start· h ou OW pIng star. I '/t' Let uS s OW y for hours ... stop h I' clllieb or gears" . h ugh tOwn 1 to tOIlC t>e . a can go t rO d 'n never ]ave .' h right noW Ifi ing again an yOU tomorrow's drlvl0g- e~c engines - .. ,'" 'd like to shoW .Y,?u with Chrysler's famous ~r yOU want when we fluid Drw",g . h . 'es yoU the pow Chrysler. . . . smission whtC g" \ter on a planel and Vacan~.t:~k~~~e variable.pitch prope . Fluid Drive freed frW' yOU want 1[, I he feel of this new dh[1VC :~g' is at its very worst. e . and get t here t e gm Com~ 10 ' on the byways w. else like itl gcarsh.fung .. ; bsolutely nothtng mise~thcre sa pro SAFETY!. FOR h with f: .. id Drivel 1 indudes a Safety (.ut, . oU witt Why Chrys e~ is like a lifeboa~ on a I::r~: have it The Safety C1'1dchm but you're mlght~ guard for park, usc it .... ery se d ~t 'A "ery valuable ~a erose quarters or . w)len YOfo~'::',a;e;'vering your car In c , da~g~r~uS places! , BE MODERN FLUID DRIVE WIT H . Tr(lnsl1'IiSsian an d VacamClfl( HANNUM IS. Chester Rd. & Yale Ave. & WAITE Phone Swarthmore 1250

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, \ : . , REPBtJAN: ... G'ItiANT BEllE: lNHOLD)AY Movie of Barry PIay', Dieney Short, and Marehol 'Ilmeon CoHege BiUTomorrow NiglI.t The 1938 movie version· of Philip Barry's Holiday," starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Le\V Ayres,' and Edward Everett Horton will be the fea­ture picture at Clothier Memorial at the college on Saturday night, April 12. On the same program will be a Disney. U S0- ciety Dog Show," and a. March of Time, "On Foreign Newsfronts." There will be two shows, the first at 7 o'clock and th:e':second at 9. To both of these resi­~ epts of the town and other friends of tre college are invited. There is no ad­", ssion charge. ~' !!'Holiday" in the stage play was a .rightly comedy of manners of the pre­pression days. The chief problem of itis hero and heroine. was too much t#0ney. The moving. picture. version, ~wcver, has given' the theme greater social significance, although the h.!ro is still faced with the dilemma of marry­ing an heiress' and keeping his nose to the grindstone or throwing up his job "I'd taking a holiday to find out what life i$ all ab.out. ~II told it is a pleasant pic­ture which hves up to its name. 'Next week the feature will be the famous French picture "Harvest." ••• Evening Section Sirives to Swell Philanthropic Fund . LEI"I'BRS TO TB£ ICIIITOB -- '_ ... - of &lie IodInduol -. All ..... "' .. .8.w..U. 1bbem _o raa I_f 1.1.K. b_e .a.D..I4 0. 1I '& lie dI _ .. ,Ia -.... to &lie _. LoI_ ..m lio publilhed oalI' at the .u.cnt.lo:a of the B4itor. Deploru Toy Guru To the Editor: We have long held the theory that guns are too plentiful in the world' that a different chapter might have ~n writ~ ten in many lives if" they were not so much in' evidence; that something ought to be done about them. There is one type of gun about which we can do something- "Ute toy gun. Any observer '!13y ·.have witnessed recently a perfect epldetmc of -these toys chieRy in the form of cap pistols. Thes~ are used not as they were originally for the sheer luxury of making a noise but are aimed in actual pretense or shooting someone. Toy guns have indeed become so prev­alent that a Ploving picture house in a large city is obliged to collect them in the lobby, before admitting children. Their companions, the B.B. gum are so popular, that a Philadelphia policeman begged us to work for their abolishment sa}.' 1ng,-"TIl ey gi•v e them those things.' fathers and mothers do, and then won­der why their boys get into trouble." Judge Braude, who .has done such out­standing w~rk in' the Municipal Boys' Court of Chicago, was so' impressed with th~ harm which can come from playing With toy guns, that he set about inde­pendently to endeavor to eliminate their manufacture and sale. A well-known child psychologist has said,-if! hate to see a child with a toy gun in his hand. I fail to see why any mother can take pleasure in arming her son, even ·in play~1I : The Evening Section of the _Woman's The idea that playing with guns can Club is sponsoring a movie benefit at hann the chi1~ren. of this community may the Media Theatre from April 20 to 25 ~ecm fan~asttc. for Swarthmore prides hiclusive. As the principal work of this Itself on ItS knowledge of child psychok gr~up is of a phib.nthropic nature for og!, and. may indeed fill the lives of its this community all Swarthmoreans are ~~lIdren so full of something. fine, that it asked to help by buying tickets. The can crowd out atl the harm. We realizt" prEgram for the week will be printed that it is not enough to say to our child­o~ the back of the tickets. ren, udo not ptay with guns," We must All members of the Evening Section enc.ourage alternative kinds of play that will have tickets for sale which will be satisfy the love of excitement, drama. good on any evening during the bene- and a sense of personal power which we fi,t at no advanced price. There will be recognize in our chiJdren. But we know several members of the club in the that toy guns go into homes where little lobby of the Media Theatre each eve- or nothing is done to substitute con .. ning during the week of April 13 to seU structive play patterns for play w'ith guns. tickets for the following week. For the sake of the children in these Anyone not able to obtain tickets homes, it would seem to be the job of may call Mrs. James F. Bogardus. parents in this vil1age with the under~ S1l(C:rthmore~:2065i.who:wi11 be glad .to ,.~t~n.~in~,,~h~. vi~ion. the sympathy which supply them. You are urged to secure should be theirs~ to take some" stand tickets from one of the members of the ag~inst these playthings, and help to Eve?ing Section and keep the week of bnng about their unpopularity generally. April 20 to 2S clear for the Evening If the Judge Braudes of the world can­Section benefit. not· look to a community such as ours to help them in their efforts, where shall they turn? By helping our children dis­cover alternative stimulating kinds of play, we can help to eliminate at least the toy gun. • • Newest "Measlers" The outlook of the Swarthmore measles situation seems brighter with the Borough recording only 17 new quarantjnes this week. The new cases are: Betty McCahan, J oltn McCahan David McCahan, Beverly Ann Harlow: Frank Flaherty, Mary Denworth. Ray­mond Denworth, Elsie M. Reuning, Delores Cooper, Nancy McCurdy Wal­ter Goodwin, Richard SheIJey 'Laura Hobbs, }t~rances E. Thompson: Eliza­beth Ann Lueders, Nancy Anderson and Florence Conway. ' Two cases of whooping cough have been reported-Ann Stoddard and Ce­cile Theis, and three cases of m~mps­C~ arlotte Hobbs. Daniel Davies, and Milton Hobbs. .. , First Lady Calla on Resident Upon arriving here late yesterday afternoon Jor her evening speaking en­gagement "t Swarthmore College Mrs Franklin ,D. Roosevelt of The \Vhit~ House visited Dr. and Mrs. Francis Har­per and family of South Chester road a~ Yale avenue briefly before contin­ulOg to tJIe college for a dinner in her honor .. This· friendship dates back many years to the time when before l~t mar­riage Mrsl "'Harper tutored two' of the Roosevelt children at Hyde Park. ••• Three Assemblies Tomorrow Dr. and Mrs. Troyer Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Prichard, Mr, and Mrs. ~ugh O. Thayer, and Mr, and Mrs. Richard S. Vose will chaperon the seventh grade assembly which will meet at ~ P. M. tomorrow evening. The mnth grade assembly will meet at 7 :15 P. M. Chaperons will be Mr. a,!d Mrs. Leroy Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. Birney K. Morse, Mr. and hirs. Clar­ence Worst, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Th~mpson, and Mr. and Mrs. RusseU Wh,te. The senior assembly wilt meet from 9 :15 to 11:30 P. M. It wilt' be in the form o.f a barn dance and Nancy Henry and Dick Brown who are in charge· re~ ques~ that those attending dress ac. cordlDgly. Toy Committee, W. I. L. GERTRUDE SMITH, Chairman. ••• Po.'. Leller of Appreciation Mrs. Oscar J. Gilcreest, local chai~­man of Reading for Service Men, through the Legion Auxiliary wishes to make public the following letter from Fir~t Lieutenant Rogers of 166th Field Artillery, in appreciation of the books sent to Battery H of Camp Shelby. Dear Mrs. Gitcreest: Ple,ase note that' the Battery has been redesignated as we were originally known, as Battery H 2nd Battalion l66th Field Artillery. .' The shipment of books arrived about ten days ago, in excellent 'condition, and you should certainly have heard from us sooner if we had not been so pressed by rigid training schedules and ~xacting administrative duties. They are Just .what the boys wanted. and the only readmg material they have. We have had to make a rule that magazines may be read only in the mess halt. where we have formed our "library" in one corner The books may be signed for and take~ to the ten~s, but kept only a certain l~ngth of time. In that way we hope 'to ~we everyone an equal opportunity to en­JOy both magazines and books. In one of. ~he For~unes we found a.n excellent milItary arttcle that has since been going the rounds. !hero has recently been a tremendous dnye to c1~n up the 100 or so acres which compnse the Regimental Area A number of things t~med up, includin~ 3 of t~e 4 known pOIsonous snakes in this contmcnt. To wit: the largest diamond backe.d rattler I have ever seen. and a beautiful but dangerous Coral Snake and 2 Cotton ~~outhed Moccasins. One of the 2nd ~at~al!on. Officers is a serpent ex­pert 1fl CivIl hfe. and collects reptiles for the Philadelphia Zoo. He captured the snakes .and demonstrated them in the RecreatIon Hall. The men were told how to. recognize tht? different snakes, which werc hannless and which poisonous and what to do in case of snake bite. ' We have gone-on two overnight biv­ou. acs lately, ~th times running into ram before getting home But the men didn't seem to mind (ldtldi wet,iOr evt/p IGit, as they, did for awhile in the denae pine foresi.;, At night ev..ryOCle gathers round tbe camp '. fires for singing and coffee: until taps. The collection of the· reading material you sent must certainly have been an ar ... duous task, yet it has been· and is being dt.eply appreciated. Whenever you have allY books or magazines please do not hesitate to send them or doubt their welcome. The trouble you took in the shipment was worthwhile as the method was very satisfactory. 117 stud~ ill' 'awo1llligl! at'tHe New York State Agricultural GoIIege. At pr"'!',,, he i. teaching the subject In. cluding· research at Pratt Institute New Y«~ , In his talk in PhiIadCIjlhla last week he stressed the importance of camouflage in this highly industrial section and ill meaning from an engiileer's aud artilt's conception. With many thanks on the part of the whole BatterY;' and with our best wishes to all of our friends at home, l remain, Very" Sincerely )"OUl'l, DANIEL ROOERS 1st Lt" 166th F.A. Commanding In addition to the above-men.tioned shipment Mrs. Gilcreest sent over fifty . books, and high grade 'magazines, on April 8, to Captain Bell, commanding ,officer of the 1st Anti-tank Battery of 166th, for his battalion of men. I • Camonftage Study The Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, as a public ser­vice in the interest of national defense .' ' IS attempting to arrange a course on uC.amouflage-Military, Industrial and Aerial and its relation to Passive Civil­ian Defense" by -Captain Peter Rod­yenko, Corps of Engineers Reserve. Com­manding 40th Engineer Battalion, New York. Anyone interested in such a course which. would run one full. day a week for three weeks and include a field trip should communicate at once with Mary. Butler, telephone Poplar. 4215 or with Secretary Joseph Fraser, Jr. at the Academy. Captain Rodyenko included a number of local residents in his audience Thurs­day evening of last week when he spoke on the ~.·same subject at the Academy. He has'. specialized in camouflage for 16 years, has written and lectured in many languages, and lectures to the regular Army, National Guard, Organized Re­serve · and civilians. Last January Life magazine featured a story of his class of MAGNAYOX CHAIRSIDE A.toraatlc ladlo.Phollollrap" $165.00 Relax to the world's glorious music in the comfort of your favorite easy chair. This beautiful M8gna~ vox. Chairside (in Harvest Mahogany or '\Valnut) is designed for modern living. It is compr.ct. yet .:"88 the features a. j ·performance of large co. st1y cunso;,es. . A fowerful, new high-fidelity radio with intel~na­tiona coverage •••• amazing automatic phonograph' that plays four favorite records witli new Pinnilishno P!ck~p which noiselessly glides acr68S' 'record" . , •• elIminates frequent needle changing and gr"::ltly . prolongs ~ecord liCe. You will be. thrilled to henr 'the. m~gmficent .tone on both·, radio and records. Come m to hear It •.•• today I "THE MUSIC BOX" 333 DARTMOUTH AVE., SWARTHMORE, PA. PHONE 1460· The house that set itself onfirer * -~- A few oily rags left in the co.:ner of a kitchen closet • • • slowly storing up a self-generated heat ••• suddenly bursting into flames. But fat the dog's alarm, this master would have lost his home. capital stock fire insurance compallies. Study of such causes has led to the pro­motion of better building laws, better fire­fighting facilities, wider public concern about fire prevention. This type of fire is not unusual. Plenty of other "self-starting" fires are among the 3000 losses reported daily to the national "Fire Clinic" established by 200 Let us protect your home. furnishings, business, automobile and other posses­sions with dependable, economical capi­tal stock company fire insurance. CAPITAL STOCK COMPANY FIRE INSURANCE ALICE M. BAIRD ........................... :Old Bank B1dg.-'Phone Swarthmore 108 EDWARD L. NOYES ............... 23 S. Chester Rd. - 'Phone Swaraunore 114 PI';'fER E. 'fOLD .............. 417 Dartmouth Ave. - 'Phone Swarthmore 1833 , " APRIL II. 1911- ,'"E SWARTHMORIAM PUBLJ8BBD BVBB·Y I'IlJD"'Y ·AT SW .... TBHOIlB, P .... THZ SWABTH.OBZAN, INC., I'UIILI8BER PHONB 8WARTB.ORZ!JOO . I'lITER E. TOLD, Editor . M.u.JolllE TOLD, .Auociate Editor .: llQdIAUB PEmsoL . ' . FIUDA Y; APRIL 11, 1941 Parieh Noles PJ'eIIbyterlaJi Chureh· Notee MOlt of oar common land lrirds be· long. to the scientific c.... lmowD var­iously a. lOng-bird., in.ectivoroUJ blrd.~ or perching birds. So far as .inging is this hu certain alia· tomical its throat that make the production of music pOllible. But many members of the cIau take no advantage of their anatomical p0- tentialities for melody. The BogUsb Sparrow is forever chirpinl' its brief The 900d Friday Thri!e.·tIoiir Com- On Friday, April 11, at 8 P. M. the atonal ditty. The Blue Jay Icreecbe. . S • Good Friday Cantata "The Seven Last lotidly to proclaim its contemn> for mumty ennce will begin at noon today. Words" by Dubois will be the anyth m' g t h at may be happening.... The Those 'who do "'!~ wiJili to ,emaiil (or choir and, soloists under the direction C;row expresses a wide range of emo-the entire servfc. may come ~t ·any of Benjamin L. Kneedler. hon merely by varying its emphasis I" Oaoral SoeIety .~;.I . er·wDI'per( .... JlozaR" Sonata in B SpriDs CoDe"'" -,). " .l '¥j,/or •. Thep\Jbllc ia inYlted. .The Delaware County Choral Society W!th !lr .. Cly~e R.· Dengler conduCting will gJv~ ·110 eighth annual Spring Chor· al Festival M~nday evening, April 21, ~t 8:~ P. M., In the Upper Darby Jun­' or H,gh School Auditorium, Garrell road and Sherbrook boulevan!. The Trio, consisting of Nadia Koutzen vJohn; George Koutzen cello· and I~ez Koutzen piano will be featured on. thIS program. Paulena E. Carter pi­amst ten,year-old student at the Phila­delphia Conservatory of Music will be the soloist. The Misses Koutzen and Car- A"EMIeT' Bouquet Or a timely NOlegay­Be iI wlua ilmay. For good {lowe,. jut eay time but are asked. to. lea,ve durillg ,the On Sunday, April 13, at 9 A. M. the traditional word, "Caw." singing of one of ·the .hymos. The Rev. there wif!. be. th~· Yoat!' Worship for I sumetimes think that a fine Spring ~ David Braun and'the Rev. Roy N. :Kei- Easter with .spec131 mus,c by the junior day brings out an unfamiliar timbre ~ SWAR'fHMORE 554 ser will assist. . choirs and guest instrumentalists. The in the Eoglish SparroWs chirp. Per- _~ of til. IIoeJt 01 The sa~ramentdfHoly B'apiism will Communicant's CIa •• will be received haps it is only my ear that i. acted ~-~ _G 1IdI_ MAROT • be adminhtered on Elister Eve. (Satur- into· Church membership. The sermon by tbe long-awaited warmth, but - Conapo-Po_l'IaDtI day) at 4 o'tlock. '., wilt be "God's Cathedrals!' small sparrow-note seems sud.. L~':=, ~.'::::w FLOWER SHOP On East~J)ai at It o'c1p.;k the choir Sunday, April 13, at 10 :45 A. M. the I denlv to ring witb a metallic clink, as 'Phone c_ ,. will sing the'Yass'in E-flat bv Wood- Easter Worship with Easter music by somewhere in the bird's ihroat an ~~~~~~F~'T~.D~.A.~~Me;_;::r=:;;;;:;~~~~3~1~5~~Di;.~cIdnso~~;n~A~~;en;;;U~e~~~ wan!. The Offertory \"i11 be ,rAlleluial tbe adult choir and guest instrumental- discarded percussion instrument Christ is Risen" by Kopolyoff. At the ists win be held. The sermon will be G been rediscovered. - MARY DUN HILL • PRINCE MA. TCHABELLI • CHANEL. 11 o'clock service the Ste. Cecilia Mass "One Small Candle." oing to the woods for a stroD on by Counod will be sung. The Introit will The instaDation of modern sound am- t~at. same morning, I hear Blue Jays ~ke 13 be "Christ, Out" Passover" by Madar- pHfication equipment in the chapel and Similarly practicing a long-neglected I~uq --_1 lane and the Offertory Anthem will be the kindergarten room adjoining the song-not the strident "Jay!· Jay I" bat V U£,f; "With Joyful Hearts" by GiI>rza. I cltUl'ch will make it possible for all a peculiar reiterated almo.t-musical BEAUTY SALON At 4 o'clock in the afternoon the attend on Easter Sunday to hear the creaking, like a slowly taming wind­Church School will bold its Easter Ser- ~ntire servite and join' in the worship. mill that needs oiling. vice with members of the school taking All departments of the church school Even the Crow cannot forget its or-part in the service. :-. will join in the Youth Worship at 9 chestral heritage on such a day. The • All members of the Parish aTe re- o'clock. in . the church on Easter Sun- "Caw" set temporarily aside. each woos Beauty enha,..,u Eater joys minded that the offering on Good Friday day. a prospective mate with lugubrious IOft-is for the work of the Church in Jeru- The High Sclioot Fellowship will toned gurgles. Somewhere in the evo- IS ....... CIa"" ..... salem and on Easter. Day a special appeal meet on Easter Sunday evening. Jutio'nary p"ast.. Crows must have' let is made for a thank-offering for the . Members of ,the Parish are aside their bassoons in favor of the c:.u ~ .76 work in the Parish and general Church. to the three-hour Prayer service at baton, but in Spring they cannot· resist :;;.;;;;;;;C;;H;;;A;;;;R:=;B;:E:;;;R;;;T;;;;;~.;;;;;R~O~V~A~E~~.;;;;;~C~H~E~NbY~U~;;;;;.~~~g;D~A~Y~~. Small, flowering plants are needed for Trinity Episcopal Church at 12 Noon blowing a reminiscent tlote or two be ... r the charity patients at the Philadelphia to 3 P. M., Friday, April 11. tween the old warped reeds. General Hospital. They may be brought The Church Hour Nursery wiU be C. BROOK" .WOR't'H to the Parish House on Good Friday or held on Easter Sunday morning as us- W • • CJe. E on Saturday before noon and will be ual. Children from the ages of 2 to . riling a8S to nd used to decorate the Church, may be entered. The Nursery will be The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the basem*nt rooms of the Par­held on Monday at 8 o'clock. Reports ish House. [rom the various organizations will be The annual meetings of the Church made and the reCtor's warden, George and Corporation will be held Wednes­Casey, will give a short review of the day evening, April 16, at 8 o'clock. A outstanding events in· the past year: The congregational dinner win be served at terms of William L. Cleaves, Samuel D. 6 :30. Tickets may be secured for the Clyde, Guonther H. Froebel and· J. Bur- dinner at the church. riss West expire. They are eligible for Ther~ wilt be a prayer meeting, at re-election to the Vestry. Delegates to Westmmstc. Hall. sponsored by the the Diocesan Convention will also be four Presbyterial Societies, on Tuesday elected. April IS, at 10 :45 A. M. The speaker ••• MetJiooist Chureh Notes will be Joseph Poncel of the Allison­James School, and the leader wi11 be Mrs. Russell ~W. Annich. . . The Sprin'g PresbYterial Meeting Chester Presbyterial will be held Tues~ T~e Church School meets Sunday at day, April. IS, at 10 A, M. in the Dar~· 9 ;·b A. M. and classes are provided for Presbyterian Church. The speakers Will d1ildren and adults of all ages. The! be Dr. Irvin W. Underhill and Mr. preparatory membership class meets in I Joseph Poncel. A box luncheon should the study at 9:30. be brought. . At morning worship at 11 o'clock ---,.. '. . ,--- The twelfth and final meeting of the class in creative writing which has been conducted by Mrs. Claire W. Callahan will be held at the home of Mrs. John C. Moore. 30 Amherst avenue, next Wednesday evening, April 16 at 8 o'clock. Several members of the class havc sold material to various magazines, among them Mrs.· Warren' F. Faragher and Mrs. Moore of Swarthmore; Mrs. E. C. Prescott of Rose Valley; and Mrs. Leo Wagner of'.s 'd owne. Local· Literary Enthusiasts cM rs. Jobn .C. Moore, M ••. Robert L. Coates, and Mrs. Oscar J. Gilcreest of Swarthmore attended the Delaware County Writers Club meeting on Tues­day of this week when Daniel. louns­berry of the Germantown Theatre Guild spoke on "Modern Drama \Vriting.'· • • Troop 16 News there will be a reception of new mem- Christian Sf!ienee Chureh sbuebrsj.e cTt h"eW rheactt oEr aswti ll Mpr eachU onP th'e riA re S·m . Di.s ease, And Death Real., ., Troop 16 WI'1 1 not meet t Il'iS Sa turd ay . . d' "h er eans. rOVl- is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in morning. S10n IS rna e In-t e nursery to care for II Ch·· h .. "I'Ch 't-S .'- " .... ·····'5·-·" Last Saturday troop 16 had tl,e second II h'ld d' I . I a ure es 01 ns, clentlst, on un-sV,:" a ic cI eren ' Dring. t le mormng- ser- lad·y··,· -"';.;.tll··1-.2. ,~he Gold T '. UTI of its lessons in First Aid. The course rl.P ,......... • _en ext IS. Ie. ~ O~ Monda even' th Ch I Lord is my light and my sa1"ation' whom IS being taught to the girls by Patrolman y . mg,· e urc t I II If' th L d' tl ~~r:l~:~.~~ Henry A. Peirsol, Jr. of the local police School Board of Educat~o.n and Wo~k- s la .' ear. e or IS Ie forc~. . ers' Conference will meet at the horne my hfe i of whom shall I be a •• of Elea~or Shinn, 314 Lafayette'ave- (Psalms 27:0. , • 1····R,ec4~ivc;~Sspp;ea:kkii:·n;;gg-lnfu,vitation nue.· . . Friendly Circlc to Meet The Epwor\h League will meet at Dr. Guy S. De",ing of Ehu avenue the par~(mage' on TU~$~ay eveliing at The Friendly Circle will hold its reg- been invite4 to be. a principal i o'clock and the Ushers'-Assoc.iation utar. meeting on Thursday April 17 allspe,ak",' -' befol"c the Technic Section of in the church at 8. : 2 P. M.· at the home of Mrs. Harvey the forty-fifth anoQal convention of the The junior and senior choirs t will Pierce of Princeton avenue. Mrs. Au- American Ostc!OPilthic Association, meet on Thursllay evening at 7 . aM 8 gust Cordes of Philadelphia will be co- which will be held June 23 to 27 in o'clock respectively. ·'The twentieth an- hostess with "frs. Pier~e. Atlantic City, N. J. nual Yq"th Conference will be held in the. Wiftdsor Street Church, Reading, Apfll I~ to 20. A number of the young people of the local churel';. ate planning to attend. CinJRCR SERVICES SWART~MORE PRESBVTERIAN -CHURCH ,Rev. navirl Braun, Minister . 8:00 I'.*.~~GOO~;~D: FRIDAV Iheme: Sermon theme I 9;.5 9;45 A.M'-!~E~~~?1;-~~ A.M.- 11:00 A.·' •• -- hctor Bru· "Be- &be ~ You may never have been inside our bank. Nevertheless, we want you to know that you are always welcome, Let us tell you about our services, ond show you our facilities •. Seefor yourseH how closely we are geared to serve the com­munity's bonkillD needs, in 0 friendly and helpful way. Then, if you feel that we can serve you to advantage, we will be glad to have you as a depositor and a customer. • Swarthmore National Bank and Trust Company M~ ., FcderlJl D ......... , ..... Cor"""'"""' ON SALE NOW With Picture Stories 'You'll Want to See! "S-HETTZAPOPPIN" WOWS SWARTHMOREANS SWARTHMORE YOUNG REPUBLICANS DANCE CLUB JtJNIORS MODEL SPRING FASHIONS THE SCHOOL IN ROSE VALLEY How Proqressl .. e Education Works GRACE CHAPEL IN OAKMONT , A Unlted Community Worships God 'ADd Other Picture SloriM of Int ...... t to Delaware Co\lDIIcma Subscribe IVow ,1.00 by .he Year (12 ' .. UM) THE DELAWARE COUNTY ADVOCATE FOR A DELICIOUS GOOD FRIDAY DINNER You Know It's Fresh ••• H It Comes From Martel's FRESH ROE SHAD Beauties From the Nearby Chesapeakel The treat of the year at the lowest price this season - Have the shad for Friday's cl!nner and the roe for Easter Sunday breakfast. Serve the shad with creamed new potatoes' and Ford Hook lima BUC­cotash. SPECIAL I 1b··29~ BUCK SHAD - - - lb • The shad season Is all but too short - Enjoy It as often as you =n- . Bake or bran with bacon. ARMOUR'S STAR EASTER HAMS Feast of feasts Is Easter! And there's no finer choice for this happy occasion than a magnifi­cent Star Ham. Whole or half. Round end of ham ••...• lb. 2ge LUX FLAKES' i8mER~OOD fOR THE TAiLE . - - MARTEL'S WHITE AND GOLD DAFFODIL -CAKE-Here's cr new cake masterpiece as refreshing as spring Itself­So delicious, It fairly melts In your mouth. - - -~- - 'eclce,e t1c L'S COMPUTE fOOD MAUlT Chester Rod at __ A .... ae-Bollto 3ZO-Swanhm_ Pa.

