How to complete Half Boiled quest in Palia (2024)

Are you wondering how to complete the Half Boiled mission in Palia? Here we leave you a guide with the best answer.

It is no secret that in Palia, missions are key to discovering mysteries and adventures. And the Half Boiled quest in Palia is an awesome challenge that rewards you with the Palian Onion Soup recipe. If you don't know how to complete it, don't worry, here is a guide that can help you:

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Quest Initiation: Setting Sail for Fisherman's Lagoon

Embark on your culinary adventure by venturing to Kilima Village, a vibrant hub within Palia.

Upon arrival, navigate towards the picturesque Fisherman's Lagoon. This serene location serves as the backdrop for your quest.

Unearthing the Recipe Pages

Your primary objective is to locate two elusive recipe pages, each holding a fragment of the coveted Palian Onion Soup recipe.

Meticulously explore the wooden dock positioned to the right of the bustling fishing stall. The first recipe page awaits discovery in this location.

The second page resides near the assemblage of barrels situated on the far side of the pier. The order of retrieval is inconsequential; uncover them at your own pace.

Completion of the "Half-Boiled" Quest

Successfully acquiring both recipe pages marks the completion of the "Half-Boiled" quest. You now possess the foundational knowledge to bring the Palian Onion Soup recipe to life.

Crafting Palian Onion Soup: A Culinary Journey

With the complete recipe in hand, it's time to gather the necessary ingredients:

Onions: Procure onion seeds from Palia's General Store. Sow these seeds on your farm, and within four days, you'll be rewarded with a bountiful harvest.

Flour: The General Store caters to your flour needs as well. Invest 10 Gold to acquire a bag of this essential ingredient.

Wild Garlic: Explore the verdant landscapes of Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay to unearth this aromatic herb. Alternatively, the General Store offers it for a price of 30 Gold.

Unleashing Your Inner Chef: Tools and Techniques

Ensure your Cooking skill level surpasses level 2. This prerequisite grants access to the Prep Station and Stove – the cornerstones of your culinary endeavors.

To swiftly elevate your Cooking expertise, experiment with crafting mushroom and meat dishes at a campfire until you achieve the desired level. Completing NPC Reth's introductory quests stationed at Ormuu's Horn Inn can provide you with these crucial tools.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Palian Onion Soup

This delectable soup offers a range of valuable benefits within the world of Palia:

Focus Restoration: Devour the soup to replenish lost focus points, empowering you to continue your endeavors with renewed vigor.

Income Generation: The soup can be readily sold to generate additional funds, offering a swift means of bolstering your economy.

Strengthened Relationships: Gifting the soup to specific villagers fosters a sense of camaraderie and bolsters your affection levels.

Gifting and the Path to Friendship

The monetary value and focus restoration properties of Palian Onion Soup are directly influenced by the quality of the ingredients employed in its creation. Higher quality ingredients translate to a more valuable and restorative soup.

Generally, a single serving of Palian Onion Soup replenishes roughly 100 Focus points and can be sold for approximately 25 Gold per stack.

Cultivating Connections: Consider gifting the soup to the following villagers to cultivate stronger bonds:









Weekly Wants and Heightened Affection: Palian Onion Soup may occasionally surface as a villager's weekly want. Fulfilling this desire significantly elevates your relationship standing. Stay attentive to these weekly requests to maximize your bond with the townsfolk.

With this complete guide, you will not only conquer the "Half Boiled" quest, but you will also unlock the secrets of making and using the delicious Palian Onion Soup. Embrace your inner chef, explore the world of Palia, and forge meaningful connections with the charming villagers – one delicious bowl of soup at a time!

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How to complete Half Boiled quest in Palia (2024)


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