Sam’s Club Gas Prices: 5 Reasons Why It Sucks (Full Guide) | RV and Playa (2024)

We all look for the best ways to save money, whether that savings are on the grocery bill or from paying less at the pump. Sam’s Club members get to enjoy the benefits of both.

As long as you are a Sam´s Club Member, you can purchase gasoline at their pumps for around 15-20% less than the other local gas stations in the area.

Just because Sam´s Club gas is cheaper than others doesn’t mean it is better than others, or does it?

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Does Sam’s Club Sell Gas?

When you go to Sam’s Club, you are typically looking for items to buy in bulk at an affordable price. That is why so many people purchase a membership and head out once a week or month to pick up groceries and other home goods supplies, but what about items that aren’t typically found in grocery stores, such as gasoline?

Many Sam’s Club Stores do Sell gas; these gas stations are usually located right next to the store, either to the side or right in the back.

These gas pumps work similarly to all other gas pumps, where you can purchase the fuel with your credit or debit card on the spot or pay for cash with the attendant.

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Can Anyone Buy Gas at Sam´s Club?

While these gas pumps are set up like all other types of gas stations, they are a bit different. Unless you own a Sam´s Club membership card, you won’t be able to purchase any petrol from these pumps.

Before the pump turns on, you must scan your Sam´s Club Membership card. If you don’t have a card, you will have to fill up somewhere else.

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Where Does Sam´s Club Gas Come From?

This question is extremely hard to answer since Sam´s Club is very hush-hush about their business dealings.

It was public knowledge the company worked directly with Murphy USA in the past. However, this partnership ended back in 2016, and since then, the subject seems to be pretty taboo.

With that being said, chances are likely they are obtaining their gas from companies such as Exxon and Chevron, meaning the fuel is probably pretty good.

How Much is Gas at Sam´s Club?

Sam´s Club gas prices are relatively fair and compare closely to the prices at other wholesale retailers such as BJs and Costco’s, with the average price per gallon being about 10 to 20% cheaper than the local average.

With the cost of gas these days, even the smallest discount can make a huge deal where it really counts, your wallet.

So, where you could be paying around $4.25 a gallon at your local corner store gas station, you will likely get it for somewhere around $4.00 per gallon shopping at Sam´s Club.

5 Reasons Why Sam´s Club Gas Sucks

1. Is the Price of Sam´s Club Gas the Same in All States?

Sam´s Club is a popular store that has more than 600 locations stationed across the US in 44 states. If you have ever traveled, you have more than likely noticed the changes in prices as you cross each border.

Although it can be frustrating for many, this statement holds true for the price of gas, whether at a gas station or Sam´s Club.

Currently, you will find the lowest gas prices in the nation in Missouri, with Kansas following close behind.

whereas California and Hawaii have the highest fuel prices to date. While you will still defiantly get a cheaper rate compared to local petrol stations, the cost of fuel will fluctuate at Sam´s Club depending on which state you are in.

2. Does Sam´s Club Pump Your Gas or is It Self Service?

It seems to be the popular opinion that most Sam´s Club gas stations are self-service, meaning you won’t get an attendant to come out and pump it for you.

However, it is important to note that if you don’t have your Sam´s club card, you won’t be able to fuel your vehicle at any self-service station that doesn’t have an attendant present.

This reason alone is why every member should download the app to their phone to ensure they can obtain the benefits at all times, even at the pump.

When paying for your gas:

  • Open your Sam´s Club app
  • Click the scan and go icon
  • Scan the QR code located on the pump
  • Choose your payment method
  • Begin fueling your car

It literally couldn’t get any easier than that. Using this app will also track your spending to continue building your rewards points to use on your next purchase.

3. How Much is Top Tier Fuel at Sam´s Club?

For anyone who takes engine care to the extreme, you probably prefer top-tier gasoline.

If this is something you are looking for, you will have to keep on browsing since Sam´s Club does not provide top-tier gas to its customers at this time.

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4. Is Sam´s Club Gas Good Gas?

Now that you know all about the gas sold at Sam´s Club stores, we wanted to take a little time to discuss whether or not it is actually worth it.