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~:.I ,.g !'t;'!~1.,t;}I-q~D~O· NA'. t'S;. " .,,' ,t.. ,."" ~ii>rr!'cP'r·eAs~isd?~<nit. ffoil;.~i'esid""t of 'the of' the J;#~t'.Wt" Soutlt-Ardinorel::~~l~[~~~~~5~§~;J;:~; 1'"," !" ,,:- "r. ~~~;D,.w ,- .. ~ .. ' -,'1' O'Ultt!CI CIVIC-A"SsOc13tlons Of Havetford ::rW;:·~~~·:·~~;~~; i ;j~~t:; :IOf .• ;r. William' Earl IOstler of Park' ." !..~~~~~2~ mont Co~' :~~s:~ent·of.the' Oak-l "'ih'haitC hh:ell' t.'h ,lUI,·m"never. . a.:e th;:, fa,:; O ... ·and·,f(r •. ;-.~is.e:J; .. 'AimitBge.'Of a~ue has,j'ecovered from pll<Ultlonia. People' from.manY'diversilied. As far as public office is concerned Appellate eollrt .. S\!!tIIL"Chest<;i;)''!'Id"ant!· Mi,s Frances His.plans to join h!_ wife, danghter and of lite-have' been flooding the office' he ber-'n by being chosen Republican ____ .... _.;... ____ ...;._;....,...., S '/lIl<iyes,' :'da'uli\iter of .. Mr. and Mrs. son IR Charleston thIS week were changed Governor James .. with I~tteril and I ,~::!!: I comm.tteeman. He was appointed by Media Secretarial ScIIJ'0CI11 Carlos Faber Noyes,· of. Parrish road. by his illness· An.r a trip to Cuba Mrs. tions the past month urging the .1 the three; judges· of· the I~~!~::~: ~re.resuming !heir studies this week at Kistler and Miss Mary Kistler cut short chief execunve to appoiut Sheriff WiII- CO.untY Commo!" Ple;\s ·Court ~o, ." ....... J!!M . B:racl,ford' . Junior . \:011080, " "llradford, their trip n0!1hw:'rd to ~ ~ith Dr. Kist- iam McKim' to th.' Delaware count) a. a county Pnson In.pector. He 'SUMHRJi; a.ASSES Mas ..... fler the 'spring' rece~s, ler upon notification of hIS .lIness seve~all jU!dg'es~lip left' vacant by the death of t~at po;,t for ten yeats, four of. which BBGINJQJfG IIO!!DAY, IV!IIIll .J':rne$l 0,. v,nge, Jr .. son of .Professor week. ago. Jolin M. Broomall, 3rd. served a. president. . Dar """ BHIIl,.. aM ·M"s.)!;·O, .. Lallge,Bi>ltimor.e .pike Dr. Arthur E. Bassett of North Chos, The trend' to McKim' is not alone He began hi. legal career in· 1914 Write lor Clrelllar or .CoD JI!IOdI'!- and Church road a momberof· the soph- ter road and Mr. Roland L.Eaton of confined to:Delaware county but is when he 'was ·admitted to the bar. He I';:==============:::! omore class 'at' Franklin ahd Marshan Rutgers avenue left .Wednesday mom: state-wide and COlRes from influential practiced 13 years In the Delaware II College, bas -beerf"elected to' 'membership i~g for New· EngJarid. Mr. Eaton will civic, fraternal, paUlica! and patriotic County Courl~ "hii: first case "being in in the newly.formed Junior Class Honor attend them.eetings (!f t~e Eastern Com· 1917. .. . Society-of the campus. . merical Teacher,a- As.sociaJipp. in BO$ton, gr~:~~g his chief boosters are hHe served four years as soJicitor of 'Lange will represent the.Chi Phi nat- April 10 to 12 inclusive and then continue sheriffs of the several counties who t e .Delaware County Real Estate iObal social fiaternity in the society. to Bath, Me. with Dr. Bassett They 1M' 'd h Board when tbe local' real estate boom .D~1ia· Milrshall daughter of' Mr. and ex, pect to ret)lrn Mo nd ay D.I gh. t . ysteaatre e Seheetreidff.' s cKAlsmso cpiarteisoln .e ntH, ,eo f ht aes was in progress and for another four Mrs. John Marshall of Lincoln avenue ~Irs. Lydia Green Mitchell ·of North proved to be a popular leader and his he acted as Special Attorney is. at lhe. present', time in quarantine at Chester road and h~r son Billy are spend- colleagues would like to see him ele- under AUorney Gener'al 'Wm. th.e City Hospital, Providence, R. I. for iog the Easter ,~ca.tion visiting friends to the bench. Schnader. '", '.:' .. 1 sa.r I et fe ver. in New York with whom they spent last Of course his principal support comes po'Wst, hSenta' t'eh eS 'ercerseigtanreyd offr oBma·n l·ttihneg lWatitIeI-r I)r. H'lTace, H; Hopkins_ left Sunday summer, and' also j' Vi~lting ~rs. Mit- from his home county where voters iam D. Gordon wrote him a letter ex .. for :3 week's busmess trip to St. Louis, chell's daughter Mrs. C. -Leslie Moor, continbe' to sign petitions' in his behalf. pressing regret -and say'iog "I want to Mo.- and Detroit,' Mich. . Jr. and famiJy of Laconia, N. H. Mrs; McKim, at the start of the campaign, He. nry Hoadley is expected home "{?Or' is . tI ie -- fo·r ine~:, ~~ Is ~ Sally S ha rpI e s m'ade the statement t h at he would like etixopnr efsosr YtoO byr o·lue gaml yo:p sininiocnerse anadp pardeveiicae-frool . the Massachusetts Institute of Mitchell. to have' 5,000 signatures to present and your wholeheartetl cooperation in Technology 'to spend 'Easter .vacation " Mr~. -Roy' W .. ~ Harkness: and daughter the governor but he has more than pressing to a conclusion various claims with .his mother Mrs. George A. Hoad- qaJ1l Lynne .'re!u~~ to their .heme in. twice that" amount and additional names ley' of Walnut Jane. Dr. George B .. Rutledge on Saturday after ,3 three are still coming in although there haslr------.,....,...-------., Hoadley 'of Sea Cliff, L. I. will also monlh~: &t.ay jn Miaini. Fla. no effort made to get any more SPECIAL . speqd the week-erid with Mrs. Hoadley. for the past two weeks. . Miss Mary" ·E. Luehring' oLGirard Col, M~ ... Jrene;c.y.~ 9f Park avenue en· The same condition is true of the EASTER DINNER leae:is spcooiilg her Easter vacation at the tertamed the Book Club on'd~::~~;~:~'1 specl.a I pe t'I t'I on s S.i gn ed b y th e R ep ub - SERVED SUNDAY L:ehring home .on North Chester' road. :v::i~:e.~~~~~:.s. -~~nry ~~a~en~o~n:~:::;;:~ a;~d m~~;~~!~ee; 1 to 8 P. M. . Miss Ruth Mattern moved Jast week Mrs. Henry. .deCourtenay. of H;an:ard I:~~.~~;:reeof the 484 members of the from' Swarthmore,. avenue" Rutledge to avenue. returned WedneSday from Mont. had committed themselves the Terrells hoose at 343 Dartmoutl1_ave- cJair,' N.}. wherf~ she visited her brotllCr-1 to the McKim candidacy. Their"'number nue. ' and sister Dr. and Mrs. Jenl!i~gs has increased so steadily that today • STRATH HAVEN INN IlABVARD AVBN11B Mrs. Percival Armitage and daughter Uncoln over the week-end. more than 300 of 'them have signed the 'Plr:one' 8.-... _, Peggy _Anni_tage of. Harvard.' a~enue Mr. and M~s. c. B. Story witi come Sheriff's judgeship- petitions. . -1;r,;;;;;;;;:;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;~~1 spent Wednesday in New York .City. from Atlantic Citj~ N; J. on ·Sunday to' In his civic work he held the offices' I Miss Priscilla Clayden of Riverview spend Easter .and· 'Easter. Monday with road has accepted a position as secretary llr. Storyts.sister Mrs. RoJand L. Eaton to the principal 0"£ the Media Secretarial of Rutgers avenue. School. '.. '. , ~..A~. Larco Assortment of Bursting With a Da'nny ~iTk son of Mr ... and ~rs: Mrs .. Russell. H. Kent of Riverview Howard Kirk"6f\S. Chester road enter­road \vas ... hostess _to her eightsome 'for tained J6 guests' at a bridge party on luncheon and bridge on Tuesday after- Wednesday ev~,ni~g. l·{ Novel, Inexpensive EASTER GIFI'S Chester Light Supply Co. noon. Mrs. 'William Sproul Lewis and daughters Nancy and Marjorie of .North Swarthmore avenue have returned to their horne after a short visit to Wash~ ington, D. C. Virginia Peel, Dorothy Bernard, MaT­lys l,indgren, Kathleen Scott, and Mil· dred Pierce spent all day Tuesday on a bicycle hike. Their trip took them out beyond Media. lliss Frances Armitage returned Mon­day from New York to spend several weeks at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Percival Armitage of Harvard avenue. . Miss Doreen McConechy of Strath Ha~n ;lven~e left on Tuesday bY.lJlotor \V.~~i:I Mrs. Bruc:;c M"urray. Don ~urray. and Mr. David Anderson to visit Camp Shelby, Miss. and New Orleans. They expect to be away for a week. The following Swarthmoreans have won. places 'on-spring athletic teams 'at I rr;';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ th~' '(:olle~e: Morris' Bassett and· Dick II SPiith iii golf, .Bob Shaw in baseball, and 801 Edamont Avenue 'Phone Chester 2-152:2 Ted' Hannum ·in lacrosse. .'. . , Mrs">dliver- ,C'. Swan of' Sproul road returned Wednesday from· a three days' inp't"Atlantic City, N. J,. . . ·Mr. and Mrg. John Schroeder of Har· SPRING PLANTING risburg visited their son-in-law and PIe.ue CaD for ........ Garden Needs daughter Mr. and Mrs. Alvin J. Herr 01 • Michigan avenue last Sunday taking WM. J. STEPHANI, Jr. thoo mvej sitw iutnht il thSemat urydoayun gm orAnlivnign. UHpeornr II~='~ 'Pho:~I1O~·~CII~·~·_;~r~B;OI&';;· ~·~l~"~~U;·~· =~~~===~~~~~~~~===~~ I his return Alvin will have as his week-end guest Scott Peck of Ridley Park. OUTDOOR SKETCH CLASS Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall of 1,in. coIn ave.nue are expectipg a week-end visit from their son John Marsh'all, Jr. who ~s a graduate student in physics -at the University of Rochester. CONDUCTED BY CYRIL GARDNER A group .18 now forming to atart' TbUl'8day. Aprll 17th. Classes wUl meet out­doors except In bad Weather. when a portrait model WUl pose In Mr. GaniUer's studio at Wawa. For further information address MRS. Rl,CIlABD L. STODD&BD, Bwartb. 1113 LAST Two Days to AID BRI'l'ISB CBlLDBBN Tb.rcnqII -, I· KAPPA·KAPPA G&MM& "NORA. WALN' I'UND" B7 ParcIuuIDa 1'I .... t ... lor MEDIA THEATRE MOVIES . 35e' AT MlCII&BI/S&ND BOUQUBT 8&LOM ALL-OUT DRIVE • As new factories 8pring up throughout Penn8ylva­nia, 88 mlll8 .and munition plant8 roar with activity, demands fiir telephone lIerv.iee ~ar. ,....' In an all-out drive to keep P~nn8ylvilD~'8 tele­phone se~vfce up the unprecedented telephone., needs, we .are constructing . new switchboards, 'new CD;' bles, new drat offici.iii~d' other equipment at a~te : of SIOO.~a day! . Fast, dependable tele. phone .' service is 8peeding -and niust continue to speed-the prog~ ..... f. national p.repllredness. Mr. and Mrs. H. l,indley Peel of Columbia avenue will have as their guests for the next week Mr. Peel's· sisters Miss Margery Peel, Mrs. Wallace Van­Nest, and -Mrs. Van Nest's two children of East Orange, N. J. Ella Mae Beagle, Diana Brewster, Doris Polk,. Boyd Stauffer, and Evely~ Dyke Van de Boe returned home April 5 for -the Easter vacation of the West Chester State Teachers College which they will spend at their parents' homes in Swarthmore. Their vacation ,ends April 15. "BUT THAT ANTIQUE ISN'T . Mr. and' Mrs. C. MacDonald Swan of Mt. Holyoke place and sons Don and Robert. ate planning to spend the week­~ nd with"old':friends in Princeton, N. J. Mrs. CJaude Smith and daughter Nan­cy of Baltimore Pike drove to Charleston, S. C. on- Marc~ 'Z!. Nancy came home by plane, and. -Gene Smith Hew down to Charleston to .drive back with Mrs. Smith on April 3.· . . ·Mr. and MfS. I.eonard A. Peck of Yale a\:enue a::rr~ved home Wednesday from a . visit at _.Sljlphur Springs, Va, They were accompanied on their return by .thc:t~ " ~aughtfr who had been visiting 'liie,nds at the Springs. .• / ~ • f , Give a Pail' of. LOVEBffinS . I. at.. '" EASTER , Beautiful PI~ma"~ " J '- " Only $5.98' 1111111111111111111 , "U~f,.r AS WELL FACE THE FACTS '. '."" . WORTH F!XING!"' .' . - - '. ~. ' ... '., , . , .. ',' "'.; . . ",' . Finest C.aes and Stands . ~: i • La .... e A880rtment Plant Novelties • . ,. FRANK & SED.ER· EV!1ry year thousands of persons are killed and Dilllions are injured· in acddents: What ifyort were one· of them? " '.. ACCIDENT INSUR­ANCE issued by the lEtna Life Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn. payS hospital and doctors' bills, plus many other expenses. EJ,ECTR·ICL4UNI):RY GIVES TROUBLE-FREE·~.WORK-FREE WASHOAYS . . . ' -. '. '. . , '.. . , . . , ~SHOP 69th S1'RBI!T -- EASTER SHOES for THE KIDDIES • Celia Shoe Shop 102 Park Avenue PETER E. TOLD Insurance 417 Dartmouth Ave. han"""'" 1833 : ; 1 It~s' housecleaning time. Alld the. little lady is right in the midst of blanket washing ••• wh·en pfffftl goes the old-time washing ., mac:hine. Enter Mr. Fix-It, her husband, with his bag of tools.' We only hope he'll soon discover that it isn't worth fiXing; that his Better-Half deserves trouble-free, work~free washdays. When he does, he'll rush right out and get her an Automatic SeetHe ~aundry' ••• the kind that washes, ril)ses and damp dries without a speck of attention. We wish the same good fortune for you, too. PHILADELPHIA ELECTRIC COMPANY ~., ... ' PERSONAl:- 7' W~-iY for d~arded clothinl', housdunushlbP. II James tOdar-Chester 2·2573. J41 Weat ird Street.. . Eunice Eaton of Rutger. avenue ac­companied her father to Washington, D' I h;:;d!w C. on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hall of Ben· jamin West avenue leave tomorrow to spend the week-end in New York City. Improvements constat of two and balfetoJ'f brick bOUHI, UI :x 40 teet: DOrCh' one atory frame addition. feet. stucco praa:e. 18 :x 18 teet. Sold as the propertJ or Edwin VI. Page and. KatherlDe 8. Page', hJs wite. real own­en. MALCOLM HODGE, Attorney. No. .. NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVaN, that. -P'!r.uut . to Ad J80 of A"e. .~.... '. ·J~r II, :1935. P. J;. ·119 •• the • bad .. t for the School Dlatriet of the· roqb of Swarthmore lor the school JUr July 'T. 1941-July 6, 19(', r~~~ wUl be: avaUable lor public iDlpoctiOD at the Collele Amlut School BuUdlD. otISc:e of the School Diatrlct from April' 18. 1941 to Mar u. 1941. 8 p. IlL. at whkb time at • repl.r meet· tal' of the Board of School Dlrecton. after' :'-;;-'=""_ further co.kleratioD the School Dlstrkt a tiDal I ~~~~~i'l! budpt .ill be ado~ted. I ~ HtLDA LANG DEN WORTH, Secretary. NOTICE IS HEltEBY GIVEN that AridJ. Durkin bu lilte! his -petltiOJli la the Court of I=~;: Commoa Plus for Delaware Coullt, u of March Term. 1,,,1, No. ~.s. miDI( that hla aame bt ., . chund to AYidis GaiN: Dolbrl&D. The Collrt 8014 .... Pi~tJ' of a..:civ A.: 'laed May a6th. 1941 at 10 o'clock .; m. U14 JtIIiI1I8 O. OC1=,"n. ' .. .. the time tor heam.. OD.· aid .. petldOll •. at whleb time any perIOD bam, lawful· objec:t,lOD wM. TA~ ~: A~. to' wcb chure m.,. a~ar aocI be heard •. ' ,. . HOWARD KIRK.. . AttorDe~ for Peti~l~r. ESTATE of MAY' ROTHWELL TAYLOR. 'de..­ceased. Letten teataJDeDtary OD the aboYe es­tate have bet1S an.nted t,o, the who request all penoDS bavinl' claimS or d~~ apillst the cttate 01 the decedent to DI6Ml known the same. and all pe...oas iDd.ebled· to the decedeDt· to make payment, without dela1. to . JOHN STANLEY TAVLORlo . WIrrh'il ~~tt'ALMT~Xy~k. ,·WOrT.T4V w. Va,"" IN· TilE ORPHANS' COURT OF DELAWARE Delawarc County March Term. 1941 No._ 63. Or their attorney. "'-_ ber' ~.rm 140. .. '" WALTER·H. ROBINSON, Esq., ~m ... • -... 2617 Fidelit,-Philadelpbia Trust Bid ... , Estate of Karl M. Meuler~· deceased. T. o"1.he 'heln, le'tpteeB1 crcdhon aJK1 other pe,.Otl5 In' terested 1ft said estate: Notice .~' herebY c1ven that Elsie J. Jackman. Executrix of the above estate has fi~ed in the office. ~f the ~lerk ,!,f the OrphaDll' Court her petition \praYlnl. for leave 10 sell to HaroIe:. R. Goodwm at· private sale for the sum (If "70Q0. ",lain ~al., estat~ of decedent described ;u follo'lll'&: AU that certain lot (lr piece of ... roulld with the . buildinls and improvements thereoD erected Situate in' the Oor'oul'h of Swarth. more aim bouoded atld described at fql~owa: LoaII8 and dttcounto (blat ........ ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AB8SIS ~~~~:!5~~f~ :~.r-· ~~;i~~:1 !4-~P~~h6i~lta d_el_ph_i~ a, P~a. ~ DJlLAWA.BlI Situate on the S. W. ,ide of Swarthmore AVenue' 307.37 feet more or leu S. E. from <l1ester Road. a comer of Iuds of _ Edward F. Hitchco*ck; e~teadin .. thence by Hitch- . c:ock·s laad et al. S. 9 decret,l II m~-. uta W. '13..4.33 feet to a. corner of l .. ~ o~ Margaret Sellers. Brown; thel1ct by same .S. 80 decree:a 49 minutes ~. 60 feet t~ a. PO\Dt in lil1e of lands of 9th Ward OulidulJ I:: ,147.02 overdr&fla) .......... ,' UnIted Btateo _, obll­satlODS. direct aDd ~t0e4 Otber bonds. notiell. and debell.- FOR RENT· t .... Bent ro, new." cleoorated and painted. out­aida: bedrooine. bot water heat enoloeed opnocrceh . garage. Good location. Pc Ion at • WM. S. BITI'LE . . Swarthmore 111-1 Holaf'J' PabUc -lDaurance _ Real Estate NEWBOLD R. VARIAN ~. 1ii~iifl)Eil " CO. Alteratlo_Repafn Painting 510 Yale Aye. SWiudua_ 1119 MRS. A.J. QUINBY a SON JO ..... B. QUINBI FUNERAL DIRECTORS ULLnon. Real estate owned other than bank premlaes ............. .. Qther ~ta ............... : ... :. _-=1,::.77;,:2:;;.95:.: the free and common Total Assets •••.•••.•••.•••••• t2.M4.761.7(' and privilege of the LI&BIL1'1'IE I ;,;;!.,;w •• y aU times bereafter forever. [~;~'!r~I=:tte anot d 1nd1~rpOra.; ImP~~ementa consist of two story brick and stucco house. 18 x 40 feet: porch front: basem*nt garaae. . 80ld as the property of Woodlawn HoJDe8. Inc .• real owner. ...... :.:.; '';;',i'paii,:ti:8i 88,2S8.98 D. MALCOLM HODGE, Attorney. 31,968.51 .. (tiOrlt4Oci" Uici etc.) .•.•.... 8,859.07 Levari Facias •••• *',193.893.78:... ____ _ No. December Term, 1940 OAPl'l'AL' ACCO'ON'l'B BmmIPP BALI!lS of REAL BBTA'l'B BhOrilI'. 0lIl ... , Court HOUH. M_ PoIImlLI Baturday. April 28, lMl 9:30 A. M. Butem B _ -rune COncUtlons: t250.00 caah ~~~_ ume or sale (unless UIoI.l.In""_ -­ad_ ont) batsDco In ten cia".. concll"-OIlS on clay or sale. March ~rm. 15Ml Loan Aasociation No. ;;I: thence by same 9 decrees 11 minutes E. 88.14 feet to the S. W side of Swarthmore Avenue; thence N~rth 46 degTees 43 miDutd E. 16.5 ftet to a point io bed of silid Swarth'!lore Ave­tlue' thence within the bed of sInd ,Aveaue No;th 43 de.ree:s 17 m. mutes w. 75.66 feet: thenc:e S. 46 de~ 13 .minu~es W. 16.S feet to the place of beglDDlog. Said .petition- further prays for lu\'~ to sell to W. Mark Bittle and William S. BIttle. at lrl. vate sale fol' the lum of laooo .• c:ertalD at er real C!ltaie of de«dent desc:ribed as follow:!!;: All that certai.o lot or piece of pouDCi With tbe aDd . improveQlenlf thereon erecacd .. S~tuate ion said Dorough ~o~ bounded and described as follows: BeglnDIDg' _ at ;I point on tbe S. W. side of Vale Avenue at the distabce of 155.5 leet S. E. from the point of intersection of the said side of .Yale Avenue aM the S. E. side of Ch~ter ,Road; thence extending along the said. side of Yale Avenue S. 82 degreu 40 minutes .E. 4!i.OS feel to a point in the. "A·csterly !ide oi a :7 feet \'ride alley whlcb opens ID~O the said Yale Avenue; thence along the .aId .ide of said alley S. 3 del'rees 49 milnun.d. . E. !\0.93 feet 10 a point a comer of a & Total LiabUities ••••.•••••••• P.193,693.7L 1~~J~~~~~~~~~~~~~! ·'MI!.'fOlf .... -nGDI'.-"'·d!EU& Capital Stock: I ~ .~-, I i!~omi ~;",, Ji:DWlNB.. KELLE-Y~- 'Jr-. (b) Class Bpre ....... ~i:' I " par " ........ : .... ntlrab 000 00 of No. 198 of Walter Osca, Flood; the.oct by the said lands N.· 8a deK'TCes, 40 mmutes W. S4.92 fcet to a point a cotoer of lands of ._Geor~e J Jones and Alma Blanche Jones h15 WI e. a~d thence by last mentioned lands Nor~h 7 degrees. 20 minutes E. 49.97 feet to I e place of ~giDnillg. f S3id "ales are fOT the purpQs~ of payment 0 decedent's debts. 11 no e);CeptloDS arc ~led to said petition or objections made to granttDIr ~he l' value e..................... 125, • I' our /eti1ekr (C) ""mInOn _, to"" par IS But 7th lit. 0._ '125.000.00 ................ W,ooo.OO (~lf3.= =-> I~!;:~~(~tiii~ii.~:.;;.:.;i::~~ li'l:~~lrfiS~~' ~::~~~=====~~~==~ for prelerred stock)",:,' ....,..::::=:.: A. Wayne M08teller TOta1 cap.tol Aecounto ..... :..... ===I~~~~~I~~ ~'. __ ~_ Total LlabUltlea and CaPital Electr.ical-. Contractor Telephone Swarthmore :!295 FOR PROMPT SERVICE REFRIGERATORS -RADIOS WASBBR'_&LL _S PEOPLE'S TIRE STORE 'Phone MedIa ZOS ....21~.=~.=e.,.~re:~dIa COALfmd co*kE FUEL OIL VAN AI.EN BROS. Phone S". 10412 ACCOunts. • .•. t2.544.761.7 ................. 339.089.7 .............. 339.089.7 199.456.27 (d) Total .................... , 199.~.2. Sn. atJam teeE d0o 1 ' SPe. JlJS1lQtr,o..,& Ct,o uonatyiI holef rD eolfA w,tahree . a_b:o ve ~~ji~J::::~~ bank. do solemn.., swear, that the atubioovwel esdtSaet eamnedn bt elsll ltlfr.u e. toB .t hBe. BbPeBnO oAf Tm, y II' .,~Il~~to~io:~t'~~"~ Oem'er. to and eubBcr1be4 before me ~ of AprU. l~JJAM S. BlT'l'LB. Notary l'ubllr. SALES of REAL ESTATE SherUr's Omce, 'Cowt House', Mec1la, Penna. . '·,~turctay. Yay 3. 1~1 one· PIANO TUNING . AND REBuri.DiNG '. 32 Yean Pnec(calj ~etl"" .¥' :"!1£~ xg a4r0, 1~~~~rr.~~~:~~~~~:.l~~~ ~ '-.::'''''=-=:. the propefty of Oladys H. RUtter't Bnd Paul H. Marrow and Jane h1s wlte. A. L'PARK;m . HODGB. Attorney. 'PIione 'Medla '459.11 Levari Facias No. December Tenn, lIMO th Court will be asked to take actl~n :h:~~n. eon Monday. April 28. 1941. at' 10 o'clock a. m. HOWARD KIRK. Attorney for petitioner. 4·11·.lt Summary of Borough Auditor's Report . , . .._, .' .- .. ,,', .. - .--. -........ , ~~··t March 27, 1"1 Counell and. Burgess. The Borough AUcUtol'& hereby cert1ty that they have completed their examtnatloDd : :ftnanct.a l records 0 f the .a....:,.............t a...... TreaSurer and TU Collector for the year en &-1' 'm necem'ber 31 UNO and preSent herewith an Itemized. Statement or Recelpts ~d BxpeD. - tures for th~ year-l940 and .Statement ahowlng ftnanclal position of the Borough a~ ~e thereof •. 's';r&~~ OF RBC-E~S AND' DISBURsem*nTS YEAR ENDED DECBMBI!R SI, 111<0 . ~ COllected .•••••• ~ ~ ..•.•••. , •••.••••• ~ •..•••••••••••••.•.••• ; ••.••• $59.~:: As&e8Bments on street-Improvements and Llens •••••••••• •••··•••••••• 61Mt.42 other Asaessmenta. ......•......•.. . . •. . •. .. . • . •• . . . . . .. • . • • . . . . . . •••• •• 1~18.91 pOle a.nd Main TaX ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• :.: ••••••••••••. , ~ •• • • 1 534.sG ~r,Di.l.ta ' '~':""":'~"p'., •••, • •.•• ;..,; ••. ~ • .;.~ .............................. 1'538.79 .', ... ,._',.' . . .................. , Be:p.t8· ' ••• ~ ... ;.~ .•••• ~ ••••••••• 'i" •••.• _~ •• 1!'.\ •••••••••• " .,585.40 ········'1·'· ~ ........................ . Pinel ' .. ~. ~ .......... ';"~ '," ·:fl':.········ "':'~"'."'::: ........•......... .-.. ....H From Other 8OurceB;; .... ~. • •••••••••••• ~.:...... .,5.&1.3 .68 ; DI8BlJRBlWEN'l'II , . • '.,• 809 09 oeneral and AdmlnlstraUv"e ~nse •••••• ~. ••••.. , .••••••••..•, :.:~ •.• ~~ 15~:0'l Bl8hwaY8 •• : ••••• ;; •• :'. t.··.·.··············,··· ..................... 15.168.98 E;. 2=': ~ ~~{·~~fi!#~; ~-~~ ~.~.~'~~ ~i·~.~ i ~ ~ i ~.~ ~ ~ . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~5! IJaht an!l~'p(,w~r . ' .. ~ ~ ... ~.; .... ~ ........... -.................. :::::::::::: :"',0i23.88 ::;.:,~ ~~~S:d~.:~.::i·:~;_:':-:·~:~:-~;';;;;;: ;:;.~.:~,::::: ~:::::::::::: ::::::::::::::: 2.088.93· Slnklng &""UU ., •••••••••• -' .-,-••••••••••••••••••••••• _. 9.9112.00 81,'l'l1.00 ROGER RUSSEIJ, Maleer 0/ Fine Photograph. "16 RA VERroBO PLACE CAU. SlVABTBHOIlB 2075-R Prop. 81t: In miverford TWp. Del. Co., -p .. : on the S. W. &. of Haverford. Rd. 87.25 et. 8:' B. or BuCk Lane; In front 2I~.5 .ft. and In dpth. 178JM ft. m. or I. 'KIlown as 642 t.evarl Faclas No.4 Bl;ceSll of Cash ReCeipts over Dtsbursem*nts •••••••••.••••..•.••••.•••. '--' • 8,0'12.88 • Haverford Boad, _ . U. ~ B. to condo and bldg. rest. December Term, 1940 STATEMENT OF ~ANCIAL POSITION Improvements consist of two story atucco ~~~~r~;~~i;~;;~~ Dg-CBMBRR 31, 1910 house 12 x 33 feet. porch front: one atory s' frame' addltion. 9 x 6 teet. .'. '-_.-..• , Ir G~~~~~~AB8BTB'Sp ecial . YE vm. Window; Cleuaer Bold u the property of Bl)'D Mawr and BuUcllD8 Auoclatlon. real owner. ... ".:., .. " ••• : •••• 29,006.03 ~~e~'~~~ .. 134,.550082.. 3.9. BRWAlm p. HITCHco*ck. Attorney. i ...•.........•••....•. . 2,038.05 , . No. 814 .49.0eU6 A. ~UGER , • DeceIQ.ber Term. 1940 Levari Facias ;;::===s=..~. .=..=..=_ = =i~9= ====; stihte. iSn. TWw.p .8 .o ro fS pBratnrwgnIcekld R. Dd.e l3. 3C'l.o7,2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ !'<''''-''-- or· Powell Ave., in tront 26.28 ft. ~'i:~~: <~':"~:':~~~1;:; WOOD dpth. 100 ft. Known as 226 HarWick I~~:~!:'~;~~~[~;~~ ~.~_ ... ~;:;;",; S_O PUND . .• 3o...s'I cash ................. _....... '.'_83 UllP&ld Taxes .... ,........... i,so 00 InvestDlen.ta ••••• : ••. : ~....... • . • 13.2fS.20 , ~GREENS' COAL SWARTH. 1234 KOPPERS IIp''i'''llle&ii. .s ~. Ttoog ecthoenrd ow bitlhd gu. sere sotf. ~rwigy.h ts &1§i~Y~I~"~~:::!jr;~ ~Railroad Un ~derpas s. ..................... $ 4379'!~!'_!'6 ...9 . 64 CO,"E'! Road & sewer lJnprovements .. 197~&l.'l5 -.:. IDI,p"!~!.e.~, ,"~.':.':~~~~ of two story stucco Public Bt-. and Ol:l'\lll~.,.. .., .... 00 SUN . porch front: one story ; ;" . "q . -,12'1.08 18 teet. • . ~'. , ' F:U' EL O-IL. d.i Stto ladl i.d. A tnhDea pIrIo.p Beretny doitft . Lhuids·w wlg1f.eE. . mBoernt-, Under and subject to cert&tD .....t rtetll.""1 Totat·::.:'.::;::·:.:.:·:::·. ... :. . ;:= ;":·B9:.:42:::-..:.: . LJAB1LITIE~ AND ~URPLUS CURRl<N'l' FUND Aceoun'tS Payable •.•••••••••.• a38.85 SurplUS ~..................... 48,115.31 • f9,0I5U6 sINKINO FUND surplUS ......... : ......... ; ... 1s,24S.aG . • l3.3f!1 • .20 pERMANENT FUND PundeO Debt ........... _ ...... 81.000.00 Surplus ••••.•••.• , ••••..••..• 246,12'1.~ $32'I,I27~ Total · ...... , ........ :: ......... .421.441 i~iii~~~~~iiiiiiiiiiii~~iii~:I- and WW~"'. KllDger. Cbarleo A. and oe<eel!len\8, . .. •.. , .. , f,··':'.·'" Jollne anti IOchael I38nn:nartlDO. Llqulda't- ~~::~~. ~e~~COD8lst or two story atone . ~=~ ~f '~!I15~e~ttc BU~14~~ 24 x 20 feet; porch front: The values ~o,.,p .Jot ~nnaneJ)t assets are ~ shown by .the books. no depree~tlon ever WI "" THOIIAS Ih .,vII", bee!, takeil. .• ReapecU;"Jy Bubmltted. ' . -lfofS_ .... ~ CCl!~ ~ .. Ca"'ri,W~~er.' asjMO.TO~ AVRMVII, atrrLBiIGB' I BI)W. P. HITCHco*ck, Attorney. Sold 88 the pro. perty of Anq. #D.-rle Torre. ~ :: . BNSON .J .•. .,-., .-. ~..~ -rc.l i,la~ :'.,. i . . .. NO. • ......o1.18allY,r. an.d re.a1 o ~er. .. i ". ' --..l - .:.: .. ~..... . .c ;'s ;.' .•.. (~ ./ . ~ ~ t-.,!.": ';'~LD, ,_l ~'_'''_'. .,. ... .,r .• .' '. ~ber;JTem1f 19fO _r ;_ ' ~ lw.'. BiAm, AttorneY. "~"_ ./ ., WM.. B. MAiN. .~t ~?!r~~=ft~f· .. ~::~~:I'I.11"'F.--=-~~~I~!~.~. M~. :Sherlff. . ~', .. I, ~".d.,.' Borougb Audl ...

