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Is your Tarkov stash full of loot from successful raids? Limited stash space is a common challenge for many EFT players as your survival rate improves and in particular Standard Edition accounts with the smallest starting stash space.

To help you maximise your storage this guide details how to increase stash size with the hideout stash upgrade, the best rigs for storage and other stash management tips. With these recommended methods that I’ve used across multiple Tarkov wipes you’ll have additional space to hold onto valuable Flea Market items or critical quest items until they are required.

Table of Contents:
Tarkov Stash Space Overview

Tarkov Best Initial Containers
Tarkov Best Rigs For Storage
Tarkov Best Backpacks For Storage

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Tarkov Stash Space Overview

When determining how to upgrade stash size players have several direct and indirect options that provide a larger space in Tarkov:

  • Upgrading your Escape From Tarkov game version to a higher tier game edition increases your starting stash size.
  • Constructing a Tarkov stash upgrade through the hideout which allows all players regardless of game version to achieve the same stash sizes when fully upgraded (level 4).
  • Purchasing various containers from traders or the Flea Market to offer additional stash size efficiency. For example the popular Lucky Scav Junk Box will occupy 16 slots in your stash but can store 196 slots of barter items.
  • Using specific rigs to improve your storage space which like containers provide additional overall slots. This option is cheaper than containers but is less efficient.
  • Using specific backpacks to improve your storage space, similar to rigs this is a relatively cheap option although is the least efficient option to get a bigger stash.

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Tarkov Stash Upgrade (Hideout, Account Edition & Purchase)

The only in game free method to increase the number of total slots in your Tarkov stash is the hideout upgrade which allows players to progress from a starting 10×28 stash size to a 10×68 stash size for a massive 400 slot increase. By default Standard Edition accounts start at stash level 1 and your account edition changes the stash level players start with which unlocks the extra space significantly earlier and without the associated costs. Alternatively players can purchase additional stash lines for USD$3 each for a permanent increase.

The Tarkov stash size comparison chart below summarises the different stash levels, requirements, upgrade cost and respective edition:

Stash LevelStash SizeHideout RequirementsHideout Upgrade CostGame Edition
Level 110 x 28 (280 slots)N/AN/AStarting level for Standard Edition
Level 210 x 38 (380 slots)Level 1 Vents
  • 4x WD-40 (100ml)
  • 1x Hand drill
  • 5x Pack of nails
  • 10x Pack of screws
  • 2,500,000 Roubles
  • 24Hrs construction time
Starting level for Left Behind Escape Edition
Level 310 x 48 (480 slots)Level 2 Vents
Level 2 Heating
Prapor Level 3
Ragman Level 3
  • 2x Electric drill
  • 15x Pack of screws
  • 7x Pack of nails
  • 8,500,000 Roubles
  • 48Hrs construction time
Starting level for Prepare for Escape Edition
Level 410 x 68 (680 slots)Level 3 Generator
Level 3 Workbench
Level 3 Heating
Level 2 Intelligence Centre
Peacekeeper Level 4
Ragman Level 4
  • 10x Screw nuts
  • 10x Bolts
  • 5x Shustrilo sealing foam
  • 2x Ratchet wrench
  • 200,000 Euros
  • 96Hrs construction time
Starting level for Edge of Darkness (EoD)

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Tarkov Best Initial Containers

Containers offer cost-effective storage expansion and are purchasable from traders or the Flea Market. They will generally be available earlier in your account progression and cheaper to players compared to hideout stash upgrades that makes them attractive alternatives to obtaining extra stash space. As prices fluctuate over the course of a Tarkov wipe players will need to determine if the Flea Market cost is worth the convenience of extra stash space of these containers as sometimes it can be just as effective to clean out items in your stash.

While there are many containers available in Escape From Tarkov these recommended containers below can store the core items (barter items, currency, ammo, medical items and magazines) without spending significant Roubles. These are my recommended containers from a price and efficiency perspective for players to consider as they progress:

ContainerStash Space TakenContainer Space ProvidedItems AllowedAvailable From
Tarkov Stash Upgrade - How To Increase Stash Size - Games Finder (4)Dogtag case1100DogtagsTherapist Level 1
Jaeger Level 1 (barter)
Tarkov Stash Upgrade - How To Increase Stash Size - Games Finder (5)Wallet14MoneyFlea Market
Tarkov Stash Upgrade - How To Increase Stash Size - Games Finder (6)Lucky Scav Junk Box16196Barter ItemsTherapist Level 1
Therapist Level 2 (barter)
Lavatory Level 2
Tarkov Stash Upgrade - How To Increase Stash Size - Games Finder (7)Ammunition Case449AmmunitionMechanic Level 2
Mechanic Level 1 (barter)
Jaeger Level 4 (barter)
Tarkov Stash Upgrade - How To Increase Stash Size - Games Finder (8)Magazine Case649MagazinesMechanic Level 3
Lavatory Level 2
Tarkov Stash Upgrade - How To Increase Stash Size - Games Finder (9)Medicine Case649MedicalTherapist Level 2 (barter)
Therapist Level 3