Low-grade gasoline is created with a ton of additives that tend to burn up quicker and really aren’t all that good for your engine, which is why it is a good idea to make sure you are getting quality fuel no matter where you shop.

As for Sam´s Club, we can’t really say they provide customers with the best grade gasoline on the market today; however, we feel comfortable stating the petrol you get at one of these locations are safe for your vehicles and won’t burn up faster than most corner gas station options.

5. Do Any Sam´s Clubs Offer Gas to the Public?

For the most part, you won’t have the option to purchase gas from Sam´s Club unless you pay for a membership.

However, there are still some stores, few and far between, that are open to the public, but unfortunately, unless you provide a membership card to scan, you won’t be benefitting from any discounts.

Can You Get a Discount on Gas Being a Member?

Being a Sam´s Club member provides you with the opportunity to save even more money on the products you are already buying at such a low price. Just the same, being a member can save you more when it comes to purchasing your gas.

On top of getting gas prices at a lower cost than other stores in the area, being a Sam´s Club member can help you save in many other ways as well.

First of all, you can earn money every time you shop at the store, giving you the opportunity to rack up enough cash to fill your tank after only a few trips.

You can also earn extra pennies off at the pump in reward points as you shop as well.

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Do Any Sam´s Clubs Offer Gas to the Public?

For the most part, you won’t have the option to purchase gas from Sam´s Club unless you pay for a membership.

However, there are still some stores, few and far between, that are open to the public, but unfortunately, unless you provide a membership card to scan, you won’t be benefitting from any discounts.

What Types of Memberships Can You Purchase to get Gas at Sam´s Club?

Becoming a member at Sam´s Club offers their customer a whole slew of benefits, from buying frequently used items in bulk to getting great discounts on items you buy every day, the ability to buy your gas at these stores is just added incentive to sign up.

There are two memberships to choose from with Sam´s Club:

  • Sam´s Club Standard Membership
  • Sam´s Club Plus Membership

Both memberships will give you easy access to any of the store’s gas pump stations. However, you will receive more savings by signing up for the Plus membership where you get 5% cash back on all of your purchases.

How Do You Sign Up For a Sam´s Club Membership?

If you want access to cheaper gas prices along with all of the other great deals provided by this company, you can easily sign up for a membership online or in-store.

If you choose to sign up online all you have to do is:

  • Log onto the Sam´ website
  • Click on the become a member link
  • Enter your personal information such as name, address, phone number, etc (at this time you will also be asked for an email and password in order to create your online account.)
  • Select a payment method
  • Then click continue

Once your payment is processed, you will officially be a member of Sam’s Club. You can print up a copy of your membership while you wait for your card to come in the mail.

You can also use your smartphone and access the bar code associated with your account to purchase any product at Sam´s Club including gas.

If you would rather apply in person, you can go to your local Sam´s Club store and head over to the customer service desk with a photo ID and the form of payment you want to use to pay for the membership.

The cashier will take your information and sign up on the spot.

The good news, you don’t have to wait any time before you use the membership. So as soon as you sign up, you can leave the store and head on over to the pumps to fill your tank.

Does Sam´s Club Offer Other Car Services with The Memberships?

If you thought the benefits of your Sam´s Club membership stopped at affordable fuel, you would be wrong.

Sam’s club is aware of their customers with an array of vehicle maintenance services that will make your membership fee more than worth it.

Aside from providing hundreds of gas stations around the country, Sam’s Club also has an auto buying program, rental cars for customers, and a tire and battery center perfect for getting ready to leave for a road trip.

Stop at a tire service station, get a quick balance, then fill up your tank before you take off.

Should I Buy Gas From Sam´s Club?

If you are looking for quality fuel at a decent price, then Sam´s Club is a great place to go.

There really aren’t any reasons we can come up with that would make us say their gas is anything less than what other similar retailers offer their customers.

If we had to pick somewhere relatively reliable when it comes to purchasing gas, you can’t go wrong at Sam´s.

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Can You Pay for Gas at Sam´s Club with a Gift Card?

Gift cards are amazing little pieces of plastic. They are perfect to give someone the option of buying anything they want or need, ensuring they can use the gifts you give them.