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- 8' FRAsER TO G.O~. LADIES ~arthmore CoUege Profe.­Laada WiUldeLeadenohip and Watehee Deaioeratfe FamcP .. r (e.,,.,.,,..,.,... (Juj. the ambulance and the officer -arrived simultaneously at 10 :30, .. County ChaIrman of Cltizeluhip Urged Clubwomen to UPited Mort Apinst War A note from the police was placed where the parents would find it immed­iately upon their return home "in· the h'Ope they would call before going upstairs, Mrs. Rae Biester spoke informally to The regular luncheon meeting of the Intuition told them something was amiss the Swarth~ore Woman'. Club, April Women's Republican Club of Delaware so they inv.estigated and were not spared on "Your and My Responsibilities!' County was held at the Strath Hayen the sudden shock of seeing the condition Mrs. Biester is a past president of the Inn on Thursday, April 3. Mrs. Joseph of the boys' room before they communi-I Am,,,i,,an Legion AuxiUary and is now Hinkson president introduced the speaker cated with poliee. member of the Upper Darby School Dr. Herbert F. Fraser of Swarthmore "M eanw h',le S tanI ey w'a,te d at the poI ''c e Board and a member of the Delaware College. • b' H W station for the questioning by county de- County Park Board. Dr. Fraser 5 SU Jed was II ow e tectives. He was then placed in the cus- May Develop a Constructive and Loyal tody of his parents awaiting outcome of As chairman of citizenship for the Opposition of the Minority Party." He the younger brother's injuries, condition Delaware County Federation of Wom­stated in his talk. that the Republican of the latter being such that police were en's Clubs, Mrs. Biester introduced a Party is fortunate in' having the teader~ unable to question him. Alan was only plan of using Delaware County high ship of a man of the type of Wendell released from the Chester Hospital schonl student speakers. The students WiIIkie who js' perhaps the strongest early in March after having been con- speak at meetings with Mrs. Diester leader since Theodore Roosevelt. Dr. fined there with a broken leg since be- on a topic related to the County theme Fraser also said that the Democratic ad- lro re Ch n•s tmas. "Keeping the Mind American". Sixty-ministration is vulnerable in its fiscal pol- ---..,. .' .• •- -_ five students 'are in' the group and icy as well as .in its labor policy and it!; I L. HEARD DR or three of them speak at the Same errors will be valuable to the Rcpubli- ... " • meeting. can party -in the campaign .of 1944. FUSSET T FRIDAY Mrs. Hinkson named three tellers for' '~ This plan has received many com-the annual election in May: Mrs. Elsie mendations. It interests the students R. O~DonaId, Mrs. Amos Miller and who are the future voters, as well as Mrs. Alexander Calhoun. IB:e~ie'w of W. I. L. Pamphlet on refreshing the listeners in their respon- World Organb",tion Pointed sibilities of citizenship. Mrs. Alice Koller chainnan of the T dR· ed Lea Mrs. Biester reminded the audience nominating committee named the folio\\'- owar of Na::ons gue of the historic date, April 6, 1917, on ing nominees for the offices to be filled: which President Wilson declared war. president-Mrs. Robert Patterson; vice- I preS!' de nt (three to be' elected)-Mrs. Dr. Frances Reinhold F u sse II, Now that we are ab e to look back on L e R Qy D oub, Mrs. Frank Kerna- speaker at the W. I. L. meeting held the war, we ads prudent hardheaded g h an, Mrs. Robert Zarro r,lrs. J. Claude Friday, April 4, in Bond HaU, reviewed won er why wars as such Bedford, Mrs .. Walter. Weaver, Mrs. a pamphlet uWorld Organization:' as should ever be or be allowed to happen. W'II' M·· the basis of her talk. This pamphlet Perhaps the answer lies in a re- I lam mgm, Mrs. Abram Johnson, Mrs. Arthur Bretherkk, Mrs. H. Murty; by Olive Reddick, professor of econ- mark made by a Belgian guide to a correspond m· g secretary-Mrs. L. M. omics at Hood College, Frederick, Md., group with whom Mrs. Biester was Greenway; aSS·i stant recording sccre- was written for and published by the viewing the battlefields, "We caD never taI)"--=-Mrs. William Wallace and Mrs. national W. I. L .• and was called by Dr. forget what the Germans did to Us in Joseph Raibley; recording s~cretary- Fussell one of the most excellent treat- 1914." The realization of this inability Mrs. Charles Uhler and Mrs. Gertrude ments that she has seen of the subject. to forget or forgive past wrongs makes Shubert; treasurer-Mrs. William Woh- In seeking the fundamental aim the European situation understandable nus:' assistant treasurer-Mrs. John M. World Organization, of peace, to Americans. Understanding this, said Brooman, 4th. The voting time was an- justice, democracy, we must have Mrs. Biester, we should not send men nouitced ~s 11 A. M. to 1 :30 P. M. on combination of these four, was one to fight in Europe although we should the next meeting date. Thursday, May 1. the points brought out by Dr. Fussell. aid Great Britain with materials to the M r.. J . 0 . Hopwood was appointed Practice of free tariff is one solu- limit. chairman of a committee to arrange a tion of the difference in point of view The responsibility of the United party for Mrs. Joseph Hinkson on June between the Nationalist and the In- States is to legislate the profits out of 5. Mrs. Hinkson has served the club as I t~"natiio~~lis~: In the political organiza- war declared Airs. Biester, citing the president for 14 years arid has with- of World Government there should defeated McSwain Bill as an effort in d rawn he r name as a candidate this year a union o£ peoples rather than of this direction. although she led the list of candidates states, with an international police Mrs. Biester urged clubwomen to for the office. force. As international law must take actively identify themselves with their Mrs. Bessie Everett gave a \'ery inter- the place of absolute sovereignty of the club and to realize that through united esting legislative report. The next meet. individual state~ Dr. Fussell said, there effort there are no limits to what jng will be in charge of the legislative should be a revised League of Nations women may accomplish. committee of which Mrs. Everett is in authority. Book Review. Tue&day chairman, to discuss present legislative. Mrs. Katherine Warren Coles gave On April 15 Mrs. Ralph Ashton Nix- - I • a fine rendition of two selections on the dorf, chairman of literature will pre-piano, and finished with flAmerica thc.> sent an afternoon of book reviews by /arabe Dancers Bring Beautiful." Mrs. Patrick M. Malin, club members. Mrs. I. R. MacElwee Mexican Culture president of W. I. L. presided. and Mrs. Robert L. Coates will review The Peace Chest Campaign is draw- the books which won such favorable to Swarthmore ing to an end, and it is still possible comments at the Lansdowne New Cen­for those to contribute who want a tury Club. Mrs. Peter E. Told will give -The Jarabe Dancers, a group of young part in the planning for the peace brief comments on several of the new people of the Mexican colony of Pasa- which goes hand in hand with the war's books. dena, Californja, will re-create the na· end. On Saturday, April S, the second I I C tive dances of early California and south Peace Chest Luncheon was held in Three Ties at Crum Creek Club and central Mexico in a performance Philadelphia at the Ritz Carlton. The: sponsored by the Somerville Forum of speakers' subjects were "Hunger in Swartlnnore College and the American Europe'" and "Hunger at Home," and Friends Service Committee, in Clothier the foJlowing W. I. L. members were Memorial on the' coltege campus, Thurs-I p,res"ent: Mrs. Frank Reynolds, Miss day evening, May 8. Olive Cleaves. Mrs. David Braun, Mrs. Chosen to represent the Southwest in W. L. EI.bree, and Mrs. Harold March. the National Folk Dance Festival in At the National Peace Council meet­Washington early in May, the Iarabe ings in New York City recently Mrs. Dancers have been invited to dance in William Hull and Mrs. Louis Robinson Swarthmore by ·the American Friends were delegates from W. I. L. Service Committee as part of its pro- Mrs. Louis Robinson and Mrs. Har­gram of developing better understanding old March were representatives at the between the people of the United States Federal Union luncheon-meeting in and Mexico. The program will be a bene- Philadelphia April 2 where President fit for the Committee's Service Semi- John Nason of the college spoke and nars in Mexico. For the past two sum­mers college boys and girls in the Mexi­can S~rvice Seminars or Work Ca~ps have hved for several weeks with their trained leaders in a small village of the state of Durango, working with the in­habitants in building the town's first schoolhouse, sharing community activi­ties, and studying the achievements, problems and needs of their· neighbors south of the border. The Seminars have ?een ~uch ~ti~ulating and creative pro. Jeets 10 buddmg Pan-American under­standing that two such work camps wilt be held this coming summer. ' The Jarabe Dancers will bring to Swarthmoreans better acquaintance with the various Mexican dances - social courtship, comic and ccremonial- s~ deeply rooted in the country's folk cul­ture. Mrs. William Hull and Mrs. Harold March went as delega~es from W. I. L. to the meetings in Philadelphia on April 4 and 5 of the American Acad­emy of Political and Social Sciences. • • Red Cross to Open First Aid Center American Red Cross first aid classes will begin next Monday, April 14, and run for ten consecutive :Monday evenings from 7 :30 to 9:30 P. M. at the regional office at Front and Jackson sfreets. Media. Anyone interested in 3ttending the classes should register now with Mrs. Theo Saulnier. telephone Swarthmore 1004, or by calling the Media headquar­ters Media 2079. Mrs. J. K. McDonald won the March toumament of the Crum Creek Bridge Club, having the least number of zeros on her score. Regular weekly winners Monday eve­ning at the Strath Haven Inn were: North and South-Mrs. Wallace M. Mc­Curdy and Richard Carvell tied Mrs. J. K. McDonald and Mrs. Philip W. Kniskern for first; Mrs. Richard Car­vell and Wallace M. McCurdy, second; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Griest tied H. J. Berry and T. L. Lingg for third place; East and West-Mrs. Joseph Blakiston and L. G. Luckie, first i., Mrs. Jay Ken­nedy and Bayard H. Morrison, second; Mary Verlenden and Mrs. &l.ith Pas~ chan tied Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ran­dall for third. I I Sprlfig Vacations End Ruth Detlefsen of Lafayette avenue r~­turned to Wheaton College, Norton, Mass. on Tuesday April 8 after spending her spring holidays with her parents, Dr. and Mrs" J. A. Detlefsen. ' Pat Wi~son of New York City ar­rived in Swarthmore, Friday night, April 4 to spend the \~eek-end with her aunt, ~{rs. P. H. Brigham, of Swarthmore Crest. Miss Wilson is a former member of the class of '38 at Swarthmore High School. ~he local committee arranging the benefit includes Mrs. Patrick M. Malin hospitality; Mrs. J. Roland Pennock and M~s. Samuel F. Ashelman. publicity: and MISS Charlotte Salmon, Miss ~lary Cape­han, chaimlan of the Co1lege. Romen'ine Lecture Fund. :\Irs. Charles Shaw and Mrs. N. O. Pitten,g er.. Honor Studenlll ..-url ~~~:;;:";"-~Coodoo-l-:-~'!'tler ~ -= .rta:rl':rlr'~':'~ Joan Carpenter whc arrived Friday of o-W. .. R4.-'l'rip o...w. .. JI4..Trip last week to remain until Easter Mon~ day enjoying the spring vacation of Beaver College, Jenkintown with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Allan W. Carpen­ter of North Chester road was on the dean's ~ooor I!st at Bea\'e; for superior scholastic achievement during the first semester. W1lllamob_ ti I~: _" ........... ".It W ...... D. c. 7S P1ttob_ ....... RlcluD.on4 '" .. N. Y. CItJ' •••• 1.1S IH Norfolk ...... .ss _....., .. SWARTHMORE TRAVEL BUREAU PARK AV£NllB sw .... 171-W . REYHDUND , . Robert and William Piper returned Wednesday to their home On Yale ave­nue to spend their spring recess from Pennsylvaitia State COllege' with their mother Mrs. Henry A. Piper. Robert a senior haS' been spending a week in New Y ~r~ Ci9' with the engineering group. Wtlham IS a', freshman. : Helen· Ludwig will return to .Buc~ell University on Monday after spending spring vacation with· her parents -Mr. and Mrs. John N. Lqdwig, Jr. of Wal­nut lane. AI"IUL -ll, '1941 erford avenue.. Dut;~g' ih .. 'l(ilIi.~ term he was a member' of the band and the swimmiug squad. ! J Robert Welty Delaplaine a sophom*ore at Wofford College at Spartansburg, S. C. i. listed on the dean's list of honor according to word just received fran Wofford. Kathleen Scott daughter of Mr. and, Mrs. Walter. J. Scott of Park avenUe i. spending this week-end with relatives in Pitman, N. J. Horace Hopkins, Jr. returned Monday r----..,..---------.., to College after spending spring vacation \yith his· parents Dr. and Mrs. Horace H .. Hopkins, . of Swarthmore Crest. Laurence. Kent son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Kent of Riverview road has rctul'I!ed to Lake Forest. College arter ~pendtng sp~jng· vacation with his par­ents. · George H .. Troxell, Jr. returned to Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. on Monday after having spent his ten­da>: spring vacatiQtl with his parents at their home on Dartmouth avenue. Bill Gorman returned Sunday to Le­high University after spending his spring vacation with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Gorman of Princeton avenue. William R. Bates a freshman at Blair Academy, Blairstown, N. J. has returned for the spring vacation to visit his par­ents Air. and Mrs. Joseph S. Bates, Hav- Sen-ed F_N_ to 9 P.M. • ChlIdr.a IbIf-Prlee BETTER 'fHINGS FOR LESS l Edgmont Avenue-Seventh and Welsh Streets FREE! Decorated EASTER EGG with each pUrChase of Boys' or Girls' pnnent, $1.88 and up. Girls' and Teen Age DRESSES Sizes 3 to 6X-7 to 14 2.88 3.88 And Up to $10.98 FRENCH CREPE PRINTS LAMSKIN PRINTS RAYON SPUNS New print. and solid- eolon. Some havo eeparate boleros. Laee yoke - FIIIl"Y botton trIma - Pleated or fnIqored skirts­Prlneeos Iin_ Girls' 3 and 4-Pc. Military CAPE SUITS In navy and .old trim - na'fy 7 98 and red trim - eadet and • navy trimmed with pink. 5_ 4 to 6X with hats to matda-abo 7tD 14- OIlier Coat. $4.98 - $6.98 - $8.98 TO 12.98 I Boys' 2-Pants SUITS ,. SIZES- 10 to 18 made to .ell up to $15 ;." 10.98 . Double and oln.le-breasted suits of brown, ..... ,.., green and blue in hrand new fabri~. Two pairs of Ion,lies. Boys' Regular $10.95 "Jefferson" 2.Knicker SUITS Single- or double­breaoted modei., plain or aport baek. Smooth Jefferson fabri ... SIzes 8 to 15. 7.98 BOYS' WOOL LO~GEES 1.88 2.88 ,3.88 Sizes 10 to 20 LOCAL' ARTISTS'· EXHIBIT OPEIS VOL. XID, No. 16 5 WAI:tTHMql~E L 1131:t;.\ I~ y,\ S W AI~ T HM()J~E CULLE€7E THE' SWARTHMOREA , SW~THMORE, PA., APRIL 18, 1941 TUESDAY AT WOIAI'S CLUB ONE·TIlIRD PARTICIPANTS IN EGG HUNT WIN LARGE PRIZE EGGS Warning to Local Boys • Elmer Rice Play at Players Club Tues. MUSICIANS HEAR OWN COMPOSERS .. ~ t, .- On April 10, Duncan Chiquoine Nearly 500 Children Enjoyed Recreation Committee Tenth Annwd Easler Frolic C01l8iders Hikes and fired a .22 calibre rifle at a canoe heing paddled on Crum Creek by J. Francis Taylor. Jr. The bullet Large Caot Under Direction of Loeal Musicians Dividing April Lincoln Atkios Will Presenl Program Between American Here LIst ~aturday Garde1l8 in Program .Mol'lllDg· " I' from the rifle ricochetted from the water and struck Taylor in the neck, breaking the skin and Broadway SUcce80 Works and Original Pieces Next Week Marked by exceptionally auspicious The Borough's sunnner play program causing. a slight wound. Next week brings to the Players' weather and nearly double the number !~~m th:t ~~:n~:gu~:s~~ri~ga~e:~n;a~f The Police Department does not Club stage Elmer Rice's Broadway of prizes ever given before last Satur- the Swarthmore Recreation Association want to place criminal charges comedy success of last year "Two on day morning's Easter Egg Hunt ended on Monday April 14 at Borough Hall. 'against any of the boys of the an Island." The production is under the a d eca d e 1. 0 thOI S sp r,'ng event sponsored The following three committees have town. However, the reckless haoo- d"I rectlOn of LincoI n Atkiss. Since it by the Swarthmore Business Association been organized, with the understanding I ling of firearms and BB guns nec- includes a cast of forty-five people and fo r Io ca I c I I'II d reno that the committees will appoint their I essitates control of the situation. eleven scenes, it will be one of the As far as Swarthmore youngsters and Borough Ordinance No. 142 for-d d 11 own chairmen, who will act together as bids the discharge of firearms most ambitious undertakings of the their holi ay· guests were concerne a an executive board to attend to matters year. streets led. to· Borough Hall from early within the Borough limits, and morning uniir 10 A. M. whe'n the as- of organization sudch as thcf emtJ10yment provides penalties. "Two on an Island" is a story of sembled mass scattered to search fran- of instructors an care 0 college and Section 62S of the State Penal Mary Ward and John Thompson who tica11y. for as many little packages of school property to be used. Code provides :-Whoever dis- come from the hinterlands to New jeI I y'·eggs as cou. Id . be fQ UI;' d·'m · tl 1e t wo MTrsh. e Tahtholmetaics coLmuemdiettrese, iMs crso.m pHosoewd aordf charges on the streets or alleys. York to crack the r,'veted shell of the sites which were announced' at that time. McCone, Dr. Frederick Luehring and of any city or borough, a :Robert Big City and find their places in the Children under eight years of age had Burgess John Pitman. Frank R. Morey, rifle, air gun, spring gun, or any theatrical world. It is a good story told their eggs placed in the secluded spot be- Mrs. 'How~rd S. Turner, Mrs. Birney K. implement which impels with force with keen understanding of characters, hind the Woman's Club house. Those Morse, and Howard Kirk will serve on a metal pellet of any kind shall, tenderness, and rare good humor. In between eight and the Hunt age limit of the finance committee. The arts. and upon conviction thereof in a sum- the course of the story New York City 12. covered the plot between Boroug4 c.ra.fts. program .will be organized by mary proceeding, be sentenced to and its endless variety of people are Hall and the Methodist Church, prob- Mrs. J. Burris West, Mrs. Andrew Simp4. pay a fine not exceeding fifty dol- unfolded before the audience in a de-ably for the last time since present build- son, Mrs. Theodore W. Crossen and Mrs. lars ($50); and in default of the lightEul and absorbing kaleidoscope of ing plans will make use of that property payment of such fine, and costs. life. The eleven scenes take us from soon. J. DVa. vSid. BisLhiovpiI. lgston,' botanist f'rosmh all be sentenced to imprisonment G ran d CenttIa Stat'lo n to t he B attery Then all other business was tempor- Swarthmore College, spoke to the Reere- nG~n e~~~e::::: :~!rt~e C:e'!tl~:s~se and very little is missed between. We arity discontinued at The Swarthmorean ation Committee concerning the possi4 see atl of New York in a hasty "onr.e office in order to take care of about 150 bility of having miniature gardens, of firearms and air rifles, we are over" from the top of a sightseeing bus, children who luckily found l)rize slips watcll,'ng seed germination. and nature confronted with a series of acts of as astounding and fascinating a scene . h' k f . II d vandalism. There is no excuse for a Id b dr d Th I h ID t eu pac ages 0 Je yeggs an came walks to study local flora as part of the s cou e eame. e pay t en here to redeem them for large chocolate summer program this year. some of the acts which have been settles down to ep.isodes in the subway, and cocoanut eggs. At no other time dur- Edwin Faulkner will instruct in groups committed. a restaurant, the Metropolitan Museum, ing the year is it brought home so force- as well as conduct individual lessons, as I ask that the parents give their a night club entrance, a director's office, fully to The Swarthmorean that its quar- children prompt and proper in- an artist's studio, the Statue of Liberty, tars are a bit too small. However, last previously. Schools close the 19th so the struction along these lines in or- and two taxi cabs. week's crowd although larger by far than recreational program will open 01) June der that we may be spared the The unique sets that reach for a new any preee dm· g one was a very pat l'e n t s2t3a. rt Haosw esovoenr, atsJJ e thete nSnwisa-,r tphrmojoercet Cwoilll. necessity of sending someone be- high in amateur stagecraft have been aOd courteous group of children so the fore the Juvenile Court. designed by Theodore W. Crossen and distribution of the prize eggs went very lege courts are available. ,". JOHN H. PITMAN, Webster Allyn who with their stage smoothly and was over in a short while. Stuart Jones hrought to" ,the aUenhon Burgess. crew~ Burris West, Newell West, Rus .. However fi ve s II·P S apparentI y were neveorf. the Recre. a.t ion ComDmitt'ee the.C' po ossi- ',.' -________________' 1 sell, Ph,·II,·p. and Dave Seymour exe-found for that many eggs await the re- bihty of jOlDlI1g the elaware unty LEGION AUXILIARY cuted them as welL The excellent paint-tum of sli~ bearing certain numhers Softball Le"{;"e Ithis .eh·son. so that local CAMPAIGNS FOR ing'of the sets has been done by Jean which weren·t'ttirned in after the Hunt. ,rP_la_y_e_r_S_m_ig_t_p_a_y_o_t_er....:I. ~._ am_s_. ___ BRIDGE BENEFIT Prosch, SaJly McFadden and Keta One group of girls searched and research. II Brower. ~Scere ~hifting has- ·been .50 ed the locitl6'fi and returned to the office Seventh Annual E~ition .. The American Legio"n 'AuxiIi~ry is skiJIfuliy planned that lightning changes with the report that there were no more 'of Swarthmore Painters asking Swal,1.hmore friends to attend its will be .possible. jetly egg packages there. The five pack- • May:2 bridge benefit in the High School The cast includes some of the club's ag~s must have fallen in s.pots. where The Seventh Ann.ual :gxhibition cafeteria at 8 P. M. since attendance at best and most seasoned players. Rob-they have remained well hidden. or else of Swarthmore Painters, spon- 'thiS. festive' event means larger proceeds ert Graham, noted for his humorous they were· picked' up by 'someone not sored by the Art Committee of the to\v~r!1 lt13:ny ~eedy projects including: characterizations of adolescents, essays eligible for the hunt or who failed to V\,Toman's Club, will open Tuesday, the' Swarthmore Rolling Kitchen for a new role as Laurence Ormont, the collect prizes for them. I ,April 22, and will be open to the Ellgland, Kits' for Engiand through the cynical wise cracking producer of plays. 'The five eggs wilt be held at The ~ public Tuesday, Wednesday, and Red 'Cross, Community Service work, Mary Ward, the girl from New Hamp- Swarthmorean office untit tomorrow Thursday evenings, April 22, 23, . Rehabilitation, Child Welfare, and sev- shire who would rather be Helen Hayes noon so if you're.under 12 and you feel a and 24 from 7:30 to 9:30, and eral other causes. than president, is played by Elsie Win-spring urge to walk· around you 'might Wednesday, Thursday and Friday The Auxiliary ~rges bridge enthusiasts ocour. John Thompson who from Iowa profitably choose one of the Egg Hunt a.fternoons, April 23, 24 and 25 to come a~d play in their own units or comes to Broadway to sell his plays is lots to do it in today .or Saturday monl- from 2"':30 to S :30. progress as desired. One side of your enacted by James Rennie Powell. These ing. If someone over~age has found the The guest exhibitor this year is admission ticket may be called up for a three. are supported by a splendid cast slips he could give them to some child John J. Dull, the well-known door' prize :as t~ere will be several given of favorite character actors and some \vho attended the Hunt but didn't have Philadelpl,lia Wa.tcrcolorist. His away. Table prizes have been donated. personalities new to our' stage among the good fortune io"firid prize v:rimiillg work has been shown in all the Refreshments will he served from the whom arc James A. G. Campbel~ WilI-slips in the packages he gathered. leading exhibitions and galleries counter when and as desired. Everyone iam B. Edwards, William Turner, Irwin (Continued on Paoe .Six) throughout the country. Mr. Dull is asked to help to make this a success- MacElwee, Julietta Powers, Ronald I • is teacher of watercolor at the ful annual occasion. Porter, Ruth Boyle, Nancy Savelli, NASON MAIN GIDID SPEAKER Needlework Organization's An­nual Meeting Set for Early May in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Museum School of The Auxiliary wishes to thank the Teresa Tomai, Ethel Simpson, Stafford Industrial Art. interested people who have brought mag- Parker, Walter Fogg, Mary Ann West, On Friday evening, April 25 the azines. books. etc. to the Legion room Robin Atkiss, Martha Keighton, 'exhibition will close with an i.. for the Army camps. Thomas Leuders, Sally McFadden, formal reception for the exhibi~ , • Florence Hoadley, Charles Seymour, tors, their friends, club members Community Health Center Marguerite Gettz. and Marina Roos. and the general public. This will Plans Rummage Sale The mood of the play is gentle and take the place of the Sunday after- romantic abounding in humorous color- The Community Health Center asks ful characters such as only Elmer Rice noon tea held for the past two you to wait before throwing out old can create from the stuff of Manhattan. years. Mr. Dull wilt be our guest . I h The 56th annual meeting of the that evening. hats, shoes. and suits which per laps ave Needlework Guild of America will be All residents of Swarthmore, b"'-en· cluttering up your attic for a year , . held at the Bellevue-Stratford in Phila- over 18 years of age may exhibit now and arc long out-dated. The com· delphia on May 7, 8, and 9. The open- two framed pictures. All pictures munity Health Center will have ba ePhla cId e Dr. Samuel C. Palmer of the Swarth- "ng meet,'ng on Wednesday morn,'ng W ' for thrm in its rummage sale to e . I Dr. Palmer D. C. H. S. Speaker An ambitious and elaborate program has been planned by two chairmen of the Swarthmore Music Club Mrs. Sam­uel D. Clyde and Mrs. Anthony Ventner, for the April meeting which will ,take place in Mrs. Clyde's music studio at her Swarthmore avenue home next Tuesday evening at 8:30 P. M. While the first part of the program will feature. American composers the second part wilt be made up entirely of original compositions by members of the Club. Selections by American composers will be as follows: Piano solos by MacDowell played by Mrs. Everett Hunt and including HCzardas," "By the Light of the Moou," and "March Vlind"; violin solos played by Lucius Cole accompanied by Dor­othy Paul and including "Romance" by Timmings, "Jerusalem" by Hill, "Impressions Lointains" by Joel Belov, "Indian Snake Dance·' by Burleigh; pi­ano solos played by Antonica Fairbanks of "Three Preludes" by George Gersh­win. Original compositions by the follow .. ing members are: Peggy James Camp­bell-" Three little pieces for Piano," "Sarabande," "Song without Words" (a contrapuntaj study), also three songs -"FarewelJ/' "Prayer/' and "Disap .. pointment"; Antonica Fairbanks--2 Pi .. ano pieces-"Puck," and liN octurne"; Mrs. A. M. Bosshardt-"Resurrection'" three-part song for women's voices sung by Mrs. C. K. Wolters, Mrs. E. C. Heg, Mrs. Bosshardt (first sopranos) Mrs. Lloyd Kaufmann, Mrs. A. Rog­ers, (second sopranos), Mrs. C. R. Laws, Mrs. D. Cooley (altos); Edmund Souler-"Minuet in E minor" for string quartet, played by A{rs. Samuel Hayes (first violin), Virginia Rath ·(.~Wllol· violin), Mrs. W. Danforth (viola), W. Danforth (ceJlo); songs - "I dreamt that I Wandered" and "A Wish" ren­dered by Mrs. Allan Carpenter; Con­nie Wiltiams-"Reverie" for vioUn and piano (Antonica Fairbanks, violin), "Fantasy," Allegro" (first movement of Sonata) for piano: songs-UStars," "Let it be Forgotten,'" "The Coin" sung by Peggy James Campbell; Mrs. Sam­uel D. Clyde-Two piano pieces "Noc_ turne," "Beside lovely Waters";: four songs sung by Mrs. Robert Carels­" At Evening," "A Maiden's Way," "Would that I, too," and "The Day You Went Away." ---'-....... ~-- "HARVEST," FRENCH FILM LAST PICTURE AT COLLEGE The French picture "Harvest" selected. by New York critics as the best foreign picture of the year, 1939, will be the last of the series of motion pictures to be given at Clothier Memorial this year. "Harvest," along with a Walt Disney cartoon, IlGoofy and WHbur," and a short "To New Horizons" will be shown to­morrow night, Saturday. April 19, at 7 o'clock and again at 9 o'clock. The feature produced by Marcd pag- 1101 and based on Jean Giono's novel is a simple. poetic picture about tlte res­toration of a village through a peasant's labor and _lov_e. _. ,4'. ...... _ ' must be delivered at the oman s 1 I more biological department wtl address Bnsincss Association Seeolon at 11 o'clock w,'11 be a bus,'ness meet- '1 21 011 the last day of April and May . t ing for delegates only. Club, Monda)' afternoon, Apn guara.ntees to utilize any d I h the Delaware County Historical Society's ·The S\varthmore Business Association from 2:00 to 5 :30 o'clock. 01 C oCt es, spr.m g meeting next Th ursday evening, will hold its month Iy di. nner meeting at Dr. John W. Nason president of IL ______________- -' 1 bric-a-bac, or china presented to the en- Apri.l 24. in Chester on the subject "Lo-16 :45 on Monday eveni.n g, April 21, at Swarthmore College will be the prin- tcr. cal Spring Birds." the Strath Haven Inn. cipal speaker at the Wednesday after- JUNIOR CLUB ELECTS A preview of the sale will be held on noon meeting. Preceding it is a lunch- MRS., HEATON April 30 ahd on May 1 the rummage sale I ================:'::==============::; con open to members and friends. will' last all day at the Woman's Club. Ii Those wishing to attend it are asked At the April meeting of the Junior As rummage sales are the chief way to contact Mrs. J. Horace Walter, tele- Club on Tuesday evening of last week that the Connnunity Health Center is phone Swarthmore 2587, president of Mrs. Wallace Heaton was selected to able to raise funds, all townfolk are the Swarthmore Branch as she must succe~d Virginia Seal as president of urged to cooperate in this salc by con­make the reservations by April 24. the Junior Club and Kitty Pitman to tacting Mrs. Harold G. Griffin, telephone The Junior Drama will be presented sueceed Eleanor Shorey as recording sec- Swarthmore 579-W; Mrs. L. P. Wray, on Wednesday evening. retary. Their terms will expire in 1943. J18; or Mrs. J. Warren Paxson, IS8-R, On Thursday the meetings will be The other officers elected on alternate in reference to any articles that they for the delegates. In the evening there years, remain Doreen McConcchy, \'ice- would he willing to contribute. will be a reception and musical for the president and Jane Lumsden, correspond- , I , national officers, Guild members and ing secretary. Trinity Rummage Sale friends. Upon the resignation of Ann Voder Next Week Friday morning at 9:30 A. M. there as publicity chairnlan Anna Woods was wiU be a junior conference open to any named to fill the unexpired tenn. rnembers especially interested in jun· On Tuesday April 22 the last philan-ior work. thropic bridge of the Club year win be The Needlework Guild was estab~ l1eld at the home of Betty Treu in lished in Philadelphia in 1885. Branches Springfield. IlOW exist in 42 states, the District of ---......,. ... -- Columbia and the Hawaiian Islands. ftJothers' Club Today The Swarthmore Branch is about 30 years old. The Guild slogan expresses The April meeting of the Swarth­the far reaching work of the organiza- more Mother's Club will be held at the tion: "The Charity which Helps AU Presbyterian Church today, Friday, at Charities.» 2 :45 P. M, The annual spring rummage sale of ~he Woman's Auxiliary and Guild of Tnn­ity Church, Swarthmore will be held in the church basem*nt ext week. A pre­view will take place Wednesday evening April 23, from 7 until 9:30 o'clock and the sate will be open the next day, Thurs­day . from 8:30 A. M. until 4:30 P. M. Mrs. Joseph S. Seal of Cornell ave­nue is the sale chairman with Mrs. R. Blair Ppce and. Olive Cleaves serving on her committ~ T" .. THE WEEK'S CALENDAR FRIDAY. APRIL 18 2:45 P. M. - Mother's Club ............................... FIt=rlan Church 7:30 P.M.-Roller Skattns .............................. Me 1st Soc1al Ball '1:30 P. M. - SChool Board. Meeting ••.•••.••••••••••..•••.•..•••••• Hlgh Scb.ool • SATURDAY. APRIL 19 7:00 and 9:00 P. M. -Moving Pictures ...................... Clothler Memorial 7:45 P.M.-Televlsion Lecture .••••.••.••••••••..•••..•..•• mek& Hall, CoUese SUNDAY, APRIL 20 11:00 A. M. - Morning worship .••....•.•..•••.•....•..•.•..•... Loeal Churches MONDAY, APlUL 21 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 P.M.-Red Cross Sewing ••••••.••••.••.••••. Woman's Club 6:45 P. M. - Business Assoclation ••..•..•.••..••••••••••.•.• Strath Haven Inn 8:00 P.M.-Legion Post Meetlng ................................ 1I<>louBh Hall TUESDAY, APRIL 22 2:30 P. lot. to 5:00 P. M. - Art Rhlblt 0pentna:"Tea ••••••••••••• Woman's mub 7:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.-Art Bxh1blt Open to PubUc •••••.•••• Woman·s Club 8:15 P. M. - '"Two on au Island" ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ~ Club 8:30 P. M. - Music Club .••••••.••.•••.••••.. SWartbmore and. 0KcleD Aven .... WEDNESDAY. APIUL 23 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P .... -Bed Croos SeWIng •••••••• _ Parfah_ 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.-Bed Cross Surgical Dressings Pront '" Jackson 81a .. _ '1:30 P. M. to 9:30 P.II. - Art Bxh1blt Open to Publlc •••••..••. WOD18D'S Club 7:00 P. M. to 9:30 P. K. - Rnmmage Sale PreView ............. TrInIt.y Church 8:15 P. M. - ~"I"Wo on an IBlaDd" ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• P1Iyera Club TH1lII8DAY, APIUL 24 8:30 A. M. to 4:30 P. M. - RJJ~ Sale .. h .................. TrfDlty Church 7:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.-Art It ORen to PubllC •••••••••• WOD1&D·. Club 8:00 P. M. - FreDell ClreJe •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 410 Part:: Aven.ue 8:15 P. M. - "'l"wo on an Ialand." ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• P1Qera Club

