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Motherload Unblocked is a fun arcade game to drive your unique mining vehicle and search for raw resources and valuables. You will explore one of the alien planets and will dive into the depths of the planet to mine and search for mines, various resources, and raw materials. After that, go up to the surface and sell your wealth and earn the instance in order to use it to upgrade your vehicle and buy new equipment.

At the beginning of the game, you will not be able to dive to far depths in the interior of the planet. But when you get more upgrades, you can go far and reach the precious artifacts that you can sell for thousands of coins and rewards. Explore various places and avoid obstacles, hurdles, and traps on your way. Enjoy playing Motherload online for free through our website and start the adventure now.

About Super Motherload

Super Motherload Online is a great mix of casual and addictive flash arcade games. Classic arcade games are one of the most preferred games by players and attract great popularity from people around the world. Where such games help you to enjoy your free time and have fun while playing. In addition to taking on exciting challenges and exploring various game levels and real challenges. One of the best of these games is Motherload, which was developed by XGen Studios in 2004. Now the game is available on almost all different operating systems, and you can play it online for free as well. In this game, you will control a unique vehicle and you will explore one of the mysterious planets.

You will simulate mining work by delving into the interior of the planet in search of minerals, resources, and raw materials. At the beginning of the game, you will not be able to go far. But over time, you can upgrade your fuel tank and upgrade your vehicle to reach the depths of the planet. Your task is to extract resources, bring them back to the mineral processing plant, and sell them. Buy one-time items like spare fuel tanks and explosives that will help you find more resources. In addition to exploring new places that include more mines that you can access. Also, find artifacts, gold, and gems that you can sell for thousands of dollars. Get ready for adventure now and enjoy Motherload game.

Gameplay Video

Hot To Play Motherload Online?

Take control of one of the mechanized vehicles that you can use for excavation and mining. When you start playing, you will find yourself on the surface of a mysterious planet that you do not know anything about. But it might be a good opportunity to explore the interior of the planet and come up with precious minerals and elements. Embark on a journey into the interior of the planet in search of mines. In each mine, you can find raw materials such as iron, nickel, copper, and chromium. Carry these materials to the factory and manufacture them and sell them and make huge profits.

At the beginning of the game, your movements will be limited due to the amount of fuel you have. But gradually you can buy new upgrades and buy one-time items like spare fuel tanks and explosives. This will help you to reach far places and explore more mines to find precious blocks, gems, and other expensive resources. Use your flying ability to avoid fall damage. Plus use spare fuel tanks to extend your mining trips. Control options within Motherload are very easy. You can use A,W,S,D keys to move left, right, down, or up.


Look For Precious Minerals And Resources

Embark on an exciting journey into the interior of the planet and control your vehicle to search for minerals, artifacts, and valuable items. It does not depend on metals and nickel only. But also you can find and sell historical artifacts. In addition to finding precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, platinum, and other items that you can manufacture and sell, and get more money.


The game includes an amazing upgrade system that allows you to buy more upgrades for many different items and improve your vehicle. For example, buy different upgrades for your fuel tank, cargo capacity, pits, engine, hull, and coolant using coins and bonuses. Also, repair the vehicle’s hull and upgrade the fuel tank to a larger capacity so that you can travel to longer trips in the ground.


The graphics are not much different from the classic arcade games. Moreover, you will enjoy an exciting and fun game with high-quality graphics and unique designs. In addition to multiple environments and places to explore. Also, enjoy the wonderful visual and sound effects while playing. Moreover, the game includes a rich user interface, easy control options, and many other great features.


  • Fly up: hold W or up arrow key or left mouse button
  • Dig: press ASD or left, down, and right arrow keys


  • Explore the underground and mines.
  • Search for resources, raw materials, and minerals.
  • Find the etheric pieces and gems.
  • Manufacture items and sell them.
  • Get big money.
  • Buy new upgrades.
  • Enjoy the graphics and effects of the game.
  • Smooth control.
Motherload Unblocked - Play Free Online Game (2024)


Can you still play Motherload? ›

Adobe Flash Player support has stopped in 2021, rendering it unplayable on XGen Studios' original site. However, it can still be played for free on CrazyGames.

Can you play Motherload online? ›

Motherload, developed by XGen Studios, is an engaging browser game that can be played online on Explore a variety of interesting online games that you can enjoy directly in your browser.

How to play motherlode? ›

You have to dig ores and sell them to earn cash which you use to buy fuel, digger upgrades, explosives, and other supplies. You can only sell ore and buy items at the surface. If you run out of fuel, your digger explodes and you die (game over). There are more valuable (and heavier) ores as you go deeper into the mine.

What website was Motherload on? ›

XGen Studios - Online Games - Play Motherload.

What is the cheat code for the game Motherload? ›

Motherload & Motherload: Goldium Edition Cheats
max upgrades & 99 of all itemsntouchable
refill fuelfillerup
upgrades cargo bay to the next best cargo baysupersize
upgrades drill to the next best drilldigdug
5 more rows

Is there a Motherload 2? ›

Super Motherload is the sequel to Motherload, an Adobe Flash game also developed by XGen Studios, released in 2004. In the game, players work for a corporation to collect minerals and gems on Mars.

How do I enter Motherlode? ›

To activate the “Motherlode” cheat, players will need to leave the neighborhood screen and enter the Sims' area. Then type in the “Motherlode” in the cheat box and press enter.

How do I start Motherlode? ›

To trigger Motherlode, head to the very bottom floor of the Hornwright Industrial HQ. There will be a Reception Terminal here that you'll want to use. Read through all the messages on the computer, and you'll unlock the Motherlode side quest, which will reward you with some caps and ores for crafting.

How to download Motherload? ›

About Motherload
  1. Click on the Download button on our website. This will start the download from the website of the developer.
  2. Once the Motherload is downloaded click on it to start the setup process (assuming you are on a desktop computer).
  3. When the installation is finished you should be able to see and run the program.

Is it motherlode or Motherload? ›

A: We recommend two separate words, but you may also see it written as “motherlode” and this is also acceptable. Q: So to recap, even though we might refer to something big as “the mother of all something”, and a lot of something as “a load”, it is actually a “mother LODE” of something. A: That's it!

What type of game is Motherload? ›

Motherload is a classic mining game where you dig deep into the ground of an alien planet to mine various raw materials. This addictive title was released in 2004 using Flash, but you can play it here in HTML5.

Can you still play The Sims? ›

The base game is completely free-to-play

If you're a fan of life simulation games, you'll be happy to hear that The Sims 4 has officially gone free to play. Although the expansion packs and DLCs will still cost money, you can download the base game for free and start playing today.

Is there a game I can play to win money? ›

Some of the most popular games include Solitaire and Alu's Revenge. Swagbucks has a great selection that true gamers will love — and you might be able to make some free money online because of it. Swagbucks is a legit money-making app where you can make money taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more.


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