Once players have reached stash upgrade level 4 in the hideout and have Roubles to spare you can also consider the expensive quality of life containers like the THICC Item Case, THICC Weapon Case, Money Case, Grenade Case, Mr. Holodilnick thermal bag and Weapon Case. Players will also obtain some of these containers through high level quests that makes purchasing them before this point unnecessary.
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Tarkov Best Rigs For Storage

Another option for Tarkov stash space optimisation is utilising rigs which is an effective choice on fresh accounts that may lack the funds for the other stash upgrade options currently. This method works as some rigs in the game have an efficiency score higher than 1 which means that they have more space inside than the stash space required. For example if a rig takes up 16 slots and has 18 slots of space it has an efficiency of 112.5% (18/16) and players are effectively gaining 2 extra storage slots.

While these gains to stash space are small it is relatively easy and cost effective as you can acquire them in raid or from Scav runs and either use or sell them to traders once they are no longer needed. The downside of this method is that it can become difficult to locate specific items when you have many rigs in your stash full of random items.

The image below are my recommended unarmoured rigs to keep an eye out for during your raids as they are common and provide good efficiency:

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The following are all unarmoured rigs that have an efficiency score above 1 in order of efficiency:

RigContainer Space ProvidedStash Space TakenEfficiency
LBT-1961A Load Bearing Chest Rig1892
LBT-1961A Load Bearing Chest Rig (Goons Edition)1892
Velocity Systems MPPV Multi-Purpose Patrol Vest24122
Haley Strategic D3CRX Chest Harness1691.78
Direct Action Thunderbolt compact chest rig1691.78
Gear Craft GC-BSS-MK1 chest rig1691.78
CSA chest rig1061.67
BlackRock chest rig20121.67
WARTECH MK3 TV-104 chest rig20121.67
Azimut SS “Zhuk” chest harness20121.67
Belt-A + Belt-B gear rig25161.56
Stich Profi Chest Rig MK2 (Recon, A-TACS FG)18121.5
Stich Profi Chest Rig MK2 (Assault, A-TACS FG)18121.5
DIY IDEA chest rig18121.5
Spiritus Systems Bank Robber chest rig861.34
SOE Micro Rig861.34
Dynaforce Triton M43-A chest harness861.34
BlackHawk! Commando chest harness16121.34
Umka M33-SET1 hunter vest16121.34
ANA Tactical Alpha chest rig20161.25
Splav Tarzan M22 chest rig14121.17
Type 56 Chicom chest harness1091.12
WARTECH TV-109 + TV-106 chest rig1091.12

The following are all armoured rigs have an efficiency score above 1, generally players should use these in raids rather than as storage:

Armoured RigContainer Space ProvidedStash Space TakenEfficiency
Ars Arma A18 Skanda plate carrier25122.08
CQC Osprey MK4A plate carrier (Assault, MTP)25122.08
CQC Osprey MK4A plate carrier (Protection, MTP)24122
WARTECH TV-110 plate carrier23121.92
Crye Precision AVS plate carrier23121.92
Ars Arma CPC MOD.1 plate carrier23121.92
Shellback Tactical Banshee plate carrier (A-TACS AU)1691.78
ECLiPSE RBAV-AF plate carrier (Ranger Green)19121.58
NPP KlASS Bagariy armored rig25161.56
Eagle Industries MMAC plate carrier (Ranger Green)1491.56
Crye Precision CPC plate carrier (Goons Edition)18121.5
WARTECH TV-115 plate carrier1391.45
FirstSpear Strandhogg plate carrier (Ranger Green)17121.42
Eagle Allied Industries MBSS plate carrier1291.34
Crye Precision AVS plate carrier (Tagilla Edition)1291.34
ANA Tactical M1 plate carrier20121.25
ANA Tactical M2 plate carrier18161.13
5.11 Tactical TacTec plate carrier18161.13
S&S Precision PlateFrame plate carrier (Goons Edition)1091.12

Tarkov Best Backpacks For Storage

Similar to rigs there are a number of backpacks with an efficiency score higher than 1 that can be used for additional storage space although the gains are smaller and these high efficiency backpacks are not as readily available:

BackpackContainer Space ProvidedStash Space TakenEfficiency
LBT-2670 Slim Field Med Pack48202.4
Oakley Mechanism heavy duty backpack (Black)32251.28
LBT-1476A 3Day Pack (Woodland)25201.25
Hazard 4 Pillbox backpack20161.25
Mystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack (Multicam)42351.2
ANA Tactical Beta 2 Battle backpack30251.2
6Sh118 raid backpack48421.14
Eberlestock F4 Terminator load bearing backpack (Tiger Stripe)40351.14
Hazard 4 Takedown sling backpack24211.14

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Tarkov Stash Upgrade - How To Increase Stash Size - Games Finder (2024)


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