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I TBB SlV ARTBMORBAN 19401 Miss Nancy R. Duer and Mi.s Joan P. The ceremony was perfonned by Dr. Duer sisters of the bride. ~~~::'I Frauk O. Erb before au altar banked M. Albert. Miss Harriet F with white lilies. snapdragoos palms Mrs. James Aubrey Green, and and rerns and lighted by tw~ seven- PERSONALS Mr. and Mrs. Swann will reside at 181 Valley View Crescent, Rochester. The bride i. a graduate of Wooster College and the bridegroom of Harvard University. j i , I Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J. Gilereest of Harvard avenue entertained witb two tables of dessert-bridge Tuesday evening in honor of Mrs. Harold R. Sanson of Binningham. Ala. who arrived last Fri· day, for several days' visit to her sister MrS. Albert S. Johnson of South Ches· ter road. Mrs. Alfred E. LongweD and son Bob of Lafayette avenue spent three days during the Easter vacation in Washington, D. C. with Mrs. Longwell's sister Miss Lillian M. Roberson of New Rochelle, N. Y. who is spending her Easter vacation in the capitol city. While in Washington, Mrs. Longwell called on Mrs. J. E. Grant formerly of Vas­sar avenue who is now residing in Ar­lington, Va. and has been very ill since January 1940 with double pneumonia. She is slowly recovering but the doctor says it will be many months before she will have regained her strength. "Rinky" McCurdy of Ogden avcnuC is a member of the choral club of Hol­lins College which will broadcast a pro­gram on April 19 from 2:30 to 3:00 over the NBC Red Network originating in Station WMBG. Richmond, Va. She will be one of the seventy students from the college to go to Richmond next Sat­urday to participate in the broadcast. Mr. and Mrs. George C. Wagner of Benjamin West avenue are entertaining a group of guests at an informal buffet supper on Sunday evening. Mr. Albert H. Tomlinson fonnerly of South Chester road a director of the Standard Vacuum Oil Company has made arrangements to return to New York from Palembang, Sumatra, Neth­erland East Iudies by the middle of next July. Mrs. Tomlinson and Teddy will visit Mr. Tomlinson's mother at her Swarthmore home early next week. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Vlacllos of Vassar avenue entertained with a family party last Saturday in celebration of the wedding anniversaries of their sons. Mr. and Mrs. William N. Vlachos of Park avenue had been married seven years on April 7 and Mr. and Mrs. Ed­ward Vlachos of Secane observed their first anniversary on the latter's birthday, April 6. In addition to members of the family Mrs. Frederick Morton. niece of Mrs. Vlachos, Sr., aIlfl Mr. Morton of Oakmont were guests. Mrs. Arthur J. Jones will be hostess to her cousin Miss Frances Davis of , ---, --Bridgeton, Me. who arrives today, Fri­day. April 18, at the Jones' home on Dickinson avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Brewster of Dickinson avenue are entertaining Mr. Louis van Dyck and son Bevier of Cort­land, N. Y. who plan to stay until the end of the week. Mrs. Birney K. Morse of Yale ave­nue was hostess on Monday morning to 22 guests at a spring breakfast and bridge. Mrs. R. K. Enders of Elm avenue has been called to Wooster, Ohio by the illness of her mother. Mr. Arthur B. Lawrenc"!, Jr. returned home from New York City to spend Easter week-end with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Lawence of Cor­nell avenue before being drafted into Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Willits of Onnonk, I ~~;~~~!.,~A:.~.Barden. Jr. sister of branched candeJab.a. N. Y. 11 ~iven in marriage by her father the Mrs. R. Chester Spencer of Swarth- In addition to the above attendants ~nde was gowned in ivory brocaded sat· more avenue left yesterday for Wash- Miss Davis will bave Caroline Davis as 10. Her dress had a short train and her ington, D. C. where she will visit her her flower girl and Edward L. Duer nI an~que lace veil of all-over point d'es­daughter Mrs. John D. Muskat. After a as page. pnt fell from a coronet of rose point week's visit in 'Washington she will Mrs. Stavers' best man is to be Mr~ lace. She carried a bouquet of Madonna travel to Pittsburgh where she will visit William Bosley Manges. The usbers lilies. her son William Spencer who is a stu- will be Mr. Edward L. Duer, Mr. As maid of honor Miss Sylvia Swann --............~. -- Roberts -Cbriatlan Trevor Roberts of Swarthmore ave­nue and Harriet Christian of Philadel­phia were married on March 29 in Con­way, S. c., en route to St. Petersburg Fla. to visit Trevor's mother, Mrs. E: Z. Dimitman. dent at Carnegie Institute of Technology. Aubrey Green, Mr. George West sister of the bridegroom wore a gown of Mrs. Arthur W. Binns of Binnsbrook, Mr. Paul H. H. Snyder. blue marquisette fasbioned with bishop Ir---------------. Rutledge entertained yesterday with a W. Tucker. and Mr. John sleeves. She carried a colonial bouquet Do Y_ J[ • luncheon in honor of Mrs. Jesse H. of yellow daisies, forget-me~nots and De -... CIIN ,. a .. ID 10M Holmes. Guests included Mrs. Harold the wedding ceremony Mr. and delphinium tied with yellow satin rib- c.n ~.. • G. Griffin of Swarthmore, Mrs. Frank Mrs. Davis wiu hold a family reception bon. Miss Jean Mayberry of Wooster -- L. Martin, Mrs. S. Clayton Wicks, and for the bridal couple at their home in Ohio .was bridesmaid wearing yello'; - .,.r ••• o.. .. .. los Mrs. Charles H. Zensen of Rutledge and Ithan. marquIsette and carrying flowers simi- Mrs. J. Frank Beatty. Jr. of Morton. Mr. Stavers is a graduate of Swarth- lar to thos. of the honor attendant RUSSELL'S SERVICE Mr. and Mrs. Ross Guerard Allen more High School in the class of 1935 tied with blue ribbon. ' Dutmoalh IUld "".7- A .... will arrive Sunday morning to spend and of Lehigh University in 1939 and Mr. Charles P. Swann of Cambridge "We _" leD _ aoout ten days with Mrs. Allen's parents is now connected with the American !dass. was his brother's best man. Usher~ .. Dr. and Mrs. E. •L M ercer 0 f N oru•• l Viscose Company. Miss Davis gradu- ,ndude d M essers. Frederick Zwick, Jr., • .... - . Ch es te r road. M r. an d M rs. A lien are ated from Miss I•r •w •i ns School and B ernard A. Hutchin of Rochester ----co. -=-_ - - ~ _~_ _ ".. returning from Evanston, III. to live Schmitt-A"'- and Mr. Donald Fiske of Cambridge' in the vicinity of Philadelphia. 'J-- Mass. ' I'OB CER11Ji'IED LAUNDRY Pi Phi sewing for Friends Service will be held at the home of Mrs. Edward Clyde, "Winding Lane" in Media on Friday, April 18. • ,Mrs. Arthur J. Jones of Dickinson a.\·cnuc will entertain today, Friday, Ap­nl 18, at luncheon and sewing. •• I To Wed at Valley Forge At an intimate family ceremony to be held at Valley Forge Chapel this after­noon ~liss Ann C. Riley daughter of Mr. J. L. Riley of Sioux City, Iowa will be­come the bride of Mr. John Hubhard Prescott son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Prescott of Moylan. The Rev. David Braun of the Swarth­more Presbyterian Church will perform the ceremony. Miss Riley will wear for the wedding a light blue crepe street dress and hat to match. Miss Riley is a graduate of Smith Col­lege. Mr. Prescott graduated from Swarthmore High School and the Uni­versity of South Dakota where he was a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Out-of-town guests who will be pres­ent for the occasion are: hir. J. L. Riley and Mrs. Manley. Rice of Sioux City, Iowa father and sister of the bride and Miss Eleanor Prescott of Western Mary­land College sister of the bridegroom. After a short wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Prescott will be at home at 736~ Harvard av-en-ue. .............. --'-- To Wed Tomorrow At high noon tomorrow Miss Eliza­beth Jayne Davis daughter of Mr. Mrs. Robert Hare Davis of Ithan become the bride of Mr. William Ap-pleton Stavers son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Stavers of Moylan. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Ayres of MiII- Mrs. Zwick wore a costume suit of SERVICE ville, N. J. announce the marriage of po,,:der blue wool and a corsage of gar-tI, eir daughter, Janice Elaine of South demas. CALL MEDIA. 174 Princeton avenue to Mr. Carl H. Mrs. Swann with a powder blue silk Or Slop 0lIl' Dftnr Schmitt of South Chester road on Sat- ensemble wore a corsage of talisman • urday, April 12, at the Second Metha- roses. MEDIA LAUNDRY dist Episcopal Church, Millville, N. J. A wedding breakfast at the University s..-..m. s--d'omore So.. ./alI,. Miss Ayres is a graduate of Columbia Club followed tbe wedding rite. 8m- 1900 Medical <:enter School of Nursing in -;~u~po~n~th~"~'~r~r~e~tu~m~f~ro~m~a~W~ed~d~in~g~tn~'p~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:~~ Ne\,,' York City and has been ior the past three and one·half years public • MARY DUNHILL • PRINCE MATCHABELLI • CHANEL. health nurse at the Community Health Society in Swarthmore. Mr. Schmitt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schmitt of Beason, III. He is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan Uni­versity and National Recreation School of New York and is at present executive director of the Parks and Recreation _ Board of Delaware County. Z Mr. and Mrs. Schmitt will make their 0 home at 306 South Chester road after 5 May I. I I In a wedding of simplicity and charm performed in the chapel of Colgate­Rochester Divinity School at Rochester, N. Y. on Saturday, April 12, Miss Car­oline Zwick daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Daniel Zwick of Rochester be­came the bride of Mr. William L. Swann son of Dr. and Mrs. William F. G. Swann of Ogden avenUe. • The rende1ll:lOW lor lol:lely lodiea 11 SoodIo aT., ...... CaD s.r....- 476 HARBERT • ROV AE • CHEN YU • CORDA Y • DRESS PRICES at DONAI.DSON OF MEDIA Begin As Low as ,$3.95 203 W. State St. Telephone Media 2153 T~e ceremony will take place Ch"'t Church, Media with the Rev. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D. Butterfield former rector ~ the parish ~onducting the ceremony. Do Your Btmking With SWARTHMORE NATIONAL Bank and Trust Company MISS DaVIS who will be given ,;".v I by her father will wear' a white salm I gown and a veil of heirloom lace sister Miss Kate Furness Davis . dre.ssed in pink marquiseite mald-of-honor. The six b~;~~~:~i.:~~,: I who will be dressed in blue n are to be: Mem ...... FecJ.a) DeposIt .............. Corporation tah~e G aarrmdeyn. MCirt.y ,J .N..a.w Yre.n coen wTause sidanyd auncd tedllr~;.;~~;~~~~~~~~'11 will be stationed at Camp Upton, Yap­hank. Long Island. STARTS FRIDAY lameo OUR NEW FOUNTAIN Is Installed! * Mrs. Porter: White of Los Angeles, Calif. and Mrs. Weedon Cochran of Winchester, Va. arrived Wednesday to spend three days with Mr. and Mrs. William N. Vlachos of Park avenue. Mrs. A. D. Kniskern of Hastings, Mich .• js spending a few weeks with her son and daughter-ioMlaw Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Kniskern of Riverview road. Mr. and Mrs. Elwood H. Garrett of Princeton avenue entertained at a bridge­dinner last Saturday evening. The guests present were: Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Mer­cer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Thatcher, Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Ar­thur Robinson of Swarthmore; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Felix of Lansdowne; and MANOR FRIDAY - SATURDAY (Continuous Saturday 1:30-11:30 P. Mo) Rober. Randolph YOUNG • SCOTT "WESTERN UNION" DeaD. Jager _ VIqbl1a Gilmore ftlII8DAY - WEDNESDAY TBtJRSDAY "VIRGINIA" ID. '.fedIDJeoIor MADELEINE CAIUlOLL FIlED lbeMUlUlA.Y • I STARTS TODAY "SCOTLAND }' ARD" with NANCY KELLy JOlIN LODER EDMUND OWI!NN MEDIA FRIDAY - SATURDAY ZANE GREY'S . "WESTERN llNION" In Technlcolor Enra Added Features for SATURDAY MATINE8 ONLY .Tadde Cooper In "STREETS OF NEW YOBK" and "MYSTERIOUS DR. SATAN" A Die 3% Hour Show Starltoc at 1:30 SVNDAY ONLY-2 FE&TIJRI!S L1lM AND ABNBa ID "DREAMING OUT WOO" aDd ROY ROGRR8 III "BORDER LEGION" MONDAY -TURSDAY "The Philadelphia Story" with JAMES SlEwART KA.TJIAIUNE HEPBURN CAGNEY ou,,", DEHA VILLANI) "Strawberry Blonde" "Free and Easy" STARTS THURSDAY 'The Mad Doctor' wtth BUlL RAUIBONE RLLBN DRBW FRI. a SAT. CENEAllTRY In "BACit IN THE SADDLE" It's Handsome • • • It's Efficient Drop in to see it and-­while you're here TRY OUR SIXTEEN FLAVORS OF ABBOTT'S DE LUXE ICE CREAM This Week's Specials * EGG NOG * FRESH STRAWBERRY * FRESH PEACH iC STRAWBERRY VANILLA They're Simply Elegant! WBDBLIVER Swarthmore 857 MICH'AEL'S COLLEGE PHARMACY * * * -* * * * * a:: ______________________________________ J:II:I * * * * * * * 01 THE o o THE SWARTHMOREAN '" TBB SlVARTBMORBAN ~ ONETOUCH ~=====O=IF=N.=~=TURE== PUBLISHED EVERY FRiDAY AT SWARTHMORE, PA. . THE SWAlITHMOllEAN, INC., PUBLISHER PHONE SW ABTHMOBE 900 Among birds that have no true song there are nevertheless distinct kinds of PETEIl E. TOLD, Editor MuJOBlE Tow, Auociak Editor auditory communication. Most of these ROSALU PEmsoL are vocal, the drumming of Woodpeckers Enhnd • Second a.. Me .... lID....,. a., 19l19. altho Poot being a notable exception. 0IIice aI Swarthmore, Pa., under the Ad of MUch 3, 1879. The vocal sounds have no possible re· FRIDAY APRIL 8 194 semblance to song. They are merely calls, ;;;_-::::~;:::-;::::_._i;::l:,:::l::::::::~ smoomre ocfo mthpelmex .m oTnhoes ylclraybinc,g otohfe rsv amriuocuhs TriDily Parish. Noles I Gulls is little more than a single cracked I ~ falsetto note. The Bittern, by contrast. On Sunday morning the Choir will IN VILLAGE LIBRARy voices a guttural message that sounds repeat part of the Easter music. . I!.===== ........................... .II like a distant pump. A large fresh-water W.illiam O. Foust publicity director marsh early on a summer's morning re-of die ~l>iOcese will be the speaker at New non-fiction in the Public Li- sounds with the eerie calls of Rails, Gal-the meeting of the Young P.eoples' Fel- brary includes: "All Gaul is Divided" tinules, and Coots. lowship at 5:30 P. M. Sunday. a little book of letters from .individuals But the non·vocal sounds of birds are A1i.-'-in;canbers ·of the Church School are in o.ccupied Francej "Union Now With even more remarkable. Woodpeckers, as asked to return ,their Lenten Mite Boxes Britain'" by Clarence Streit, a new ptan already mentioned, substitute drumming on Sunday morning. The -'boat-race" for "Union Now" brought in line with for singing. The birds, although incap­will end Qn Sunday and the Lenten offer- the changing map of Europe whic:h would able of producing music with their . :iog will· cOlUlt for Umileage." win the war and then be replaced by the throats, have an ear that must be sensi- The Rev.-'Edward, H. Bonsall assisted pennanent world union: HMansion House live to harmony. They select well-scas­the rector at the services on Easter Day. of Liberty" based on Phyllis Bottome's oned hollow stubs as resonators, and the On Sunday afternoon a group of young own experiences in beleaguered Britain; tones produced on such sounding boards people took tlle contributed Easter plants "Finland Forever" in which Hudson lend the performers almost all the quali­to the Philadelphia Hospital for the pa- Strode writes his impressions of that ties of true musicianship. .tients there. country as it was immediately before the Other non-"ocai bird-sounds are ones Reports at the congregational meeting war, conveying to the rc;ader a feeling, such as the whistling of Woodco*cks and on Monday night showed a year of prog- of the mre, fresh, and ever-changing the "booming" of Nighthawks. The for~ ress. George W. Casey senior warden beauty of .,Finland as it was and he mer, produced in flight, is definitely pro­made the report for the ~Vestry. This hopes it will be again-forever; ·'The vided for by a narrowing of the first three, -'-is' the .. thirty-sixth annual.; report pre- Battle for Asia," in which Edgar Snow feathers of Woodco*cks' wings. The: pare.d by Mr. Casey. . I deals with the communist movement in ·'booming" is a result of Nighthawks' There 'will be a meeting of the con- China ·and the new world which must diving-they spread their wings suddenly firmatioll class at 2:30 this Sunday after- come about after the conflict ends. after plunging from great heights, and noon at the Church. .. "Exit Laughing" is an informal auto.. their abrupt halt creates a strange hol- I I Mographyof Irvin 'Cobb, filled with Cobb low sound that is carried for a long dis- Methodist Church Noles anecdotes ·-and Cobb friendliness j ilCru_ tance through the still evening air. The church ;ho'~eets Sunday at sader in Crinoline" by Forrest Wilson Even Owls' bill-snapping must be, 9 :45 A. M. with classes for children is the biography .of Harriet Beecher: classed as a form of avian inter-com­Stowe of "Uncle Toni's Cabin" fame;: muuication, for some of these birds fre~ and adults of all ages. "Wh W lk Al ". h t . f . quently punctuate their hootings with The preparatory membership class 0 a on,e IS t e s ory ° an meets in the pastors study at 9 :30. American's years in a leper colony; rapid clicking of their beaks. At the morning worship at 11 o'clock "Dream In Her Hand" is the life of Dr..' -.~ .• BRooKF. WOR1'Ji. the minister will preach on the subject Cornelia Chase Brant by Alice Ross TWIN LECTURES AT COLLEGE ~'God's Mandate For ,Today.'" The an- Colver and Helen Brant Birdsall. "ual thank offerl'D g for the Women's "Born in Paradise" by Armine von TIl e d epartment 0 f economi.c s and th e Society of Christian Service will be re- Traenmchp sikni Hisa wthaeii js t"oHrya woaf iil,i fRe esotnle sas Rgraema-t W'II Il' am J . CI ot ht' er F ound aU'o n 0 1 ceived. . . J B be J Swarthmore ·College are presenting two The Epworth League will meet In 'part" by oseph ar r, r., presents lectures by Federal Government officials. the chapel at 7 P. M. the real everyday Hawaii and its people; The first by Milo Perkins administrator, The junior and senior choirs meet on "Kabloona" by Gontran de Poncins is surplus marketing administration, Depart- Thursday at 7 and 8 P. M. the adventures of a white man among fA· I I' I . ·1' ed E k' f h 1 th ment ° gncu ture was heard ast Dlght The ushers assoc,'at,'on w,'11 hold a tIe unCJVIIZ S Imos 0 tear nor . m. t h e Ffl'e n ds' Meetm. g House. Mr. Per-skat', ng party th,'s Fr,'day n,'ght ,'n the "My Own Four Walls" is Don Rose's k1' 115 'bsu 'jc ct was"F'o od and T otal De-social hall at 7 :30. efforts toward establishing a home. fense." • 1 • Newest fiction includes: EHen Gtas- N On Sunday night at 8 :15 in the Meet- Presbyterian Church ole. gow's "In This Our Lile" a compelling novel of our times by an author well- ing House Corwin D. Edwards eco- Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the known for "Vein of Iron," "Romantic nomi.c consultant, Department of Jus­.. 3E.rmon .topic wlll be "The Nature and Comedians" and other: 'novelsi "Mount- ,tice wHl speak on .. ','Allti::::Trust and the Destiny of Man." ain Meadow" is the absorbing last novel Output of Industry." ' The High School Fe.tlowship wilt of John Buchan. Lord Tweedsmuir whose Friends of the college are cordially in-resume meetings Sunday evening at autobiography UPilgrim's Way" is an vited to attend. ••• 6 o'clock with a program of motion pic- outstanding contribution to literature; F -I. C I tures· and speakers on summer confer.. "The Earth Is Ours" by Vilhelm Mo- rencu ire e in Swiss Program en~:; Church Hour Nursery for child- berg is a satisfying novel of the ret~rn I to the soil; "Mill Stream" by Hortense ren ages two to seven will be he d at Lion is the recreation of Providence and II o'clock on Sunday morning. the Blackstone Valley during post-Rev­The newly elected Elders will be in-stalled at the church _ service Sunday olutionary years. In UBetween Two Worlds" Upton Sinclair continues the morning, April 20. at 11 o'clock. story of Lanny Budd begun in "World's The Session will meet Friday eve-ning, April 25. at 'the home of Elder End." "Long Meadows" by Minnie Hite Joseph A. Perry 410 Thayer road at Moody is the story of a family carried through war and peace for a century 8 o'clock. and a half. . I I _ . New Subject at Friend.' Forum "The Countess to Boot" takes the reader travelling in an entertaining story Le Cerc1e Francais of Swarthmore will meet April 24 at 8 P. M. at the home 01 Mrs. A. M. Bosshardt, 410 Park avenue with Mrs. Wallach and Mlle. Ade!ine Strouss as co-hostesses. The Swiss Consul of Philadelphia, Maurice Rohrbach, will present two Swiss films: "Les trois langues de la Suisse"·'· and "Les sports d'hiver en Suisse," which will be followed by a talk on UInstitutions et Unions Inter­nationales a Berne et Geneve" given by Mrs. Bosshardt. I I" Soph Hop Next Friday Edward Anderson of a large chain by Jack lams; "The Ship. and -The market - will discUss "J...abor Relations Shore" is Vicki Baum's tale of tropical from the' --Viewpoint of Management" nights; "Forsaking all Others" a novel this Sunday morning at 9 :45 when the in verse by Alice Duer Miller author of The class of '43 of Swarthmore High weekly session of the adult forum con- "The White Cliffs." School wUl give its Soph Hop on April venes at Swarthmore Friends' Meeting. Newest mysteries for detective story 2S at 8:30 o'clock in the High School Christian Sd.:nce Cb1irch~ fans 'are: ··Spill the Jackpot" by A. A. gymnasium. Many committees have Fair, "Counterpoint Murder"" by 'G .. D. bl;:en working for weeks to make this H. Han~ and Mar.garet. Cole:. The Rlg~t a: gala occasion. The cJtairmen of the Mur~er by Craig Rice, Murders m· cQmmittees are' hospitality Douglas yolu!De. 2" by" Elizabeth Daly, .and Heath; finance: Duane Ta;lor: pro­rraltor s purse by Margery Alhng- gram, Elizabeth Pope: refreshments. "Doctrine of Atone;ueiit'" is the sub­ject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sun­day, April 20. The GoI~en Text is: "All things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconcilia­tion" (II. Corinthians 5:18). CHURCH SERVICES I,I :000 ,00:5~~th eme of Sermon theme ham. Jean Fischer j decoration, Alice Put- I I b Cr Cr B d Club W· nam j orchestra, George Armitage; pu - um eek ri ge mners Iicity, Duncan Chiquoine; lighting The Crum Creek Bridge Club's vic- Howard Pennell j clean-up. Lewis torious members after Monday eve- Knebe1. It is hoped that a large atten-ning's regular weekly play at the dance will make the efforts of these Strath Haven Inn were: North and committees worth• •w•h ile. South-Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carvell, first ; William Craemer and Richard Dancing Class Chaperon. Seller, second; Mrs. William Soden Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Knebel and Mr. Local Commillee to Sponsor Dancers The J arabe Dancers who on May 8 in Clothier Auditorium will give a colorful program of dances from early California and Mexico ior the benefit of the American Friends Service Com­mittee's Service Seminars in Mexico are being sponsored by a group of res­idents of Swarthmore and vicinity. The sponsors for the performance include: Mrs. Leonard Ashton, Mrs. Brand Blanshard, IIfrs. William 1. Hull, Mrs. Thomas McCabe, Mrs. John W. Nason, Mrs. Louis N. Robinson, Mrs. J. Russell Smith, Mrs. Arthur P. Whit­aker. and Mrs. Ellwood B. Chapman. .-.----------..-. Th~ Man Who Co"",, To Dlnner "r dro,.. in for lunch 4, ,II. Snu. u",. SUBURBAN CAFE ana co*cktail LouRge Main Coocoune., P R ,R Suburban Station .. lure o' tin enjoyable meal. wlthou. hurry- atnlld I"leaaant lurroundlnltll _and a. r-t'S.IOnable prieee tunc/wow-from 40< Dinner< -from SSe t:OC'.,ail Houu-3:OO to 6:00 P.M. PeRunal Supt!r-vlstoo of Harry R. Tull, ------------ THE SPRING TONIC The 8u1pbur and molasse8 grandma used to concoct was kind or rouah but it did tbe work. Today sbe uses tbe more ticienti6.c methods. Your ear needs a Spring tonic expertly administered by Factory trained men and tbe proper Equipment. THIS IS THE TONIC WE'LL GIVE YOUR CAR: Test and Adjust: Spark Plugs - Fuel System Distributor-Timing Generator Drain, Flush and Refill Radiator Lubricate Car Drain and Refill Crankcase The Cost of this Tonic is ................. , ................ $J.85 SUNOCO GAS HANNUM' & WAITE SW ARTBMORE, PA. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Discover New Beauty in Your Own Home! 'aint Walls and Woodwork with <[U--PON!) .... -... INTERIOR. GLOSS and SEMI-GLOSS Especially formulated for kilchens and bathrooms, you can use these fine enamels on walls and woodwork auy­where in the bouse! The Gloss is full and rich; the Semi·Gloss has tbe popular satiny lustre. Both are easy to apply, and easier ti) keep dean. 98 SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY C SUPLEE'S HARDWARE STORE t t SOUTH CHESTER RD. SWARTHMORE t 05 "Some Tastier MIlk for Johnny, Mom. He doesn't get It at hls house" and Mrs. R. G. Witman, third; East and Mrs. N. O. Taylor will be chap­and West-Dr. and Mrs. John R. Bates, crans for the tenth grade assembly to first; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson, sec- be held at the Woman's Club Saturday ond; Mrs. Maurice Griest and Mrs. evening. Since this week's assembly is Walter R. Shoemaker tying Mrs. \Val- to be in the form of a barn dance it lace M. McCurdy and Mrs. H. Bard- is requested that costumes be worn by well Lincoln for third. those attending. ' I. I Mr. and Mrs. R. G. E. Ullman and Rev. J. 8-:00 9:45 11:00 Rector "' r;i:':;i:::;'o~anAd Uq uailrte- To Talk on Television Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Van Alen will An address on television will be given chaperon the eighth grade assembly by John S. Donal, Jr. of R. C. A. in to be held at the Woman's Club on Hicks Hall, Swarthmore College to- Saturday e,"v:.:e::;n::;in~g.~ ........_ _ - I. I morrow evening, Saturday, April 19, at 7 :45 P. M. under the auspices of the Nu Aid. Guidance Service Chapter Sigma rau Fraternity, Nat- Expansion ional Engineering Society. The public is 'Villard Tomlinson director of the invited. Swarthmore Career Counselors Bureau Tax Deadlj~e Nears has recently returned to his South Ches­ter road home from a series of voca­tional testing programs at nearby schools. Next week, the Bureau is returning to the YMCA in Wilmington for a second conference in 1941. Announcement will soon he made of a special opportunity -foro. students and young people, sched­ule<) . to \iI~ place in Philadelphia im· ine<fiatelj-'aJter' school in Junc. The attention of property owners is called to April being the last month that real estate taxes can be paid to the tpcal tax collector. On the first Monday in Mayall uncollected real estate taxes are returned to the County Treasurer and six per cent a year interest is added to the tax and pOnilti"~ ... - ... . • HER boy-friend eyed the glass and whispered. uI don't like milk." Tessie smiled. c,<Neither did I. But this milk tastes swell!" He took a dubious sip then grinned, "Say, it is different." Another point: This mille pr0- vides your family with a bountiful suppJy of CALcIUM, PHOSPHORUS and VITAMIN D-all so important for health. Why not switch over today? Call Chester 2.5721. You'll also find SUPPLEE SEAL­TKST hom*oGENIZED is different-better tasting. Supplee starts with SUP PI.E E a milk richer than before. Then hom*ogenizing mixes the cream .s: throughout the bottle. It's easier ~ " to digest and agrees with you bet· _~ 'A....~ ~:_. ter. Remember, also, Supplee is ~ ~C the only Sealtest Milk in this area. • IOCIED If A COIlIU OF CORnDEltCE Fo, l31 y ...... 60 Suppl •• Company HOM 0 G E N I ZED bas supplifNI Ii1M tIaiQ1 Ptot1UCfS fbt (-IICed' ....... AHJ "') 'ave eoDSiBfe~7 piae4 tile» ~ -,... oIn.custom.,.. VITAMIN D MILK SlIPPLEE IoriIIp yo~ thellllDY VlII.I.EE 9.01140, SHOW,""" 1n'W. TIo ........ alIOP .... •