Along with all the other items at Sam´s Club, gift cards can also be used at the pumps. Not only can you use Sam´s Club gift cards to get gas at their 600-plus stations, but since Sam´s Club is actually owned by Walmart, you can also use any Walmart gift card at gas pumps at Sam´s Club stores.

Does Sam´s Club Sell Diesel Fuel?

When you travel, most gas stations won’t only offer customers the ability to fill their tank with gasoline but also offer diesel fuel. However, Sam´s Club isn’t like all the other gas stations.

While some of their locations do provide this particular type of fuel, the majority do not.

If you are looking to get diesel you should contact your local Sam´s Club store before setting out, wasting your time and the fuel you currently have.

What is the Price of Diesel Fuel at Sam´s Club?

If you are lucky enough to live near a Sam´s Club that does sell diesel, you will find the prices are similar to the gas prices offered by the same company.

You will more than likely save around 10-15% on diesel at Sam´s compared to the other gas stations in your area, with more savings when it comes to rewards and cash back points.

Summing Things Up

For the majority of its members, Sam´s Club is an excellent place to go, not only for groceries but for your gasoline needs.

With lower prices than many local gas stations and incentives for being a member, this is a great way to fuel up and save a few bucks all at the same time.




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Is Sam's Club worth it for gas? ›

Based on the 489 gallons of fuel that Americans buy annually per vehicle, according to the American Petroleum Institute, then Sam's Club and Costco members could save up to about $73 a year. If you fuel up more than one vehicle or burn through more gallons than the average, then your savings will be even higher.

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You'll know you're filling up with the good stuff if you spot a small green sticker on the pump that says “TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline.” As of early 2022, the following stations sold Top Tier gasoline in the U.S.: 76, ARCO, Aloha, Beacon, Breakaway, CITGO, Cenex, Chevron, Conoco, Costco Wholesale, CountryMark, ...

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Sam's Club Members may earn up to $5,000 in Sam's Cash per calendar year on qualifying purchases using their Sam's Club Mastercard. ** Sam's Club® Mastercard® holders can earn: 5% back on gas (on first $6,000 per year, then 1%)**

Is Costco or Sam's Club cheaper? ›

Costco's membership fees are more expensive and the prices of basic products at Sam's Club are generally cheaper. Costco has more stores worldwide, but Sam's Club has more stores in the U.S.

Does all gas come from the same place? ›

Pipelines, ships and barges transport base gasolines from refineries to distribution centers where they are held in large storage tanks. The tanks usually contain base fuels from many different refineries and oil companies, so all gasoline starts out essentially the same.

What brand of gasoline does Costco use? ›

Kirkland Signature™ Fuel has been certified to meet the Top Tier™ performance standards and is available in each product we sell. If you have a question about the station, fuel or safety please email us at

Does Sam's Club sell detergent gasoline? ›

Top Tier fuel is gasoline which has more detergent additives than the Environment Protection Agency requires. Detergent additives help keep engines clean. Costco offers Top-tier gasoline with higher levels of required detergents; however, Sam's Club does not provide Top Tier gasoline.

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Essentially octane levels are the rate at which fuel combusts, with 87 octane combusting the easiest/soonest and 91 to 93 octane can sustain higher levels of combustion. This means that higher compression engines in high-performance cars require to have higher octane gas of 91 or higher.

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Should I use regular or premium gas? You should use the type of fuel the vehicle's manufacturer recommends. A vehicle that runs on regular gas will not run any better on premium fuel. Using premium gas in a vehicle designed for premium gas will help the car perform better and avoid damaging the engine with regular gas.

Is there better quality gas? ›

According to AAA's independent laboratory testing, gasoline that meets TOP TIER™ standards for enhanced engine-cleaning detergent additives keeps engines significantly cleaner than other tested fuels.

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Yes. All bp and Amoco gasolines contain our innovative Invigorate® formula and can remove the engine dirt that cannot be prevented by minimum detergent fuels as well as help to stop it forming again.

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Marathon gasoline is certified TOP TIER™, providing a higher level of STP® detergent additive for an even greater cleaning power. Marathon gasoline fights the accumulation of harmful deposits and improves the performance of your vehicle's engine. Choosing Marathon gasoline will help to: Optimize fuel economy.


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