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MRS. ROOSEVELT GIVEN OVATION Enthusiutie Crowd Puahed Way Into Clothier to Weloome Firat Lady Here Thursday A great many Io<:al residents inter­mingled with the eager crowd which gathered to hear Mrs. Franklin Delano .Roosevelt address the students of the College last Thursday night in Clothier Memorial. Hundreds of requests for tickets had to be denied because of an already crowded house. In her forty minute formal address 011 the "Role of the student as regards the situation we face ill the world the fulurc" the first lady ch,aH'cnlle< • E W s OF THE WOMAN'S CLUB Annual Art Exhibition the student to examine the Tuesday afternoon, April 22, there and discover not only why he believes \ViIl be a tea from 2:30 to 5 o'clock. in democracy but what kind of a dew- to opell the Seventh Annual Exhibition ocracy he believes in. of Swarthmore Painters. Hostesses will She called them to train themselves be Mrs. John J. Esslinger, Mrs. E. M. to give the best to democracy. "You Boyd and at the tea table Mrs. Edwin ha\·c a responsibility to know about C. Buxbaum. Mrs. Harold Griffin. Mrs. Communily of the United States, thelre I A. E. Longwell and Mrs. John E. Mi-has been too much sectionalism in chael. During the afternoon Miss Flor-past. You have responsibility for ence Tricker will speak briefly and in-single person who is a citizen of formally. The reception on Friday eve-country. Their rights are just as ning April 2S is an informal affair and portant as your own. What not formal as stated in the Calendar. here to democracy is going to Dates and hours the Exhibition will be mille very largely what happens in the open to the public will be found on the world. front page. "Men arc not free when they Mrs. YounB at Co. Board work to earn a living. You must Thursday, April 17th, the County the question, 'will we have an Board meeting is to be held at the as well as a political democracy?' home of Mrs. J. Leroy Smith in Rose~ can probably be saved from mont. :M rs. Roland L. Eaton and Mrs. revolution if we have the courage Matin B. Young wiJI attend the meet-show that we mean to work out iug and be Mrs. Smith's guests at problem:' luncheon. For many the generous question At MareU8 Hook Reciprocity answer period which {olIowed On Tuesday April 15th Mrs. Roland formal talk disclosed Mrs. L. Eaton attended a lovely reciprocity at her best. Faced with many luncheon of the Marcus Hook Century swerable and ponderous questions Club at 1:00 P. M. The luncheon was Roosevelt's essential fairness and held at the Strath Haven Inn. The interests were constantly in Marcus Hook Club was celebrating its THE SWABTBIIOBEAN HEALTH SERVICE earlly 500 Visi .. Made by Pnblie Nurse DurIns Lut Month Reporting as supenising nurse at the April meeting of the Community Health Society in Borongh Hall last week 14 rs. Elizabeth B. Plummer gave 474 as the total numbers of visits made by the nursing staff during the preced· iog month. Mrs. A. F. Jackson, presi. dent, conducted the session at which Mrs. Plummer's review also brought out the following: "There were 13 visits to Morton bor· ough schools; 170 individual examina­tions were given by the nurse; 25 con­ferences with teachers; 20 home visits," continued Mrs. Plummer's report. "Forty·one patients were referred for other services needed that this agency is unable to provide. Thirty-six volun­teers worked approximately 106 hours." Mrs. Plummer expressed appreciation of the generous help of the staff of volunteers and of the generous contri .. butiolls of the Friendly Circle which make monthly gifts to meet the many needs of patients. "Your supervising nurse will serve as chairman of the admissions committee of the Delaware County Day Camp again this year and also as chainnan of the committee for selection of the under nourished and under privileged children of Central Delaware county to attend Camp Sunshine. Marj i Schaefer will present her pupils of the dance in "Cinderella" for the benefit of local charity on the evening of May 16 in the High Sehool auditor­ium. I , I SENATOR NYE, PROF. KRUEGER DRAW LOCAL PEACE ADVOCATES Her audicnce enjoyed her several I wen Iy - fi rs t anni' versary. Mrs. Dorothy Simons, Mrs. Patrl'ck lusiolls to "what she read in the J <- SeetI M r • ...-. on eellI Murphy Malin, Mr. and Mrs. Roy pers" as her source of information in 'fll e A r t Se c I'l on h e Id an I. n t erestm. g Lingle, Olive Cleaves, Mrs. Marlr.:lret regard to national policies. mee tm' g a t Ih coh me 0 f H e I ena She nk le Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Roy McCobr-kel, Of especial interest to man'~'o~~~~!~~ I on Y assar avenue 'l'ue s d ay evem.n g. Warren Shirley, Herbert ,Willits, anum-present was the dignity and y- .. SId· d h t b with which John Chapman, ,~r~~~~i~~1 c I0l rtghle lus a proepae rI y Isacnu dssew 'is e Ioy w f or0 eauehy obtehre or fm Sewmabretrhsm oofr Ieh eC oSlwleagrel hsmtnodreen btsra nancdh of the Student Union, presided season 0 f II Ie year. 5he was aSSl•S t e d b y of the Wom~n's lntemall'onal League the evening. He introduced Mrs. Roose- C I C h d· d f b . - I aro yn res son w 0 Iscusse a rlcs for Peace and Freedom are plannm' g to vc t as "one who as the first lady of an d f urs. The Ia tte r h a If a f the mee t - att(,nd a large meeting al Town Hall I'n the land has set a precedent which . d t d b M' Sh kt amounts to having made the role a mg w~s con uc e y ISS • en e Philadelphia next Wednesday evening public office"; as a consistent foe of who discussed the use of color In cos.. 8 o'c1ock when Senator Gerald P. IJrejudice and intolerance; and as one tume and. how to dress. to best flatter, and Professor Maynard Krueger of "whose sympathetic understanding of your parllcular p~r~~nahty. University of Chicago will speak on how Ihe problems young people face today COUNCIL HEARS BB GUN to "Keep America Out of War." has won their confidence and whole· PROTEST Michael Harris suh-regional director hearted support." . of the Steel ·Workers' Organizing Com- I I I Borough Couoid settled Wednesday I.nitlle~ is chainnan of the meeting which Legion to Meet Monday night a problem which has been in held in conJ'unction with the an- The April meeting of the Harold the Highway Committee's hair for the Strike Against War. More Ainsworth Post No. 427 American past three meetings, i. e., the euphorJous a dress rehearsal the strike this Legion will be held next Monday eve- and appropriate naming of the proposed year is being considered an answer to ning. AI)ril 21, at 8 o'clock in the Legion streets in the Old Orchard tract. After a threat of immediate involvement in Room in Borough Halt. two sets of names had been studied Jun- The report of the nominating com- iata, Marietta, \Vestminster, Bryn Mawr, miltee ·antl nomination from the floor and School Lane were passed with light-for officers for the year 1941-42. ning rapidity. Plans for the charity card party on The Borough Fathers heard a delega- ~Iay 2 will be discussed. lion of local citizens headed by Dr. Fran- I I I cis HaqK!r which appeared in support Bachman Boy Improve8 of petitions favoring the elimination of WC.!dllCsday c\'cning the con1litian of ail' rifles and fire arms in the borough. Alan Bachman in the Taylor Hospital Included in Dr. Harper's group were was l)romising. His temltCrature had ~·Irs. Harper, Mrs. ]. Howard Smith, returned to normal, his pulse and res- Mrs. Alban E. Rogers, Olive Clt=aves, piration were good and he talked and Mrs. T. Harry Brown, Magistrate Smith ate well. His partial paralysis of the and others. face has cleared up somewhat. Borough Council instructed the solic- I I • itor to draw up a new ordinance regu- J. J.'s Meet Thi~ Sunday lating the lise of BB guns, sling shols, how and arrows, etc. for consideration at Jane Messick will entertain the J. l.'s the next meeting. at the home of Jane Ann \ViJliams, 25 --..::-.~ ...... _-_ Amherst avenue at 7:30 this Sunday evening, April 20. .:.._-.. ---- NEWS NOTES ELLA N. BAKER ~frs. Ella N. Baker passed away at 7 o'c1ock Tuesday evening, April 15, at the home of her only daughter Mrs. Frank R. Markley, 125 Guernsey road. She was 70 years old and had been long ill with a heart condition. '." APBlL 18, IMI Swardunore Bridp Beriew Mrs. L Rankin, second; and H. Tom­linson and J. Moore, third. • April 9 winners at the regular Wed­nesday evening play of the Swarthmore Bridge Club in the Legion room, Bor­ough Hall were: Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Jones, first; S. F. Buder and It Lin­nard, second; Mrs. L. Rankin and B. Morrison, third.. On April 16 R. Randall and A. F. Robinson were first; S. F. Buder and r_ s.. II ,. ,... s-nl•l• ••• . - P. NUl KIUJED "Keep .4_ Ord 0/ ", ..... • P. II. WIID_AY, _ D To ... IbIJ, -. .. _ ... I'IIIIa, AD_UOIf .. made from the origInal recipe of George Washington's mother JUST ADD WATER AND BAKE! All you do is add water '" this amaioS miJ<, place it in ,0.,. oven and you .et !he world'. linen Singerbread I So flavory amnodu tthe!a dDeor uibf lem yeol"u ri nm oynoeuyr :~~;;;~~;~ back if you don't oay it', the ~® best you ever a'e!--~- DROMEDARY DATE AND NUT BREAD - 2 for 25c KEN-L-RATION - . The do. load thac coata.Ios edft Jeu uesb meat: u4 an rilamfa 8t. 3~· Cans 25'~ STEER-O BOUILLON TNat your family to thefiDeot. CUBES Pkg.25c LUX FLAKES Burnett's Pure Vanilla Extract LaotiDs pure ftavop..­d_' t eooi: out. 2 OZ·29C 40Z.55C Bot. Bot. - - Pkg.21c L1Il< yoar dainty .hlnp at m.&t - with I-. BEnERFOOD fOR THE rAiLE - L'S COMPLETE fOOD MARKET ClIl_ Road at Rutpn A_o-Route 3111-8 _ Po. ~Irs. Alary S. Grumbles arrived Sun­day from Jacksonville. Fla. to spend a few days with her son-in-la\V and daughter ~fr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Marsh of Columbia avenue. )'lrs. O. M. Hook of Westdale avenue SPC:llt nine days at Miami BeachJ Fla. with her two children Mary Ann and Dick. They returned Easter Sunday. She was horn near Chambersburg. Her husband Gilbert Baker of Chambersburg died in 1920. A sist~r Mrs. Jesse Gill of Washing­ton surVives, and a granddaughter Adele Markley who returned from Grove City College for the funeral services at 11 o'clock today. Burial wilt be in Cham­bersburg the ancestral home of the de­ceased. ELECTRIC Mrs. M. ~L Halt and Mrs. Katherine Hylton of Baltimorc, ~[d. arc visiting ~Ir. and }'Irs. Edward A Orem of West­dale avenue for a few days this week. DO YOU KNOW How Little It Would Take 10 ft.lodernize Your Property? For Free Information, Telephone or Write B. E. BENEYFIELD CONTRACTOR 4217 R"lIent St.- Philadelphia P .. EVE'I&een 8316 S ............... 2m MAIL COUPON NOW o Roofi... 0 F.B.A. Flnandn. 0 Palntlns. Paperluoft';n. o on Burner 0 Ah_llon8 0 SIcIiq ~.-- 00 Rln • ..Iation 0 Balhrooms 0 Wea!her Strippin. epa.... 0 Beau... 0 Addilio ... NO DOWN PAYMENT- SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS Name Add ..... »UG-INS#lBy THE YARD CURED THIS NO-PLACE-TO~PLUG-IN CURSE If you are suffering from the no-place-to-plug_in curse, don't delay another day. Investigate how easily and economically you can effect a cure through using electric "plug-in" strips. They come in packages of varying lengths to meet your needs-4, 6, Sor IOoutletsto a strip. Quicldyinstalled-nollle8tl or bother-just clipped to your baseboard. See your electrical contractor or contractor dealer for these or other type outlets. PHILADELPHIA ELECTRIC COMPANY APRIL 18, 1941 THE~· SWABTHMOBEAN 5 ~~~------------.---------------------------~-------,------------------.------------~~- CLASSIFIED roR BENT FOR RJ::.NT Huted garage. "5.00 per month. 736 Harvard avenue. TeieplioDe Swarthmore 627-J. .. ·OR RKNT Two rurn~bed rooms, wovca' ieol to ttauportatioD. 343 DarUQouth avenue. .. UK KBNT Attractive aparlDlClJI. four roOlD!l. bath. Completely renovated. Eleetrieity. reirigeriil.lion, ,.race illCluded. 124 LiDdeQ ayc· nue. Rutledge. Telephone Swarthmore 1153·W • roa SALE FOR SALE Six'piKe Fn:Dd1 ivory bedroom suite. Call Swartbmore 310. FOR SALE Second hand .. howcaae $S.oo. Inquire at Hollyhock Sbop, Park Avenue. FOR SALE Four 6.2:5 x .6 white .ide.all tires. Driven 100 miles. Perfect condition. $::8. Cal L Swarthmore 12:59· WOU WANTED WORK \'r'ANTED Geneva Watts, 20 Morton avenue, Morton desires day's work or part· liDl~; or full time: position for man and wife. Local refercnus. Call (or interview in eVeDlnl". WORK WANTED Refined colored woman wishes work by day or week. Excellent ref­.: renCC:5. TeruMa Pemaley. Dox. liS. Marcus Jlook. WORK WANTED Experienced laundress dc!ircs work 10 do at home. Call Swarthmore .l5Z1 eVl!nings. Local refertnces. Prices reason· a!Jle. WANTED WAN'l'EIJ Woman commutl!r wishea small iuroishcd apartment near atadoD. Must be {Illid. Hox W. The Swarthl2lorean. WANTEV Colored woman •. e%perienced. for general housework, references. Telephone !'warthmore 614. LOST FOUND Saturday mornios- during Egl" Hunt. Small pearl bracelet. Can at The Swarth· lIlorc~aD office. FOUNll Green parrakeet, Sunday aflernoon. AIrs. C. F. Wolters, 521 Cedar lane. APT. FOR RENT 112 Park Ave., $80. second. floor--8 rms., enClosed ~. electrlc refrigerator. twc entrances, private oU burner. sarace. • WM. S. BlTTLE 8wartbmoreW4 NOtary Pabllc-lD8n&aDco-Beal_ NEWBOLD R. V ARlAN ~~of GEO. 'irvii:D'& a co. A1teratlo_Bepaira Paintiq 3l!_ Y .... Aye. Swuthm_ lU9 MRS. A. J. QUINBY & SON nELL PRONE .. A. Wayne Mosteller Electrical Contractor Telephone Swarthmore 2295 FOR PROMPT SERVICE REPBlGBR&TOas -RAD108 WASBBBS-ALL VIKM :~~a:i.~TORE COAL and co*kE FUEL 011;. VAN Al,EN BROS. Phone Sw. 10412 YE Village Window Cleaner A. HAUGER SWuthm .... 19 SELL US YOUR USELESS DISCARDS AU Those Clothes, Shoes. Bousefur­Illshlnrs,. £te. You DO lonp:r want. JUST TIILEPIIOIIB CBBSTI!R 2-25'13 SPORTS REVIEW I •• NEWS NOTES Connie Heg daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl C. Heg of North Chester road returned to Elmira College, N. Y. on Monday. April 14, after spending her Easter holidays at home. Miss Martha Taylor of Yale avenue entertained on Easter Sunday with a family party. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Lawrence of Cornell avenue had 'as' their guest last week-end Mrs. Lawrence·s cousin Miss Alice Sanborne of St. Petersburg, Fla. Dr. Helen South spent her Easter va­cation as the guest of her brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Binns of. Binnsbrook, Rutledge. Dr. is a member of the faculty of New York University. Mr. and Mrs. Girard B. Rudick and son Perry are stopping this week-end to spend a few days with Mrs. Rudick's parents Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Perry of Thayer road. The Rudicks are en route to their home in Upper Montclair, N. J. after vacationing at Miami Beach, Fla. w. J. THOMAS .. 1'onIIKb" of swutblllDr'e CoUep Carpenter & Cabina 1Ifa1cer W MORroN AVBNVB. B1J'l'I.IIDG1I 'PhoneSwuUl._ ~~ ~ Be sure your um_ Is In good repatr. Waslters " Cleaners It. Serviced CHESTER LIGHT . . SUPPLY CO. 801 BclpDoDt; &.ven_ 141 ~i!;:- ~I rr WOOD, KOPPERS ! HOWI\RD KIRK. Attorney for IJetitioner. 8BERlFP SALm of REAL 1!5TATE SherlO"s Office. Court HoUBe, Media. Penna. Saturday, May 3, 1941 Road) sateen feet. and ex:tend.Jnl of that width 1D length or depth southward be­tweeu paralle[ JInes at rJght angles to the said Radbourno Bead (formerly Berkelt· Road) elght.y feet to the middle of a cer­tain sixteen feet wide driveway extendlus west.ward trom oak Avenue to Ashby Road. Together with the free and common use • right, Uberty and prlvllese of the said drlvew·ay at aU tlDle5 hereafter forever. Improvements cons18t of two story brick and stucco house, 16 x 40 teet; porch front; basem*nt garage. Bold as the property of Woodlawn Homes. IDc., real owner. D. MALCOLM HODGB. Attorney. Levari Facias No. 750 December Term, 194D All that certain lot or piece of ground with ",he buildings and lmprovements about erected thercon Situate near Ard­more. In the Township of Haverford. ";ounty of Delaware, State of Pennsylvania. bounded and described according to a cer­taln surveyor plan made for Frank ... ShrIVer, dated April 30th. 1929. by Alva L. Rogers, R. L. 8. Ardmore, Penna. as follows. to wit: Beginning at a poInt on the northwest­erly side of Hazelwood. Avenue (45 fee ... Wide) at the distance of one hundred and 3JX and· nlnety-slX one-hundredthS feel. measured. north 58 degrees 25 mInutes east along the said side of Hazelwood Avenue from Its lntemectlon Vilth the northeast­erly side of RIsing Sun Road; thence north 31 degrees 35 minutes west. passlug througu the center of a party wall between these premises and the premises adjOining to Ule gouthwest one hundred and fitteen feet to a poLDt; thence north 58 degrees 25 min­utes east thirty-two and one-half feet tv a poLDt; thence l30uth 31 degrees 35 min­utes east, P88l:llng through the center of t.. certain eight feet wide driveway laid Ou ~ between these premises and the prem.1ses adJolning to the northeast one bundrec. and fifteen feet to a point on the north­.. vesterly side of Hazelwood Avenue 8.lld thcnce alons: the same south 58 degree... l5 tninutes west thirty-two and one·hal! ..eet to the first mentioned point and place 1..1.1. J>eglnnlng. Belng lot No. 138 on eaid pIa •. and known as No. 646 Hazelwood Avenue. Under and subJeot to certain conetltlolls and restrictions of record. Together with the free and common use right, Uberty and prIvilege of the a,bov· mentioned. eight feet wide driveway as and lor a passageway and drIveway at all ttmes hereafter forever In common \ow •• the owners. tenants Dnd occupJers of til premises adjoinIng to the northeast, reser­ving thereout. nevcrtheleas, to the said murtgagor her heIrs and 858lgns, for the benettt of the owners. tenants and oc­cupiers of the premlsoo adjolnlng to th~, the free and uninterrupted us~. right. lIberty and privllege of the above mentioned driveway os and for passageway and driveway. Improvements consJst of two and one­half story atone and shingle house. 16 x 4 .... Leet; rear addition. 6 x 9 feet; stucco gar­8: 30 A. M. Eastern Standard Tlme age, 18 x 18 feet, CondltJons: 1250.00 cash or certWed check at time of sale (unless otherwIse· stated in advert1sem*nt) balance In ten days. Othel Total Capital Accounts ...... 351.067.92 conditions on etay of sale. . Sold as the property ot Gladys H. Rutter. mortgagor and Paul H. Marrow and Janet L. Marrow, his wife. Total Llab1lltles and. capital Levar.l Facias No. 694 Accounts ••••••.•••••••••••••• t2.544.761.7( MEMORANDA Pledged BSSeta (lLDd securities lOaned) (book value): . United. states Gov'erniDeut obl1pt10D8~ dJrect and guaranteed, pledged to 80- cure deposits and other ltabWtIes ............... .. 339,089.7, Total ••.••••••...•••••••• $ 339.089.7 Secured 11abllltles: Deposita secured by pledged asseta pursuant to require-ments of law ............. $ 199.456.27 Total .•••.•..•.•••••.•.•. , 199,456.2~ State of Penna .• COunty of Dela.WU8. 88: I, B. 8. 8proat. cashier of the above named bank. do 80lelDll11 &wear that the above statement 18 true to the best of my knowledge and. beUef. B. B. SPROAT. C8ahler. ...... ~ ... .t::: to anel subscribed before me thIS 1I'w..l ..... .7 of Aprll. 1941, WILLIAM B. BITTLE. NOtary PUbllr.. Correct - Attest: E_ B. TEMPLE, CLAUDE C. SMITH. JOSEPH E. HAINE2. Directors. $50U,000 A WEEK! • As Penusylvania swings full speed ahead into the national preparedness pro· gram, this company is tack­ling the biggest job in its hi8tory. Day by day the de­mands for service mount. A year ago we lanncbed a huge con8truction pro­gram to enlarge our plant. This year an even greater program is under way. Right now in Pennsyl­vania we are spending half a million a week on new construction! We are making an alI­out drive-with D1an­power, material. and money-to keep telephone service fatlt, adequate and dependable to 8peed Penn­sylvania's production. December Term, 1940 ProP. sIt, in Haverford Twp. Del. Co., Fa. on the 6. W. s. of Haverford. Rd. 87.25 ft. S. E. of Buck. Lane; In front 21.5 ft. ano in dpth. 176.04 ft. m. or 1. Known as 642 Haverford Road. U. & S. to ·cond. and bldg. rest. Improvements consist of two story stucco house, 12 x 33 feet; porch front; one story frame addltlon, 9 x 6 teet. Sold as the property of Bryn Mawr Loan and Building ABsoclatlon, real owner. ED~ARD F. HITCHco*ck. Attorney. Levari Facias No. 814 December Term 1940 Prop. sit. In Twp. of Springfield. Del. Co .• Po .• on the S. W. 8. of Harwick Rd. 331.72 ft. S. E. ot Powell Ave .• In tront 26.28 ft . and In dpth. 100 ft. Known as 226 Harwick Rd. u. & S. to condo bldg. rest. rJghts & privileges. Together with use of dwy. Improvements consIst of two story stucco house, 16 x 36 feet; porch front; one storl stucco garage, 10 X 18 feet. Solet as the property of LUdwJg E. Ben­d. itt e.nd Anna M. Bendltt. his wife. mort­gagors and WUUwn J. Klinger. Ch8.I'les A. Joline and Michael Sammartino. LlqUldat­Ing TrUstees ot New Energetic BuIlding AssocIation, real owners. EDW. F. HITCHco*ck, Attorney .. Levari FRclftS No. 748 December Term. 1940 All that cei"tain lot or piece of ground with the messuage or tenement thereon erected. Situate In the Township of Uppet" Darby, County and State aforesaid, desig­nated and known as lot numbered three hundred and eighty-four In a certain plan of lots called "Observatory Hill" surveyed by Joseph W. Hunter. C. E., Jenkintown. Pa .• In April 1903. which Is recorded In the Office for recording of Deeds &c., In and (or Delaware County aforesaid In Deee Book T. No. 10 page 640 &0., and described as follows, to wit: Situate on the southerl~ side of Ardmore Avenue at the distance of two hundred and seventy·five feet west· wardl,. from the west side 01 Lukens Ave­nue, as shown on said pian. Containing h: front or breadth on the said Ardmore Ave­nue twenty· feet and extending of that width In length or depth southwardly OD{ hundred and twenty feet to the rcar line of lot numbered three hundred and fifty· seven as shown on sald plan. Subject tc. any existing restrJctions which DOW appea. of record.. Being 227 Ardmore Avenue. Improvements consJ.s.t of two and one­halfstory brick house, 16 x 40 feet; enclose",­porch; one story frame addition. 10 x ]{ feet; stucco garage. 18 x 18 feet. Sold as the property of Edwin W. Pagr and Katherine S. Page. his wife. real own· ers_ D. MALCOLM HODGE, Attorney. Levari Facias No. 74~ ..). MALCOLM HODGE. Attorney. Le\'ari Facias No.4 December Term, 1940 All that certain lot or piece of ground with the bulldtngs and improvements thereon erected situate In the Township ~f Upper Darby. County of Delaware and .itate of Pennsylvania. as appears by plan recorded in the Office for the Recordln of Deeds. etc., at Media In and for the County of Delaware In Deed Book No. ~. page GOD &C. Beglnnlug at a. point In the easterly sid, of the Center Line of Kenmore Roaet (fortdY Ieet wide) at the dlstance of two hundre and twelve feet northward. from the center Une of Lennox Road (forty feet wia. thence extending northward along said l!enter line of Kenmore Road th1rty~eJghi,. and forty one-hu~dredths feet to. a point; thence extending eastward on a line at right angles to the said Kenmore Road one Imnctred and fifteen feet to a point; thence extending southWard on a line parallel with the said center Une of Kenmore Road thirty-eight and forty one-hundredths feet to a point; thence extending westward on a line at right angles to the said Kenmore Road one hundred. and Mteen feet to the first mentioned point and pltlC6 of begin­nIng. Under and subject to certain restrictions and agreements. Improvements consist. of two story stone and stucco house. 26 x 20 feet: porch front; basem*nt garage. Sold as the property of Anna. Marle Torre mortgagor and real owner. ROBERT W. BEATTY. Attorney. WILLIAM W. MCKIM, Sheriff SHEPJFP ShLES of REAL ESTATE Sherlfl's Otnce. Court House. Mfdla. Penna Saturday, Aprll 26, 1941 9 :30 A. M. Eastern Standard. Time Conditions: $250.00 cash or certl1led. check at time oJ: sale (unless otherw1se stated In advertisem*nt) balance In ten days. Other conditions on day of tlale. FIeri Fac1as No. 198 March Term, 1941 All that certain lot or piece of grOund with the buUdlngs and Improvements thereon erected. Situate 1D the Borough of ColwYn. In the County of Delaware and State of Pennsylvania: Beginning at a POint at the northwesterly corner of Front Street and Frances Street, thence extending by the northerly slde of the said Prances Street north slxty~elght degrees. twenty-seven minutes west twenty.flve feet to a point a corner of lands of John Mehaffey and wife, thence by the same passIng through the middle of the party wall between. the said messuage and the messuage adjoining on the west north twenty-one degreee twenty-eight minutes east nLDety feet to a corner of lands of WilHam H. Ltpplncott. thence by the same south al.xty-elgh1i de-­grees. minutes east twenty five feet to the westerly stde of the wei Front Street and thence by the wester., side of same south twenty-one ctegreea twent.y-e1ght minutes west ninety feet -to the place of beglnn1.Dg. Improvements oonsist of two story brlck house, ·15 x 36 feet; porch front.; one atoll' frame addition. 12 x 3 feet; one story frame addition. 16 x 8 feet. co*kE ! SPRING PLANTING I - c.u... ... JI FUSEL~ OI·L , WM. J. STE• PIIANI, Jr. ~~~~ _______ -Jii~ Il =~--:::jl:-~ClIl~=':ot:,:r~B:'.:.:"~': "::.. . Ic.~.------__ ------- Sold as the property of George A. Gade­mann and Jennie O. Oademann. WM. TAYLOR, JR.. At.tomey. WILLIA!! W. MoItIM, _ II ss aa:id:; rI'~~,£~~1n fBrooandt o(rf orbmreearldyt h _okne ltehye 4+3t

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... J 6 CURRENT BOOKS VIEWED AT CLUB Triumvirate of Member Review· ers Presented 15 Current Books to Potential Reade .... The Swarthmore Woman's Ctub en­joyed an afternoon of book reviews by club members on Tuesday. The pro­gram was presented by the literature section, Mrs. Ralph Ashton Nixdorf, chairman. Mrs. Irwin R. :MacElwee reviewed the novel "To Sing With the Angels" by Maurice Hindus in such a fascin:J.t­iog way that interest to read the book was immediately aroused. The author, Maurice Hindus, is a Russian Jew who received a Litt.D. at both Cornell and Harvard Universities. Due to his command of languages he was sent abroad to RussiR and Czecho­slovakia by noted magazines. Mr. Hin­dus gives the real feeling of the Czechs and brings in authentic history. His story, in consequence, deals with a small village of peasants and their re­actions to the German invasion. The peasants had lived on their land for generations and were happy people who loved music. One of the first laws imposed by the invaders was on music. "This book was a tragedy,'~ stated Mrs. MacElwee, "depicting as it does the suffering of these once happy people. Descriptions of the Czech customs and traditions are delightful." The author selected his title from a sentence of a Czech editor-UWe have wanted to sing with the angels, instead we have had to howl with the wolves." KEEP A lUMP AHEAD OF THE BURGLAR by protecting against loss. yourself STORE-KEEPERS BURGLARY AND ROBBERY INSUR­ANCE issued by The JEtna Casualty and Surety Company of Hart­ford, Conn. is designed especially for the mer­chant. Broad prote("tion -low cost. Mrs. Robert L. Coates presented a delightful review of "The Vanishing Virginian" by Rebecca Yancey Williams. The book is a true story of the auth­or's family who lived in Lynchburg, Va. where her father was the Common­wealth's attorney. Written in a light and jolly vein it portrays a type of American family which is fast van­ishing. Rare and exciting episodes in the life of her parents enliven the book. Mrs. Peter E. Told briefly reviewed the following books: "Battle for Asia," by Edgar Snow, a worthy successor to his "Red Star Over China," which gives intimate glimpses of the heroic, uncompromising Chinese and their leaders; UInto China" by Eileen BigIand. a fascinating trave­logue of the author~s journey into China over the Burma road in an am­munition convoy; two volumes of poetry, "Time For A Quick Oneil by Margaret Fishback and "The Glass Blower" by Jan Struther; the unusual book "Who Walk Alone" by Perry Burgess which deals with the useful life of a brave man stricken with lep­rosy; James Hilton's uRandom Har­vest" the escapist story of a successful Englishman whose loss of memory from shell shock provides material for an unusual plot; "Mr. and Mrs. Cugat" the fascinating record of a happy mar­riage. Short excerpts read by Mrs. Told aroused great interest and amusem*nt. Mentioned for good reading were the two war books-"The Wounded Don't Cry" by Quentin Reynolds and Edward R. Murrow's "This Is London." Listed as companion books were Rob­ert Nathan's ·'They Went On To­gether" and Dirk van der Heide's "My­Sister and I." Both books give graphi­cally the impact" of war on children's minds. Also recommended were: "Cheerfulness Breaks In" by Angela Thirkell, a gallant story to have come from war-torn England and Eric Knight's "This Above All," the story of 3n English soldier who having been through the battle of Dunkirk honestly faced the problematical social future of England. Tea was served by the hospitality committee, Mrs. Charles R. Russell, chairman. The hostesses for the after- 1I00n were Mrs. Leslie M. Clarke and Mrs. Robert L. Coates. Mrs. Samuel Harris and Mrs. J. A. Davies were at the tea table. • I • Fire Fighting As a change from the numerous field fires which have been calling lo­cal firemen from their various business duties recently, two fires on Wednes­day of this week called for their more expert attention. In the morning the chimney of the Calvert house at 313 Harvard avenue was ablaze, while in the afternoon Swarthmore responded, along with over half the other com­panies in this section, to a severe roof bla2c on a frame house in the 200 block 011 Linden avenue, Rutledge. THB SWABTHMOBBAN One.ThiTd ParlicipanU Wm Large Prize Eggs (Coatl,,1N4 Jrom ".., OM) The fifty I>ounds of jelly eggs used this year were donated by B. J. Hoy and The Swarthmorean and wrapped by Mar­tels. The following list of winners indicates that families turned out intact for Sat~ unlay's proceedings: Allen Lindgren, Alan Hunt, Ray Linton Raffield, Mary Lou Hodge, David Brown, Richard Tay­lor, Susanne Hopson, Neal Gallagher, Sandy Heath, Helen Hoot, Stewart Brown, Marilyn MacElwee, Charles Keighton, Jim Thomas, Harold Johnson, Johnny Avila, Helen Warren, Cornell Archbold, Jeanna Denison, Clifford Rum­sey, Guy Henry, Joan Schroeder, earl Perkins Jeglum, John Rassweiler, Billy Sanborn, Robin Colquhoun, Billy Moore, Bob Talley, John Cornog, Caroline Flaherty, Dick Linton, Roger living­ston, David Smith. Mildred McCowan, Fred Schoff, Cornelia McKernan, Alice Brinsfield. Virginia Morse, Dicky Boss­hardt, Virginia Gehring, Jane Reynolds, Bobby Allison, Vivian Herndon, Vir· ginia Hay, Richard Raymond, Robert McCowan, Barbara Krase, Billy Froe­bel. George Froebel, Mildred Bernard. Doris Black, Jimmy Minich, Ann Neal, Bobby Terry, Donald Dickinson, Billy Hoot, Patsy Blake, Carol Van Alen, Charles Grier, Joan Davisson, Eric Sharpless, Wayne Warner, Edward Med­ford, Avery Blake, Billy Frauenfelder, Patty Paul, Barbara Heath, Kevin Cad­igan, John Reynolds, Helen Disque, Cas­par Bierman, Jodie Whitehair, Peggy Minich, Bob Malin, John Bernard, Ann Denworth. Joan Pennock, Jane Nix­dorf, Robert Hopson, David Bitler Rey­nolds, Gordon Smith, Jimmy Logan, Al­fred Grover, Bobby Keighton, Sally Al­den, Jane Evans, Ann Broomall, Teel Dunn, Walter Johnson, Fred Behenna. Jenifer Colquhoun, Lois Linton, Ken­neth Anderson, Robert Swan, George Allison, Ruth Davis, Edward Whitecar, Mary Ann Dickinson, Billy Ziegenfus, Bobby Lang, Janice Thompson, Bobby Peters, Jack Pittenger, Joan Thompson, Chucky Rogers, Nancy Grier I Carol Ann Mostel1er, Patricia Giles, Jim Bullitt, Johnny MacAlpine, Michael Reynolds, Carey Richmond, Billy Minich, Lawton Bercae, Jenifer McCone, Charles Laws, Joan Butts, Patty Henry, Judy .Cart~r Pennock, Robert Hopson, Arthur Grover, Walter Dickinson, Polly Told, and Ann Vlachos all of Swarthmore; Ruth Kim­sky of Yeadon who was visiting the Trevethi~ks on Dartmouth avenue; Ann and David Dunn of Chester who were visiting their cousin Mildred McCowan; and John Carter of Philadelphia a for­mer Swarthmorcan visiting George Froc­bel. ••• POUCE NEWS PEfER E. TOLD Insurance If Eugene Barbetta of Pottsville had forgotten his right name after much illegal change of it, he was straightened out by local police at a hearing Monday night. When Barbelta was stoPl.ed at Chester road and Baltimore pike hy a 1---------------,1 Swarthmore officer on March 26 he pro­417 Dartmouth Ave. Rummage Sale Swarthmore 1833 Woman'. Auxiliary. CuRd TRINITY CHURCH Preview: Wedneoday, April 23 7 to 9:30 P. M. (Admbalon So> RODS REELS LINES FLIES BAITS HOOKS THURSDAY, APRIL 24 8:30 A.IIL to 4:30 P. M. ANGLERS We Carry THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT IN mE COUNTY THE FISHERMAN'S STORE REESE-BAXTER CO. 706 EDGMONT AVE., CHESTER Phone Chester 6814 duced a 1939 operator's license. Ensuing investigation brought out that as Bar­betti he had his license revoked !n 1934 for stealing cars in Schuylkill County,. In 1936 he applied for a license as Bar­betto, giving a different address. He is being held under $300 bail for June term of court at which it is reported he plans to plead guilty. Arrested by state motor police for rob­beries in Chester, Springfield and Rid­ley Township Cha.-Ies Thomas of Ridley Township was questioned by Sergeant Thomas Bateman of the Swarthmore Po­lice Department with the result that two local mysteries were cleared up and a third seems probable of solution. A small overnight bag which was snatched from Mabel Gihon as she waited at Harvard avenue and Chester road for a bus early one Saturday evening about a month ago, was discovered among the youth's loot with at least some of its contents intact. Another bag, a zipper one with gold in­itials F. C., the boy said he thought he had taken near Swarthmore College. He also confessed to stf"aling from Chester, with another youth, a truck which was found deep in the College woods here on March 30. With a third youth, Syd­ney Smith of Milmont Park his accom­plice on most of his thieving jaunts, Charles is being held without bail in the Media jail. •• I Fortnightly in Mitchell Garden The Fortnightly will enjoy its annual spring meeting in the garden of Mrs. Charles D. Mitchell's home in Walling­ford next Monday afternoon, April 21 at 2 :30 o'clock. Mrs. Burton Alv~ Konkle of South Chester road will give readings and Mrs. Mitchell wilt show colored pictures of her recent trip to California. ---........ --- Drafted Robert Spiller Bird of Dartmouth ave­nue is the latest local draftee and is scheduled to report to the induction sta­tion in Philadelphia this after,looo. Dellmuthto Direct College Athletics Named to Post Whieh Dr. Samuel C. Palmer Baa Temporarily F'illed for Two Years Following the recent board of man­agers meeting at Swarthmore College President John Nason announced the appointment of Carl K. Dellmuth of Phoenixville to the directorship of athletics for the college. Dr. Samuel Copeland Palmer of North Chester road professor of botany and graduate manager of athletics at the college for many years, was given the temporary directorship of athlet­ics in 1939 until such a time as a suc­cessor should be named to Mark Mac .. Intosh who resigned in that year. After graduating from the college in 1931 Carl Dellmuth went into insurance work until 1938 when he became alumni secretary for the college~ He played football, baseball, and basketball for the college all four years of his attend­ance. and was a member of the Men's Student Government Association for two years and president of the Men's Athletic Association as a senior. He is a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity. • • Whole Families in Quarantine Spring to most children has meant baseball, flying of kites and getting out of doors but old man quarantine still confines a group of Swarthmore's youngsters behind closed doors. Elizabeth Ann Lueders, Nancy An­derson, Frances E. Thompson, Doris Lackey, Vivien Young, Eugene Ack­erman, G. D. Harcourt, Teddy Bogar­dus, Esther Worst, Joanne Worst, Bob­by Worst, Helen Worst, Laura Hobbs, Barbara Harlow, Reba Cooper, and Clara Cooper 'have measles; Donald Ograrn has whooping cough; and Polly Told and Clarence Franck are in with German measles. APRIL 18, 1941 M..... Rooeevelt's Co~e Gift of Club . The Woman's Roosevelt Club of Swarthmore presented Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt with a corsage of gardenias and African daisies which she wore dur~ iog her address at Swarthmore College last Thursday evening. A "thank-you" from the Whi~e House was received by the Club. Mrs. John H. Pitman president of the Club attended the reception for Mrs. Roosevelt in Collection Halt which pre­ceded her talk in Clothier Memorial. ••• H. &. S. Seholarship Set The total net receipts of the recent Home and School sc~olarship fund card party surpassed $200. The AssociatiOiI voted an additional sum to make up a $300 scholarship, the first in three years, to be presented in consideration of a "four-year college course or some other comparable goal of attainment" within the highest ranking third of the gradu­ating class. ROLLER SKATIIG TONITE AT 7:30 Soclal Ball, METIIODISr CIIUBCII Sponsored by U.hen' AssocIatioa 25c STEAKS-CHOPS SEAFOOD Our Specialty Completely Air.Conditioned e£ST. ~:~U I~!t"~ Open All Night !l!IllllllllRllRlBlDDDllmUlUmDlllllUlDIInlDlllnBIlRlmlUWmmllnnmullnllUlRJImlmllllIHUUmUUUUlmOllUll111UUUIUllUUOllllmmnmnlllnmuunJDg; = BETTER THINGS FOR LESS I I - I = Edgmont Avenue-Seventh and Welsh Streets I == Sheets, Pillow Cases, Lingerie .. Aud Men's Shirts MONOGRAMED . FREE ALL NEXT WEEK ~qH~7 ~n" All next week we'll put mono· grams on lingerie 8Sc and up­in practically any color - The very same monograms you've seen in expensive apparel only­not pasted, not chain·stitched, but actually embroidered by a newly perfected process that makes them look hand·done. SEE THE MACHINE AT WORK ON THE FIRST FLOOR. We Will Monogram Free All ~I1lUJIIUIlllUllDllDlDlmUUUlmOUDlllDllU1lR1Dm1l1unuuuuulululURlDlDll1llllllllllllillliIlluwlllnIUllUUUU1l1UDllllnWllDlumuUlDlUilllUDIWUI~ OUR PIPES Go up and down hills, under rivers, across railroad tracks, through congested streets and in country roads. SPRINGFIELD WATER Is thus carried by nearly 1,200 miles of pipe to almost every part of the 300 square miles of territory supplied by PHILADELPIDA SUBURBAN WATEJl CO. SIl\l~I~THMql~E C ULLF fiE \ L I IJ I~ Il I~ Y " S,.W,~.I~THMUI'E 1:1 A . Sv.'AH i'w·;',n: ell!,; .. ·.• L I il l: .\ II Y . ... .. ....... • "LlGHT IAIII. BEI.IS THE SWARTHMO VOL xm, No. 17 SWARTHMORE, PA., APRIL 25, 194.1 Dr. Wood to Discuss Urge Swarlhmoreans 10 Planned Parenthood Propose Worthy Name lor Soroptimist A.U1Ql'd May 7 Set for Public Addrese at Maternal Health Center'. Annual Gathering " The Soroptimist Club Award Com­mittee asks for nominations for its Service Award until April 28. which !s t~e dead I£oe. Individuals and organ- NOMINATIONS AT LEGION POST April Session Monday Evening A1so Planned Entertainment for Veterans and Other Bnslness "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" COMING MAY 17 "Beauty and the Beast", a three act dramatization of the familiar and be­loved fairy tale, will close the current season of the Junior Players of the' Play­ers Club on May 17. Elizabeth Pope as Beauty and Dr. SUIDAY APRIL 27 '2.50 PER YEAR MANY AT WCAL ART EXHIBIT TEA Annual Show at Woman's C1nb Featuring Work of 31 Artists Drew Large Opening An unusual opportunjty for the pub.. azatlons are asked to send nominations tic, both men and women, to learn more of women they wish to see honored to The regular monthly meeting of the about the expanding movement of Josephine L. R. Hopwood, Primos, Po. Harold Ainsworth Post was held Mon­Planned Parenthood will be afforded On by mail, with a record of the woman'~ diY evening in the American Legion Wednesday evening. May i, when Dr. public services over a period. of years, Room in Borough Hall. or during any specific year. The following officers were nomin- Paul A. Mallis as the Beast head the east which has been in rehearsal for over two weeks. Mrs. Robert H. Reed is directing the production. Mrs. J. R. Pope of Oberlin avenue may be contacted for special party reserva~ vations. • • H. Curtis Wood, Jr., will address the Already several outstanding names ated for the coming year: post com­annual meeting of the Maternal Health have been received by the Committee mander-Ferris W. Mitchell; senior Center of Southern Delaware County which will make its selection from the vice-commander-Rex. I. Gary; junior at 8 P. M. in Bond Memorial. All who nominations on Tuesday, April 29th. vice-commander-Roland Dunn; adju- NEW YORK IDYL wish to hear a stimulating speaker dis- The award dinner will be on May tant and finance officer-Stewart cuss a subject of vital importance will 12 at 6:30 P. M ... at the clubhouse of Brown; sergea?t-at-arms-Alexander AT PLA "YERS CLUB be welcomed. There will be no admis- the Philadelphia Electric Athletic As- Dryden; chaplam-Thomas A. Mery. sion charge. Dr. Wood has for many sociation, McCall Field, Highland Park, weather; delegates to the county com· years been the medical director of the Upper Darby. This is a beautiful place mittee-Robert T. Rair and Roland Maternal Health Centers in PhDadel- and the dinner, which will be forma~ Dunn. Elmer Rice Vehicle Given Well Balanced Presentation by Good Cast Thirty-one local artists, submitting fifty-eight pictures, again showed their amazing talent and versatility in the colorful seventh annual exhibition of Swarthmore painters, April 22 to 25, at the Woman's Club. The Art com­mittee of the Woman~s Club, sponsors of this exhibit, feel more than repaid by the response on the part of the art· ists in sending their work, and by the appreciative audiences, both so essen­tial in contributing to a successful ex ... hibition. phia, and he is the recently elected promises to be a brilliant, social affair Reports on the card party he£og President of the Pennsylvania Federa- as all the outgoing Presidents of Dela- planned for May 2 indicated that there tion for Planned Parenthood. ware County Federated Clubs, as well would be at least fifty tables taken. Players Club audiences are audibly It may be tha t some residents of as the previous winners of the Award It was decided to send an entertain- fi d' Swarthmore have not been infonned that have been invited as Guests of the Sor- ment to the veteran's hospital at n wg the ambitious production of a clinic has been established. to which optimist Club, and aU other women in Perry Point on Sunday, July 13. Ewer Rice's "Two on an Island" the underprivileged of this area may go the county who are interested are cor- The adjutant now has a new suppply heartily to their liking this week. for scientific advice on family planning.· dialty invited to attend. Reservations of blanks for national emergency ques- It marks a definite achievement in This clinic, entitled the Maternal Health may be made through any Club Presi- tionnaires and these may be procured the Club's history. Directed by L£ocoln Center, is under the direction of Dr. dent of the Delaware County Federa- by any ex-service man who will call Atkiss the very large cast Works Marika Lambichi and is supported and tion of Women's Clubs, or to the mem- Swarthmore 2296. The response on this smoothly to produce the disconnected sponsored chiefly by Swarthmore women. bers of the Soroptimist Committee, project has been gratifying so far. scenes which recreate that strangest Mrs. Arthur R. Dana is Chainnan of the Josephine L. R. Hopwood, Primos, The Post membership is now at an of all places, the Island of Manhattan. Board and Mrs. S. Murray Viele is in Chairman. all-time high of 88 and a couple of ad- On the Players Club stage this week charge of the interviews with parents, There will be a program of fine music ditional members are expected to be may be seen the odd contrasts which keeping of records, and making of re- and other interesting numbers using the added. ports to the national organization, the outstanding talents of the Soroptimist • I are New York and hold so peculiar and Birth Control Federation of America. Club members, which are many and powerful a fascination for the city's Mrs. Viele is assisted by Mrs. Harold G. varied, and an interesting evening is CHORUS IN SPRIN"G devotees. Griffin and several other volunteer work- assured. "Two on an Island" requires more ers. • I' G. & S. OPERE1TA than good direction and a capable cast. The clinic is located at 1014 West Sec~ T P H.. It is a kind of antiphonal arrangement ond Street, Chester, and sessions are held 0 ortray lstonc in which stage manager Theodore W. each Wednesday from 3:00 to 5:00 and D f M • "Pirates of Penzance" to he Given C rossen wh 0 d eS.l gued and helped to from 7:00 to 9 :00. At the evening ses- ances 0 eXlCO May 2 and 3 in Clothier MeJIl. build the sets and the stage crew play sions Dr. Florence E. Kraker of Media orial by Rose Valley Group a c.rucial role in the superbly balanced is the physician. Any married woman is Jarabe Dance.... Will Dance for produi:tion. The gamut of the physical eligible to become a patient if she is finan- Amerlean Friends Service The Little Theatre Club of Swarth· aspects of Manhattan is £oterestingly, ciRlly unable to go to a private physician. M more presents the Rose Valley Chorus imaginatively, realistically presented Ay H in the "Plr~te$ of Penzanceu or 'Ufhe and since that includes not only sight- Redd-ellta Give ~Dpport B .• :_ Slave of DUl.)'" 1I"y 0111111; .... · AULI OuJu- ~~pro ':rnu"t." J,.ow" .. !-... :- _ .......... _& ._ .. - .. This form of preventive social work is ecause they SpeCUlJJLe in the folk van. This, the thirty-fifth annual pro- portabon. ~ well, It presents no small the fulfillment of a hope often expressed dances of Mexico, it was natural for duction of the group, will be held at task.. .. by many thoughtful residents of Swarth- the Jarabe Dancers, who will present Clothier Hall Friday and Saturday, May On thIS Island ElSIe Wm?cour as more who have generously .nven of their a program of folk songs and dances Mary Ward and James Rennie Powell ~. for the benefit of the American Friends 2 and 3. Phillip Warren Cooke is musi· . time and their money to aid those in this Service Committee in Clothier Auditor- cal director, J. William Simmons is a;; John.~homps~D pur~ue thetr drama-area less fortunate than themselves. They stage director. tic ambl~ons. ~ISS ~mocOlJr has de-have felt that, both from a humanitarian ium on May 8, to choose "Jarabe" as The cast will include: W. Donald veloped mterestlngiy smce her last a~- and from an economic point of view, their name, The IfJarabe" is popu1arly Macrostic: as Richard, a pirate chief; pe.aranee and Mr. Powell proves hiS something fundamental should be· done regarded as the national folk dance of Phillip Morgan as Samuel, his lieuten- real value to the club. . . to remove the cause of much social dis· Mexico. Literally. translated, the word ant. William Wallace as Frederic a Robert W. Graham IS nIcely cast as tress. means syruP. but to thousands of young , 'L 0 t th B d Mexicans it means the colorful dance pirate apprentice; Perdue Cleaver as awrence rmon . e roa way pro­Il was apparent that overcrowded Major-General Stanley of the British ~ucer. The ease whIch has character­homes and too frequent childbearing ~~~~ ~~~~~r:~~t~~~umerable vil1ages all Army; Barron Helmuth as Edward. a !Zed ~r. Gra.ham's p<?pular }uyenile were among the major causes of poverty. The program of the Jarabe Dancers sergeant of police; Dorothy M. Swisher roles gives finISh to thIS sophisticated unemployment, malnutrition, delinquency, displays in rich variety the several a s M a ble GeneIraS ta nI e y 's youoges t part. . . . poor maternal health, and many other danghter; Sally McFadden, Florence WII1~am L. T,;,rner as C!.fton Ross, blights upon our social order. Hence they types of Mexican folk dances. Classified Shields, and Constance Schoff as Geo- the crIp.pled ar.tist and Juhtt!l Powers felt that the same advice which those on as social, courtship, comic or ceremon- eral StanleyPs. daughters; Irma Carrols a.s GracIe Mul!IDs uphold th~lr reputa­the upper economic levels have received ;a1, the dances often grew out of some tlons for consIStently even mterpreta historical incident of long ago. The un- as Ruth a piratical "maid·of-all-work:· . - for the asking from their private physi- usual headdress worn with the Tehuan- The chorus of General Stanley's tlOns. , cians should be made available at .Iow tepee costume, for example, IS ex- daughters. pirates. policemen will be: a Amonrg ~he Ibelsser parts who appear 10 cost to the less privileged who needed it Misses Stanley- Marguerite Gettz, n unp edlcta e mann~r, ]a"!-es A .. G. most. They believed earnestly that "every plained by the story of the wreck of Ruth M. Harvey. Janice Passehl. Jane Ca~pbell, Jr. ~s the: slghtseel!l~ guide child should be a wanted child" and that a Spanish ship just off the Tehauntepec Crum, Catharine Stavculll, Evelyn Nich- achieves a major hit an~ WI1~am B. babies should be born when the health shores, on the Southwest coast of Mex· olson, Gertrude Parnell, Ruth T. Har- ~dwards a~ the cab d~ver With ~he of the mother. and the well-being of the ico; a babyt>s dress was found by the vey, Kathryn Boone, Barbara Williams, ~ncyclopedlac memory'· adds the lQ­family would permit. They were glad natives among the many articles washed Mildred Rife, Eloise Holmes, Alene dispensable New "york ~ouch. Ronald when the leading churches of the country ashore, and immediately it was adapted Edgerton, Geraldine Putt, Virmnia Porter as the radical Wlt~ a Harvard endorsed the pn.n cl. p Ie of pI a nn ed parent- Tbyh e t"hCemhi leansa " ai s cae rMemeoxniciaaln hveearsdidorne sosf. Thompson, Marjorie Hoffman. Re"u th back. grou n d, .N ancy S ave Iii as th e St. hood-the Protestant rlenominations and Miller, Estelle J arden. Alice Sharpless, LOUIS yearnmg ~rs. O.a.;nont, Ruth the Jewish Cllllrch being in accord with a dance brought from Chile to Mex- Jean Morton Caroline Shero Anne Boyle as the thrdl huntmg Dorothy the establishment of clillics under the di· ieo on the early sailing vessels~ Part of W 'M h' R th Clark, Grace Everest Yeaw as the rection of trained physicians and the its inheritance traces back to Spain. H a~lace, ~nne cDOn~Ug~ nU 1 "homey" Mrs. Levy add credence to the Catholic Church differing only in tht" Several of the dances originated as 0 m~n! pirates and po tce • hU '" Manhattan picture. appeals to ancient Mexican deities· the· ver Wilhams, Frank Rapp, J. Art ur Dth h k bI b· f method which it advocates. uTehuana" may be a prayer for ~ain, Stavrum, Cyril Harvey, George Jarden, ers w 0 rna e. capa erie ap- Those who are active in this work in while the uSandunga" suggests thank- George Clapp, Raymond Wright, Percy pearances are Irwin R. MacElwee, Southern Delaware County today are fulness for bounties received. Walton, Wr~y Hoffman, Harry O~man. Stafford Parker, Alexander Dryden. eager that the opportunity to attend the As they were handed down from gen- Samuel Wh.lteIy. Jr., Barclay WhItson, Harry v.,. ~onner, Jr:, J. Parker Bo!,,­clinic be extended to all who need its eration to generation, the dances some- Edward SWisher, A!an Olmsted, George den, Wt1h~m J. RIehle, Marguerite services, many of whom are probably un- times changed their character. In the Taylo~, Scott Brodie, Harold ~oppock, Gettz, Marina R:oos, Mary Ann West, aware of the existence of the clinic. They "Chihuahuena." now accepted as a so- FranCIS Calseed, Edward Wright, and Roland K. Harnson, Loretta Sullavan, will welcome the co-operation of Swarth- cial dance one figure bears marks of Neal Wynkoop. John P. Dolman, Martha Keighton, more women who have any contacts with (COftllfUUd 0Jt ~ row) The curtain wi1l rise at 8 :15 o'clock. Walter S. Fogg, Teresa Tomei, Edith mothers who would be eligible as patients, 1 ===============================,1 Transportation to and from the clinic is I. Ltr.i cSiai mEpvsoann,s , TChohmarales s HS. eyLmueoduerr,s , SaPlaly-provided when necessary by workers and THE WEEK'S CALENDAR McFadden, Florence Hoadley. friends of the Center. The address by Dr. 'rhe play contin'1es tonight and to- Wood on May 7 will describe the work morrow. PlUDAY. APRIL 25 . 2:30 P. M. to 5:30 P. M. - Art Exhibit Open ••••••••••••••••••.• Woman's Club 7:30 P. M. - Roller Skating .••.••••••••••.•••.....••••••• Methodist 8oC1&1 Hall 7:30 P. M. to 9:30 P. M. -Art ExIUblt Reception ................ Woman's Club 8:15 P. M. - '"Two on an Island'" •••.••.•••••••••.•••.••.•...•.... Players Club SATUBDAY. APRIL 26 I , Peasant Theme Will Prevail at College May Day Beginning with a tea for club mem­bers, April 22, the exhibition has been open to the public the afternoons and evenings of April 22, 23 and 24t and will be open today, closing this eve­ning with an informal reception to wbich the general pUblic is cordially invited. The harmonious hanging oi the many types of pictures, commented on by many attending the exhibition, is due to the thoughtful work of Mr •• Carl de Moll, chairman of the hanging commit tee, assisted by the other members of the Art committee. Adding greatly to the attractiveness of the club house were the lovely flowers arranged by Mrs. Roy S. Latimer and the garden committee. John J. Dull, the guest exhibitor, ex hibited a colorful panel of the water colors for which he ~s so wen known. At the opening tea on Tuesday af ternoon, Miss Florence Tricker gave an informal talk, telling what sbe found of interest in some of the pictures. This analysis by a professional artist was so helpful in aiding the lay audience in an understanding of the pictures that ::l .;;.hOl"t l"AviQVI b~ 11":.... T .. i .. Jr.... :0 printed On the editorial page. Miss '1' .. ; ... 1 •. ." ......... hih; .... t'"'O 'W~ll-~.G'I.I'.cI eta-, HAn Italian Girl" and '·Hudson River." The following is a list of the ex hibitors: Marjorie Nickles Adams, Betty Brandt, Edith S. Binns, Harriet Butler, Mabel N. Blake, Isahel Buntiog, Dorothy Chambers, Mary Hitchner de Moll, Charles Davison, Alice Emmons, J. W. Faulkner, Florence Foote Gard nero Fannie B. Hoadley, Norris Jones, Stuart Jones, Eleanor P: KeightOn, Mary Alice Lilly, Dorothy Lackey, Nellie B. McCracken, Dorothy ScheU MacMillan, Alice Hall Paxson, Gene vieve Peck, Trudi Schobinger, Char lotte A. Stoddard, Mary E. Taylor, Florence Tricker, Robert C. Turner, Otis Walter, Mary Jane Walters, and Sue U. D. Wolters. The Art committee, of which Mrs. Alexander M. Lackey is chairman, con sists of Mrs. J. Frank Beatty, Jr .. Mrs. Arthur W. Binns, Mrs. Carl de Moll, Mrs. William Hanny, Mrs. F. Norton Landon, Mrs. A. E. Longwell, Mrs. J. Warren Paxson, and Mrs. Irvin R. MacElwee, and Mrs. Robert Taylor. Welfare Program Ta....r.,. On Tuesday, April 29, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Plummer supervising nurse of the Community Health Society of Central Delaware County will demonstrate for the members of the Swarthmore Wo-­man's Club several types of services offered by the society. Maria C. Shellmire of the Family Service of Western Delaware County will give a brief resume of the work done in the Swarthmore area. Colored movies of the 1940 season in the four Delaware County Parks will be shown by Carl Schmitt, Executive Secretary of the Delaware County Park and Recreation Board. Mrs. T. Harry Brown, a Chairman of Welfare, and Mrs. S. Murray Viele, Chairman of Health, are in charge of the program. Many members of the Swarthmore Woman's Club give much time and effort to these societies al­though the Club's direct aid is given from the proceeds of the annual phi1an. thropic card party. as carried. on locally as well as the larger programs of the state and natiorral organi­zations. Following the talk the meeting will be opened for questions. A box will be placed by the door to receive written questions, which may be anonymous if desired, and others will be collected dur­ing the question period. • I • Additioual LoeaI Inductions 8:15 P.II. - "Two on an lDlaDd" ••.••••.•••.••• , ••••••••••••••••• PIAJ'ers Club SUNDAY, APRIL 27 11:00 A.II. -llornlng WMlh1p •••••••••••.•••••••••••••••••••••• Local Churehes 8:45 P.II. - Coli..., Chorus, Ord1eotra ...................... Clothler Ilemorlal 1I0NDAY. APRIL 28 •••••• .. ................. . 10:00 A.II. to 4:00 P.II.-Bed Crolla BewIng .................... woman·. Club TU1I8DAY. APRIL 29 2:30 P. Y. - Welfare Program., •••••••••••••••••••.••.•••••••••• Woman's Club Trevor Roy Roberts, Jr. of North WBDN1!BDAY, APBIL 30 May Day at Swarthmore College this year wiU be celebrated in the morning, start£og at 6 :30. Traditionally the fresh­man women win hang bouquets of flowers on the doors of the senior wo­men before the crowning of the May Queen. Alice Robinson, '-41. • I' At R. P. I. Forum Dorothy Lueders daughter o Mr. and Mds. Thomas H. Lueders of North Princeton avenue who is a sophom*ore at Russell Sage College, Tr_oy, N. Y. was one of the Sage sludeniS selected to be present at a recent forum discus­sion at the Rensselaer Polytechnic In­stitute club house. The subject of the forum was ''The E:collOmic Security of Democracy". Swarthmore aven'lle and John Harold 10:00 A.X. to 4:00 P.·iI.-Bed Crolla _ ........ PreobJterIaD ParIah - Clewell of Benjamin West avenue have 10:00 A. II. to 4:00 P.iI.-Bed Crolla s1Jl8\Cil.l D. 'np.. to_' •• b . _~_L_ een selected for induction into the ,:00 P.II. to 8:00 P ..... -Commun1~. Cen~ Rummage Bale ... WQIIWl'S Club United States Army through the local TROlISDAY, KAY 1 draft board and to report to Armory Il_ _ 8~:30~~A~.I I::. ~to::4~:30::P:.~II:::.: ..:Com:=m:un1:=ty~Cen:Ie:r~B>:'m:m::.~"":.:BaI:..:.: : .. w=OID=.:D~·.~Cl=U:b~_ No. I, Philadelphia, on AptD 23. I~ This year's May Day theme will be a peasant one, the girls being dressed in peasant costomes. A May pole will be wound by each .Iass and folk dancing will be done by a mixed group from all four .Iu ....

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,. . ~ i THE SWAnTHMOREAN APRIL 25, 1941 PERSONALS. " sey College lor Women. She has also ment 01 their daughter Florence May been awarded "Group I" rating this to Julius E. Underwood, Jr. 50n of Mr. year lor high scholastic achievemenL and Mrs. Julius E. Underwood of Wal- The engagement of Miss Annette Schmid of Philadelphia and Mr. Barton W; Calvert 01 Harvard avenue son of Mrs. E. Clayton Walton of' Rit~rview Mrs. George Thomas 01 Fort Worth, Tex. arrived yesterday to spend about two weeks as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Marvel Wilson of Strath Haven ave­nue. Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Wilson were schoolmates at Miss Spencer·s School in New York City. A number of Swarthmoreans will be hostesses in honor of Mrs. Thomas dur­ing her visit. Mrs. Daniel S. Morse of South Chester road will entertain guests at luncheon today. Mrs. Wil­son will be hostess at a co*cktail tomorrow afternoon and a luncheon the Ingleneuk on Monday. Next Wed­nesday Mrs. \Villiam Sproul Lewis wiH entertain for Mrs. Thomas at a lunch­eon in her home on North Swarthmore avenue .. Following the luncheon on Wednesday will be a dinner-bridge par.ty given by Mr. and Mrs. James Corhrane 01 Wallingford. On Saturday May 3 Mrs. James Lukens 01 Maple avenue will present a co*cktail party in Mrs. Thomas' honor. Dr. and Mrs. William A. Jaquette 01 Elm avenue and M iss Ruth E. Moore of Chicago, Ill. have returned Sw"3rthmore after a trip to New Bern, N. C. and Williamsburg, Va. Miss Moore will visit with Dr. and Mrs. Jacquette for about a wcek before .re­turning home. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Argyle 01 North Chester road arc leaving Tuesday to spent next week in \Vashingtol1, D. C. Mr. Argyle will be a delegate to the Na­tional Chamber of Commerce Convel1- ti~n ·during their stay. Mr. John J. Dull, guest exhibitor (or this year's Annual Art Exhibit of the \Voman's Club, and Mr. and Mrs. Alex­ander M. Lackey wilt be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl deMolI 01 Park ave· nue for dinner this evening. Miss Ruth Davison of Washington, D. C. spent last week-end as the guest of her brother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Waldo B. Davison of Harvard avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bolton witt entertain twelve guests at a dinner party tomorrow evening at their home on Cedar Lane. Mrs. J. Barnard Walton entertained a few friends Thursday afternron at her home on Ogden avenue. Alice Redgrave daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. O. Rcdgrave of Vassar ave­nue has been chosen senior May Queen attendant for the May Day ceremonies .. , l.t~ .. d ..... II .. ll. Mi~.. Mildred R. Simncrs of Thf' Swarthmore spent last week-end with Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. Ralph Hayes, former Swarthmoreans now living in Alexandria, Va. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Hedgepeth and children Betty Jane and Mins of Bowl­ling Green have returned home from a trip to Raleigh, N. C. where they vis­ited Mrs. Hedgepeth's parents Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mills. On their return trip they stopped at Virginia Beach, Va. Mrs. J. H. Jessup has returned to her home on Haverford avenue after spend­ing some time helping her son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Jessup settle in their new home in Bel­oit, Wis. Mrs. Jessup visited with rela­tives in Chicago before returning home. Mrs. R. L. Wilkinson entertained a group of 10 guests at luncheon at the Ingleneuk on Wednesday afternoon. After luncheon they returned to Mrs. \Vilkinson's home on Dickinson ave­nue (or bridge. Mrs. William I. Hull 01 Walnut lane is planning to be in Washington, D. C. next week for the national meeting of the \Vomen's International League for Peace and Freedom. Miss Mary Kistler of Open Doors, Park avenue left Monday to visit her "Greece. llaly and Ihe Mediterranean" Dlustrated lecture by Dr. MIchael Dorlzas, internationally known travel lecturer from University of Pennsyl­vanta. 8 P. M. TUESDAY, APRIL 29 . METHODIST CHURCH Auspices Woman's Soelety of Chris­tian Service and for Greek War RelIef ADMISSION 25e MANOR FRIDAY - SATURDAY ROBERT TAYLOR "Flight Command" Roth Ho • ..". • Walter Pldpon SUNDAY -MONDA.Y (Continuous 8111ldq-Z-ll P. M. "CHEERS FOR MISS BISHOP" MarthaSeott • Wm. G ..... n uncle and aunt Mr. and_M;r~i William Ressler of Shamokin untit tomorrow, She will return lor th~ wedding of Miss Holly Hanson 01 Mt. Airy and Mr. Joseph Coors 01 Wilmington, Del which will be solemnized in Mt. Airy Saturday afternoon. Miss Hanson and M iss Kistler were classmates at Wild­cliff Junior College, graduating last June. ' The monthly sewing meeting 01 the Swarthmore alumnae of Kappa Alpha 'fheta will be held in Baltimore, Md. on Friday. The members will be guests 01 Mrs. PhilipE. Lamb and Mrs. John Harper and will be entertained at the J\.faryland Hunt on Saturday, returning to Swarthmore that evening. Mrs. Ar· thur E. Bassett and Mrs. Sargent Wai­ter are driving carloads of ·members to Baltimore. . . Miss Dorothy Dana, daughter of Mr. <:lIId Mrs. Arthur R. Dana of Elm ave­nue is now able to go out driving and to walk about. l\.{iss Dana has been con­fined to her home by illness since last October. Mrs. Albert S. Johnson of South Chester road entertained members of her dup1icat~ bridge dub at luncheon and cards on Wednesday. Patricia Corya daughter of Mrs. L. Davis Corya of Park avenue wilt be one of two May Queen attendants from the junior class at the annual May Day celebration to be held at the college May J. :Mr. and Mrs. George M. Anen and children Jane and George returned Sunday to their home on Riverview road after a 17-day vacation in Pass­A- Grille Beach, Fla. Miss Marietta Nield Vlill arrive today (rom Baltimore, Md. to visit her hrother-in-Iaw. and sister Mr. and Mrs. Avery Blake of Amherst avenue. Mr. and 1-1rs. Blake and children Avery, Jr. and Patricia will return to Baltimore with M iss Nield to visit for the week­cnd. Mr. Louis N. Robinson of College avenue is able to be about again after being confined to his home for some time with a broken hip as the result of a hunting accident. "Rinky" McCurdy daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. McCurdy of Og­den and Thayer roads attended the Easter dances at the University of Vir­ginia last week-end. Rinky is a stu· dent at Hollins College, Va . Mrs. Donald W. Poolc and son Don-alU lid \It: I C\.UIIICU ~U un:u IIUIIU:;; North Swarthmore avenue after a week's visit with Mrs. Poole's father Dr. G. Layton Grier 01 Milford, Del. Mrs. A. Ludlow Clayden of River- linglord, Pa. view road entertained the. EightS~l!le Miss Cross "is ~ graduate of Guilford at lunch at Strath Haven Inn and for His:h'School and.attended University of bridge at her home on Tuesday after- Maille. At present she is a student at noon. Northampton Commercial College, Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Jones of Northampton, Mass. Dickinson avenue will entertain at a Mr. Underwood graduated from lamily dinner on Sunday. Swarthmore High School. He attended road has been announced. . I I • Birth Mrs. Charles W. Mellor and inlant daughter Virginia Ann returned home last week Irom the Fiugerald Mercy .. Hospital, Lansdowne where the baby was . born on April 7. The Mellors make their home with the baby's grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Borden 01 Park a\'enue. Mr. and Mrs. William Driehaus and Franklin and Marshall College and daughter Anne- of Media; Mr. and Mrs. Pennsylvania State College and is a J. Sheldon Turner and children Ter- member of Chi Phi fraternity. He is at rence, Stephen, .and Allison of Wit- present employed in the research de .. mingloD; Mr. and Mrs. George H. partment of United Gas Improvements. Turner of Wilmington; and Mr. and No date has been set ,for the wedding. Mrs. Peter E. Told and d~ughter Polly· ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;;;; of Swarthmore will be present. r Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pearson of Cornell avenue had as their guests last week-end Mrs. Hugh Henry and Miss Edith Fitzgerald. Both Mrs. Henry and 1\1 iss Fitzgerald arc connected with the well-known children's home, Sheltering Arms, in New York City. Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Holmes and son David of Washington, D. C. re­turned home \Vednesday morning after a week's visit to Dr. Holmes' parents Dr. and Mrs. JesseH. Holmes 01 Moy­lan. YOUR BEST DEFENSE Is to Equip Your Car Now­With the New "re$'.ae CHAMPION TIRES DrirJe in Today-Get Ready for Spring RUSSELL'S Ti,e$,fon~ SERVICE DARTMOUTH & LAFAYETI'E AVES •• Phone 440 Mrs. Joseph H. Perkins, Jr. of Rut­ledge who is accompanying her hus­band on an extended business trip in the west broke her ankle recently while skiing on Mt. Hood with her cousins. The injury is mending and the cast it necessitated has been removed. Mr. Oakley Van Alen of Park avenue 1~===============J-;::::::=:-::7:~"7:::::::':':-:-I is doing nicely after a succesful appen- II J.I Ii iI·."I'"II" I" I" ,-,-,".1" II, dectomy at the Delaware County Hos- Media Secretarial School II pitat last Saturday. Announces Mrs. Peter E. Told 01 Park avenue SUMMER CLASSES entertained a group of friends for BEGINNING NOWAY. nJNB 11 luncheon at the Ingleneuk before the nay and' EwmlRlf \Vomen's Club on Tuesday. Write for CIre1I1u or CaD Me4Ia 1131 Billy Annc Mitchell returned to Conn- r~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~g ectieut College for Women, New London Conn. after spending her spring vaca~ ............ -------.. -------.. ------.... - tion with her mother Mrs. W. W. Mit­chell of Uaiversity place. Billy Anne was recently appointed to the dean's list as a result of her scholastic achieve­ment this =yea-r.- -...,. .. ....- - Engagements Mr. and Mrs. Hugo S. Cross 01 Guil­ford, Me. have announced the engage- YOU CAN'T kEEP YOUR HOUSE IN A GILDED CAGE Mr. and Mrs. S. Torriey of Wooster, Mass. arrived Tuesday to spend a few days with Mrs. Torriey's brother and sister-in-law Dr. and Mrs. Roy N.I:==~~~~::~~~===: Keiser of Park avenue. I. Robert Shaw Bowditch of Wor- It's dangerous to fit Many thjng!l can happen that, would prove vel") costly to you as a home­owner;" COMBINATION RESIDENCE INSUIt­ANCE, issued by The ..£tna Casualty and Suret}' Company of Hart­ford, Conn. takes man" of the risks of financilil loss out of home owner­ship. chester, Mass. spent last week-end with their tender feet his parents Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bow- :aft bo~~~ ::J'.~~ ditch, Jr. o( Cedar lane. npolI anwt amrnuisncgl e pgaivine Margaret van Dyke daughter of Mr. when compressed and Mrs. Alexander S. van Dyke of ~~ Rutgers avenue has been chosen chair- seeing that shoes man of her dormitory at the New Jer- mfita r rodPeveerllYop fmore nnto. r­Agents for Edwards Correct & Corrective Most • I I STARTS FRIDAY Uncle Sam's FIrst Comedy of Army Life! BUD ABBOTI' LOU COSTELLO Shoes. BUDGET SHOE SHOP , 212 W. STATE ST. Phone Media 990 Open Evenings -·---------------------------___________ ~I PETER E. TOLD Insurance 417 Dartmouth Ave. Swarthmore 1833 And the • MARY DUNHILL • PRINCE MATCHABELLI • CHANEL. "THAT NIGHT IN RIO" in Teehnlcolor wtth DON AMECHE ALICE FAYE CARMEN MIRANDA MEDIA LAST TWO DAYS FRIDAY - SATURDAY "VIRGINIA" in TeehnIcolor Starring Madeleine Fred CARROLL • MacMURRAY Extra Added Features for Sat. Matinee - A Big 3 % Hour Show Starting t :30 ALL KIDDIES - tOe SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY ROBERT TAYLOR In "FUGHT COMMAND" WIth RUTH HUSSEY WALTER PIDGEON !\NDREWS SISTERS In "BUCK PRIVATES" STARTS SATURDAY Errol Flynn In "Foo,.reps in ,he Dark" with BRENDA MARSIIAlJ. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY "Blonde Inspiration" with ,John Shelton. Virginia Gre,. THURSDAY & FRIIMY "THE "WILD MAN OF BOlfIVEO" with Frank Morgan-Billie Burke FRIDAY & SATURDAY BIu.. BOYD In "BORDBR VIGILANTBS" f:-ke 130uquet BEAUTY SALON • :'"ll Beallty is as refresldng as an A.pril shower, ~ :J: 13 South Ch_ ROIId trJ Call Swudun ...... 476 rn CHARBERT· • ROVAE • CHEN YU • CORD.AY • ---- _. gown eflwp ~" ,~'i. . cio~\.~ \ For All Occasions APRIL 25, 19401 THE S1VARTHMOREAN • : . Populate Old Orebard THE SWARTHMOREAN ~ OF NATURE is !re~h a!ld g.,,?d in design, an~ ONE TOUCII The small flower "Sketch" of Dorothi, ., In Its SunpliClty. ! Mr. and Mrs. ,William L. Medford formerly of Chester have moved into their newly completed home in the Old Orchard develol,ment on Strath Have-n avenue. The Medfords live at S06 and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Miles of Phil­adelphia are moving into the second house to be completed there, 509. The transactions were negotiated by the office 01 Edward L. Noyes. PUBLISHBD EVERT FRIDAY AT SWARTHIIORE, PA­THB SWABTHMORIAIf, lKC ... UBLl8HIR Among the watercolors. Dorothy Chambers in her Rower studies shows .HOI'I1: SWARTHMORE 900 The native spring flora of Swarth-I ~;':~~II:I colors, softly run together to I :~~~~iin=CIUdes a number of rather un .. 14 a rich luminous effect. Florence bloom.. Part of their rarity Foote Gardner in ·Sunset - St. Malo on the extent to which they Har~or,n shows warm grays, flowed on been disturbed by .man in the past. to gIVe a sense of restfulness in spite of PITEIl E. ToUl, Etlilor M.uuOBlB TOLD, ,,4,.oci4le &lilor ROSALD l'aDsoL another part on the ..... city of suitable sunlit sky. FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1941 locations for their growth. "Wyoming Sunshine" by Edith S. Species such as the Common Eastern Binns shows a sky with windblown Violet, May Apple, Dutchman's Breeches, clouds in which the weight 01 the I I • Melhodial Chureh Note& The Ushers' Association will hold a skatiug party in the Social Hall on Fri­dayeveniug at 7 o'clock. day, April Zl. The Golden Text is: "God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise up us by his own power" (I Bluets, and Yellow Adder's Tongue grow holds them up and does not profusely almost everywhere. But I have from their light. Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Hartsig, Jr. of South Chester road motored to Hampton. Va. over the week-end. found the Bird's-foot Violet on only The only piece of sculpture is a a certain sandy bank near Springfield charmingly youthlul head 01 David I SE~~~~~~:;~~~ The Church School meets on Sunday at 9 :45 A. M. with classes for cbUdren and adults of al) ages. At the morning worship at 11 o'c:Iock, the minister will preacb on the subject "Our Stronghold of Hope." Provision is made for the care' 01 small children in the nursery during the worsbip ser­vice. The Young Women's Association meets on Monday evening. On Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock Dr. Michael Dorizas of the University of l'ennsylvania will give an illustrated lecture under the auspices of the Wo­man's Society of Christian Service on 06Greece, Italy and the Mediterranean." The proceeds from the nominal admis­sion price wiu be shared with the Greek War Relief. The Official Board wiu meet on Fri­day evening at 8 o·clock. On Sunday, May 4, the new memorial windows will be dedicated at tbe morn­ing service. Bishop E. G. Richardson will be present and preach. • • Trinity Pariah Notes On Sunday morning the rector will speak about the work of the Philadel­phia Divinity School April 27 has been designated by the presiding bishop as ··Seminary Day" and a collection will be taken in all Churches and Missions for the work 01 educating young men for the ministry. The classes in the Church School taught by Charles R. Tanguy and Bill Van De Boe tied for first place in t:1e "boat .. race." The l.,enten offering was larger than last year and will be pre­sented at a special service in May to be held on the grounds 01 the Episco­pal Academy. The Young Peoples' Fellowship is p1anning a "progressive games party" to be held in the near future to help see'Urc· "fdmls for the· delegates· to the Summer Conference. Mr. Guenther was recently elected to the Board of Di­rectors of the Conference which witt be held in June at Ursinus College. The Church Periodical Club, of which Mrs. Allan W. Carpenter is Chairman, collected and distributed just under 12,- 000 magazines. This is the second among the 74 clubs in the Dioces .. In the collection of music it had first place. The United Thank Offering is due and should be sent to Mrs. H. Clifford Campion by Tuesday of next week. The confirmation class will meet at the Church on Sunday afternoon at 2:30. • I I Friends Forum Ends Sunday Edward Anderson who was unable to give his talk on flLabor Relations from the Viewpoint of Management" at last Sunday morning's adult lorum of the Friends· meeting as scheduled, is ex­pected to address the last session 01 the forum this season at 9 :45 A. M. this Sunday. • • Christian Science Chureh Corinthians 6 :14). - ' "1 Presbyterian Church Note& Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the sermon topic will be "The Destiny of Reservoir. Wild Ginger grows in a Iit- Morey by Mary Alice LiII~'. It is under- i ' tie colony along Crum Creek on the standingly carved in wood - a most dif­Wallingford side 01 the railroad trestle. ficult medium. Man." The High School Fellowship will meet Sunday evenings at 6 o'clock in the Parish House. The Church Hour Nursery for chil­dren ages Z to 7 wiu be held at 11 o'clock on Sunday morning. The Session wiu meet Friday eve­ning, April ZS, at the home of Elder Joseph A. Perry, 410 Thayer road at H o·clock. At the annual meeting of the con­gregation April 16 the following were elected to serve as trustees: T. Eo Hessenbrucb, W. Stanley Kite, Frank 1<. Markley, and George L. Tone. The ruling elders elected at the an­nual meeting are Dr. E. Fullerton Cook and R. A. McCarvJ. The yellow Lady's Slipper and the Showy Orchids are found in a nearby ravine whose exact whereabouts is a secret be­longing to the person who showed me their loCation. Even Arbutus grows spor· adically in the hemlock groves of Crom's northward-lacing slopes, the plants heing less rare than one would expect from the propaganda regarding this Rower's threatened extinctioIL Several years ago I thonght that I had found a new species of violet within a mile 01 the College's woods. The blooms resembled those of the Common Violet in shape. and the piants· leaves also bore a close likeness to the familiar variety. But each blossom was pied in color, some being conspicuously striped with purple and white, others almost pure white with fine purplepencillings along the veins of the petals. • I I Measles Still Rampant In the spring young faces brightly bum with sPOts of red as the measles stitt invade the borough. June Hobbs is holding out with the only case of mumps while Donald Swan, Anne Bradford, David Brown, Lois Camp, John Duncan Foster, J. Francis Taylor, Jr., Gilbert Davies, Thomas Davies, RobeTt Thomp­son, George Thompson, Wilbur Phillips, Nancy Goodwin, Jane Polk, Stephen B. Smith, Clement Malin, and Alberta Speck are confined with measles. German measles have taken over Rus­sell White, Jr., William Bradshaw, and Russell Kneedler. Even the college students h:tve not been able to avoid children's diseases for the Health Society reports that Ira J. Greenhill has the measles and Courtner Weymss and Hugo Brandstetter have German measles. • PnYlew 7",1 P.M. W ..... AprU~ 5c • RODGERS 608 Edgmont Ave Chester Tht" board of trustees announces the election of the following officers of the board for the church year 1941-42: president, Leonard C. Ashton j vice president, George W. McKeag; secre­tary, Walter A. Schmidt; treasurer, Carlos F. Noyes; financial secretary, Only recently I learned that I had not made a discovery at all. They were noth­ing but diseased Violets. The blanchiug was produced by a virus, and the degree 01 whiteness depended on the severity of 11----------------.1 disease in each plant. Therefore our list of rare native flora must stand without the addition of my Ireak species.- AFTER EASTER REDUCTIONS COATS W. Henry Linton. The Church School Cabinet will meet Sunday evening at 7:30 at the bome 01 Dr. David McCahan, fJJ7 Strath Haven avenue. C. BROOKE WOKrH • • Swarthmore Artists There wiu be an opportunity for Red Exl,ibU Cross Sewing every Wednesday from 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the Parisb House until further notice. The Amer- By FLORENCE TRICKER • ican Red Cross has appealed for help Swarthmore is to be congratulated on in this important work. All are urged able to assemble the excellent ex-to lend ;1ssistance, bringing a box lunch. of local paintings on view at the Coffee will be served. A cordial invita- Club this week. There is a tion is extended to all the women of harmonious effect gained the community. very effective hanging, and it is The Women's Committee for War most evident that each picture was Relief asks help in money or c10thitlglcarefully placed, not only to fill a given for the aid of English children. space, but in relation to the pictures tributions of money can be sent to Mrs. about it. J. Francis Taylor, 233 Dickinson ave- Having John J. Dull as the guest ex­nue. Clothing may be left at the church. hibitor was a happy choice of the com· There will be an annual meeting of mittee in charge. His group of water­the Fourth District of Chester Presby- colors represents the nnest type of work terial Missionary Society on in this medium - sparkling use of color, LAWN RAKES Bamboo flexible teeth for rakintr dead leaves, mowed sran and cleaning Iawos. • N. WALTER SUPLEE . SWARTHMORE 105 $7 and 10.95 Value. to ,19.95 DRESSES $1.90 and $3.80 Value. to 17.95 Skirts, . . . . , . . . . $1.69 Blouse_59c and $1.29 Jackets. $2.50 and $3.50 Savings of 113 and 112 Throughout Store April 29, at Highland Park with clever distribution of the white pa- West Chester pike and State road, Up- per to enhance the effect of briUiance ~~~~;~;,~ per Darby. All women are urged to at- and light. '!~:.!~:;;~-l! r ...... for ,obtc by 0rerh0u1lAl S __ tend. The large canvas of "Dunes at Cape D' O"'WseQrvi :cRe.4 ,m-Todrpe IlahtledDC. Oa"t'rW. Quv Rind, •s• T. rip • I • Henry" by Cyril Gardner produces ef- J • J.'s Plan Season's Wm' d.up lectively the leeling 01 rest and quiet· :;l111amshorc ti E'lO Bolton ......... 00 i cbmonll ... 00 .20 N. Y. Clo ... .1 M e ness in the close harmony of its lovely Wult.. D. C. .75 .15 Plttsburch .. ..... Future dates set by the J. J.'s at color scheme. Equal1y effective is the Norfolk •••••• 11.55 Banlsbura •. tIUt their meeting Scnday evening at Jane darker and more dramatic aspect 01 SWARTHMORE TRAVEL BUREAU Anne Williams. Amherst avenue home dunes and sky in Otis \Valler's "Reho- Z pAJU( AVBNDB aWL 17I-W' include a meeting on 4 at the both Beach." R E Y H a UNa home of Nancy Henry in ~~:~~:~:~~I~!I~;n~~th~e~, charming study I'Doris" Mary the annual picnic in Smedley on de Moll has caught the de· f~!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~!!!!!!!;;~; Saturday. May 17. and an election and and relaxed pose o( youth in a closing session at Florence Whitsit·s composition rich in color. Another por­on Elm avenue May 18. Members are trait "Rosemary" by Genevieve Peck is urged to bring their dues to the May successful in its sculpturesque Quality 4 meeting. New members wilt be in- and strength. Marjorie Nickles Adams' vited to attend the picnic and are portrait of Allan Goodwin shows youth-. needed to replace the high school sen- ful boyishness directly painted. FIRST CHURCH OJt' CHRIST. SCIENTIST SWARTHMORE, PA. iors who will be away at college next "Rub rum Lilies" by Harriet Butler year. Anyone interested in joining the shows a vigorous and free handling of local high school girls' charitable group with a most pleasing tine com· is advi3ed to noti•f y, •P resident Whitsit.1I ~::~~!,o~~, Another stilt life is "Mexi- c by Sue Wolters, brilliant in its ANNOUNCES A FREE LECTURE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Entitled "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, HOW TO APPLY IT" BY PETER B. BIGGINS, C. S. B. "Probation After Death" is the rub­ject of the Lesson-Sermon in al1 Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sun- Friends' Central Art Exhibit Opens 1 «mt,,;,st 01 copper and Iruit. and el­fective in its feeling for texture. In the "Interior" of Alice Emmons, there is The tenth annual exhibition of paint- I g()OQ composition, quiet feeling, the fig-ure well placed, with nice action. ings and sculpture of Philadelphia art- Though the figure is not named, it is ists opened Wednesday at the Art readily recognized as Mrs. Lemon in a Studio of the Friends' Central School, characteristic pose. Dorothy Macmillan 63th and City Line avenues, Overbrook. shows a marine entitled ULate After­The exhibition wilt be open to the public noon," freely developed and remarkable through May 20th. for the luminosity of sky and water. The OF SEATI'LE, WASWNGTON Member of the Board of lectureship of the Mother Church The First Church of Christ, Selenttst; In Boston, Massachusetts CHURCH SERVICES The following will be among the art- warmth carried up into the sky colors ists who will have paintings and sculp- centers the attention. ture in the exhibition: Grace Gember- Mary Jane Walters shows a landscape ling, Virginia McCall, Leon Kelly, of high Quality, harmonious in color, Arthur Carles, Ernlen Etting, Mary with good lighting and a feeling for dis­Townsend :Mason, Paul Westcott, Giov- lance. "The Automat" of Trudi Scho­anni Martino, Joseph Presser, Cora binger is a study in line composition, the Purviance, Vera White, Boris Blai, figures leading back from the change Margaret ChTystie. Furman Fink, Mar- booth in the foreground to the shining garet Gest. and Sarah Blakeslee. food center in the rear. • I I Swarlhmoreans Eleeted hy Writers' Club "The Old Shed in Winter" by Nellie B. McCr:acken is charming in its quiet color and feeling for a snow-clad world. CAMP SHOHOLA IN TBI MCONOS! Grade "AQ 811JD1DerwoCUDp for BoJB (An I_U) The Writers' Club of Delaware Coun­ty at its annual election in Tuesday named Mrs. John C. Moore 01 Amherst avenue recording secretary and Mrs. Oscar J. Gilcreest 01 Harvard avenue second vice-presidenL M n. Moore was Park ATeIl1l8 also placed on the auditing committee. 1l1l':0:0' :A':.:.. X.~ ''-:=- J~;~;~~~ 8 wiTthh e~ hed ucobu nvtyo taedn d tsot athee eWomome aanf'fsi liCaltuedb On BeauUlul ..... one_ BetweeD. MIUont aa4 B .... IQ, .... DIrecton: Howard II. O8lvln. A.B. and CecIl T. _, s.s.. II.A. For circulars. .-.._ aDd local . ; referenCM applJ' 10: P. Ill. ReaNnr 1'OOIIl OpeD. . ~~~~~~ Federation, and also that its officers andA IhI o_Uda_ri 1 _&0 4 ._ p...... ~ from now on would remain in office for rices aad __ tbe P 'I, I two consecutive years· service. MR8. A. ... II08m,wP.r 41ePul< A_ue (AdJolnln. Girls' comp ~ (Dh'. carl A. BmomeJ B.s .. 11.8.) IN THE MEDIA THEATRE MEDIA, PA. SUNDAY AFI'ERNOON. APRIL 27. 1941 AT 5: 15 O'CLOCK, D. S. T. DOORS OPEN AT 5 O'CLOCK THE PUBLIC IS CORDIALLY INVITED CHANGE IN BANKING HOURS For the period beginning Monday, April 28, and ending Saturday, September 27, this bank WILL OPEN AT 7:00 A. M. WILL CLOSE AT 2,00 P. M. Eastern Standard TIme, except Saturdays when the elosing hour will be 11:00 A. M. SWARTHMORE NATIONAL BANK. AND TRUST CO. Member Federal DepoaU lruurance Corporatwn

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• E w • OF THE WOMAN'S CLUB Counly Mollon Plea...., Day Members of the Woman's Club of Swarthmore who attended the Dela­ware County Motion Picture Day, April 16, reported an interesting time. A pre­view of one of the latest pictures was given at 69th Street in the morning. A luncheon followed with a talk by Dr. Beaumont Bruesde motion picture critic. A pageant of impersonation of various actresses was presented by Mrs. Elsie MacDonald and Mrs. L. R. Hop­wood Mrs. Charles Andes representing Swarthmore, posed as J eaDette Mac­Donald in the "Parade of Actresses:' Those attending wefe: Mrs. John C. Moore, 'chairman of the motior. picture department of the Swarthmore Club; Mrs. Roland L. Eaton, Mrs. A. W. Stu­art, Mrs. John Pitman, Mrs. E. H. Tay· lor. At Weot Chesler Club Mrs. Roland L. Eaton represented the Swarthmore Woman's Club at the recip­rocity luncheon given by the West Ches­ter New Century Club on Wednesday. Man,. Attend Federallon The final meeting of the Delaware County Federation of Women's Cluhs at Haverford Township High School Thursday was attended by Mrs. Roland L. Eaton, Mrs. George Hoadley. Mrs. John Michael, Mrs. S. Murray Viele, Mrs. Martin B. Young, Mrs. Harold G. Griffln, Mrs. Jesses H. Holmes. Mrs. Joseph Walton. and Mrs. J. Paul Brown. I 1 I Given Coveted Appointment Dr. J. Albright Jones has been ap­pointed Chief in Pediatrics at The Philadelphia General Hospital. Dr. Jones is on the teaching staff of the University of Pennsylvania Undergrad­uate and Postgraduate School of Medi­cine, in the Pediatric Department, and is a licentiate of the American Acad­emy of Pediatrit;:s. GO WEST THIS SUMMER Independent and Eaeorted Ton ... All Rou, .. No Se,..,iee Charge • Swarthmore Travel Bureau Phone Swa_ 179-W Day or NllIht i,' 2 PARK AVENUE $100,000 A DAY! • That's what this coml'nr,-i is .pending on .ome 700 separate construction' jo"s in this State. With Penn8ylvania play­ing its Vilal part in the pre­parednese program, we are making an all-out drive-lIummoning manpower, material. and million. of doUars-to provide Ihe , kbid' of telephone Service PetlDlIy.-vania need. today_ Defeme Bonde at P. O. May I TBE SWARTBMOREAN To Portray Hutoric The United States Defense Savings Dancer. 01 Me%ico Bonds and Postal Savings Stamps will be placed on sale in the Post Office on OM} Thursday, May I. as part of tbe na- its : the young tional effort to make America impreg- m.n·. "sarape" about the nable according to an annO'Uncement his protection for by Postmaster A. P. Smalley. the of his choice and recalls the A Defense Bond may be purchased use .this gesture by certain primitive May I, or thereafter, for $18.75. In ten peoples as part of their wedding cere-years, this bond will be worth $25. mony. , To spread investments widely among Several dances remind the observer al1 the people in America~ a limit of that Mexican culture and the culture $5,000 has been set on the amount of of the southwestern United States have these bonds to be bought by anyone frequently intermixed. The spirited person in one year. The bonds are in "Cuadritta" is simply the Mexican form denominations of $25, $SO, $100, of the familiar Quadrille, and "}esusita.." and $1,000, aU of which are sold for "Little Jesus," is often danced in the 75 per cent of their maturity va1ue and Southwest as well as in northern Mex-all of which mature in ten years. ico. CaterpUlar Elimination Week .. -, . ,.' If Swarthmoreans will dedicate t~is week to caterpillar elimina­tion a great deal of damage can be prevented. Caterpillar destruc­tion is on~ task the Government, tocal, county, state, and' nation leaves to private enterprise. Swarthmore College is spending hundreds of dollars to save its vegetation. Two methods are recommended by horticulturists, burning out the webs .or scraping out the webs in the evening. The first if care­lessly performed might harm trees. A third possibility is to open the .. eb at the top so that the birds can devour them. APRIL 25, 194.1 Sue Davison daughter of Mr. and M.a. Waldo B. Davison of Harvard avenue has recently been elected president of the 1I;.<lP!101TIOre class at Wil6Ol1 College, Mrs. J. Pas3more Cheyney who has 1I·Ii>e<n seriously ill at her home on Rutgers avenue for the past two weeks is im­proving. ROLLER SKATII. T9MTE AT 7.30 tIoeIal Ball, METHODI8T CIItlBCII 8polllOl'ed b7 UIhen' • ...... tloD 25e FORMAL SUITS TO HIRE For the smaller investor who w'IDt:.1 The Jarabe Dancers will be assisted TUXEDOS •• FULL DRESS to buy a Government Bond on an easy by Maria Bustos, naturalized Mexican CUTAWAY ••• SHIRTS payment plan, the post office will have soprano, who has done a great deal '-----------------' a new series of Postal Saving Stamps. of research in the field of Latin­Saturday aftel four days' visit to Mrs. STERN'S 24 :.'~'l:~t' ~ .11 American music. Keiser's parents Mr. and Mrs. D. F'I;~;;~~~~~~~~~~~~;;~~ Evans of Youlgrave Farm, South Ches-ter road. Mothen'QubPbmsDinnu • I I The Swarthmore Mothers Club meet-I'IIls From Seeing the World iUg was held April 18 at 2 :45 P. M. in Michael George Manata retur-ned to the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church. home on Fairview road at 10 o'clock During the business meeting it was announced that the annual dinner meet- Wednesday night. to visit his parents Patrolman Charles Manata of the local ing will be held May 14 at 6:30 at thel~()lic:e force and Mrs. Manata until May Strath Haven Inn. II Dr. Steinberg, psychiatrist, connected This is the first time since he enlisted with the Norristown State Hospital, will in the Navy in December 1938 that he speak on "The Importance of the For- has seen any member of his family. mative Years." After two years at Ridley High School Following the business meeting Mrs. Michael. who is now 19, felt an uncon­Reavis Cox, child psychologist, dis- trollable urge to join his country's serv­cussed "The Child and His Adjustment ice. His father who did active service for to Society." the United States in the last World War Refreshments were served. and is commander of John F. McDevitt ••• P V f Miss Anne Rothwell returned last week-end to her home in Lewisburg, W. Va. after a month's visit with her cousin Miss Martha Taylor of Yale avenue. Dr. Layton Grier of Milford, Del. will arrive tomorrow to spend the week­end with his son-in-Jaw and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Poole of N. Chester road. Elizabeth Bowditch daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bowditch of Cedar lane spent her spring vacation with her brother-in-law and sister Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Weyl of Bloomington, Ind. FOB CER'I'fii'IED LAUNDRY SERVICE ~,~l& 174 Or Stop Oar Ibh-er • MEDIA LAUNDRY Send ... s..-thmore Sa., .jaIl,. SInee 1900 ost, etcrans 0 Foreign Wars. Cltes- Brann Speake to Parents ter and a member of the Chester Pup Let'. Know Mexleo Better Tent, Order of the Cootie, was sympa- SEE THE JARABE DANCERS In order that the fathers might ac- thetic and signed the necessary papers sponsored by the Alnerlean Friends tively participate in parents activities for the boy. After a year with the Na- CL~ ~tn;:;:.~~ the mothers of the Rutgers n.a,v.,e,tnli,Unleg 1 tional Guard Infantry Company K in Swarthmore College third grade held an evening Chester Michael joined the Navy. MAY 8,. lHI-8:15 P. M. on 'v"ve d Iles d ;Jy m. gh t a t W hI' eh the T he elder Manatas and their other TSiwckaertths mSOocr ea nCdo 1ll1e.g0e0 BODo oSkaslteo raet of the famities were especially invited. children have been receiving newspaper I':=.:;::;;;:::=:::~;;:;:;:=:;:~:::::::::=I Dr. David Braun who was .the clippings from all over the world. His r speaker of the evening addressed the ship the U. S. Cruiser St. Louis carried r;;:;;;".- w"h:-eo""";;; ToDi;;;;;' large and interested group on "Youth members of the President's Board of or droIn in Jor lunch We carry VIGORO! in the Adult World." Naval Experts to Newfoundland in .4, ,ha8nu,LI,,'. In addition to the third grade parents preparation for its becoming an outer SUBURBAN those of the Rutgers avenue second bulwark in the Western Atlantic Sea- H ERE is your garden headquar .. tent We carry a full 8upply of garden 8Upplies, the best seed, and Vigoro, the complete plant grade and the College avenue third board Defense. The St. Louis also car- CA FE grade were also invited and any others ried the American Commission heads who were interes~ed. B.ermuda to inspect proposed American Mrs. Clarence C. Frank chairman of air bases. the Rutgers avenue third grade pre­sided over the meeting. • I Swarthmorean. Are Invited Residents of Swarthmore are invited to be the guests of The Evening Sec­tion of the Woman's Club at a movie next Tuesday, April 29th, at 8 P. M. in the clubhouse. Through the courtesy of The Swarth­more Travel Bureau a representative of the Burlington Railroad will show mov­ing pictures of the Colorado Rockies. These pictures which have never' been shown before are in sound and' techni­color. There will be no admission charge and all members of the club and their friends are invited to attend. I 1 • Crum Creek Bridge Club Results Mrs. William Soden and Mrs. Walter Steuber headed the winners North and South when the Crum Creek Bridge Club held its weekly play at the Strath Haven Inn Monday evening. Mrs. John R. Bates and Mrs. Philip W. Kniskern were second and Mrs. Richard Carvell and Dr. John R. Bates were third. East and West victors were Mrs. Fred Wilson and Richard Carvell, first; ·Mr. and Mrs. John Bowditch, Jr .• second: and Mrs. Wallace M. McCurdy and L. G. Luckie, third. • L I Swarthmore Bridge Re8ult. Results of this week's Swarthmore Bridge Club which met in -the Legion room of Borough HaJ1 on Wednesday evening ended in a triple tie between N. Frick and J. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Wisdom, Jr., and H. Tom­linson and Samuel C Wisdom. Sr. •• I - NEWS NO~ Mr. and Mrs. William A. Vlachos of Vassar avenue entertained a few friends informally at tea last Sunday evening April 20. ' Jane Bateman daughter of Patrolman Thomas Bateman of the Swarthmore Police Force is recovering after an ap­pellde~ tomy performed Tuesday after­noon In the Taylor Memorial Hospital Ridley Park. ' PLAY CARDS 1IO""lIt __ lteUef sad Other . CIIariu.. of _a AI1lsworth _ aDd AuIJJar)o 8 P. M_ ftllDAY, MAY 2 HlOB SCHOOL Cn.laRL\. Door aJUI Tablr: I'IUes Ploue BrIDe Your OWD cardS AQMlSSION SSe Counter BefrellmleD.t 8eniee u_ • I' NEWS NOTES Mr. and Mrs. Carl deMolI of Park . had 'as' thejr 'guests' last' week deMolI's cousin Mr. and Mrs Edgar Hitchner of W. Pittston, Pa. . ; Mr. and Mrs. C. Irwin Galbreath of Benjamin West avenue entertained some thir~y guests last Sunday after­noon, Aprd 20. when they were at hom'e from 4 until 6 o'clock. Mrs. James H. Hornaday of Dickin­son avenue and ~rs. Peter E. Told of Park avenue will attend a joint meet­ing of Oberlin College alumni and the Women"s University Club in Philadel­phia today in honor of Dr. Mildred Helen McAfee president of Wellesley College. Mrs. Roland G. Porter of Park av~­nue has been visiting for a few days this week with her sister Mrs. Helen Porter Lowe of Princeton, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hanny of Yale avenue returned yesterday hom a short trip to Williamsburg, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Lang and daughter' Marjorie of Dickinson avenue spent Easter. week-end as the guests of Mr.' Lang's brother and Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Lang of Pa. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fleetwood Smith of Bush River, Md. and daughter Pa- Suzanne were the guests of Mrs Smith's parents Mr. and Mrs. E. J: Roche of Park avenue over the Easter week-end. Mrs. Smith and Patricia Su­zanne remained for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Octavius Narbeth of La­fayette avenue had as their guests re­cently their son and daughter Rev. Ben­jamin Narbeth and ~diss Doris Narbeth of North Fenton, N. Y. Mrs., Van L. Bohnson and Mrs. Ber­nard ·L. Keiser of Waynesboro, Va. left Floor Sander & Edger For Rent • CHESTER LIGHT SUPPLY CO_ 801 Ed .... ont Avenue 'Phone Chester ~-15U SPRING PLAN'nNG ' _CoD".I; d. . ' , ~ J.,STEPHANI, Jr. 'ftoM ~ F : Me HID food. . A PRODUCT OF SWIs:T " . ---------- N. WALTER SUPLEE SWARTHMORE lOS ~ WEEK -END SPECIALS! ~ Bartlett Pears - ·3 II.: cans 65c Martel'. Fine Bartlett Pear. - Large No. 2V! Cans Cate. Fancy Sweet Mixed Piekles. . . . jar 23e Dromedary Fudge and Fro.ting Mix, .2 pkgs. 2ge Kix Cereal ......... 2 pkg •• 2lc Morton Salt ......... 2 pkgs. 13c Lux Flakes ........... pkg_ 1ge Marshmallow F1nft ...... tin IOe Ri~er Brand Rice, ... 3 pkg8_ 25c Harris Crab Meat ..... 2 tins 53c Wilson's Whole Tongue •.. tin 99c Keystone Cherry Juice. 4 cans 45e Rosselli Spaghetti Dinner pkg_ 29c 'I'ak-A-Ta.te Preserved Fig. 2 jars 29c ' KeUy'. Sweet Potatoes, 2 eans 29c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 'Kitchen Tested' Vitanten Enriched Dawn Fresh Cream of Mushroom Soup ........ 3 cans 35c Roberston'. Scotch Orange Marmalade .. ' ...... crock- .2. 9'; ~ . Mart,el'iI GoI"en Bantam Corn, .............. 3 cans 35c Fre.h Country Table Eggs .................. 2 doz. 75e Buck'Shad Fresh Caught ,mER lOR THE lb. 15c Slewing Chicken •.. Leg. of Lamb ..... Rib. of Beef ... Spring Broilers, . lb. 2ge .lb_ 2ge ,lb. 33e ,3 for 95c New Potatoes . . . . .. can 15e Birdseye Pea •....... pkg. 23e COMPLETE FOODMAAKET APRIL 25, 194.1 TBE. ,SW.RTBMOREAN s . ------------------~----------------~ CLASSIFIED SPORTS REVIEW Inereaeed Tnberculosis Service p. Robert W. Bernhardt executive sec- Colle«e Opens Jr_ HIP La~ retary of the Delaware County Tuber­Monda,: was a red letter_ day in the culosis and Health Association has an­sports history of Penn:~ylvania. The nounced plans for an increased activity first lacrosse game betweeti' junior high tuberculosis case-finding work in the school teams was played on the Swarth- County. more College field that afternoon. The "With the addition to our staff of participants 'were Chester's Smedley a full-time public bealth nurse in the High and Swarthmore Junior 10,,. .. >0 of Mary Plait we feel that we ESTATE of MAY ROTHWELL TAYLOR. de-cealed. 'Lelters tntalDtDtary on the abo", a· tatc have beeo ITUled to the uade~iaued, who req~t an per.a... havial' claims or dema..da agalDit the dtale of the decedcot to make baWD the PDk:, aDd all pe1'lODS iDdebted to the decedcat to make pa)'DHot. WitbOUl dela,. '0 JOHN STANLEY TAYLOR, GODFRKY NUTTALL TAYLOR, WILLIAM DOWNHAM TAVLOK. Or their aUome,.. WALT1:R H. ROBINSON. Esq •• 261' Fiddily.Philadelpbia Trust Bid .... Philadc:lphia, Pa. 4·4·6t can increase our effectiveness in the Sllledley won 5 goals to 3. field of case-finding" he said. "As in Howard Starkey, Smedley's second the past, our policy will be to cooperate defense, scored the first goal only fif- to the fullest with the State Depart­teen seconds after the opening of the ment of Health as well as other official I ",,, .. ,,,=,_ initial period. an d vo Iun aryt age'ncie s to avol' d over.. . ~~rovementa consJat of two and one- The game' was the idea of Henry lapping and duplication of effect. With Il~~~~]~f~~~[ ~ brick house, 10 " 40 feet: oDeiooed (Hank) Ford~ former Swarthmore the increased emphasis being placed on Ct?~t~:' 8:::'~ x atf:::'- 10 x 16 ~~~;~;.~~;~ 'I pInlas>ti:etur,t i. onno.w a teacher at the Chester pf ublic hedalth' a hs a part of lNatbional 'de - i~~~i~l"J-~'I~:~~i.~i I Sold 88 the property of Bdwlu W. Page ~;::~:.; ense an Wit our peop e ecommg and Katherine 8. Page. h1a wlte. real OWD-T . R:':~'?: ............ 1 ....... ~~~~bY more health conscious, we feel certain u' en. =--.;= IB ums •..•..••..•.••.• p ••.••...•..•.. IIeoth that the expansion of our program of HILDA LANG DENWORTH, D. MALCOLM BODGE. Attom"y. LocJtarc:l •••••••••••••• cp ..••••••• Dlckl.naoD I!' • t f d .. iC~llijie 1 Wood ................ fd .............. Price IS a s ep orwar. Secretary. I Starkey .............. 8(1. ........... Bogen Miss Platt, R.N., A.B .• comes to Del- 4-25-3t ~~~==!~I:!~ ::::::::::::::~:::::::::::.~ County well recommended after DBLAWARB COUNTY INS111UIION DISTP.ICT Levari Pa.cI8B No. 749 ~~~~~~~ i BeImlUl ••••..••..•.. fa ...•••..•... BeUleld a number of years experience with the VNOeWnetI ra•b•l•e•s• ••.•.•.•.•.•.•.•..•.• In .......... G_r City Health Department in Philadel- oh •••••••••••.•• Ward I Smed.le), ...................... 1 2 0 ~ phia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'swRaerftebremeo&r-eB e.l.f.le.J...d. .a..n.d.. 0e ll.0 TL1m e2 -o3f The X-ray is one of the most pow- ·~~~~~J'.:'I i peri0ds--8 mlnutes. erful weapons 'this country has avait-p H. S. WIn. Track M... able for civil defense, acco~ding to Dr. Swarthmore High School wOn a td- Charles S. Aitken, Chairman of the angular track meet last Wednesday. Tuberculosis Committee, County Medi-; The score was Swarthmore 56%; Rid- cal Society who announced furthe~ ,. ley Township.3I):i; and Glen-Nor 44~. pians for the Early Diaguosis Cam- Haig and Bair finished one-two in paign which has just opened. : ! the 120·yard low hurdles; Haig won the This educational campaign, wbicli !IOO-yard dash and Kirk won the mile serves as the spearhead of the year .. iOi"""i run with Saulnier taking second place. round activities of the Tuberculosis So. .. Robinson won the Quarter mile with deties affiliated with the National Tu­Roach in fourth place; Kirk wOn the berClllosis Association, is a concen­half niile and Longwell and Haig co- trated effort to emphasize the necessity ~~i~~;~g operated for first and second places in and economy of early diagnosis and ~~~~~~~5~~~~~ I theIn Z ltOh-ey afride ldd aeshv.e nts, Johnson placed pcurolomsips.t and· proper tF. ~=a< i:.n.:i.'e nt of tuber-l third in the shot-put; Miller and Gary "For years~ in this cilIDPAign we 'have LOST LOST - Dog'S collar with last four ),ea.r". llcenaes. Reward. 403 Park avenue. FOUND FOUND - PaIr gJ..assea In front of 8tratb Haven Inn Saturday morning. Apply at Inn desk. . APr. FOR RENT 112 Park Ave., teO, aeeond tI.oor--6 nDB •• enclosed ~. e1ectrto refr1prator. two entrances. private On bUl'lUtr. aaraa8. • WM. S. BITl'LE 8_ .. W~ NOta.....,. PubUc-ID.Iul'aDCe-Bea1 Bdate participated in a quadruple tie for first stressed the chest X~ray' ··as .. ~he cor-place in the pole vault and Kirk reet diagnostic methOd for finding tuber; the high jump with Johnson tieing culosis in its early stages," said Dr. second. Kirk placed fourth in the Aitken. 41But this year the X-ray looms cus throw and Johnson fourth in the as a great defense weapon for it is the javelin throw. means of insuring national health Swarthmore High School one of war's most active allies second in team score 'in the Crowded iiving cond,- track and field meet. last Saturday, in tions, increased mental and physidl1 a field of fifteen teams. Media's win- strain-byproducts oLdefe:use activities ning score was 23 points, Swarthmore -are factors dangerously favorable to had 17*.. the- spread of tuberculosis." Swarthmore won t\le Roy H. Browne In a message to the Tuberculosis So- Memorial Trophy ~y turning in _.Dr. Thomas Parran surgec;m gen-score of 16 points in the track of V- S. Public Health Service Individual point winners were: the value of the Early Diag-first in the lIO-yard low hurdles nosis Campaign and said that "no more second in the 100-yard ~ propitious time could be selected to Sealed proposata will be received. at the County Controller's omce. Court House, Media. Pa.. until 12 o'cloell; noon (East­em Standard. Time) and publiCly opened at· 1 p. m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Wednesday. May 14. 1941. for furnIshIng, delivering and 11l8ta1J.1Jur transformer «tulp­ment at the Delawarn County Home. Lima. Pa. . netaned pIano. BpeeUleo.1ouo and bidding sheet may be obtalned at the omce of the County Controller, and no bid wUl be en­tertained unless made out on said blddlng sheet. Each bid mU8t be accompanied by a eer­tUled check of One Hundred ($100'(lO) DoI­Ians. drawn to the order of the Delaware County Institution Dllltrict. The AdmtnlStrattve and Executive DI­rectors of the Delaware County Institution Dtstrict reserve the right to reject. any or all bids. H. WALTER WEAVER. County Controller. 4-25-3'==-===::-:== __ ==- IN THE ORPHANS' COURT OF DELAWARE Ddawan:: County March Tenn. 1941 No. 63. Estale of Karl M. MetzKer, deceased. To the heirs. legatHs. credilors and other penoDS in­terested in said eslate! Notice is hereby given that Ellie J. Jackmaa. Executrix of the' abovc estate. has filed in. the office of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court her petitiOI1 prayil1B" for leave. to sell 10 Harold R. Goodwin a.t priva.te sale for the sum of '7000. certain real catate of decedent described as follows: All that certain lot or piece of ground with the buildinp and improvements thereon erected, Situate in tbe Borough of Swarth­more and bounded aoo' desctibed -as follows: Situate on the S. W. side of Swarthmore: Avenue 20131 fHt Jilore or Jess S. E. hom Chester Road. a cotner 01 liItlds of Edward F. Hitchco*ck; extt:nding thence by Hitch­co*ck's laM et al. S. 9 degrees I' miD· utcs W. '34.23 feet to a comer of land of Margare:t Sellen Brown; thence by aame S. 80 degrees 49 minutes E. 60 feet to a point iD Ulle of laods of 9th Ward Building- a: Loao Associalion No.2: thence by same 9 degrees II minutes E. 88.14 feet to the S. W. side of Swarthmore Avenue; thence North ,\6 de&'rt:es 4;J minutes E. 16.S feet to a POlDt in bed of said Swarthmote Ave­nue; thence wilhin the bed of Avenue Nott!).··43 de .... ea ., minutes W. 75.66 feel: Ih~ '5. 46 dep-ctS. +3 minutes W. 16.S Deeembel" Term. 1940 of Conta1nlng in frOnt or breadth aD the said Rad.bourne Road (fmmerly Berkeley Road) siateen teet. and extencl.li1s of that width In length or dePth southward be­tween parallel lines at r1Rbt angles to the saId BaClbourne Boad. (formerly Berkeh Boad) e1ghty feet to the middle of a cer­tain siXteen feet wide drtvewa:r extending westward. from. oak Avenue to Ashby Road. Tocetber with the tree and common use right. Uberty and prlv11ese of the &aId driveway at all times hereafter forever. Improvements cona1at of two 8tol'J' briCk and stucco house. 18 x 40 feet; porCh front· baaement garage. • Sold. as the property of Woodlawn Homes. Inc .• real owner. . D. MALCOLM HODGE. Attorney. Levari PRclas No. 'l5O December Term. 1940 All that certain lot or piece of ground with the bulldlDgs aud. lmprovem.e.nts about erected theJ'OOn Situate near Ard­more. in the Townah1p of HaVerford. County of Delaware. State of PenuaYIvanla. bounded and described accordlng to a cer­tain surveyor plan made for Prank Shriver. dated AprU 30th. 1929. by Alva' i.. Rogers • .a. L. S. Ardmore. Penna. as follows. to wit: 1 the MRS. A.. J~ QUINBY &: SON lOS ..... QUIHBi FUNERAL DIRECTORS first in the quarter. mile;. D. America to guard her national ond and Saulnier fifth in the " and Johnson tieing for fourth in the "Physical examinations of thousands fCct 10" the plaee of be&UUliol'. Said ·petltiolt"'thel'· pn.~ for leaft to sell 10 ~::~~~~;;;~ W. Mark Billie and William. S. Bittle :lit pri. I "!",.- vate sale. for the sum of .2000 •• cerla'n cUlel ,,,,', ... ,, real estate of decec'tent deaqibesl as folio .... : ULL PHONE. MEDIA. P&' high jump; . of· young mcn offer the b~~t,.li.~~~~::':' CoUea-e Twice Victorion. ity this country has had to During the past week the Swarth- large part of that vast reservoir of un~ ;;;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I II mor>! College lacrosse team won twice, known, untreated cases of tuberculosis P'MDTON .... BLGIN WATCIIIUI defeating Washington and Lee 12-4 which· keeps the White Plague on the EDWIN B. KEf,JEY, Jr. afnd Penn State 8-k6: Th7eOtSra6ck hteam . march. Yet in only a few fortunate 10- I All that certain Jot OJ' pitH: of croUDd with the huildinp and lmprovemeats thereoD erected. Situate in said Boroadl aad boutKIed and described ~ lollows: 8e&iDniDC at a point on the S. W. side of Yale Avet!uc at the dlslance of J55.5 feet S. E. from the point of intersection of the said side of Yale AyeDue and the S. E. side oC Chesler Road: thence extendinlr along the said side of Yale Avenue S. 8.2 decrees 40 minutes E. 4~.o8 feet 10 a point in the wcstel'ly sine of a 17 IHt wide alley whic'h' oPtos into the said Yale Avenuei thcftCt! along" the said' side or said alley S. 3 de .... ees 49 minutes E.' !,O.93 feet to a point a comer of land. _ oC Waher Oscar Flood i thence by the said lands N. 82 degrees, 40 minutes W. !'4.92 fed to a poiot a comer of lands of (korse J. Jones and Alma Blanche Jones his wife. and theDCC by lut meDlioned lands North 7 degrees. 20 minutes E. 49.97 feet to the Your ]-'er eated Johns Hop II}S - ; t e tenms ealities are chest X-rays being included .... D __ 7th St. a.-lei> team divided winning. 9-0 from Union in the examination. . ~ -=-u - and losing 4-5 to Muhlenberg. The ••• (~ft'!:"NC'h=: n:."'" baseball team lost to Stevens 15-5; and ".. :::::::::==========~ It heT hgeo lffererss hlmosetn tob aLseehbaigllh t9e-a0m. lost to Hill School 10-0 and the College JV t~nnis team lost to Pel!n Charter ~-l . Human Interest Rewarded IIJuminating gas escaping accidentally was fast taking the . .life of a man alone in a back room of What appeared to be a vacant house in··'Chester. With his A. Wayne Mosteller Electrical Contractor. Telephone Swarthmore 2295 FOR PROMPT SERVICE BBFBIGI!B&'rO-" - ~108 W4SRBJI8_ALL M4KU ' COAL and co*kE 'FVEL OIL VAN AT,EN BROS. I I • NEWS NOTES , ' last bit of strength,' he took the re­ceiver from a telephone and dialed for Peggy Armitage daughter of Mr. and an operator. place of beg:noin ... Said sal. s are for the 'purpose of paym,·nt of decedent's dtbu. If DO exceptions are filed to said petilion or objectioDS made to granting the same, the Court 'will be asked to take action thereon, on Monday. May 12, 1941. at 10 o'clock a. rn. HOWARD KIRK. Mrs. Percival Armitage of Harvard ave- As a result of the operator's aid nue spent last week-end in New York which resulted in the.; saving of the vic­Attorney for Petitioner. City as the guest of her sister Mrs. Don- tim's life. that operator Elizabeth P. 4·11·4t aid B. Chidsey. ., Lukens of Chester "has been selected I------------'----~ . to re·c.eive the cov";,..i:d Vail Medal, the 'SIIBRIPP SALES .Of. BBAL ESTATE Mr. and Mrs. Michael S.· Koalen1co "" formerly of Wallingford have left their ~~11 ~~;!!::.:sh:a:~~·O';f hpounwic a:e~~1:: I.S!IOrlll·. om~'. Court; House,. Media. PeJDDJo·1 New Smyrna. Fla. winter quarters for· Miss Lukens is :night . Sat1ll1laJ'. Kay 3. 1941 Old Lyme. Conn. charge at the Chester exchange. 8:30 A. M. Eastern Standard TIme Tom Littlefield son of Mr. and Mrs. A Committee of Award for the Bell caoh or certUled check R. J. Littiffield of Swarthmore place re- Telephone' Company of Pennsylvania otherwise-stated In turned from Dartmouth College, Han-' selected Miss Lukens as worthy of. th~ In ten clayS. other over, N. H. on Wednesday, . April 9, ·ior Vail Medal named"ln honor of Theo- sa;le •. his spring vacatjon. His holiday ended dare N. Vail. The Vail Medal named Levari Paclas No. 694- on Tuesday, April 22. for the former presiaent of the Arner- December Term, 1940 Improvements consist of _alva and one­baU story stone and ahJ.ngle 'Aouae 18 x 40 feet; rear ad.ditlon. 6 x 9 tee"t:· stucco gar­age. 18 x 18 feet. Sold as the property of Gladys B. Rutter, mortgagor and PaUl H. Marrow and Janet L. Marrow. . h.I.s wife. ' D. MALCOLM HODGE. Attorney. Jean Gehring daughter of Mr. and ican Telephone ani( Telegraph Com- ProP. alt. In Haverford. Twp. Del,' Co., Pa. Mrs. W. H. Gehring of University place pany was awarded . to. Miss Lukens "for on the S. W. 8. or Haverford Bel. 8'1.25 ft. Leva I Fa las recently visited her grandmother Mrs. her unusual initiativ.e. excep·tional re;' S •.. B. of Buck Lane; In front 21.5 ft. and r c Phone Sw. 104.12 No. 4 I'iekue Ji'rounInIr - Soadon...,. Book. -Kocliok Sapplleo Grert'"« Carda-JIoW,7 Cnft SIMMONDS 71~ W'eIah Slnet ." Ch_' _ Cbetteo I-IlD ' ,,' w. J. THOMAS Fo ...... b' of 8_on CoUop Carpenter &: Cabinet Malcer 425 MORTON AVBNUB. RUTLEDGB 'Pbone SwartIi. Z8D PIANO TUNING AM) REBUILDING 31 Yean 'Praodcal Bxpe.oI ..... A. L PARKER 'Pta_ Media 459-M ~Il DR. M. BLOOMFlBJ.D Complete E,e !lerriee 611 WELSH STREET CaD n III "I~ In dpth. 176.04 ft. m. 01' 1. Known as 642 O. H. I.;ucc oL.Riverhead, Long Island sourcefulness and p4rsistent e~orts in Haverford. Road.. for a week. securing assistance which resulted. in v. &: S. to cond. and bldg. :rest. nuMe ·rv. isCitaerdl hRisy anp aroefn tSs wDarrt.h maonrde Mavres-.l t~h~e~sa~v~i:n~g:0~f~a~~~~~li~fe~.':'~~8t:~:I~Imep:r1o2v exm e3n3t sf eceot;n spisotr cohf tfwroon at;t ooryn es tautcocryo Carson Ryan and his daughter addti10D, 9 x 6 feet. .1 ~.-". at Chapel Hill, N. C. recently; property of Bryn Mawr r.o.n I c:,u't;t;'~ ·asoclatl.on._.rea!. owner. ~ -",,"" ROGER J.lUSSEI.I,'· oj Fine Photograph. ~16 HAVERFORD PLACE __ C-:A-:L_ L _SW_AR_TH_M_OR_E _20_75-_8 _ , RBQ=' FOR BIDII . J_."'~~,btdo w\1,<IVed by the Bor- YE BwarttuDotG',lil Counen Chamber. Hall. Park' Avenue, swarthmore. 21, 1941 at 7:45 P. M. Daylight Village Window Oeaner f~ =":,':"l:ft.:i\'n:J::'I~~~ EDWARD P. HITcHco*ck, Attorney. Poetao No. December Term 1940 Prop. alt. In Twp. of Springfield. DeL Co., Pa .• OD the 8. W. 8. of· Barwtck Rd. 337.72 ft. S. E. of Powell Ave •• in tront 26.28 ft. and in dptb. 100 ft. Known 88 _ Harwick. Rd. .. U. & B. to condo bldg. rest. rights & prlvlleges. Together wlth use of dwy. A. HAUGER ssquuarrfe" "":.r'e:;''t -In0I<1, ' Bopoprorouxglh- . d_ 'y' the_B1ghwaYlstiiCiij~;e; ~ I? ,..... ~Ai>"".Wlui.pee1- .i>.~~~ ,WOOD. ItO~ERS CC*F.. ;;~~tn:,~cii ~I~j _ No. anUdb deJ: &lid oubjeet to """-In _no -...t8. .. ,' '.', ,. Improvements COBBlet of two story atone anel stucco house. 28 K 20 teet· porch rrcm~· ~en' saraae..- . . .• , Sold .. the p.,;p.~ of AlUla MarIe 'lWre mortaeBor ud ..... owner. ' ROBERT w. BBA'1TY. Attorney. WILLIAM w. VeRDI 8herltr. ; .. '~'-'<." ..- ' .-. .. . _. --... '-.'--" -" ~.""'--' ... _"" ..... - -

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6 TBB SWARTBMORBAN APRIL 25, 1M! cmCLE PLANNING NEW CHARITIES MRS. HOLMES, mSPANIC DANCERS AT RUTLEDGE WOMAN'S CLUB GATHER PRIZES FOR I Sueeeeeful Event Aida Brltaln LEGION CARD PARTY Attendance at the card party sponsored "Song of Evening" by Swan, "Mag­nificat" by Gabrieli, "Light Eternal" by Kastalsky, and the chorus from the opera "Hercules" by Handel will be sung by the chorus. Aid to Many Admlni8tered by Friendly Group of Local Women; Annual Picnic Set Mrs. Harvey R. Pierce of South Princeton avenue with Mrs. August Cordes of Philadell>hia, as co-hostesses . entertained The Friendly Circle on Thursday afternoon of last week. The president Mrs. F. Stuart Brown presided. Reports were given on sewing for the Health Center; sweaters and other knit­ted articles completed; a stove, coal and house furnishings secured for a family living in a barn and a newspaper daily for an invalid. In reply to requests from the Health Center and Family Society it was voted to give needed drugs and supplies to pay for glasses for a woman of 70 whose old age Ilension could not be stretched to pay for them, and money for carfare for a woman needing to take her children to a clinic. It was voted to pay for a house­keeper in a home where the mother is ill and to pay for milk for a boy needing it. In all $47.70 was given. The president announced the follow­ing chairmen: Sewing, Mrs. Harvey R. Pierce; shoe box, Mrs. Arthur Jones and Mrs. John Pitman; knitting, Mrs. J. Warren Paxson; admissions, Mrs. T. Harry Brown; hospitality, MiS. Kendall Sadler; visiting, Mrs. Harold Griffin. The annual picnic was discussed and the invitation to use the. grounds of Mrs. Joseph S. Seal's home was ac­cepted. June 10 was selected as a teota­tive date. Mrs. Sadler will head the com­mittee in charge of food. Mrs. George Troxall will take charge of the tickets; Mrs. John Esslinger will have the cake and candy table; Mrs. Harvey R. Pierce will have the White Elephant table. Mrs. Pierce will also head the committee in charge of the annual collection for Camp Sunshine. Mrs. Jesse H. Holmes of Moylan, for­merly of Swarthmore entertained the Rutledge Woman's Club Tuesday with an account of the unusual experiences shared by Dr. Holmes and herself on a trip to India some years ago. She ap­I) eared in native costume and jewelry. As a second part of the program for the day which was inauguration as well as art day Aleja Campo (Alix Field Whitaker of Elm avenue) presented her Hispanic Dance Group of local girls in gorgeously colored Spanish costumes. Introduced by Mrs. Roland G. E. Ull­mall of Harvard avenue and accompanied by the Hispanic String Group those who performed dances of old Spain included: Elizabeth Pope. June Ullman Nena Whitaker and Eleanor Wolf ~ho did solo work, and Lora Blackman, Mar­garet Conover, Barbara Ann Crossen, Mary Frances Dimmitt, Barbara Sickel and .Virginia Wilson. The String Group consists of Martha Fesmire, Leona Fitz­gerald, Katherine Flaherty, Geraldine Kalebaugh, Winifred Park, Katharine Richards, Dorothy Seltzer, and Mrs. Whitaker. The program was arranged and in­troduced by the art chairman Mrs. Arthur W. Binns. Mrs. Robert E. Zen­sen was inaugaurated president. The Hispanic Dancers also pre.sented a program Saturday morning in the Snellenburg Auditorium before the Mu­sic Teachers' Forum of Philadelphia. On that occasion they were accompanied by Katherine Warren Coles of Walnut lane. ••• Gets Union College Honors James E. Smith, II son of Dr. and Mrs. J. Howard Smith of Park avenue is among the Union College students who attained high scholastic standing during the third quarter and was hon­ored by inclusion on the Dean's List issued this week. Smith, a freshman, is majoring in the division of science. Local merchants and stores in the vicinity are contributing prizes for tbe !>enefit bridge party of tbe American Legion and Auxiliary on May 2. Many door prizes will be given and there will be a prize for every table. The ticket committee headed by Mrs. }. Paul Brown who is in charge of entertain­ment for the auxiliary and Commander Herbert T. Bassett and Mrs. Bassett urges early purchases of tickets • Swarthmore so far has shown a great interest in the benefit which will pro­vide funds for English relief as well as for other needs at home. Auxiliary members are reminded to save the third Wednesday of next month, May 21, for a business meeting at 2 P. M. This will be the last business meeting of the season. They are also asked to save rummage. for a pros­pective sale in the late spring or fall. ••• for British relief last Wednesday April 16, in the Woman's Club House filled 38 tables and raised $150 to be sent to Eng­land for direct war relief there. . A British flag lent by L. M. Robinson British consul in Philadelphia adorned an appropriate spot. . Mrs. Albert Hill won the floral paint­mg donated by Mrs. Louis Cole Em­mons, Mrs. David Shaw won a portraait by Mrs. Edgar Adams and will have her daughter pose for it, and Mrs. Os­t~ rson won the garden gate landscape given by Mrs. Stanley I.. MacMillan. ••• Joint Concert Sunday A concert will be presented jointly by the College Chorus and Orchestra at 6 :45 P. M. Sunday, to close the Ves­pers season for this year. Hear Yel We've Old World Bells for New World-Ueel Hawkers' bells, cow bell8, temple bells from Jaya­Buffalo bells from Bali­Elephant bells from India- China bells and miniatures carved from wood. • alice barber, gifts OLD BANK BUILDING ~1H"'lDIDIJIIJJ8lIlIm··1 Mr. W. R. Argyle and daughters Ann Ii and Rosemary motored to Boston, Mass., last week-end to bring Mrs. Argyle home from Wellesley College where she had been visiting her daughter Jane. BETTER THINGS FOR LESS 1 I . = • I ~ !ii' Tho MarkQf g Good MowGr N. WALTER SUPLEE S'W ARTBMORE lOS Edgmont Avenue-Seventh and Welsh Streebl Sheets, Pillow Cases, Lingerie And Men's Shirts MONOGRAMED FREE SATURDAY LAST DAY V ~B6 .... J~ : I == I ! E i == I m § I ;;: Mrs. Ross Marriott of the Garden Section of the Woman's Club came to the meeting with the blue print showing ilie ~~ned ~mti~~ ilieclu~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and to decide upon the location of th~ Ii We'll put monograms on lingerie SSc and up- in practically any color - The very same mono­grams you've seen in expensive apparel only - not pasted, not chain-stitched, but actually em­broidered by a newly perfected process that makes them look hand-done. SEE THE MA­CHINE AT WORK ON THE FIRST FLOOR. e ! tree given by the Circle. ~ PROTE § Tea and a sodal hour followed. II) Our Modern, Sale. ACirT-C oYnOdiUtioRne dF UCoRldS Saora.e Vaalt8 • • • $2.00 MInimum Charre or 2% on Your Own Evaluatlon I Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Jackson of CLENO .. BE • NU .IT CO. § 5 We Will Monogram F~ee All ~ \\\1" North Chester road spent last week-end CLEANBJl.S AND DYERS -11C-18 WELSH STREET, CHESTER ! a_t B_uc_k _Hi_tl _Fa_lls_. ______~ _-~_WiiiieiiiiiiiiiCiiiialliiiiiaiiiiniiiid~D;;;iell~ve~riiiiiiiiiiiii"~S~ul~ts~Ma~diiiieiito~Y~o~uiir~Miiieasure~~'iii' iiii~'P~h~o~D~e~C~b~e~8te~r~ "~1~8_!J iE GYM SmTS NOW ; ..... 1I111.".UdBilUU-(IIIIIllIIDDIIIUlmIlUDIUHI.lm •• Hu" '---- ------_.--- IF YOU think driving has lost its thrill-brother, it's because you haven't tried Fluid Drive in a Chrysler! You know, Fluid Drive must be something pretty un .. usual to attract as much attention as it has. Wouldn't you like to try it yourself? Drive around town, pick the worst traffic and gei the feel of stopping and starting withoul shifting gears. It's really fascinating! WHY SHIFT GEARS? Nobody wants to shift gears. That's why Fluid Drive with Vacamatic transmission is such a thrill. It takes all the work out of driving ••• makes it seem like something that's too good to be true. But it is true .•• and we'd like to prove it to you. Let's set a date to go Fluid Driving. Call up now and tell uS when we may come for you. FOR SAFml Wh, Chr*ys ler Incl*"' . a 5.,*.', Clutch with fluid DrIvel The Safety Clutch is like a lifeboat on a ship. You will use it very seldom, but you're mighty glad to have it when you need it. A very valuable safe­guard for parking ••• for maneuvering your car in dose quarters .or dangerous places! BE MODERN wi'" Fluid DWN 11M #ftr:ll1IIrIIM: 'l1liI1I1II"" BUY CHRYSLER! SWARTHMORE THERE'S A THRILL FOR YOU IN HANNUM & WAITE s. Chester Rd. &: Yale Ave. Phone Sw8rthmore 1250

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 6 CIRCLE PLANNING NEW CHARITIES Aid to Many Administered hy Fri.~ndly Grout' of Lo('al Women; Annual Picnic Set )'Irs, Ilane\' K Pil'rce of South Prilll"eton an';lIIl' with ~t rs. August ('unll', of I'hiladdphia. as co·hostesses ,'nh'rtailll'd TIlt' Friendly Cirde on Thursda\' aitt'nloon of last \\'l'ek. TIll' presid,'ni ~I rs, F. Stuart Brown Jln'sidl'd. HelH,rts were gi\'l'n on sewinJ! for thl' llealth ("nt,'r: S\\'l'aters and othl'r knit­H'd artidl's cOIIIJlklt'd: a sto\'(,'. coal and huus,' furnishings secllrl'd fur a family li\'illg in a harn ami a newspaper daily for an in\'alid. III n'pl)' to n'IIUl'sts i rom till' I \l'alth (l'nkr alld Falllih' Socil,t \' it was \'otl~1 til giw nl'e(I,'(1 tln'lgs :11111 ~up"li,'s to pay jllr glas,'es for a wOl11an of 70 WilUS(.' "Id age Ill'lIsion could 1I0t he stn'tdH:<I to 11<')' for thelll. ami lIIoney for l'ariare for a WOlllall needing to take ht'r rhildrl'lI to a dinic. I twas \'ot,'<1 to pay for a hous,'­keeper in a honll' wlwre the mother is ill and to pay for milk for a I~,y Ill'e«\ing it. I II all $47,70 was gi\'ell. Till' pn'sidellt allllOlllll'l'd the follow­ing chainm:n: Sewing, ~I rs, Haney I{. I 'il'rn': s\roe ""X, ~I rs, Arthur JOllt'S ami :\1 rs. John Pitman: knitting, :\lrs, J. \Varn'n Paxson: admissions. :\lrs. T. Ilan')' Bro\\'n: hosllitaiity, )'Irs. "l'l\(lall Sadler: \'isiting. ~I rs, Harold Criflin. TIll' allnllal "icnic was discllssl'd al\cl the in\'itation to use the grollnds of ),1 rs. J oseJlh S. Sears hOJlll' was ar­," el,te«!. .I 1I11l' I (J was sdl'l"I"d a" a h:nta­tive date, :\Irs. Sadl,'r will head the COlli· \ lIIittl'" in dlarge of fouel. :\lrs. George Trllxall will t:lke charge of the tickl''': :\1 rs. John Esslinger will ha \,~ the ... ak" ami rami\' tablc: ~I rs. Han'e\' R. Pil'rn' \\'ill ha \'l'- thc \Vhite Elc,lhant' tahle. ~I rs, Pierc\: will also head the l'ommitll'e in l'haq~e IIi tilt' "IInual l'olkrtioll for Caml' ~ltnshille. :\1 r", ){OS"; ~Iarri"tt of lhe Garden S,'l'ti4l1l oi thl' \Voman's (111h .-anlt' tu th" lIIeding with the lillie "rint showing' lhe Jllanned planting at the dl1hhouse, ;lIIel 10 (k'ei«le 11\1"" the location oi thl' t n:e gi \'t.'n hy the Circle. Tl'a alUl a S( K'ial hOllr folluwe«!' ••• MRS. HOLMES, HISPANIC DANCERS AT RUTLEDGE WOMAN'S CLUB ~J r~. )l'SSl' II. Hohnl's of :\(oylan, for­IlIl'r1y of Swarthmore l'ntl'rtained the Rutledge \\'oman's Club Tuesday with an an'ount of the unusual eXJleriences shared hy Dr. I~loltnes and hersdf 011 a trip to India SUIlIC years ago. She ap­IIl'ared in nati\'l' l'ostumc and jewelry. As a sCl'onll Jlart of the program fur thl' day \\'hirh was inauguration as well as art Ilay .-\ leja Call1ll() (Alix Field \Vhitakl'r of Elm avcnue) Jlresented her IlisJlanit- Dallcc Gruul' of lucal girls in gorgeonsly colored S"anish costumes. Intr<Kluced lIy ~Irs. Roland G. E. UlI­lIIall oi Harvard a\'enue and accolllJlanied hy the HisJlanic String Group those who Jll'riorllll'd dances of old S"ain included: Elizaheth Pope. JUIIC Ullman, Nella Whitaker and Eleanor \\101£ who did sol" work. and I.ora 131:lckman. :\Iar­gard Con4l\'er, Barhara Ann Crossen. ~Iary Frances Dilllmitt, Barhara Sickel. alii I Virginia \Vilson. The String Group cl)n~ists of :\Iartha Fesmire, I.l'olla Fitz­geraltl. Kathl'rine Flaherty, Geraldinc h:alehaugh, \Vinifred Park, Katharine I~ichanls. Dorothy Seltzer, and :\lrs. \ \'hitaker. Tlw program was arranged and in­trodun: d hy the art chairman :\Irs. :\ rthur W. Binns. }.f rs. Robert E. Zen­~, n was inaugaurated Jlresident. The H iSJlanic Dann:rs also presented a program Saturday lIlorning in the Snt'llenhurg A uditoriul11 before the Mu­~ i,' Tl'achers' ForullI of Philadelphia. ()n that ol:ca~ion tlll"Y were al'colllpanicd II)' "athl'rine \Varrcn Colcs of \Valnut lan", ••• Gels Union College Honors James E. Smith. II SOli of Dr. and ~I rs, J. Howard Smith of Park avenuc is among the Union College students \\'ho attaincd high scholastic standing c\uring till' third quarter and was hun­ored hy illl'lusion UII the Dean's List issul'd this week. Smith. a fn'shman, is majoring in the di\'ision I)f sl'iencl'. THE SWARTBMOREAN APRIL 25, 1941 I GATHER PRIZES FOR I Successful Event Aids Britain "Song of Evening" by Swan, "Mag- LEGION CARD PARTY! nilicat" by Gabrieli, "Light Eternal" by Attl'nclanre at the card lJarty sponsored Kastalsky, and the chorus from the Local merchants and stores in the for British relief last Wednesday, April lo"era "Hercules" by Handel will be vicinity are contributing prizes for the 16, in the \V~mlan's Club House lille~ 3K I sung by the chorus. lIenefit bridge party of the American tahll's and raised $150 to be sent to I'.ng- -===============-_ I.egion and Auxiliary 011 May 2. Many land for din,:t't war relief there. I: A British flag Il'nl hy I.. M. I{obinson door prizes will be given and there will British consul in PhiladelJlhia adorned bc a prizc for every table. The ticket an all,lrollriate sJlot. cOlllmittee headed by Mrs. J. Paul Mrs. Alhert Hill Woll the floral paint­Brown who is in charge of entertain- ing donated hv ~I rs. I.ouis Cole Em­ment for the auxiliary and Commander muns, M rs. I>a~'id Shaw won a portraait Herbcrt T. Bassett and Mrs. Bassett hy Mrs. Edgar Adams and will have urS~es etalrly purchafseshof tihckets. t her daughter Jlose for it, amI ]'lrs. Os- • war Itnore so ar as s own a grea, I . . tl b fit I' I '11 terson WOI1 I IC garden gate lallllsl'a"e IIlterest III Ie ene w lIC I WI pro- I" I '1 S I I '1'11 . \'I( Ie f un d s f orE' ngl'IS II r ell'ef as we II as glvl'n IY .~ rs. tan ey •. :\Iac" I an. for other needs at home. Auxiliarv members are reminded to save the' third Wednesday of next ••• Joint Concert Sunday month, May 21, for a business meeting I at 2 P. M. This will be the last business A cOI!cert will bc presented jointly: meeting of the season. They are also ~~4t~ Colleg~ Ch.o~·ls and Orchestra at asked to save rummage for a pros-' . M. SUl1da~, to close the Ves­pective sale in the late spring or faIt. I Jlers season for tIllS year. --~--~----- Hear Yel We've Old World Bells for New World Use! Ilawkers' bells, cuw hells, tempI .. hells from Java- Buffalo hells from Bali- Elephant bells frum India-- China hells amI miniatun~s carveel f rUIII WCl"t1. • alice barber, gifts OLD BANK BUILDING --- .--- ---~ ••• ~JllllllnllllllllllllllllllllllllmlllDlIlIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1II11I11I1I11I11I1I1I1I1I11I11II11I11I11I11I11I11I11I1I1I11I1I11I1I11I11I1I1UIIP::!§ ~Ir. W. R. Argyle and daughters AII1I = BET T E R T H I N G S FOR L E S S 1 = and I{osemary lIIotured til Boston. :\Iass" ! last \\'cl·k-end to bring Mrs. Argyle hOllle ~ from \Vellesley College where she hacl I ~ bel'lI \'isiting ht.'r daughter J ane. ~ == .~t := = Edgmont Avenue- Seventh and Welsh Slreelll i=_ ( , -'~' ~ Mo;~iifA~i~er;REE I E == ::=_ ~r,8~TURDAY LAST DAY ;__ 'I" -=-:==_= \Ve'll put monograms on lingerie = HHc and up - in practically any = :: e~~ ~~·~::~s 1):~:l~eIVC ':~;l ~~n~~~Pd~~~:~~~ i - ~UU appare on y - not paste , not ~R' chain-stitched, but actually em- I = Ie broidered by a newly perfected I !:-;;;::;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;:;;;;;::;;;;;;;;;;;:;;-=-==-;;;::;;;;;===-" == V process that makes them look == T-ho Mark o-f-a Good Mowor N. WALTER SUPLEE SWARTHMORE lOS -----~--~--------'---- n, ,f- hand-done. SEE THE 1\11\- ~ U CHI N E i\ T \ V 0 R K () NTH E ~ ~ PROTECT YOUR FURS III Our :\(oderll, Safe. Air-Conditioned Cold Storage Vauh" $2.00 Minimum Charge or 2% on Your Own Evaluation CLENO • RE • NU • IT CO. ~\J'1 FI RST FLOOR. I == ~ ~I r. and Mrs. Arthur C. Jackson of ~ .. rth (hester road spent last week-end it t Buck II ill Falls, CLEANERS AND DYERS - 614-18 WELSH STREET, CHESTER We Will 1\lonogram Free All ~ We Call and Deliver "Suits Made to Your Measure" 'Phone Chester 6416 !5iIUlUlHlUlllnHlUllllllulUllnllllluunnlllllllllllll~~I~IIII1~~~~I~III11I~2!r1l1ll1l1l1ll1l1l1ll1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 h YOU think driving has lost its thrill-brother, it's because you haven't tried Fluid Drive in a Chrysler! You know, Fluid D,.ive must be something pretty un­usual to attract as much attention as it has. Wouldn't you like to try it yourself? Drive around town, pick the worst traffic and get the feel of stopping and starting withollt shi/ti11g gears. It's really fascinating! WHY SHIFT GEARS? Nobody wants to shift gears. That's why Fluid Drive with Vacamatic transmission is such a thrill. It takes all the work out of driving ... makes it seem like something that's too good to be true. But it is true ... and we'd like to prove it to you. Let's set a date to go Fluid Drivitlg. Call up now and tell us when we may come for you. * * * FOR SAFETY! Why Chrysler includes a SCI'ety Clutch with fluid Drive! The Safety Clutch is like a lifeboat on a ship. You will use it very seldom. but you're mighty glad to have it when you need it. A very valuable safe­guard for parking •.• for maneuvering your car in close quarters or dangerous places! 8E MODERN wi'" Flu;d D,;ve 111111 Yllatmm# Tirrl1smissilJlI BUY CHRYSLER! SWARTHMORE THERE'S A THRILL FOR YOU IN HANNUM & WAITE s. Chester Rd. & Yale Ave. Phone Swarthmore 1250 , ·1 !

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